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Celebrity Spankings – TV-show

drawing of a woman spanked across a psanking bench with a camera present

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another episode of Celebrity Spankings. Tonight we have a very special guest, none other than Hollywood’s very own Juliet Styes. You may have seen her in Hollywood blockbusters such as: 10 Things I love about you, The Jason Born Series and Save the first dance.”
Enrico showed off his bright-white smile as one of the cameras panned in across the stage, past the well-known yet momentarily empty spanking horse and onto the two leather arm-chairs where he was seated, legs crossed and leaning back. He wore a tailor-fit black suit over a white shirt and green tie. His hair, combed to the side glowed darkly underneath the bright studio lighting.
“Tonight will be a very special episode. You must understand my enthusiasm for having someone as famous as Miss Styes in our studio. Many naughty celebrities have found their way onto my show, but none as famous or world-renown as our Juliet.”
Enrico paused for a moment as the camera centered on his face. He really needed his audience to be aware of how famous today’s guest was. So far on the show they’d had some minor celebrities, a musician perhaps from a lesser known band, some reality-show participants or a blogger or youtube-video maker. Most of them had seen his show as a way to increase their fame and the attention they were getting. Juliet Styes was none of those and definitely did not need his show to increase her celebrity.
“More recently than her movies, miss Styes has gotten some world-wide attention on her twitter-activity.” Enrico explained to the camera. “Some of her latest tweets were not well-received by some of our minority communities and while I am sure she meant no harm, she ended up in a true media-storm and ended up deleting her twitter-account.
“She has since then made a formal apology and when we contacted her with the suggestion to show her remorse with more than just mere words, she accepted our proposal. So please, welcome to our studio: Miss Juliet Styes!”

All six cameras turned towards the stage entrance. The double doors slowly opened inwards and smoke started billowing out as a silhouette became visible. Juliet entered the stage on high heels, wearing a black, strapless dress. Her only jewelry was some simple silver earrings, leaving her chest and shoulders bare. Her hair fell in slow, golden loops past her right shoulder and her eyes were covered in dark make-up, her lips carrying a provocative red. The professional actress smiled broadly at the camera and made her way up the stage towards Enrico, sparing but a quick glance at the empty spanking-horse.
“Miss Styes, welcome, welcome.” Enrico greeted her with a kiss on each cheek. “Please have a seat.”
The two of them each took one of the arm-chairs, facing each other.
“Miss Styes, may I call you Juliet?” Enrico asked.
“Of course.” She replied. “May I call you Enrico then?”
“For now.” Enrico replied. “But when we get started you will have to call me Sir. Those are the rules unfortunately.”
“I understand.” Juliet replied.
“Because you do know why you’re here, Juliet, don’t you? Please remind us all of what has been going on these past weeks.” Enrico asked her.
The actress blushed. “I made an unfortunate remark on social media.” She said, facing the camera. “Things got a bit out of hand after that.”
“What was this remark, if I may ask?” Enrico requested.
“I’d rather not repeat it.” Juliet said. “It was hurtful to some and I should’ve never made it in the first place.”
“Of course.” Enrico replied. “I understand; but you are sorry for saying those things. That’s why you’re here after all. You do know what we do in this show, don’t you?”
The actress blushed again and Enrico wondered for a moment whether this was acting or real. “I did some research after your studio called my agent; I watched some of your shows so I have a good idea.”
“And you agreed that it would be a good opportunity for yourself to participate as a way of showing your remorse?” Enrico asked.
“My agent actually disagreed rather firmly.” Juliet replied with a laugh. “She had almost not told me about the offer and thought it might ruin my career. I believe however that for every action you take, you must be ready to face the consequences.”
“Very well said.” Enrico replied. “That could be the motto for our show.”
The spotlight that had been aimed at his guest suddenly swiveled to the side, ending abruptly on the empty spanking-horse, leaving her in the dark.
“Well then, shall we get started?” He asked.


A second spotlight emerged as the actress got up from her chair and it followed her slow walk towards the brightly-lit spanking-horse. Enrico followed her slowly, his black suit hiding him in the dark, until Juliet reached the light, then the spotlight refocussed on him.
“Please, take your place.” Enrico asked her, waving towards the leather-clad horse. “Careful.” He warned, when she placed on knee on the padded bench and hoisted herself up.
Juliet Styes straddled the horse carefully and leaned forward to rest on hands and knees. The narrow bench pushed the skirt of her dress up, hinting at more to see while at the same time pressing her breasts together inside the snug dress.
Enrico did his usual stunt, waving his arms, directing the cameras to catch every angle. In reality it wasn’t him, but the producer and crew off-stage that did all the work; but it was important for the show and the viewers that he seemed to be in control of everything.
“Are you comfortable?” He asked.
“Yes.” Juliet replied, she was still smiling.
Enrico moved swiftly around the horse, securing broad leather straps over the actress’s fore-arms and calves. “Can you move?” He asked.
Juliet gave an experimental pull on her bonds and barely budged. “No, they’re quite tight.”
“They have to be.” Enrico said with a grin.
He then moved behind his victim, one camera following him before focussing on her backside, raised up in the air. Enrico grabbed the hem of her dress between his thumbs and forefingers and slowly pulled it upwards, baring her bottom.
Enrico swallowed, fighting to keep too much excitement from showing on his face. He had to seem steady and collected on camera, but he was always deeply aroused when acting his part. Today it was even worse, with a famous celebrity under his control and with such a magnificent bottom on display.
Juliet was wearing black panties with a broad band of lace that covered her hips, but let her buttocks bared. The participants were always allowed to keep their panties on, which helped with the age-rating of the show, but Juliet’s wouldn’t offer her any protection from what was to come.
“That is some very sexy underwear, Juliet. If you don’t mind me saying.” Enrico told her.
“Thank you.” She replied with a slight blush.
“Are you ready, do you remember your safe-word?” Enrico whispered. The audience at home didn’t know, but the participant could at any time end their spanking by using their safe-word. With the only regulation that if there was not enough footage, the episode wouldn’t be aired. So far, with the different camera angles, they’d always had enough cuts to push through.
“Yes, I’m ready.” Juliet replied.
Enrico smiled at the camera, a sign for his producer that the previous scene could be cut and that they were ready for the next. “It’s yes, Sir from now on, young lady.” He said, landing a quick smack on her upturned bottom.
Juliet produced a sound that held the middle between a moan and a squeal. Once again Enrico wondered how much was real with this professional actress.
One camera and spotlight followed him towards the large cabinet that stood beside the two arm-chairs. He flung open the double doors, revealing an immense collection of spanking implements. “What shall we use.” He mused, just loud enough for the sound-man to catch.
He took his time, deciding what he wanted to use. It had been Juliet however who had made the choice. Before each show, the participant was allowed to choose three implements from their collection. Enrico smiled when he thought about it. Whatever they chose, he always made sure their spanking hurt enough for them to regret their choice and wonder if another implement wouldn’t have hurt less.
It was all a show of course, but the spankings were as real as he could make them. He didn’t want to produce something fake. There were no practiced moans, no mock cries; even if there were tears, those were real as well. That’s why they had a safe-word of course.
There had been plenty of participants or would-be participants who hadn’t realized this when they signed up. The producers had to make it clear to them that they wouldn’t be using red make-up for their bottom or drawn-on mascara to resemble runny eyes. Some decided not to participate with that knowledge, a few did carry on. Today’s participant however had been one of the ones who hadn’t expected there to be any deception.
Enrico wondered if the actress had any experience with this sort of thing when he picked up the small-wooden paddle Juliet had chosen to start with. It was very light and its surface was shaped like a heart. It was perfect to start with. In fact, all three of her implements worked well together and would increase in intensity as the show progressed. It convinced him even more that she might have some personal experience with spanking.
When he returned to the spanking-horse, the actress looked a bit nervous. Enrico decided with a smile that the look was genuine and not acted. “A you’ve seen our show, you know that we don’t dally around, but get right to the point.” He said.
“Yes, Sir.” Juliet replied.
“But I can offer you a slight warm-up if you’d like.” He said. The warm-up was an audience-favorite – and for Enrico himself as well – the skin-to-skin contact was quite intimate and it usually produced a better episode as the participant would be able to take a longer spanking afterwards.
“Yes, please.” Juliet replied.
Enrico placed the paddle on the floor, just outside the spotlight, where it could be seemingly forgotten. He theatrically rolled up his sleeve while the participant and his cameras watched. Juliet nervously bit her lower lip as he walked behind her.
He landed a full-handed smack on her behind, firm but gentle and the sound echoed on stage.
Enrico forgot about the cameras, about the crew, the lights, the audience. This was where he shone. He landed one smack after the other, without hurting her but warming up the muscles in her backside. The actress’ bottom bounced beneath the onslaught and the camera-men rushed to get it on tape.
Enrico did not rush this part, nor did he increase the intensity with which he spanked her. This was not supposed to hurt, but he knew the sting would be building in her bottom as it slowly turned pink beneath his hands.
“I think we’re ready.” He said when he was rewarded with the first few moans from his victim. He placed his hand on her bottom, as if rubbing away a bit of the pain he had just caused and at the same time accentuating that intimacy for their viewers. He was smiling broadly, though mainly to keep the excitement from showing on his face.
“Yes, Sir.” Juliet replied.
A new, small spotlight appeared right on top of the paddle. Juliet turned her head to the light and a camera was ready to catch the anticipation and dread on her face.
Enrico picked it up and waved it around dramatically, before placing it on her glowing backside. The first smack was loud and firm and was responded to with a loud moan.
Enrico did not hold back, but quickly peppered her bottom with at least half a dozen smacks.
The way Juliet moaned told him that in comparison with his warm-up, these actually hurt. Enrico wanted them to hurt. All those stuck-up celebrities or supposed celebrities that thought to win some fame by coming on his show would learn what a real spanking was. He usually didn’t care about their so-called misdeeds, wanting to come on his show was reason enough in his eyes to earn a firm spanking. Fame did come with a price after all.
Juliet wasn’t participating for that reason of course, but that didn’t mean he was going to go any softer on her.
The paddle was light and swung fast and easy. While it did make her moan and turned her bottom a beautiful light red, it did not have much of an impact. After those first few smacks, many more landed to make the naughty girl moan and squeal.
“Is this teaching you anything, young lady?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” The actress whimpered.
Enrico smiled, they probably had enough footage for a full episode already, with how long the warm-up had taken. There were still two more implements to go however and Juliet seemed to be handling herself admirably. This might be one of those rare shows where they had to cut footage because they had too much. He was more sure than ever that this naughty actress had previous experience with the backside of a paddle.
He threw the small paddle aside, causing Juliet to flinch as it landed with a loud thud on the stage floor. “What else could we use.” He said while making his way back to the cabinet.
Knowing he didn’t have to waste time for the episode’s length, he quickly picked out the long wooden ruler that Juliet had chosen. It was as long as his fore-arm and quite a bit heavier than the paddle. Its weight would offer a deep thud which seemed perfect to follow up after the more stingy light paddle, especially as he would be able to hit both buttocks at the same time.
Enrico returned to his tied-up participant, swishing the ruler through the air as he walked around her. The camera’s caught every movement and every look of excitement and dread on her face.
“Are you ready?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Juliet replied.
Enrico took a stance behind her, spreading his legs as if to prepare himself for the force with which he would swing the implement. He placed it carefully on her red bottom as if to aim and then swung.
In the show, this first swat would be shown in slow-motion, the ruler slowly approaching her sensitive backside; and then, when it landed, the ripples of slow flesh following the impact, overlayed by the sound of her first real squeal.
Enrico waited a moment, giving Juliet the opportunity to react to the pain. He knew the ruler would hurt more than the heart-shaped paddle and if she wanted to use her safe-word it would be just around this time.
Juliet didn’t say a thing though, responding only with a shake her bottom to deal with the sting. She couldn’t move a lot, the way she was tied down, but the trembling motion was caught perfectly on camera.
Enrico raised the ruler again and landed it for a second time on her backside, the loud thwack accompanied by her squeal. He spanked her slow and methodically, painting red stripes across her backside as the actress’s squeals echoed on the stage.
When he finally stopped, Juliet was panting. She was out of breath and her bottom burned bright red. Her skin shone with sweat and while she was securely tied to the horse, her struggles were plain. While her bottom had already been bared for her spanking to start and the dress had risen up further exposing her lower back, her breasts were now nearly as exposed, ready to escape the strapless dress.
“Are you learning anything, young lady?” He asked, as if her earlier answer to a similar question had not convinced him.
“Yes, Sir.” Juliet whimpered. “I’ll never say such a thing again, I promise.” Her voice was hoarse and Enrico knew it was not acted, she was really feeling the pain.
He slowly stepped away from the spanking-horse, dropping the ruler beside the smaller paddle. At the cabinet, he focussed on the left door, tricking the audience in thinking he was deciding on a leather implement to finish off this spanking. Juliet had chosen a simple, traditional leather belt. While it was heavy, it wasn’t as rigid as the ruler and would thus have a slightly lesser thud. That would however be made up by the increased sting it provided and just like the ruler it would reach the entire width of her backside in one swift swoop.
Enrico slowly plucked it from its hook, showing the audience his choice before returning to the spanking-horse and his red bottomed participant.
Juliet licked her lips when he showed her the belt. For a second she smiled.
Enrico smiled in return. She was in pain, but she was enjoying it too. He sometimes wondered how many of his participants were secret spanking-lovers that loved their punishments despite their squeals and promises. Juliet was definitely one of them, he surmised, he did not expect her to use her safe-word even for this last part.
The camera’s were in place, a slight red shade in the lighting made the actress’s bottom appear even redder than it was, without being too obvious; and Enrico swung the belt.
Enrico used the implement slowly and expertly. He painted a new layer of painful red stripes across Juliet’s already throbbing bottom. She in turn squealed and moaned, fighting against the leather straps that tied her down.
The camera’s caught every swishing movement of the belt as if flew through the air, every ripple of flesh as it landed on her bottom. Every expression of pain, anguish and arousal was recorded; a sound-man leaned forward, capturing the soft moans of excitement that went nearly unheard beneath her squeals.
Enrico paused for a moment, it had been enough and he wanted to give Juliet the opportunity to beg for mercy. Those were always real crowd-pleasers. His instincts were good, because she immediately spook up when her squeals subsided.
“Please I’ll be good.” The actress begged. “I won’t ever make that mistake again, I promise.”
“I believe you.” Enrico said. He placed his hand on her flaming hot bottom as if the glowing heat was the reason for him to believe that she had indeed learned her lesson. He then dropped the belt next to the other two implements and returned to untie the whimpering young woman.
As harsh as he’d been on her bottom, so gentle was he when undoing the leather straps. They’d left an indent on her skin, proof of how much she’d struggled and how real her punishment had been.
“Thank you.” Juliet whispered as he helped her get off the horse. Her knees were trembling as she stood on her high heels. Her mascara seemed intact, but her lipstick was smudged from biting or licking her lips.
Enrico smiled, knowing that cutting the footage would make it seem like she was thanking him for more than just helping her keep her balance. Perhaps she was.
Juliet blushed and pulled up her dress, covering her breasts even before pulling it down to cover her red bottom. She followed Enrico back to the arm-chairs.
Enrico took his seat and asked her to sit, smiling knowingly when she winced as her sore bottom suddenly needed to carry the full weight of her body.
“How do you feel.” Enrico asked.
“A bit sore.” The actress admitted with a smile.
“I meant about your behavior.” Enrico said with a wink.
The actress blushed. “I’ll definitely not make such a mistake again.” She said. “I’ve learned my lesson.”
Enrico smiled. “Shame.” He said. “You were one of the best participants we’ve had in a while, it will surely make for a great episode.”
Juliet laughed. “I just hope this will make people stop talking about that one stupid mistake I made.”
“I’m sure they’ll have something else to talk about now.” Enrico assured her with a grin.
The actress blushed.
“Well, I want to thank you for coming.” Enrico said. “I’m sure you want to head backstage now and sooth your bottom.”
They stood up and one of the camera’s circled them as Enrico gave her a kiss on each cheek before ushering her off stage. “Juliet Styes, everybody.” He said to the camera which then promptly followed the actress leaving the stage. Her hands were on her bottom, theatrically rubbing her backside as she made her exit.
“And we’ll see you next time.” Enrico said to the camera. “When another celebrity needs a good dose of old-fashioned discipline.”

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