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The farmer’s wife

drawing of a woman spanked over a fence

It had been three years since Dean had left his life at Joja-corp to become a farmer at his grandfather’s farm. Sometimes he still wondered how he had managed to leave the city behind and settle in this tiny town that counted barely three dozen or so members in its community.
He was used to waking up early now, with the sound of a rooster greeting the sun. After getting dressed and checking the weather report on the TV, he went outside, seeing his wife staring at the beautiful sunrise beside the small pond that bordered his fields.
The largest area was reserved for their crops, it was blueberry season currently. Yet there were also several farm-buildings that housed cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and ducks; and of course his wife’s favorites, the rabbits. So many lives that were dependent on him, yet when he had arrived, there had just been his grandfather’s farm house.
The farm hadn’t always looked this meticulous. The grounds had been overgrown with weeds and trees, littered with rocks and dead tree-branches. It had been a lot of work to clear it all away in his first year.
That was also the year when he’d met Haley, the girl he’d eventually marry. He’d been surprised to find someone like her in a small village like Pelican town. She seemed much more like a city-girl, a bit superficial and averse to hard work.
She’d always talked about shopping and going to the mall; or hanging around on the beach to get a tan. Yet as Dean got to know her, under his influence she came to adapt to the life in a small village, she had even donated most of her clothes to charity.
Once, a long time ago, Dean had walked in on his wife-to-be while she was arguing with her sister about who should clean up their house. The thought made him smile. Since moving in with him, Haley had become a real house-wife and kept their small farm-house spotless.
She hadn’t changed completely of course. She sometimes still had throwbacks to that unhappy city-girl trapped in rural life that she’d once been. Those days, when she lazed about on the beach to the south of the village, Dean had to remind her firmly of her responsibilities and all the chores that came with owning a farm.
Dean smiled as he refilled the fodder for his animals, it was the only task he had this early in the morning. The blueberry bushes were all in range of his sprinklers. He thought back with glee to the time when he had to water them all by hand with just a single watering-can.
When he lived in the city, working a boring-desk job at a major corporation, he had never believed himself to be the kind of man he had become. He enjoyed the peace and quiet of the country life; but he also understood the need for hard work and responsibilities. While most of his work was concentrated on the farm, while Haley took care of house-work and food, he was still the master of the house and she his obedient wife. It was an old-fashioned division of roles, but one that made the both of them happy.
Yet while the farm was Dean’s responsibility, and Haley took care of the house. The only exception to this rule were the rabbits. Dean had asked the local carpenter to build a coop for these animals because his wife had nearly begged him for them. She just loved how cute those little critters were. It was thus self-evidently Haley’s responsibility to keep the coop clean and healthy.
When Dean entered the rabbit’s home to feed them however, he found that the straw floor was littered with feces and their hay was old and moldy. He didn’t usually feed the rabbits and it was evident that Haley hadn’t seen to their needs in a while either.
He shook his head and quickly replaced most of the old hay with fresh fodder before letting the animals out to roam the farm.
Dean approached his wife as she was still seated on the wooden deck beside the pond.
“Good morning, honey.” She greeted him with a smile.
“Good morning.” He replied. “When was the last time you cleaned the rabbit’s coop, honey?” He asked.
Haley bit her lip as if in thought and looked at the rising sun. “Didn’t I clean them yesterday?” She asked.
“If you did, you did a very poor job.” Dean replied. “The floor is filthy and their food hadn’t been refreshed in several days.”
“It can’t have been very long.” His wife replied. “I can distinctly remember cleaning away those tiny rabbit droppings. Probably just this Saturday.”
“It is Saturday.” Dean replied. “Are you telling me you haven’t been in their coop for a whole week? Taking care for the rabbits is your only chore on the farm, young lady.” He made it sound strict.
Haley licked her lips and looked up at her husband with a blush. Somehow she managed to look apologetic and excited at the same time. She knew she was in trouble; though Dean knew she liked a bit of trouble now and then.
“Come with me.” Dean said, offering his wife a hand and then pulling her along back to the farmhouse.


Back inside the house, Her husband guided Haley to their bedroom. In there, he sat down on the bed and pulled her close.
“I’m sorry Sir, I didn’t mean to disappoint you.” She muttered with a blush.
“I know, honey.” Dean said. “But we all have our responsibilities and we have to deal with the consequences when we don’t uphold them.”
Haley smiled. “I know, I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, Sir.” She licked her lips, secretly more aroused by the prospect of an upcoming spanking than sorry for her behavior.
She did feel sorry for the rabbits she’d neglected and she’d certainly make it up to those cute little guys later; but even when a punishment was on firm grounds, she still could not help but be turned on by them.
Dean grabbed the hem of her skirt and raised it slowly. It was a short summer dress, not the farmer’s dress you’d expect, but she knew her husband preferred her dress like this. He had married the wannabe city-girl after all and not some farm-girl. Her panties weren’t fit for working on a farm either, made of soft, fragile lace; Dean gently pulled them down.
“Get over my knee, young lady.” He ordered.
The strict voice of her husband made her hands tremble as Haley placed herself across his lap on the bed. She was not afraid of her husband and knew he’d never hurt her, not more than she could take anyway; it’s just that she felt so vulnerable when submitting to his authority.
Haley had secretly looked up to Dean from the day they’d met. He came from the city and had experienced all the things she’d always wanted from life. At first she could not understand how someone could leave that life behind and choose this one instead. Not until Dean had shown her how to enjoy that life. She could still remember that day when they’d played in the mud with Marnie’s cows.
As her husband rubbed her unprotected backside, Haley wondered what life would have been like if she and Dean lived in the city. He might not be the strict and hard-working farmer he is now. Spanking his wife would surely not fit in their modern, urban lifestyle.
She smiled when her husband squeezed her bared bottom. In the end, she thought she was much happier being a farmer’s wife, red bottom and all.

“You’ve been very irresponsible lately, young lady.” Dean told her. “I didn’t say anything when I noticed you spending your days a the beach this week, for I assumed your chores were all done. How many more of them have you been neglecting this week?”
“None, Sir.” Haley replied. “Just the rabbit’s coop. You know how I can’t keep track of what happens on the farm.” It was true, the house was kept perfectly clean and Haley made sure there was fresh food on their table every night.
“One task is still one too many.” Her husband said. “You wanted those rabbits, so you have to take care of them.”
“Yes, Sir.” Haley said with a blush. She wished he’d just start spanking her. She didn’t need a scolding, that only made her feel more guilty. She wanted to think instead of how she’d make it up to him when they were done.
“At least you won’t be spending any time on the beach today.” Dean said. “Not while your bikinis would leave your red bottom on display.”
Haley blushed and then squealed when her husband suddenly smacked her bare bottom with the open palm of his hand.
He didn’t spank her hard, but not gentle either. Each smack on her bottom was firm as he alternated between buttocks.
Haley moaned and squirmed as each smack increased the sting she felt in her backside. Her bottom was beginning to glow and was surely turning a nice pink. She knew however that her punishment was far from over.
After a short break, more smacks landed on her backside, harder and faster than before. Dean swung with the full length of his arm and Haley’s moans turned into squeals as her bottom bounced beneath the impact of his hand.
Haley kicked her legs as her bottom now turned red. She did not protest however, she knew she deserved this punishment and found pride in accepting her due. Before she could enjoy the arousal that came with these punishments, she needed to first deal with the consequences of her actions.
“Are you learning a lesson, young lady?” Her husband asked, his hand resting on her bottom momentarily, gently squeezing her sore backside.
“Yes, Sir.” Haley replied.
“What lesson did you learn?” He asked.
“That I need to take better care of the rabbits, Sir.” Haley replied.
“And is the lesson clear or do you need me to continue?” Her husband asked.
“I could use some extra time across your knee, Sir.” Haley replied. “Just to make sure I remember.”
“That’s just what I thought.” Dean replied.
Haley blushed when her husband smacked her bottom with renewed vigor. She wondered why she nearly always asked for more, knowing how much it would hurt.
The pain in her backside had grown near to her limit and she knew her husband would’ve just as happily stopped if she’d asked. When she thought of those cute little rabbits however, their poor faces as they lived in the dirty coop that hadn’t been cleaned in days, she forced herself to endure the punishment she deserved.
She was also secretly wet with excitement, keeping her legs closed whenever she did not kick her feet, hoping in vain to hide her arousal from her husband. He knew of course that her guilt wasn’t the only reason why she always wanted just a little more, even when just could barely take the pain.
“I’m sorry, Sir. I won’t forget again.” She promised when that pain finally became too much.
Her husband landed another half-a-dozen or so smacks on her burning bottom, reminding her of who was in charge before placing his warm hand on her throbbing backside.
“Are you going to clean the coop?” He asked her.
“Yes, Sir.” Haley replied.
“Today?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied again.
Dean let her up and Haley pushed herself into her husband’s arms. He held her close while she cuddled in his lap, squirming as her sore bottom rested against his strong, muscular legs.
“You better make sure it gets done, young lady.” Dean said when she pushed herself up, grazing his lips with her own even while he spoke.
The strict tone in his voice did not alarm her, she’d already gotten her spanking. It did make her shiver with excitement however.
“There’s still plenty of daylight hours left, Sir.” She whispered before kissing him.
Dean dropped backwards onto their bed and Haley eagerly followed. She winced, noticing his dirty farmer’s clothes on their clean linens, but somehow that turned her on as well. It was just another consequence of her naughty behavior that she’d have to clean up later.
She did not waste any more time than was necessary. Not because she had chores to do, but because she could barely contain her excitement. She straddled her husband and undid his trousers, revealing his huge erection. Proof that spanking his wife had been just as arousing for him as it had been for her.
She squealed when his rough farmer’s hands grabbed her tender, sore buttocks; but moaned when he pushed his cock deep inside of her. It had only been a few months since they’d thrown their condoms aside, deciding they were ready for a family. She loved feeling him inside of her, with nothing at all to separate them.
Haley rode her husband as his hands reached up underneath her dress, grabbing her breasts, squeezing and pinching. When they slid back down, grabbing her buttocks, he knew he was about to climax. She moaned deeply when he squeezed her red bottom, thrusting his cock as deep as he could to cum inside of her.
She continued to ride him, feeling the remainder of his erection inside her as she looked down at her satisfied husband. His one hand slid between her legs, his thumb found her clit and pressed upon it. His other hand suddenly smacked her bottom.
Haley moaned. He smacked her again and she began to tremble. A third smack re-enlightened the fire in her bottom and she began to shake and shudder uncontrollably, the orgasm taking over control until she landed on her husband’s chest, exhausted and truly satisfied.


Several hours later, Dean was inspecting his farm. He’d just finished repairing the roof of the greenhouse and noticed the door to the rabbit coop standing open.
With a smile he entered the small building and noticed his wife sitting on the ground, playing with the rabbits. The room smelled of fresh straw and waxed wood. It looked nearly as clean as their own home. It seemed as if his lesson had its desired effect.
“Look how cute they are.” Haley said.
“Very cute, dear.” Dean agreed.
“I promise, I’ll never forget about you again, never, ever.” Her wife said to the little creature in her arms.
“Do you want to make that a real promise?” Dean asked.
Haley looked up at him with a grin. “What did you have in mind?” She asked.
“Well, I was walking through the orchard earlier, and I was thinking.” Dean said. “We’re quite a bit away from the town and no-one ever comes here unannounced. There’s really no reason for me to always spank you indoors. If I were to make you find a stick in the orchard and then bend you over the fence beside the barn for a good switching; those poor rabbits could see the consequences of not keeping your promises. It’s only fair, really.”
His wife licked her lips and Dean could see in her eyes that the idea excited her. “I’m done with my chores today. We could try it out now, just as a test. You know, we want to make sure the cows don’t come and intervene when I really need a spanking.”
Dean laughed. “Sure, you asked for it. Get up and go find me a switch, young lady.”
His wife got up quickly with a broad smile, the rabbits at her feet already forgotten. Dean followed her outside and waited by the fence.
When Haley returned with a long, narrow stick, she was still smiling. Not all spankings were discipline of course and Dean had turned her bottom red just for fun on numerous occasions. He hadn’t know though how excited she’d be to try it out in the open. Perhaps there was more of a farm girl in her after all.
“Bend over.” He said when his wife placed her hands on the hard-wooden fence.
She obediently bent forward until she hang dangling over the fence, her bottom high up in the air. Dean raised her dress and noticed she had not pulled her panties back on after her punishment that morning; her bottom was still slightly pink.
“You naughty girl.” He said. “You’ll get some extra swats for that.”
Dean smacked his wife’s bottom experimentally with his hand, feeling how firmly her skin was stretched over her buttocks. He realized he’d have to be careful with how for she was bending over.
The switch was light however and when he swung it through the air, it landed with just a soft swat, though it did leave a bit of a pink stripe across her backside.
“How’s that?” He asked.
“Harder please.” Haley replied.
Dean put a bit more force behind his second swing and this time it left behind a deep red stripe across her buttocks. Haley squealed softly, the sound seemed louder outdoors.
“That’s one.” He said. “Just six more to go since it was a whole week since the last time you cleaned the coop.”
“Yes, Sir.” His wife whispered.
Each swing with the switch left a dark, red stripe behind on his wife’s bottom and each of her squeals was accompanied by the kicking of her legs and trembling of her bottom.
“Seven.” Dean said as the last stripe was painted alongside the first.
“Thank you, Sir.” Haley said right after her squeal reached his ears and her left foot had kicked up in the air.
“Now just seven more because you did not wear your panties.” Dean said.
His wife whimpered but did not protest. Even if she had not asked for this spanking herself, Dean could’ve still seen how much it excited her from the wet glistening between her legs.
Seven more times did he switch his wife’s bottom, seven squeals, gasps and moans, followed by a trembling bottom that made his cock push against the inside of his trousers, demanding to be released.
“Good girl.” He whispered, rubbing her sore, striped bottom. She moaned deeply when his fingers found her pussy and trembled again, this time because he pushed his fingers inside of her.
Dean had to keep his wife from tumbling over the fence with one hand, while the other steered her towards ecstasy. She was moaning and shaking when she finally came. Then, he undid his trousers, guiding his cock towards his own pleasure.
“Not out here.” His wife protested.
“Why not?” Dean asked. “I’ve always wanted to fuck you out in the fields like a real farm girl.”
“What about the cows?” Haley asked.
“What about them? We’ve seen them do much the same out here.” His wife was no longer protesting and he placed his cock against her pussy.
Haley spread her legs further, pushing her lips around the tip of his cock, inviting her husband to fuck her.
Dean pushed inside, grabbing the red, spanked bottom of his wife in both hands to stop her from tumbling forward and fucked her deeply. It felt great to fuck her out here, in the fields of his farm. He looked up, feeling the wind on his face, before looking down again at the girl he’d met and married. With a grunt he came, ejecting his sperm inside of her.
“Good girl.” He whispered, not sure why.

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  1. Marg Goodwin says:

    Spankyou very much for posting such a HOT story. I enjoyed it immensely. I grew up in the Aussie bush and always wanted to be a farmer’s wife in her particular situation. Unfortunately I married a PURE VANILLA man.

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