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The princess’ punishment

drawing of a woman tied to a cross

Several tools of torture hung from rusty old hooks in the stone wall, hooks, pincers, whips and more. They hadn’t been used in years, just like the old stretching rack in the middle of the room and the stocks that were gathering dust in the corner.
The old dungeon had been abandoned when the new cell-block on the castle grounds had been built. It now only served as a place to scare children and adults alike when stories were told.
It certainly sent a chill up princess Anastacia’s spine as she stood in the gloomy, dusty room. The gritty stone walls stood in sharp contrast to her pristine, white dress.
She had changed out of her riding dress before coming here. The dress she wore now, with falls of lace down her sleeves and pearls on her bodice seemed much more demure than the one she wore before.
Anastacia wore all her jewelry, trying to appear as much as a princess as possible. The rings on her fingers chimed when she grasped her friends hand, clicking against the silver around her fingers.
Her friend Melinda wore a similar dress, appearing perhaps not as a princess, but certainly as nobility. She wasn’t though and it would probably not do any good for either of them.
The only other person in the room was a young guard named Alex. Though he might be young, he’d been the princess’ personal guard for several years.

“You’re both lucky I’m the one who found you.” The guard said. “Imagine what would’ve happened if people found out the two of you were gone and out there without a guard to protect you.”
The princess blushed. The country had been at war for several months now, and while the frontlines were far from their home, no-one was allowed to leave the castle without permission, not even she.
“I’m sorry Alex, it was just a short ride, nothing happened.” Anastacia said, using the guards name in an attempt to soften him.
“That’s not the point Anastacia. Just because nothing happened, that doesn’t mean nothing could have happened. Imagine if you were caught by spies by the enemy; or worse, common soldiers who wouldn’t recognize who you are. Imagine what they could’ve done to you.” The guard replied.
Anastacia blushed deeply. The guard didn’t have to mention any details, her mind painted a clear picture of what enemy soldiers could do to a helpless noblewoman.
“We’re sorry, Sir.” Her friend answered. “We promise it won’t happen again.”
Anastacia looked with a smile at her friend. She always was better at seeming remorseful and demure than she. She had good reason for it, though.
“I know you were only following the princess’ lead, Mel.” The guard said. “It isn’t your fault, but you could have at least tried to warn me some way.”
Anastacia blushed. The way the guard hadn’t used Mel’s full name like he had with her, made it obvious who he was most angry with. That he was prompting her friend to betray their secrets to him only added to her embarrassment. Luckily she knew that Mel would never tell on her.
“She doesn’t have to be here.” Anastacia said, trying to protect her friend. “You said it yourself, it wasn’t her fault.”
“You know the rules, princess.” The guard said. “You’re lucky it will be me dealing out the punishment. Do you know what happens to people who leave the castle without permission? They’re considered traitors, assumed to be running to the enemy. They would be tied up naked to a pole in the courtyard and flogged for everyone to see.”
The two women blushed deeply.
“We’ve been cooped up in here for months. We just wanted to have a bit of fun.” The princess protested.
“You could’ve asked me and I would have provided an escort for you.” The guard replied. “Mel, take off your dress.”
Anastacia bit her lip as she watched her friend undress at the guard’s sudden command. She wanted to say that it wouldn’t have been any fun to go out with an escort, but knew the argument wouldn’t sway the guard.
Melinda had trouble with the row of buttons down her back and eventually the princess had to help her friend undress for their punishment. She folded the dress and lay it across the stretching rack, the shiny silk garment seemed very out of place on the old torture device.
As Melinda pulled her shift over her head, the princess wondered how her friend could always seem so calm when accepting her punishment. She would have a fit if the guard got to see her naked, yet Melinda didn’t even blush and the worst was yet to come.


It was a bit chill in the old dungeon and the hairs stood up on her arms as Melinda stood naked beside the princess and in front of the guard.
She hadn’t said much since he had found them. She’d known this was coming ever since the princess had told her they’d go out on a ride. In fact, she’d been secretly looking forward to it.
It always went like this. The princess would have an idea, she’d play along and in the end she’d bear the punishment. It was very rarely one of her own ideas that got them into trouble. It had been that way ever since they’d met.

That had been over nine years ago, when she’d still been a simple miller’s daughter. Her parents held a few animals on their farm beside the mill, including two pigs. Melinda had been feeding them when a girl had approached her and asked whether she could pet them.
She thought it was odd that someone would want to pet a pig; but the girl was wearing such a nice dress that she was surely a noble and a simple peasant would never say no to a noble-born. Perhaps the girl had never seen a pig before.
The girl was surely enthusiastic when approaching the beasts, not caring about the stains that appeared on her dress; not even when the big boar gave her a push and she fell flat on her face in the mud.
The two girls were laughing when suddenly a regiment of men on horses appeared. “Princess!” One of them called.
Melinda gasped in shock, this girl was the princess?
At the same moment, her father exited the mill, having heard the arrival of the horses.
“What’s happening here?” One of the men in an impressive uniform bellowed.
“We were just playing.” Melinda told her father who appeared next to her.
“Anastacia, your dress, it’s ruined, that cost a fortune!” A female rider said.
Melinda hadn’t noticed the woman among the guards before. She wore a beautiful riding dress and sat sideways on her horse. Could she be the princess’ mother, the queen?
The girl she’d been playing with suddenly ran towards the horses to join them, leaving her and her father behind among the pigs.
“I won’t forget this, miller.” One of the men on horseback said as another picked up the princess and placed her in front of him in the saddle. The group began to turn.
“I’m sorry, my lord. I’ll make sure it won’t happen again.” Her father called after them.
He then knelt on one knee in the mud and pulled his daughter over the other. Melinda had just enough time to squeal in surprise and see the men look back over their shoulders as her father raised her dress and peppered her bottom.

It had taken days for Melinda to understand why her father had done that. It had seemed so unfair, but now she understood that he’d had to placate the nobles some way.
When they returned after a few days, Melinda feared that her embarrassing punishment hadn’t been enough to appease them; but instead, it was an invitation from the princess.
Melinda had been nervous, going to the castle for the first time, she’d never been before. The princess was still the friendly, happy girl she’d met before though and even apologized for getting her into trouble.
Over the next few weeks, she was invited to the castle more often to play with the princess, until one day the queen herself wanted to talk to her.
“I’ve never seen my little girl as well-behaved before she met you.” The queen told her after introductions were made.
Melinda was blushing and nervous, hardly able to talk to someone so important.
“I wanted to thank you for having such a good influence on her.” The queen continued.
Melinda blushed, hearing the queen thank her. “Ah, eh, I don’t think it’s really about me. She just seems to feel guilty for what happened the first time we met.” She tried to explain.
“Ah, yes.” The queen replied. “She saw how your father dealt with the situation. That could certainly be it. Seeing such a thing for the first time would certainly leave an impression on her.”
Melinda frowned in confusion. “Has she never seen someone get punished before?”
The queen shook her head. “She doesn’t play with any of the children in the castle, that’s why I was so glad you became her friend. And because she is the princess, no-one is allowed to harm her. My husband, the king, and I are too busy to discipline her. So she hasn’t experienced it herself either.”
Melinda gasped. “Not even when she’s naughty?”
The queen smiled. “No, not even then. Though you shouldn’t call her that, she is your princess after all.”
Melinda blushed.
“Seeing you get the punishment she deserved must’ve really made her feel guilty, huh. You know what, I have an idea. How would you like to live at the castle, Melinda?” The queen asked.
Melinda blushed. “Like, work in the kitchens or something? My mom always said I should try to get a job here when I’m older.”
“No, not in the kitchens. You could become Anastacia’s first court lady, as her friend you’d be treated like nobility and get a room right next to hers.” The queen explained.
Melinda gasped. “That would be amazing.” She said.
“There’s only one catch.” The queen said. “When Anastacia misbehaves, you will accept her punishment for her. Seeing her best friend get disciplined might help her see the consequences of her actions.”

It had been years since Melinda had accepted that deal. It had seemed like a fair trade, all the riches of the court in exchange for taking her friends place when she got punished.
She still thought the trade had been worth it now, the rich dresses, the amazing food, the parties in the castle and the fact that she hadn’t had to work a day in her life.
Most of the trouble the princess got in, she was part of herself anyway, many of the punishments she got, she’d partly earned.
It was the castle’s chamberlain who oversaw such punishment in the early years. Melinda had spent many evenings across the chamberlain’s knee in the princess’ bedroom, getting a spanking on her bare bottom with her friend watching.
Three years ago however, the chamberlain had retired and that duty had been taken over by the princess’ personal guard.
Melinda had always had a crush on the handsome young man and her punishments were suddenly a lot more embarrassing when she found herself bare bottomed across his knee.
What she hadn’t expected, as a young woman at sixteen years old, was that she’d also get so aroused by those spankings.
The guard wasn’t as leniant as the chamberlain either, he was inventive and knew that a child’s spanking wouldn’t suffice to teach a young woman a lesson. When he caught them out in the woods, he might take a switch to her bottom right there and in the privacy of their bedroom, his leather belt hurt a lot more than just his hand could.
It was half a year ago that he’d taken the two of them to this old dungeon for the first time. He knew that it shocked the princess to see her friend get punished here; but also knew that Melinda was secretly turned on by it all.


“Hands over your head.” The guard said.
He had guided her to the other wall were an old wooden cross leaned slightly against the stones. As she raised her arms, he clasped the old leather shackles at the top of the cross around her wrists. Then he made her spread her legs and did the same to her ankles.
Spread-eagled and fully exposed, Melinda blushed, hoping that in this dark room, the princess wouldn’t see how aroused she was.
She looked over her shoulder to see the guard grabbing the flogger from his bag. This one wasn’t one of the old torture tools. It was new, the leather shone as if it was freshly waxed. The handhold was long and the leather falls even longer. She wondered where he had found it, or perhaps even made it himself.
“Please, you don’t have to do this.” The princess said.
“You know I have to, Anastacia.” The guard replied. “It’s the only way you will learn your lesson.”
Melinda bit her lip. It always made her feel naughty, hearing the princess plea for her, not knowing the pleasure she got from these punishments.
The sound of the leather falls traveling through the air reached her ears only a moment before the flogger landed on her bottom. Melinda squealed softly.
What had Alex said? If she were anyone else, she would’ve been tied to a pole in the courtyard for everyone to see. The thought inexplicably turned her on even more, before the second lash fell across her backside.
A flogging in the courtyard would be hasher of course and aimed at the victim’s back. Alex however aimed for her bottom, just like the spankings she’d always gotten.
Melinda moaned and squealed. She couldn’t move at all, tied to the cross as she was. All she could do was turn her head and howl as the flogger bit into her bottom.
A few strokes did land on her back and a couple more on her thighs as well. Her skin there tingled and burned, but it was her bottom that was truly on fire, blazingly red.
“Enough, please, stop.” The princess plead.
Melinda moaned as another stroke landed on her bottom.
“Are you learning your lesson, young lady?” The guard asked.
Melinda didn’t answer, this punishment wasn’t for her, it wasn’t her place to answer.
“Yes, I am. Please stop, I don’t think she can take much more.” The princess replied.
Melinda didn’t correct her. She could take a bit more, she thought, but the princess was right, she was nearing her limit.
“Very well.” The guard said, placing the flogger on the old stretching rack beside her dress. He turned to Melinda to undo the shackles around her wrists and ankles.
Melinda blushed, feeling him so close to her naked body. She loved the way he looked at her when she undressed, knew how aroused he was when punishing her. With her backside on fire and her pussy wet with excitement, she wanted to touch him, but she couldn’t. Not with the princess still here. She moaned softly when blood rushed back into her hands and feet.

“It’s probably time for you to return to your room, princess.” The guard said. “Before people begin to wonder where you are.”
“What about Mel?” The princess asked.
“I’ll have one of the physicians look at her bruises, after that she can join you.” The guard replied.
The princess looked pleadingly at her friend, who stood still naked between the two of them.
“It’s okay, Anna. I’ll be fine.” Melinda said.
The princess left, leaving her friend behind in the dungeon.
“Are you okay?” The guard asked her, his voice was no longer strict, but caring.
“Better now that we’re alone.” Melinda said, approaching him, hugging her naked body against his uniform.
The guard wrapped his arms around her. His hands gently tracing the stripes down her back, barely touching her as they felt the heat of her burning bottom. He kissed her.
“I’m sorry I didn’t warn you about the princess’ plan.” Melinda said after their kiss. She took his hands and placed them more firmly on her bottom, hissing softly as he squeezed the sensitive flesh.
“It’s okay, I’m sure you learned your lesson.” The guard said, pulling her even closer against him.
Melinda could feel his erection, proof that he was just as excited as her. She reached down to free it.
“Don’t.” Alex said. “You know we can’t.”
“Please.” Melinda replied. “Just once.”
“No.” Alex said. “What if you got pregnant, people would find out and we’re not married yet. You know you’re not allowed to have a husband before the princess has found herself a prince. Until she does, your full loyalty goes to her.”
Melinda pouted. “Fine, but you know I’m expecting your proposal as soon as she does.”
The guard laughed. “You know I’ll have to ask the princess’ permission to marry you, right. I’m not sure she’ll grant it after what she’s seen me do here.”
“I’ll make her understand.” Melinda said.
Alex grinned. “I’m looking forward to seeing the surprise on her face.”
Melinda grinned as well, then licked her lips and sank down on her knees.
“What are you doing?” The guard asked as she began to undo his trousers. He knew well enough though, this was always the way she thanked him for spanking her, for as long as he wasn’t allowed to fuck her.
“This can’t get me pregnant.” Melinda said, freeing his cock and taking him in her mouth.
The guard grunted softly as he leaned back against the stretching rack. It didn’t take long before his cock was pulsating with desire, his hips trembling in an effort not to thrust his erection too deep into her throat as he ejected his sperm, Melinda obediently swallowing all of it.
“Did you bring some of that ointment?” Melinda asked when she got up, still licking her lips. The princess would notice if she still hurt too much when she returned, and wonder whether a physician had really seen to her bruises.
“Of course.” The guard replied, taking out the clay pot he’d offered her after he’d first used a switch on her.
Melinda smiled, remembering how surprised he’d looked back then, when she’d asked him to apply the cool cream for her. It was almost tradition now and she willingly bent over the stretching rack to let the guards rough hand spread the ointment over her naked skin.
She moaned in delight when it cooled the burning skin of her back and her thighs and moaned in pleasure when he applied it to her burning bottom.
When two of his fingers, lubed up with the ointment, pushed into her waiting pussy, she thought she was probably the only person in history to enjoy such pleasure when laying down on this torture device.
Her moans grew louder, the guard’s hand moving faster and faster, until she lay trembling and shaking, unable to control the orgasm that took hold of her.

“You should put on your dress.” Alex said when she finally got up. “The princess will be wondering what’s keeping you.”
Melinda didn’t speak as she got dressed, enjoying the final moments of privacy with the man she loved.
“I hope you won’t be getting in any more trouble.” He said as they left the room together.
“Not today.” Melinda said. “Though the princess said she wanted to go skinny dipping in the pond behind the castle tomorrow. It’s inside the castle grounds and thus we wouldn’t be breaking any rules; but it’s hardly appropriate.” She grinned. “I suggest you wait a bit before catching us though, if you want to enjoy the show.”
The guard laughed. “I’ll be looking forward to it.”

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