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A farm-girl’s diary – Spring year 1

Farm-girl's first visit to the clinic

You found an old dusty leather book, hidden in an attic, when you open it, you realize it’s someone’s diary. You wouldn’t normally intrude on someone’s privacy by reading their most private thoughts, but this book is old, its owner long gone.
Most entries are rather mundane, glimpses into the every day life of the person who wrote them, sometimes boring or repititive. But if you persevere, you might find some hidden gems, some naughty, kinky anecdotes, kept secret from the world, discovered only by you.

Day 0

To those who have found my diary and are reading it right now: My name is Lotte, I’m 24 years old and for over two years I’ve worked for a large corporation named Joja. I’m starting this diary alongside the start of something new, a new life.

I have decided to step away from my busy city-life, with its nine-to-five job and lack of satisfaction or personal growth. When my grandfather passed away, he left me a bit of land in Stardew Valley. It’s a rural place where I’ll be self-dependent and in charge of my own farm.
I don’t think it will be easy, it will probably be hard work, but it will be much more satisfying than the work I do now.

I arrived late in the day, after a long ride by bus. The scenery is beautiful however, the valley is surrounded by nature, far away from civilization.
I was greeted by a woman who introduced herself as Robin, the local carpenter. She was sent by the mayor himself and showed me the way to my grandfathers farm.
The farm itself was a mess, it was overgrown with weeds and trees, rocks and dead tree-branches littered the grounds, even the cottage itself seemed overgrown.
The mayor himself was waiting for me at the house. I’d never met the mayor from the city where I lived, but in a village as small as this one, a new resident was important enough for the mayor to greet them personally.
He introduced himself as Lewis and welcomed me heartily and assured me – prompted by my look of apprehension at the old cottage – that the ground here was very good for farming.

Soon, the mayor and Robin left me alone in my new home. The inside of the cottage was as small as the outside promised: just a bed, a small table, a fireplace and an old TV. Tired from my long trip, I went straight to bed.

Day 1

My first day on the farm I woke up to unfamiliar sounds from outside, some wild animals I assumed.
I got a better look at my new home, but there really wasn’t much to see. I checked the old TV, but there were only three channels.
I also found a package left by the mayor which he must’ve left the day before. It contained a packet of seeds and a short note telling me they were parsnip seeds, perfect for planting in spring.
Slightly excited to be doing something else than my normal corporate job, I headed outside. My grandfathers tools were still here and I used them to clear a patch of land right in front of the house and planted my first seeds.

Stardew Valley first planting

When I was done, I made my first trip to the village. It’s a quaint town and its people are friendly. I greeted everyone I saw, introducing myself as the new farmer. Again, a new resident in their neighborhood was the most exciting thing that had happened for these people in quite a while.
The town only has one store where I bought some cauliflower seeds. I’m not really a fan of parsnip, but love me some cauliflower.
To the south of town I found a beach, perfect for some relaxing if I get tired of the hard work on the farm. I walked around gathering various shells, but quickly discovered I can’t carry all I want.

On my way back to the farm to store my findings, I ran into another villager who introduced himself as Harvey, the local doctor.
Seeing me carry all my foraged items, Harvey told me I should be careful of my back, he suggested I build a storage chest to keep my items.
A storage chest seemed like a good idea, but I had never built anything with my own hands before. First thing I needed was wood, my grandfather left me an old axe, so I started chopping down some of those trees on the farm. Guess I’m now not just a farmer, but a lumberjack as well.
It was hard work, but I did manage to build that chest all by myself. I’ve never felt so proud about anything I’d done or made myself before.

Too exhausted from chopping wood to do any more work on the farm, I decided to try foraging in the woods west of town.
On my way through the village, Harvey was still idling outside his clinic, I proudly told him I managed to make a chest. He congratulated me, but when I told him I was headed to the forest also warned me not to overwork myself.
He didn’t need to worry however, the short stroll in nature was reinvigorating. No cars, no exhaust fumes, no grey sky-scrapers, no cyclists to dodge, I felt amazing and even found some edible plants I could forage.
There also was an old abandoned building I might want to explore if I wasn’t so tired.
When it got dark I tried the town’s saloon, but apart from a few regulars, it wasn’t very busy. I quickly headed out and returned home.

Day 2

I got a letter in my mailbox today, I didn’t know people still send those. Someone named Willy wished to meet me at the beach.
Intrigued by this message I immediately went to see him. Willy turned out to be an old fisherman, trying to keep the art of fishing alive. He gifted me his old fishing rod. I’ve never fished before, but with all the other new things I’m learning in my new life, I’m certainly going to give it a try.
On my way back to town, I also noticed a broken wooden bridge to the east. Curious to what it might hide I decided to save of some of the wood I’d be cutting on my farm to fix it.
I then passed by Pierre’s general store. I had noticed he was selling backpacks which would greatly help me when foraging. I didn’t have enough gold however, so instead I bought more parsnip seeds, if I could sell the grown parsnips, I’d hopefully be able to buy that backpack.

Back at the farm, I decided to explore the grounds. I hadn’t done so the day before, overwhelmed by all the work that would be needed to clean it up.
Grandfather called it his Lil Corner Farm, because it was his little corner to get away from the world. It was hardly little though, it was huge.
When I was satisfied that I’d seen everything the farm has to offer, I planted the parsnip seeds I had bought, alongside the cauliflower seeds from the day before.
Planting and watering all those seeds was hard work, I was exhausted and yet it wasn’t much past noon yet.
Remembering doctor Harvey’s advice not to overwork myself I decided to do some more exploring.

To the north of the farm I found Robin’s home where she lived with her husband Demetrius. There was also a great lake and – strangely – a homeless man named Linus.
By the lake I found a book and an old doll, half-buried in the earth. The book seemed to belong to a library, and after some questioning of the locals I found out that Stardew Valley does indeed have a library.
I returned the book and – the librarian seems to be interested in starting a museum of sorts – donated the old doll I’d found.

I ended my day with some more foraging west of town and checked in on the saloon again, still not a very lively place.

Day 3

It rained today so instead of watering my crops, I decided to cut down some of the trees on my farm. If I wanted to use all the land some day, everything needed to be cut down. I could hopefully use the wood to fix that bridge on the beach.
Working in the rain was exhausting however, I was quickly too tired to continue and had surely not enough wood to be fixing anything.
Not knowing what else to do, I wandered into the village. The rain had turned it into a ghost town, everyone seemed to be hiding inside.
Wondering what the handsome doctor Harvey was up to, I visited him at his clinic. We talked a bit about my work and his.
He told me he is responsible for the well-being of everyone in town and that now includes me as well. He followed that up with another reminder to take things easy. He could probably see how tired I was from chopping trees.
I returned home quickly that day. Loneliness started creeping in after wandering those empty streets. I was after all far away from my old home and all alone.
I went to bed earlier than usual, but couldn’t sleep, not with the rain pounding on the roof. I thought of doctor Harvey, the only person I’d seen all day and caught myself blushing when I thought of his friendly smile.
With my hands in my panties, I chased away the loneliness, my moans eventually drowning out the sound of rain as I allowed myself to be loud, unlike at my small city apartment, no-one would hear me out here on the farm.
I slept easily after that.

Day 4

I woke up to crows eating my crops today, I probably need a scarecrow of sorts. After scaring of the crows I planted more crops, some random seeds I’d found while foraging. I have no idea if they will grow into anything, but I’m hopeful.
My other seeds have been growing steadily, yet watering them all does take a lot of work. I wondered if I could install some sort of sprinkler system, but I haven’t seen anything like it at Pierre’s store and have no idea how to make something like that myself.

Again, too tired to do anything else, I spent most of my day foraging. I came across a traveling cart in the woods and the old woman convinced me to buy a rare seed from her. It cost a lot of gold, but my new farmer’s heart couldn’t stand the curiosity.
Days are starting to blend together, I was hoping life out here on the farm would be less repetitive, but as before I end my day in the saloon, still the same people there and no-one seemed interested in the game corner either.

Day 5

My parsnips were ready! My very first crop, I was so proud I’d grown something. They didn’t taste amazing, but I intended to sell them anyway. The feeling of accomplishment made up for all the boring previous days. This is much better than my days working at an office.

Marney – the rancher who lives south of my farm – visited early morning. She’d found a stray cat and asked if I was interested in caring for it.
I happily accepted. Perhaps a cat could make things here more lively, it would surely be useful to keep mice out of the cottage. I named her Naboo.

I also received a message from Joja, about a landslide north of town. I quickly watered my crops and then went to see what this landslide was all about, it would be a nice change of pace from the usual foraging.
On my way to the lake where the landslide had taken place, mayor Lewis greeted me and showed me around the old community center. The old building reminded me a lot of my farm, it was overgrown and urgently needed renovating.
Mayor Lewis seems proud of his town, but even more proud of being mayor. The way he showed me the old community center, it was almost as if he hoped my arrival to town would bring new life to the village, as if he expected my help restoring the old building even.

Inside the building, I saw some weird creatures. But when Lewis told me he hadn’t seen anything, I wondered whether I might be hallucinating. I had rushed watering my crops today and was really exhausted.

I returned to town from the community centre to visit doctor Harvey at his clinic and told him what I’d seen.
Harvey agreed that it might be my exhaustion playing tricks on me. He strictly ordered me to take at least the rest of the day of. The friendly doctor can sound quite stern when necessary.

Following the doctors advice, I went for a walk and rather than foraging, went up to the lake to have a look at the landslide. Which to be honest, had been my plan all along.
Turns out the rockslide was cleared away and a path around the lake was now accessible. Exploring further I found a dark cave, a small building named the adventurers guild – weird – and another broken bridge, this one leading to an old stone quarry of sorts.
After a quick look inside the cave I was greeted by Marlon. This old man ran the adventurers guild and told me about the caves. There are supposed to be monsters inside as well as treasures. He handed me a sword, as if expecting me to go off adventuring.

The good doctor had told me to rest however, so no adventuring for me. Instead I headed to Robin who lived close to the lake. I wanted to ask her about upgrades to my cottage. I really need a kitchen of sorts, if I could make some decent food I wouldn’t always be this tired.
House upgrades are expensive however, I’ll need to save up.
Robin also told me about other farm buildings she can build. A coop for chickens perhaps? That might be interesting, and different from just watering crops every day.

I ended my day at the saloon again and this time the place was packed. Apparently on Fridays the saloon is the place to be. I talked to everyone and felt sure I’d met almost everyone who lived in the small town.
There was dancing, drinking and some of the youth was playing games.

Stardew Valley salloon

Day 6

More of my parsnips were ready for harvest today but the crows got at them again. After watering the remaining crops, I finally built that scarecrow. He looks kinda cute, I’m really happy with the result, it feels great building things yourself.
The rare seed I’d bought two days before had taken most of my savings, so after selling my parsnips to Pierre, I bought more parsnip seeds for planting, my next harvest I should have enough for that backpack he sells.

I might’ve bought too many seeds however. I spent all day clearing ground on the farm, planting seeds and watering them. It was getting dark and only half my new crops were watered when exhaustion set in.
I must’ve passed out on the farm, for I don’t remember going to bed. I did wake up there though, with a message from Linus that he’d found me and carried me inside.
I was a bit freaked out that the homeless man might wander through my farm at night, and worse, that he had carried my unconscious body to bed. The cottage does not have a bathroom, and while there is an outhouse hidden out back, I’ve had to wash in the small pond on the farm, I shiver at the thought of Linus hiding out on the farm while I was out there washing myself. At least nothing seemed to be missing or out of place.
In fact, I was slightly more worried that Harvey might find out I’d overworked myself like that.

Day 7

Blessed rain.
Back in the city I hated rain, but today it came as a blessing. All the crops I’d planted the day before wouldn’t need watering today.
With this newfound free time I decided to visit the community center again. I didn’t see those strange creatures again, but did find some strange writing.
I then continued my way to the caves I’d found before. With my rusty sword and old pickaxe, I explored its depths.
The caves seem to be part of an old mine and a good place to get stone and ores. Perhaps I could use those for that sprinkler system I want.
There are monsters as well, like the guild master had said. They’re slimy, but small and not very scary. I’d never seen anything like it, but the rusty old sword made quick work of them.
It was strangely exhilarating going down these mines. I must’ve been ten levels deep before I got too tired to continue. I never thought myself much of an adventurer, but this was a more than welcome change from farming and foraging.

I told tales of my success at the saloon, which on Sunday seemed almost as lively as the Friday before.
Harvey was there as well and he seemed unaware of the incident on the farm. Still, I kept my stories of traveling down a dangerous cave to myself around him, unsure whether he’d approve.

Day 8

Clint visited the farm this morning. He is the local blacksmith and even though we hadn’t spoken much yet, he had listened to my stories about the mines in the saloon.
He told me how to use the ores I’d found to build a furnace and then to use the furnace to melt metals. With enough metal bars he told me he’d be able to upgrade my grandfathers old equipment
I also got another letter, this one from a wizard. I had seen the old tower he seems to live in in the forest west of town, though I’d thought it was abandoned.
First I needed to water my crops and with how many I’d planted, it was exhausting work. I had barely any energy left for the rest of my day.
I decided to visit Clint at his workshop, perhaps with better equipment work wouldn’t be quite this heavy. I didn’t have enough metal bars yet though for an upgrade to my watering can. I did get him to break open some of the geodes I had found in the caves and then donated the rare minerals we found to the museum.

Next stop was the wizards tower. I didn’t expect much, perhaps some crazy old hermit, certainly no real magic.
I was greatly surprised then that he actually did know magic, in fact he summoned a strange creature to his tower, a creature I recognized as the ones I’d seen in the community center.
While I pondered that these had not been hallucinations after all, the wizard disappeared, to do his own investigation at the community center.
When he returned, he wanted me to drink something he’d been brewing in a large cauldron and I strangely trusted the old man. The brew made me feel a bit sick, and I began to doubt whether it had been a good idea to come here.

I returned to the community center after my visit to the old wizard and while I didn’t see more of the creatures, I was now able to decipher the strange writing I’d found before.
Confused, sick and tired I returned home.
On my way to the farm I came across Harvey again, resting outside the clinic. He noticed my unsteady stride and came up to help me.
I told him about the wizard and the things I’d seen. Then upon further questioning from him, I admitted that I’d spent most of the morning watering my crops.
The doctor then decided to walk me home, admonishing for working too hard. He put me to bed even though it was still light out and even went as far as giving me a check-up.
He checked my pupils reactions with a small bright light and used his stethoscope to listen to my lungs and heart. The last one was beating rather rapidly, but not from exhaustion I think.
Satisfied that I would and had learned a lesson about working too hard and drinking strange brews offered by wizards, he left me to sleep it off.

Day 9

I really overdid it with those parsnips, watering them all is just too much work. I need a solution, but by the time I’m done with work I’m too tired to think of one.

The last few days I’ve spent mostly on the outskirts of town, so today I decided to stay in the village and talk to the locals. I was too tired from working the fields to do anything else anyway.
Harvey was his friendly self as always, seemingly happy that I’m taking time to rest this day.

Stardew Valley talking with Harvey

Not much else happened today, hopefully those parsnips grow up soon.

Day 10

As I had hoped, a bunch of parsnips were ready today. It was a lot of hard work, but it is really satisfying harvesting them.
Having some energy left over today, I returned to the caves. I have an idea on how to build my own sprinkler system, but first I needed some more ores.

Work in the caves was uneventful, a few slimy monsters, lots of rocks. On my way home I passed by the community center. I had some of the items listed on the messages from the Junimoos – this is what the wizard called the strange creatures.
When I placed them there, they suddenly appeared with a gift and more lists with items too find.
I’m more sure every day that these creatures are real. I’ll keep the knowledge to myself however, I’m not sure the good doctor would agree.

Day 11

The rest of my parsnips matured today. After all that hard work, it really is satisfying seeing your crops come to fruition.
I wanted to wait to buy more seeds until I got my sprinklers, but I couldn’t stand having such an empty field. I went to Pierre’s and bought new seeds, not as many as last time though. I learned my lesson about planting more than I can handle.

I also received a letter from Robin – I’m no longer surprised by how the locals still communicate by mail – apparently she lost her axe and wants me to help her find it. I could go look for it, but not in this rain.

Yes, it was raining again, time to go to the caves and dig up more ores. I kept going deeper and deeper. There are more monsters this deep in the caves and some areas were completely infested by them.

With a bag full of ores I returned to the farm, tired but happy. There was still some light left, so I grabbed the old fishing rod Willy had given me and made my way to the river south of town.
Fishing wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The last hours of the day passed peacefully as I caught my very first few fish. As everything I’d done since moving here, it was a very satisfying experience.

Day 12

As is becoming routine, I watered my crops and then headed back to the caves for more ores. At least slaying monsters is more exciting than foraging in the forest. The caves are much more exciting with its many discoveries and dangers.
I also found my first treasure, a sword much better than the rusted one I had. I didn’t know farm life could be so adventurous.

Day 13

Finally, my cauliflower was ready for harvesting and they tasted amazing! I’ve been selling all those parsnips, but I’m keeping these for myself.

Today there was a festival in town, the egg festival. The first thing I noticed was Pierre selling some exclusive seeds – I’m really becoming a farmer – strawberry seeds no less.
Now, I was going to use the money I’d made from those parsnips on a backpack, but I really can’t decline strawberries, I love them. So I bought as many seeds as I could.
Next, I made sure to go around and talk to all the locals who were there. I spent most of my time talking to Harvey and when he asked me where I’d spent all my time lately – he hadn’t seen me around – I had to tell him about my adventuring in the caves.
He seemed worried about me going in there and warned me I shouldn’t visit such a dangerous place alone, especially not when I’m already exhausted from working on the farm.
I promised him I’d be careful and left him to talk to the others.
There was an egg hunt as well and although I felt a bit old to participate, as the newcomer they insisted I did, luckily some other young adults played along as well.
Still, I won handily, perhaps next year I should let the kids play. I did get a nice hat as a reward though.

Day 14

I immediately planted and watered my new strawberries today. The idea for sprinklers is on hold for now, I will need more ores to build some.
With no energy left after the large amount of strawberry planting, I decided to do some more foraging rather than mining. Out in the woods I found Jas and Vincent, the youngest inhabitants of the valley, playing near the sewers. Something seemed to be moving in there. Creepy!

After dropping off the forage at the farm I went to socialize at the saloon like I’d done before discovering the mines.

Day 15

Watering my strawberries took up most of my energy again today. Luckily they’ve predicted rain tomorrow and salmonberry season has started, so I spent the rest of my day leisurely picking berries around the valley.

Harvey seemed to have decided to keep an eye on me, he called on me when I passed him in the village, asking me whether I wasn’t overdoing things.
I reassured him I was just picking berries. I also didn’t mind his questioning, it’s nice to know someone cares.

Stardew Valley message from Harvey

On another note: The farm is getting overgrown, this morning I couldn’t even reach the southern exit due to all the rocks and branches that had gathered there. I really need to clean up, but when will I have time between farming and mining?
For now I just needed to take the long way around through the village. On my way I did notice something strange though. Linus was almost caught going through some trash cans looking for food. I promised him not to tell anyone, he isn’t harming anyone after all.

Day 16

Finally it rained again. I really never thought I’d welcome rain this much. Saving time and energy watering my strawberries, I went straight to the mines.
I’ve been making some copper bars in my furnace, but I don’t think they’re strong enough for the sprinklers I want to make. I probably need something harder, like iron. I feel like I need to go even deeper into the mines to find some.

I returned home with just copper and rocks however and again the village seemed deserted on my way home. I was sort of hoping to run into Harvey again, so he could tell me how irresponsible it is of me to go into those mines all by myself.
When I went to bed, I wondered if it’s the loneliness, the sound of rain on my roof, or the memory of the doctor’s smile that made me reach into my panties before I went to sleep. Why did I get so turned on by the thought of him lecturing me?

Day 17

Another sunny day, another day spent watering crops.
As I finished watering my strawberries today, feeling too tired to do anything but gather some more salmonberries, I remembered Robin’s letter. I wondered whether she’d found her axe yet or not.
With my last bit of energy I carved myself a path through the southern exit of the farm, finally clearing away some of the rocks and branches there and gathered salmonberries in the woods to the south and then – as if destined – I found Robin’s axe.

On my way to Robin, passing through the village, I ran into Harvey again. Having had him appear in my fantasies twice already since moving here, I blushed upon seeing him.
The good doctor seemed to mistake the blush for exertion and told me once more, I shouldn’t be working so hard.
I promised him I wasn’t and made my way to Robin to return her axe. Afterwards, I returned home for some well needed rest.

Day 18

Today I discovered those salmonberries are a great snack when you’re tired, so after I was finished watering my crops, I had enough energy left to go to the caves.
On my way however, I made a quick stop at Pierre’s to finally buy that backpack I’d been saving up for all this time.
I was witness then to a Joja mart employer poaching Pierre’s customers. I felt put off by the whole affair. I’d left my home in the city to get away from Joja corp and promised Pierre that I’d remain his loyal customer.

Later in the mines, I finally managed to go deep enough to find some iron ore. This sprinkler idea might actually work.

Day 19

With the iron ore I found the day before, I was able to build my first sprinkler. It’s a bit rudimentary but it works. I’m so proud of myself that I’ve been able to build something this advanced and make it work.
Now I just needed a lot more ore to make a lot more sprinklers. Quickly I watered the rest of my crops and made my way back to the caves

I keep getting better at going deep into the mines. Today I got a lot of iron ore, but I have to be careful of the monsters. They’re weak still, but there are many of them. Today I got almost overwhelmed by their numbers.
I should consider letting Clint upgrade my pickaxe too, it’s getting harder to break through the rocks.

Day 20

Today it rained again, which meant I could go straight to the mines. I almost feel like I’m obsessed with the place, but I’m just going for the ores I kept telling myself.
This deep in the caves, there’s not just monsters, but ghosts as well. I used to never believe in such things, and sometimes still wonder whether there might be something to this cave, some toxic gasses perhaps that’s making me see things.
I haven’t just found iron however, but gems and gold as well. Those valuables called on me to go deeper and deeper. I’d lost track of time today, spiraling down a larger than usual cavern. I couldn’t find my way out, exhausted and running from the monsters.
I’d hurt myself too, fighting them off, and as exhaustion overtook me, I passed out hidden in some corner.

Strangely, I woke up in my own bed. My leg was bandaged and my possessions in a neat pile beside the bed.
There was a note as well, from doctor Harvey. Someone must’ve found me in the caves and dragged me to his clinic. The good doctor had then taken care of me and brought me home.
Harvey sounded quite strict in his note, ordering me to take better care of myself and go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Stardew Valley passed out from exhaustion message from Harvey

Day 21

It was still raining today and I wanted to go back to the caves. First I wanted to see Harvey however and apologize for last nights incident, so I headed to the clinic.
There, I told the doctor I was sorry for endangering myself and promised him to be careful.
Harvey said I’d better, he told me I was lucky I was injured, else he might’ve spanked me for being so reckless.
I remember blushing and not knowing what to say to that. I could feel my heart jump, but didn’t trust myself to speak.
Harvey grinned and told me I might be a city girl, but they’re a bit more old-fashioned out here in the valley.
His grin told me he was teasing me – mostly – yet for some reason I was turned on by the idea of getting a spanking from the handsome doctor. Not only that, Harvey had repeatedly told me to take care of myself, he was responsible for the health of everyone in the village, and I’d ignored his advice and been obsessively exploring those dangerous caves. Perhaps I really did deserve to be punished.
“My leg might be hurt, but my bottom is fine. Nothing’s stopping you.” Those were my exact words. I don’t know where I got the courage to say them, but the glint in Harvey’s eyes told me they’re what he had hoped to hear.
In that case, he told me, I should join him inside the clinic, for until now we’d been out in the reception area.
I followed him, my heart fluttering.
Harvey took me to one of the beds in the corner of the clinic and pulled the curtains closed around us even though there weren’t any other patients there. Maru wasn’t there either luckily, she’s Robins daughter and often works as a nurse in the clinic.

When I moved to Stardew Valley, I brought my city clothes and while they’re not great for working the field, I hadn’t bought any new ones yet. This means, that when Harvey pulled me over his lap on the hospital bed, I wasn’t wearing sturdy farmers trousers, but a skirt he could easily flip up to expose the cute panties I wore underneath.
Harvey didn’t waste any more time and started to spank my bottom. Now I’d never been spanked before and was quickly moaning and squealing from the pain he caused.
When he pulled down my panties as well, I tried to protest, but Harvey reminded me he was a doctor, there was nothing down there he hadn’t seen before. There was nothing I could say to that, yet I still blushed furiously as I was completely exposed to his hand and eyes.
My bottom was on fire by the end, I was kicking and sobbing slightly. I didn’t remember why I had thought it had been such a good idea to let him do this to me. I was happy when he finally let me off, free to rub my poor, sore bottom. The spanking was harder than I had thought, more painful and not as exciting as I had hoped.

After this harsh lesson from the doctor, I decided not to visit the mines after all. Instead I stayed in town. I visited Clint so he could have a look at the geodes I’d found in the caves on previous days and when the worst pain in my backside had subsided, I returned to the farm.
Chopping trees on the farm was much less dangerous than going to the caves. The more time that passed, the more I forgot about the pain of the spanking, and the more turned on I got thinking about what had happened.

After a long day of chopping wood and rubbing my sore bottom, I loaded the wood I’d gathered on a cart and brought it down to the beach. There I finally fixed the old bridge I’d seen when I’d just arrived to the valley.
On the other side there were just some tide pools and an abandoned pier. Not much reward for my hard work, yet there were some pretty corals I could gather.

At night in bed, my bottom still stung, but it no longer felt like it had been a bad idea. All that remained was the arousal that had been slowly building back up during the day.
The rain was still pouring down on my roof and I once more thought of Harvey as I touched myself.

Day 22

Yesterday was quite extraordinary, but as if to pull me back to normalcy, today my strawberries were ripe for picking. They’re delicious and if any of the tediousness of working on the fields had made me tired of working on a farm, the satisfaction of eating my own delicious crops, greatly made up for that.
When I checked my bottom this morning, there was no color left from the doctors strict lesson, only the memories remained and it was almost believable that I’d dreamt the whole thing.
In fact, once I was done with my strawberries, I again felt the urge to return to the caves. With the taste of strawberries on my lips I felt confident that I could be safe and not get in trouble this time.

I made a short, uneventful dive into the caves, making sure to leave on time. The remainder of the day I spent in the much safer forest, foraging.
I returned to the old abandoned building I’d found south of the lake and found a talking mouse had taken residency, selling hats for humans.
Monsters in the mines, Junimoos in the community centre and now a talking mouse. This couldn’t just be exhaustion or fumes from the caves, whatever doctor Harvey believed, there is something magical about Stardew Valley.

Day 23

It rained today, which means I had more time to go to the mines again. If the good doctor found out he might spank me again, but it was worth the risk. Secretly I hoped he would.
I only needed a bit more iron anyway, I’d calculated how much I needed to make more copies of the first sprinkler I’d built.
Everything went well in the end, no monster attacks, no exhaustion and Harvey didn’t find out.

Day 24

There was a festival today, the flower dance.
It was a lovely break from the hard work down in the mines. There were flowers, drinks and socializing with the townsfolk.
There was a special dance as well and part of me wishes I’d asked Harvey to dance with me. I was too shy however and thought it might’ve been too awkward as well, we hadn’t really spoken since he’d spanked me. Still, I felt a bit jealous when I saw him dancing with Maru instead.

I also got a cute scarecrow from Pierre.

Day 25

I started the day, again, with watering my strawberries. Then, again, I headed down into the mines. This would be the last time however, I promised myself. I needed just a bit more ore, I didn’t want to get in trouble with the doctor again.

I went home early with my newly gathered ores and began melting them down and building my sprinklers. It was hard and hot work, but satisfying to build something this advanced with my own two hands. I also realized I wouldn’t have to return to the mines for now, which would make Harvey happy and that in turn made me happy as well.
In the end I built about twenty-five sprinklers, enough to cover a rather large area of my field with crops.

Day 26

Demetrius visited today. He wanted to do some research in the small cave on my farm. I’d noticed the area before, but unlike the mines, this tiny cave had little of interest. Demetrius planned to get some mushrooms growing in there, which could be interesting.

I harvested the last of my strawberries today, I don’t think more will ripen before the end of the season. So I completely cleared the field and set up my new sprinklers.
Setting them up took more work then I’d expected, especially finding a good way to arrange them to water all the available area wasn’t as simple as it sounds. They don’t have much range unfortunately. I already have an idea to improve them, but I will need stronger metals to achieve that, for now these will do.

Stardew Valley sprinkler setup

I worked into the night clearing the field for those sprinklers, so once I was done, it was already time to head back to bed.

Day 27

With no more crops to water, I went to see Clint today. I had enough ores left for him to upgrade my tools, starting with my axe so I could finally clear the rest of the trees of my farm.

I quickly passed by Emily’s home on the way there, it was her birthday and I had a gift for her.
I arrived in the middle of a fight between her and her sister Haley. They were arguing about cleaning the house and had dragged me into it before I could leave. I tried to give the best advice I could, but secretly thought the lazy Haley could use a doctor’s visit, one like the one I’d had not that long ago.

After dropping off my tools with Clint, I went out to forage the last produce of spring and then headed home.

Day 28

On this last day of the season, I decided not to work. I took the fishing rod Willy had given me and I’d only used once before and headed out.

I enjoyed a quiet day by the river with no distractions and caught a whole load of fish.
Then, I ended the day at the saloon, with a drink and a chat with the regulars.

I’m ready for whatever is coming this Summer.

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