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A farm-girl’s diary – Fall year 1

Examined by doctor Harvey

Day 57

The farm looks beautiful in fall, golden and red. I started my day by visiting Pierre’s shop and buying some seasonal appropriate seeds, my favorite option was cranberries, so I bought most of those.
The rest of the day was spent planting them and cleaning up the farm as bit, as well as taking care of Hanky, Panky, Slap and Tickle.

Day 58

My work last season must’ve had an impact, the amount of requests on the notice board by Pierre’s shop had increased so much that Lewis has provided an extra-large special orders board in town. Now in theory anyone could fulfill these requests, but since most of those requests are for produce from my farm or items I’ve foraged or found in the caves, it’s sort of implied it’s built especially for me. It felt great seeing the impact I’ve had on this small town in the short time I’ve been here.
Robin, after placing the sign – the mayor didn’t put it up himself of course – also placed the very first request, she needed a large supply of wood.
Encouraged by the thanks I’ve gotten for helping out the town, I immediately headed out to the forest to get her what she needed.

Day 59

Today I spent another day in the forest – it was getting hard finding enough dead or diseased trees to cut. I didn’t want to touch the healthy ones; I don’t want to destroy the beautiful forest after all. But at the end of the day, I had nearly enough wood for Robin’s request.

Day 60

Today my cows seemed ready for my first try of milking them. It was odd, I’d never done anything like it before, yet Hanky and Panky cooperated well and seemed almost happy for me to milk them.
I’d already been using my mayonnaise machine to turn Slap and Tickle’s eggs into mayo, and now I could also test out my cheese-maker with the milk I got, it seems to work great.

Having nothing else to do, I went to the village just to socialize. I stopped by Haley and Emily first. Haley was having trouble opening a jar, so I helped her. I know, doesn’t sound that interesting and I wouldn’t have written about it if it wasn’t for how grateful she reacted. She had a real damsel in distress vibe.
Haley is a bit different from other townsfolk. I haven’t talked about her much yet, but she doesn’t really seem to like the rural life and dreams of going to the city. She is beautiful with long, curly blonde hair and always dressed and manicured perfectly. She can also seem a bit lazy sometimes and a bit too full of herself, but looking closer, she seems nice and cute.

I left their home to visit Harvey at the clinic. We talked about the farm mostly, he only asked me about the mines once and reminded me he advised against it. I told him I hadn’t felt the urge to go back since I’d reached the bottom.
Secretly wish I had though, I could’ve given him another reason to spank me.

Talk with Harvey

On my way home I ran into Haley again, she mentioned I’d been working hard – any work on a farm must seem hard for her – and suggested I take the rest of the day off.
I agreed and in fact, followed her to the park where I often saw her spent time during the day.
I haven’t really talked about the park, and that is because there’s not much to say. There are a few benches, some bushes and trees, a playground for the small ones and it’s where the community center is located.
Haley and I sat down on a bench, secluded behind some bushes and our conversation naturally led to the city where I’m from. She seemed slightly jealous that I’d once lived there, confused about why I would choose to leave and impressed by my stories.
As we talked, I felt her cozying up to me, her leg pressed against mine, her shoulder on my shoulder. She looked at me with those big blue eyes, her head surrounded by those golden curls. She looked so innocent and fragile, yet a strong, grown woman at the same time. She didn’t protest when I placed my hand on her leg and slid it up underneath her skirt. She licked her lips and then I placed mine on hers to kiss her.

We fooled around a bit, there in the park, touching and kissing, but I soon had to get up and leave before anyone saw us and before we decided to take things too far.
Just a few days I’d made a list in my head of those that might haunt my dreams at night, and now – to my own surprise – I expected Haley would join that list.

Day 61

Gunther stopped by today, he’s the curator at the museum and library. During all my time exploring the mines, I’d kept any rare minerals and archeological finds and donated them to the museum. Now Gunther came with the news that the museum was being offered an award and he claims it’s all due to my contributions.
As a thank you he offered me an old, rusty key. I thought it a strange reward, but was thankful nonetheless – I wondered what it unlocked.

It is kinda odd starting off your day milking cows, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it, like I’ve gotten used to everything else here in the valley. Hanky and Panky sure seem grateful for it. It also helps bonding with the animals.

As I passed through the village later that day, the old sewer gate I’d normally never paid attention to, suddenly reminded me of the key Gunther had given me. And what do you know, it fit!
A very strange gift indeed, the key to the sewers… I didn’t think it would be much use, but had a look inside anyway. I remembered seeing something moving in here out in the woods where the sewers emptied into the ocean. These days, after my adventuring in the caves, I felt a bit more brave to go inside such a dark place.
I did find a monster down there, one like the dark shadows I’ve encountered in the mines, but this one didn’t seem dangerous. In fact it could talk and seemed almost friendly. It possessed a large amount of strange items which it claimed to be merchandise.
To be polite I bought something off him, a black egg speckled in red.

On my way home I wondered if the egg could hatch into anything. My chickens, Slap and Tickle didn’t want to go near it however, so I’d have to ask Robin whether she could build some kind of incubator for me.

I ended the day in the saloon, trying to forget about the weird things I’d seen. Elliot bought me a drink and I caught myself staring dreamingly at his handsome face. He really was the kind of guy I’d have fallen for instantly when I was still a city girl. I pushed those thoughts away, I already had too many balls in the air as it was, I couldn’t add another.

Day 62

I quickly passed by Robin today and shared my idea for an egg incubator. She agreed to build one for me, but needed more funds first.

The rest of the day I felt like I’d been running around with no real purpose, so I returned to the farm instead. A few small trees had regrown there and instead of chopping them down again, I thought they could be a resource, if I could somehow tap their resin.

Day 63

After my morning chores of milking cows and feeding chickens today, I headed to Harvey.
To build tappers for my trees, I would need metal and that meant returning to the mines. I promised the doctor I wouldn’t go too deep and stay safe as always.

I quickly got the ores I needed from the mines and headed back at the farm, I melted them into iron bars and used those to create my tappers.

Day 64

Today I got a letter in the mail from Jodi, inviting me over for dinner. Now I’d only ever had normal, yet pleasant conversations with Jodi so far, anything else more intimate had only occurred in my dreams of her; yet I was very happy to accept her invitation.

Before I could go however, I had to harvest my first batch of cranberries – delicious – and decided to head into town to share some of them with the villagers as has become tradition.
As I headed up north, I discovered the blackberry bushes were full of berries as well and Linus stopped me to ask my help finding his basket so he could harvest more of them himself. I promised him I’d look out for it and continued on my way.

I didn’t have time to visit everyone today however, for Jodi had also asked me to bring some fresh bass for her dinner, so I stayed at the mountain lake and caught her one as fresh as they come.
At dinner Jodi seemed responsive to my smiles and coquettish looks, whilst her sons Sam and Vincent kept questioning me about the farm.
After dinner the two boys went to their room – although to be fair, Sam is closer to my age and not a boy at all – and I joined Jodi in the kitchen.
She declined my help with the dishes, claiming I was a guest. So instead, I sneaked up behind her and put my arms around her, breathing by her ear. Jodi didn’t protest yet, but sighed contently at this form of affection, I just knew she craved some human contact other than that of her kids.
I moved my hands up, caressing her breasts, just like I’d done in my dreams and Jodi’s breath caught. She protested that she was married, that she couldn’t do this.
I countered by pointing out that her husband wasn’t here, he hadn’t been for a long time and she seemed so lonely. It must’ve worked, for she didn’t push me away and no longer protested my gentle squeezing and fondling as she continued her work on the dishes.
I left it at that, not taking things too far to where Jodi might regret them. Before things got too awkward and/or their sons returned from their rooms to find us, I made my goodbyes and headed out into the village.

Dinner with Jodi

Before heading home, I had a look at the new requests board and found a new request. This one from the wizard, he barely came into town, so for him to come and put up a notice, it must’ve been important.
He seemed convinced there live multicolored, prismatic slimes in the mines. I’ve seen many different colored slimes down there when exploring, they are some of the most common monsters. But in all my time I’ve never seen a multicolored one.
Still, to please the wizard I could have another look. I’m sure Harvey would agree it’s worth it to go in name of science.

Day 65

Having sold a large portion of my cranberries, I had enough money to let Robin build that incubator for me today, she’d even improve the whole coop to house more animals if I wanted.
On my way there I’d stopped by the villagers who hadn’t gotten their share of cranberries the day before. Alex for example, who I found outside playing with his dog. He told me about his parents and why he lived with his grandparents now.
I passed by Harvey and told him about the wizards request and lastly passed by Linus, for I had found his basket earlier that day, he was very grateful.

I didn’t spend too much time in the mines, and didn’t find the prismatic slime either. Yet even this short time reminded me how good it felt to be down there, adventuring.

Day 66

I spent almost the whole day in the mines today, with Harvey’s blessing of course. Yet no sign of the wizard’s quarry.

Still, it felt good to be back here. Having already reached the deepest point and having all the ores I needed, it felt great to just do some adventuring, slaying monsters and exploring caverns.

Day 67

Robin finally finished her work on the chicken coop, so I placed the black egg in the incubator, I wondered whether anything will actually hatch from it or whether this was all for nothing.

It was also Jodi’s birthday today. I gave her a quick visit to drop off a birthday present. Also a firm hug and a pat on her backside, but no time for fooling around more, I needed to return to the mines.

Day 68

After four days in the mines, I was ready to give up on my quest to find the prismatic slime and yet today was the day I finally found it.
I slayed the monster and brought its multicolored, slimy body back to the wizard’s tower, where the wizard rewarded me handsomely for my catch.

Back at the farm, I was glad to put my sword and pickaxe away into my storage chest. I had enjoyed my time in the caves, but I didn’t want to get addicted again.

Day 69

Another batch of cranberries were ready today and it was just in time for a day of relaxed socializing after those tiring days in the mines.
When I passed by Marnie, she mentioned she had some baby ducklings and with the extra space Robin had added to the coop, they would be a nice addition to my farm. I bought two of them off her immediately and named them Sade and Masoch.
My farm is really becoming a haven for many different animals.

The other villagers were grateful for their gifts, but nothing out of the ordinary happened today.
Haley mentioned it being too cold now that summer was over and that she might just go home to have a nap. Thinking of it now, I wonder whether that had been a subtle invitation to join her. She must remember our moment in the park as fondly as I did.

Day 70

I got a letter from Abigail today, she wanted me to come to her room after dark. I haven’t mentioned her much since our moment by the lake, but our encounters since then have always been pleasant. She is one of those coming to me in my dreams, perhaps I’ve been in hers as well?
Again, I felt like I’ve been juggling too many balls at once. There’s Harvey, though apart from spanking me, he hasn’t shown any romantic interest so far.
I like cuddling up to Jodi, but it seems that might never be more than keeping her company, she isn’t looking for a replacement for her husband, until she decides perhaps that he’s never coming back.
Things with Maru have been going good as well, I’ve gotten to know her better and am starting to like her, despite her father’s warning.
And lastly there is Haley with whom I’ve been fooling around the most lately.

First things first though, I’d finally saved enough gold and resources to make some renovations to my old cottage. I got Robin involved to add a real bedroom – right now the bed is just in the living area – and a kitchen so I can cook some real food. I haven’t mentioned it much yet, but all this time I’ve been living off raw produce or things cooked over an open campfire. It will be good to finally have a way to prepare some real food.

Quick note: Tomatoes are a vegetable, no matter what Demetrius says.

At the end of the day, when I finally went to town for my date with Abigail, I couldn’t find her in her room. Instead, I found her at the graveyard. She was practicing her swordsmanship. She wanted to be an adventurer like me.
I suddenly thought I’d misread the whole situation between us, but before I got over the awkwardness, her father came out looking for her and told her to come home.
I was witness to a short fight between them and then joined Abby as she fled to hide in some bushes. When her father finally left, and I was busy untangling her hair from the bushes, I learned I hadn’t been wrong about us after all. Abigail looked up at me, licking her lips as my hand slid down her neck. I pulled her closer and we shared a kiss.
It was well past dark by the time we both headed home.

Day 71

Demetrius was the one to leave a note on the request board today and despite his over-protectiveness of his daughter, he is not that bad of a guy, so I decided to help out.
While investigating the local wildlife, he’d found there was an overabundance of fish near the coast, eating away at the local water-flora. To keep things balanced he suggested catching more fish, so I got out my fishing-rod to do his bidding.

On the pier, I was joined by Abigail. She gave me a blushing smile after our make-out session the night before and reminded me to join her in her room after dark.
I cut my fishing short earlier than I’d planned that day, to be sure not to miss our date.
Abigail had not planned to repeat our adventure out in the bushes in her bed now however, but wanted to play a game. She used it to confess her feelings for me, but then chickened out and asked me to leave.

Date with Abigail

I went home alone, slightly dissatisfied, but also slightly remorseful. I hadn’t intended for anyone to develop feelings for me, I was just enjoying life as much as I could.

Day 72

Abigail came over this morning, apologizing for the awkward interaction the night before. I decided then, that it would be my duty to help her. Help her find her courage, and become the woman she wanted to be.

Today however, was a day for celebrating. The Stardew Valley Fair was being held in town. There were plenty of tourists and games to be played. Everyone enjoyed themselves, especially Abigail who seemed to want to win at every game.

Robin had also finished work at my cottage that morning, so when I returned home from the fair, I had real food from my own kitchen and my own bedroom to sleep in.
Life was good.

Day 73

The black egg hatched.
The little hatchling seems to be a chicken, but it’s completely black, Slap, Tickle, Sado and Masoch don’t seem to like it, but they tolerate it living in the coop with them. I named it Gimp.

With the cottage finally renovated, I decided the farm deserved a facelift as well, so I placed more paths, wooden floors and added more and improved fencing for the animals.
It’s all coming together quite nicely.

Day 74

Another batch of cranberries was ready to be harvested today, and thus the time had come once again to head into town and talk to all my friends.

I visited Jodi first and made sure she offered me a kiss before sharing with her my fresh produce.
Elliot and I had an interesting conversation about writing books, all I could think of was the diary I’m writing myself, but things in here are too personal to share – no matter how much I’m pretending someone might read this someday, or the way I address the reader as if it’s someone else than myself.

The most out of the ordinary part of the day however was when visiting Penny. I haven’t mentioned this yet, but Penny lives with her mother Pam in a trailer, they’re the only ones in town – apart from Linus – who can’t afford their own home.
Pam is a bit of a drunkard and spends most of her time at the saloon. She wasn’t there when I arrived, so I helped Penny clean up the trailer for a bit.
Unfortunately, Pam came home early and was really unhappy someone else was cleaning her home. I left quickly before things got too awkward.

Day 75

Marnie visited today, asking me whether I had some cave carrots as a treat for her goats. Luckily, I had quite a few of those stored away, so I promised her to bring them over shortly.
When I brought them over, we found Shane on the floor in his room, blackout drunk. We woke him up, but there was no dealing with him. I think his depression is getting worse, yet there’s not much I can do.

Caroline also sent me a request, this one by mail, for a pumpkin. Luckily, they’re in season and they’re one of the vegetables I’d been growing on the farm, so I quickly headed over to the store where she lives to give her one.
Abigail was still at the store herself and I remembered my promise to help her find her courage, so I convinced her to come outside with me and brought her to the mines. I handed her one of my old swords and promised her a kiss if she dared go down into the mines with me.
We didn’t go deep and the only monsters we saw were some weaker slimes. Yet Abigail seemed to have a great time.
In one of the abandoned caverns, I pulled her against the wall and gave her the kiss she promised. She was surprised when I went down on my knees and raised her skirt for that kiss, but she did not protest. Her moans echoed inside the cavern as my tongue explored every inch between her thighs.

After that kiss, we returned to the surface and as Abby walked home, I realized I hadn’t told Harvey about the trip down the mines, so I quickly headed to the clinic, I didn’t want him to think I’d go behind his back.
The good doctor appreciated my honesty, but was in no way amused that I’d forgotten to tell him and even less that I’d endangered one of the other villagers by bringing them with me – he is after all responsible for everyone’s well-being.
I didn’t need much convincing to join the handsome doctor in his examination room where he once more put me across his lap and turned my bottom bright red. Still excited from giving Abigail her reward, I enjoyed that spanking probably much more than I should have.

Spanked by doctor HArvey

I actually felt quite satisfied heading back to the farm that day, having fooled around with Abigail in the caves, followed by the spanking I’ve been thinking about ever since the last one. My new bedroom was quite empty apart from the bed, so my moans when I touched myself echoed against the ceiling.

Day 76

After the eventful past few days, I needed a break today, so after taking care of the animals, I got my fishing gear and headed to the river to do some fishing.

No-one bothered me all day and night came after a calm, relaxing day all by myself.

Day 77

After a day of rest, I planned a day of work on the farm. I cleaned up any newly grown bushes, any dead wood and rocks on the farm. I emptied my storage chest and rearranged them, getting rid of the stuff I no longer needed.

It was long, uninteresting work, but at the end of the day I was glad I had done it.

Day 78

Linus has been complaining about the pollution of our river lately and I must agree with him, it is full of plastic and garbage wherever you look.
Which is why today I took out time from my schedule and helped him clean up by fishing trash from the river and the mountain lake. Together we gathered a large amount of trash and deposed of it neatly.

Day 79

More cranberries were ready for harvesting today, so after a few days mostly by myself, I headed back into town with my new fresh fruits.
I headed to the clinic where Maru was at work, but as I entered, she dropped a glass beaker in surprise. She suddenly seemed very nervous and I wondered whether Harvey was as strict with his nurse as he was with me.
Still, I encouraged her to be honest with the doctor and when Harvey arrived, he seemed very forgiving about the incident. I imagined he could be waiting for me to leave to deal with this in private, but instead, he reminded me that I hadn’t been in for my yearly checkup, so he invited me into the examination room instead.

I was quite nervous, the last two times I’d been here, I’d been spanked, yet I was also highly exited. When the doctor asked me to pull down my dress just a little so he could listen to my lungs, I instead pulled it down all the way to my waist, completely baring my breasts.
Harvey looked surprised, but professionally said nothing. He did however take his time and placed his stethoscope very low when listening to my lungs. He must’ve heard my heart-rate increase when the back of his hands grazed the inside curve of my breasts, yet all he said was that I sounded quite healthy.
When I left the room, Maru was still at the receptionist area, unaware of what had happened. I closed the clinic doors behind me and wondered: Was it her turn now?

Examined by doctor Harvey

I ran into Harvey again later that day, when I was at the general store with gifts of cranberries for Pierre, Caroline and Abigail.
Apparently, Caroline held regular dance aerobics lessons behind the store and Harvey – as well as most women in town – took part. The good doctor seemed shy to be the only man participating, but I found it impressive. He was always reminding me to take care of my health, it was good to see he did the same for himself. – Also: Jodi looked so hot in her yoga-pants.

I had most trouble finding Haley today, and finally found her on the beach, she didn’t often go there anymore now that summer was over.
She seemed upset at having lost her grandmother’s necklace, so I offered to help her find it. After a bit of searching, I found something behind Elliot’s cabin and called her over to see if it was hers.
She was over the moon happy and hugged me tightly for finding it for her. Still horny from my examination by Harvey and as always attracted by the beautiful face in front of me, I asked how about a kiss as a finder’s fee.
Haley agreed eagerly, but I stopped her as she bent forwards to kiss me. Down there, I said, pointing down. Haley blushed, but obediently followed my instructions as we dropped down on the sand. I felt her warm face against my thighs and her wet tongue on my lips as I ran my hand through the bushel of golden curls between my legs. I moaned loudly, hoping Elliot wasn’t home in his cottage to hear us.

The day wasn’t over yet, for I headed to Robin’s home to share the last of my cranberries and then to Linus’ tent beyond it. We talked at his campfire and I must admit that now I’d gotten to know the man better, he wasn’t as pathetic as I once thought. He wasn’t homeless, but rather he’d made the outdoors his home. He was there by choice, choosing the harsh primitive life in nature and called himself a wild man. It was difficult for him and he was often lonely, which was why he valued my friendship.
At the end of the night, when entering his tent, he invited me in with a glimpse in his eye. I’m not sure what it was, perhaps Jodi’s kiss, or Harvey’s hesitant hand by my breasts, or the memory of Haley’s blonde hair between my legs, but I suddenly urged for something more, something raw and natural.
I followed the bearded man into his tent. Linus didn’t own any real clothes, but wore furs around his body, when he dropped them and revealed his naked body it was muscled and scared as you’d expect of a man living in the wild.
I let him push me to the ground, his hands all over me as he forced me onto my knees. He fucked me like an animal, face against the ground as he pounded me from behind. His hands clawed my back leaving scratch marks and once or twice he even bit me.
By the time it was over we both lay panting on the hard ground inside his tent. He apologized then if he’d hurt me, saying he felt sometimes he felt like an animal just took over. I smiled and told him that was just what I needed today.

Day 80

After the eventful day I’d just had the day before, today I decided to stay on the farm. I wanted to make more additions and the first thing I wanted was a stable.
I spent so much time running around town, that I believed a horse could be of great value to me. I’d already discussed it with Robin the day before and knew what she needed to have it built. So, I focused on gathering the materials and not think about the things I’d done the day before.

Day 81

One of the strangest plants on my farm has finally produced fruit, I believe it’s from the rare seed I got from the travelling merchant all that time ago.
The berry it grew was one of the sweetest things I’d ever smelled. I didn’t want to eat it however, then it’d be lost forever. I needed to find a way to get more seeds out of this berry so I could replant them.

After taking care of business on the farm, I headed over to Harvey to tell him I’d be going to the mines. I needed some metal for the barn. I was a bit embarrassed to face him, after what I’d done with Linus, yet Harvey and I didn’t have any real relationship, did we? Apart from spanking me, he hadn’t given me many clues towards his interest in me yet.

In the mines I noticed a rockfall that I hadn’t seen before and after mining through it, I encounter a person I’d never met before. He was a short person, tall as a child, but definitely an adult. The weirdest thing was that I couldn’t understand a word he said. In the end I just decided to leave him alone. He didn’t seem to mind.

After having gathered enough ores and leaving the cave, I noticed Linus swimming in the mountain lake. He was obviously not wearing any clothes and waved at me to join him.
Now I knew the mountain lake isn’t the most private place, I often see Demetrius there standing by the water thinking about his work, Sebastian taking a smoke break, or Abigail playing her flute. But the lake is big and I couldn’t resist the temptation. I stripped naked and headed into the water.
Linus told me how happy he was that the water was once again clean after our hard work a few days ago. When he swam closer to me however, I held him at arms-length. I didn’t want a repeat of what had happened in his tent. I already had enough balls in the air as it was and if I was to settle for one of them eventually, it would be one less smelly than Linus. The fun we’d had in his tent would have to remain a one-time thing.

Still, I was horny when I returned home and wished that perhaps Harvey could be as forward as Linus sometimes. Then I remembered that he’d spanked me when we just met and thought maybe I shouldn’t discount him just yet.

Day 82

The other strange plant I had on my farm had fruit today, this one was the ancient seed I got from the traveling merchant. The ancient fruit it produced looked weird but edible.
I finally took the time to craft the machine I’d envisioned before that would turn these fruit into seeds and tried it out with some less valuable crops. When it turned out successful, I turned the sweet berry and the ancient fruit into seeds, ready for planting next fall.

When I was finished, I headed to Robin with the metal I’d gotten from the mine the day before and commissioned her to build me a stable.

Day 83

Fall is coming to an end and to prepare for the coming winter, I bought two heaters from Marnie for the coop and the barn. Then, I harvested enough hay to fill the silo and hopefully last me all winter.

At the end of today, the Spirit’s Eve festival was held in town. As always everyone was there, there was drink and food, and the main attraction: a haunted maze.
Unfortunately, both Harvey and Haley seemed too scared to go in, I would’ve loved snuggling with either of them in a dark, dead end.
I met Abigail halfway through where her fear of spiders had stopped her and even the promise of a kiss from me couldn’t convince her to continue.
In fact, the person I met who got farthest into the maze was Sam. Unfortunately, it wasn’t his mother Jodi or we could’ve fooled around in here where no-one would’ve found us.
Past Sam, I encountered no-one else and I was the first to reach the end of the maze and the prize of a golden pumpkin.

Day 84

On this last day of the season, I harvested my last batch of cranberries and made my way once more through town to share with everyone.

The most interesting conversation I had today was with Sebastian, someone I hadn’t talked to much before. He often seemed to be hiding in his parents basement.
Yet today I learned that he is a freelance programmer and uses his room as a workplace. He wasn’t hiding, but working a full-time job.

I did keep my best customer for last however, I visited Jodi at the end of the day, and let my hands wander underneath her clothes as she kissed me to thank me for the gifts.
I promised her I’d keep her warm through winter.

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