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The chase

drawing of woman tied up in forest

He was close, Anita could hear his footsteps crunching through the forests undergrowth. All she could do was hide and hope that he hadn’t seen her yet.
It was slowly getting darker, the sun hung low, casting large shadows from the trees all around her. She was using those to hide, but the forest wasn’t very large, he would find her eventually.
Anita’s breathing was ragged from all the running she’d done, her heart pounding with excitement, adrenaline rushing through her veins.
When she saw him, just four trees away from her hiding spot, her breathing stopped and she froze in place. Any movement and he’d surely see her.
His head turned, had he noticed her?
Anita could no longer wait, she jumped up from her hiding place and ran away, zig-zagging between the trees, hoping to lose him again.
Behind her, she heard his footsteps again, faster, coming closer. He’d surely seen her. Any moment now he’d lay his hands on her and then…

From the corner of her eye, she saw the house, her home at the forest’s edge. It would be just a short sprint through the back yard and back inside. But no, she wouldn’t be any safer in there than she was out here. Out here at least she had some space to run.
The footsteps were right behind her. Anita squealed as two arms wrapped around her chest, pulling her to a halt. She felt his warm, rapid breath by her ear.
“Running home?” He whispered.
No, not home, Anita thought, that was where this chase had begun. The man pulled her closer against his chest as Anita thought back at arriving home from work. She could feel the excitement in his crotch, swollen and throbbing against her backside as she re-read in her mind, the note she’d found on her kitchen-table. It hadn’t been long, just seven words: “You get a ten minute head start.”
She’d known exactly what it meant of course, this wasn’t their first time out here in the woods. Her husband had even texted her earlier that day to inquire whether she was in the mood for something adventurous.
He was now fondling her breasts as he held her close to him. Yet his grip on her was slipping, Anita wasn’t going to make this too easy for him. She tore loose from his grip and sprinted away.

She didn’t make it more than a few steps before her husband’s arms wrapped around her again. This time he pulled her towards a tree, spun her around and pinned her back against the hard wood, trapping her between him and the tree.
“Nuh-uh, no running, or next time you’ll be in trouble, young lady.” He warned.
His hands ran all over her body again, focussing mostly on her breasts which were soft and supple. She wore no bra underneath her dress to impede his touch.
Her husband grabbed the collar of the dress and ripped it open almost down to her belly, revealing her bare breasts.
Anita moaned as he squeezed and pinched her nipples. She didn’t care about the dress. She’d never seen it before today, she’d found it folded underneath the note he had left. A cheap thrift-shop find probably, still it had looked pretty good on her for the short while it had lived.

“You’re liking this, aren’t you?” Her husband asked.
Anita blushed as she realized she’d probably been a bit too enthusiastic letting him fondle her so. She began to push at his hands, struggling, trying to push him away, just like she’d run from him.
He was stronger than her and easily pushed her hands aside, yet he could only do one thing at a time, fondle her breasts, or keep her hands at bay. So when Anita’s hands kept returning, her husband pinned her against the tree with his full weight as he took off his backpack and pulled a length of rope from inside it.
Expertly, her husband ran the rope around her wrists, securing them tightly. Anita did not struggle, not yet, she didn’t want to make this impossible for him, but when her hands were securely tied, she tried to wrestle out of control again. Soon, she knew, he’d have a second length of rope tied around the tree with her wrists far above her head and no way to escape.
Her husband dropped the bag in their struggles, and as he bent over to pick it up, she knew this was her chance. Anita tore herself loose and ran away as far as she could. Her ripped dress flaying in the wind, her bared breasts bouncing with each step.

She did not make it far, not with her hands already tied up, making it harder to keep her balance as she ran.
Once more her husbands arms wrapped around her. This time, he did not spin her around as he pinned her against a tree.
“I warned you.” He growled by her ear.
A loud swat echoed through the woods as his hand swatted her backside.
Anita moaned and squealed as he spanked her bottom. It didn’t hurt much, not with her dress still protecting her buttocks.
After a dozen or so swats he turned her around again. “Run away again and next time I’m using a switch.” Her husband warned her. “Do you understand?”
Anita nodded.
Her husband smiled and let go of her, grabbing his backpack again.
Anita waited, tied hands between her legs, bared chest heaving from her breath. He wasn’t holding her right now, but she knew, the time for running was over.

As she had thought, her husband used a second piece of rope to tie her hands above her head. Then he grabbed her dress and ripped it open just a bit further, and pulling it down past her shoulders, revealing most of her upper body.
Anita moaned as he explored her body, first with his hands and then with his mouth. His warm tongue on her neck, her breasts, her nipples.
He wasn’t gentle, his nails dug into her soft skin when his hands fondled her and his mouth left red marks on the soft, pale skin of her breasts. His teeth grazed her at first and then left their mark where he bit her. When his hands were around her throat, he squeezed softly, choking her just for a moment.
When he was done playing with her, her husband grabbed her dress, slowly pulling it apart, tearing at the rip he had made before until she would be completely naked, tied up to a tree in the woods behind their own back yard.
Well, naked except for the pair of black, silk panties she was wearing underneath.
“What is this?” Her husband asked, placing his hand firmly on her crotch, indicating her panties as his fingers dug between her lips.
Anita moaned softly.
“I don’t remember giving you these along with your dress to wear. Or did I?” He said.
Anita blushed and shook her head.
“Then why are you wearing them?” He asked.
Anita bit her lip, but did not reply. She didn’t really knew why she’d kept them on. She knew the rules, this wasn’t the first time they’d done this role play.
“Nothing to say?” Her husband continued. “Then I guess you don’t mind if they undergo the same faith as your dress.” He let go of her crotch and now grabbed her panties in both hands, pulling them towards him, pulling them tightly between her buttocks.
Anita gasped. These weren’t some cheap thrift-store finds, these were expensive, silk panties. But she should’ve known what would happen if she kept them on. Her husband looked her in the eyes and when she didn’t protest, she heard a slow ripping sound, until finally, with a snap, they were pulled from between her buttocks.
Her husband held them up in front of her face, for her to see.
“A shame.” He said. “I liked these.” Them dropped them to the forest floor. “I think I’ll need to teach you a lesson about breaking the rules.” And then turned her around.
The rope around her wrists gave Anita just enough room to turn around. She turned her head away from the tree, but could feel its rough bark between her breasts.
Then, her husband spanked her bottom again, this time without the protection of her dress and the panties she’d hidden underneath.
Anita moaned as the swats echoed through the forest. This time her husband didn’t stop at a dozen, but continued until her bottom was red and burning.
When he finally stepped away, Anita looked over her shoulder, out of breath, but also wondering whether that was all.
She didn’t need to fear her husband was letting her get off easy however, for she saw him breaking off a long, narrow branch of a tree and peeling off its bark until he had a thick, yet supple switch.
Anita’s breath caught. Her husband had spanked her before, many times, it was one of their favorite role plays. Yet this one, the chase in the forest, usually didn’t have any of those. Usually he’d just catch her and have his way with her. Usually, she would follow the rules and not run away more than once.
The switch made a whooshing sound as her husband swung it and Anita squealed as it landed across her bottom.
She moaned and squealed, kicking her legs as the switch drew red lines across her buttocks, setting her backside on fire. Yet Anita couldn’t help getting more and more excited, out here in the forest, naked and tied to a tree as her husband switched her bottom.
Finally he stopped and Anita moaned when her husband placed her hand on her sore, throbbing backside.
“Isn’t this better?” He asked, gently robbing her poor bottom.
Anita moaned her appreciation.
“No panties to get in the way.” Her husband continued as his hand now slid down between her legs. “Nothing obstructing my view or interfering with my touch.” He found her clit, playing with it, rubbing it.
Anita’s moans echoed in the forest, much like the swats on her backside had done before. She let go of any pretense of fighting him off. Her body was tired, from running, from fighting, from kicking; now her legs trembled from pleasure.
With his other hand, her husband grabbed at her breasts but quickly moved up as the bark of the tree scratched the back of his hand. His fingers wrapped around her throat, squeezing, choking. This time he did not let go until her body was trembling with ecstasy.
The orgasm took over, yet as soon as she was done trembling and moaning, her husband turned her around again. He looked her in the eyes and smiled. It was a smug smile, but Anita didn’t care. She looked up at his eyes and didn’t even notice him unzip his pants. She moaned when he pushed her sore backside against the tree and then gasped when his hands grabbed her throbbing buttocks, lifting her up and pushing his cock inside of her.
She wished to embrace him, but her hands were still tied up firmly above her head. Her husbands head was at her neck, biting softly as he fucked her.
It didn’t take long before he came inside of her, grunting with effort before letting her back down onto her feet.

Now that he was done, her husband cleaned himself up, and picked up his backpack once more.
“Can I have some?” Anita asked when he pulled out a bottle of water. She was still tied up to the tree.
He took a long gulp and then headed over to her. He held the bottle at her lips to let her drink. Half of it spilled, past her chin and onto her breasts.
Now that her husband was no longer taking advantage of her – he was eating some snack he’d brought, seated on the forest floor – Anita felt a lot more exposed than before.
This place behind their home could only be called a forest because she had no better name for a collection of trees this size, it wasn’t very large however, certainly not large enough for any wildlife except for some squirrels and rabbits.
Yet there were no roads leading to this place, the only way to get to it was through their back yard or the yard of their neighbors. In all the years of living here, she’d never seen their neighbors enter these woods, none of them even had a gate at the back of their property.
Anita knew no-one would find them here, but that didn’t make it any less exciting, being completely naked and helplessly tied to a tree as she was.
Her husband sometimes got up to give her a bite of the food he’d brought. But he obviously wasn’t done with her yet, for he wasn’t untying her yet.
When Anita’s arms grew numb from the waiting, and she complained to her husband, he untied them for a moment, just to tie the end of the rope to a branch. She could now hold them comfortably in front of her and even walk around a few steps, but she could not sit down. Not that she wanted to, with her sore, red bottom on the forest floor.
The sun had nearly fully set when her husband packed up his things and stood. “Time to go.” He said.
Anita finally thought to ask. “What have we been waiting for?”
Her husband grinned. “For it to get dark of course. That way no-one will see you arrive home this way.”
Anita blushed. “Didn’t you bring a dress with you?”
“I did.” Her husband replied. “But that was before I knew you’d be bringing your own clothing.
Confused for a moment, Anita thought about his words. Then she remembered the panties and blushed.
“You can put these on if you want.” Her husband said, holding up the ripped panties.
“You’re not serious…” Anita complained.
Her husband smiled. “Let’s get to the gate first, the forest should give you cover until then and when we get there, you can ask me for the dress I brought.”
Anita sighed in relief. Still, remaining in one spot felt much less exposed then walking all the way home naked. She asked for her panties and her husband helped her pull them on by tying a knot where he had ripped them. The ripped fabric pulled up between her buttocks and left little to the imagination there, but at least her crotch was fully covered.
“How badly do you want the dress when we get back?” Her husband asked as they walked. “From one to ten.”
Anita laughed. “Eleven.” She said.
“Alright, eleven swats, as we walk.” Her husband said. “And then I’ll allow you to pull on the dress before we go into the back yard.”
“Wait…” Anita stumbled as she looked at her husband and then saw he was holding the switch he’d used before. She hadn’t even noticed he’d brought that with him. Fuck! Why had she said eleven? She thought.
Her husband slowed his step until he walked behind her and Anita held her breath.
The switch whooshed through the air and landed across her backside with a loud thwack. “One!” Her husband said.
Anita moaned softly and braced herself. Yet the next one did not come right away. Her husband spread them out evenly over their walk home. She never knew exactly when to expect them, keeping her on her toes the whole way home, her poor bottom stinging and her body trembling with anticipation.

“Eleven.” Her husband said after the last red stripe had been painted across her backside.
Anita was moaning softly as she was rubbing her poor bottom. She hadn’t reached back to relieve the pain yet, knowing her husband would’ve disapproved before the spanking was over.
He held up the dress he’d brought, but pulled it out of her reach as she wanted to accept it, pointing at her crotch instead.
Anita blushed, but quickly pulled off the torn panties she was wearing and then received the dress instead.

In the dark, no-one saw them return to their home through their yard, and Anita could only think, she could’ve saved herself those last eleven swats.

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