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Short stories rework – finished


Hello everyone

A while ago, I started work on rewriting all my older stories and I’m glad to announce, I’ve finally finished!

All my reworked stories are now available on amazon, they’re even combined into book-series now, making them easier to find.

As always, all my pre-rework stories and first drafts will remain available for free on this blog. The e-books on amazon are just there for those who want to support me and those who want to read the finalised versions of the stories on this blog.

For those who don’t know the difference between the free stories, and the ebooks; the reworked stories contain:
– better formatting for easier reading
– longer stories
– less grammatical and typing errors
– better and longer sex-scenes
– explicit or implied consent, because consent is sexy
– safe sex, because while danger can be hot, STDs aren’t

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