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His submissive girlfriend

drawing of an otk bare bottom spanking

The television’s volume was low, the lights were dimmed and Sophie cuddled up to her boyfriend in the couch, resting her head on his shoulder.
The action movie they were watching didn’t interest her much. The action scenes were long and the plot predictable. Her thoughts instead went to what the rest of their evening would entail.
Michael and she didn’t live together, they’d only been dating for two months now; but they both knew Sophie wasn’t going home tonight. They were in that exciting time in their relationship where they were past their initial shyness and could fully enjoy their lust for each-other. Most weeks Sophie spent more nights at Michael’s apartment than her own.
Crossing her legs, Sophie rested the upper leg on her boyfriend’s knee, placing her hand on his inner-thigh. She considered not waiting for the end of the movie tonight.
Micheal turned his head to her and smiled before giving her a quick kiss and placing his hand on her knee.
Sophie wore a sexy, short dress and as she sat with her legs crossed and body contorted to cuddle up to Michael, it barely covered her hips. She wished his hand would slide down her bare skin to the more sensitive area between her thighs, where her red panties were just barely visible.
The thought of Michael’s hands on her body gave Sophie goosebumps and made her think of other things those hands could do. Their sexual exploration of each-others body thus far had been quite tenacious but also quite vanilla; and Sophie usually enjoyed more deviant fantasies.

Licking her lips and with a slight blush Sophie decided she felt comfortable enough with Michael now, to share some of her fantasies with him.
“Honey.” She whispered while he still focussed on the movie. “Have you ever spanked a girl?”
Michael’s head whipped towards his girlfriend. “Can’t say that I have.” He replied, slight confusion on his face.
Sophie bit her lower lip, looking as seductive as she could. “Would you like to?”
Michael turned his body further towards her, a grin growing on his face. “I didn’t know you were into that kind of thing.”
Sophie blushed. “Well, it’s not something I’d tell you on a first date, now would I?”
The grin broke on his face, showing his teeth. “I’d love to spank you sometime.” He said.
A short silence followed. Sophie could see the hesitation on his face. Did she want him to do it now? After the movie? Some other night?
“Do you have any fantasies you haven’t shared with me yet?” She asked to break the silence.
Michael touted his lips, putting on his thinking face. “I don’t know.” He said.
“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” Sophie said.
“I mean, there’s this thing.” Michael said. “But it’s not really a fetish or anything.”
“What is it?” His girlfriend asked.
“You might think it’s weird…” Michael said hesitantly.
“I won’t judge.” Sophie replied. “And if I laugh, you can just spank me a little harder.”
Reminded of his girlfriend’s shared fantasy, Michael felt strengthened in sharing his own. “You know I like blowjobs, right?”
Sophie nodded. She loved giving them and they were a staple part of their foreplay most nights.
“Well, I sometimes fantasize about getting them while I’m busy with something else. Like, I’m working at my desk, or watching TV, or cooking dinner, or playing a video-game.” Michael said.
Sophie licked her lips. “That sounds like fun. You trying to focus, while I do my best to distract you.”
Michael smiled. “Yes, exactly.”
Sophie’s hand that had been resting on his knee all this time slid up to the bulge in his pants. There she could feel this conversation had made him quite excited. “All right, you just focus on the movie, okay?” She said, rubbing him gently.
Michael took a deep breath and looked down at his girlfriend as she slid off the couch, kneeling by his feet.
“Don’t look at me.” Sophie said. “I’m just here, doing my thing.”
Michael closed his eyes and then looked back up at the TV, trying to catch up with the movie and what he’d missed while talking to his girlfriend. It was hard to focus while he felt her undo his trousers and free his erect cock with her soft, warm hands.

Sophie stared down at her boyfriend’s cock. She was excited after having told him about her fantasy of being spanked and horny after hearing about his fantasies.
Holding his erection in one hand, she licked down his shaft, looking up through her eyelashes at Michael. He wasn’t looking at her however, but trying to focus on the television.
Sophie realized she didn’t have to give him those horny, hungry looks, those teasing licks and kisses that were usually part of a good blowjob. He wasn’t paying attention to them this time. Instead, she could focus more on what felt good, rather than looked good. So she took the tip of his cock between her lips, sucking it softly and licking with the tip of her tongue.
As she didn’t look up at her boyfriend, Sophie couldn’t see his reactions. She didn’t feel his hand at the back her neck or hear his suppressed moans. This blowjob was more one-sided than their usual foreplay, she was pleasuring him, yet he was busy with something else.
Just barely though, she was sure, his divided attention was just part of their play. Yet it turned her on greatly. Being spanked was just a small part of Sophie’s own sexual desires. She fantasized about being a good, submissive girlfriend to a dominant guy; serving his sexual desires like this certainly fit that part.
The longer she went on, the more Sophie got into the act. She took his cock as deep in her mouth as she could, relishing in the act of pleasuring her boyfriend without any immediate recompense. Gratifying him like a submissive girlfriend should.
When he came – his moans betraying that he in fact, was not able to fully ignore her efforts – she took that as her reward, swallowing his cum, sucking out every last drop of it.

Sophie tucked Michael’s cock back in his trousers and then climbed back in the couch, cuddling up against him.
It was silent for a while, then Michael whispered. “You know, I barely remember anything that happened in this movie while you were doing that.”
Sophie giggled. “Sorry.”
Michael laughed. “Don’t apologize.”
Sophie bit her lips. “Don’t you think I was being greedy, doing that while you just wanted to watch the movie?”
Michael waited a moment, then said: “Now that you mention it. You are being a bit greedy today, with not at least waiting until we’ve finished the movie.”
Sophie blushed. “And what are you going to do with your greedy, naughty girlfriend?”
Michael picked up the remote, paused the movie and then turned toward his girlfriend. “I think she deserves a good spanking.”
Sophie moaned deeply. Finally, she thought, as Michael allowed her to climb across his lap, placing her bottom across his knee, right below his hand.
She moaned again when Michael raised her dress, stroking her bottom with his hand, tracing the edge of her panties with her fingers.
“Should I take these off?” He asked, tucking his fingers behind her panties.
“That’s up to you, Sir.” Sophie moaned.
Michael paused for a moment. They had many nicknames for each-other, but this was the first time she’d called him sir. He liked it and promptly lowered her panties, baring her round, soft bottom.
He gave her left buttocks an experimental slap and watched it bounce, then the other one.
Sophie raised her bottom, urging him to continue, so he started to softly spank her.
Her soft moans, the weight of her body on his lap and the grinding motion she made against his crotch, the plump and vulnerable flesh of her bottom beneath the palm of his hand; Michael quickly understood why this was a favorite sexual fantasy for many others.
“It seems I’ve been a good girl after all.” Sophie said after a moment.
“How do you mean?” Michael replied, gently squeezing her backside.
“Surely, such soft, gentle smacks must be a reward for my good behavior.” Sophie teased.
“Do you want me to spank you harder?” Michael asked.
“Yes, please.”
“Like this?” Michael asked, placing a few firmer swats across her bottom.
“Harder, please.” Sophie asked.
Michael raised his arm and landed a couple full-arm swings on her backside, making her bottom bounce. “Like this?”
Sophie moaned deeply. “Yes, please.”
Michael was a bit surprised, but she’d asked for it, so he raised his hand again. He now spanked her hard and firm, and his girlfriend moaned deep and loud.
Michael hadn’t expected Sophie wanted the spanking to actually hurt, but by the sting of his hand and the red color in her bottom, he was sure Sophie’s backside must be burning now. Yet the longer he spanked her, the more she seemed to be enjoying it.
And so was he, he realized. He not only enjoyed having her in this vulnerable position across his lap, having her under his control; he also enjoyed using that control, knowing those smacks stung. He watched her bottom bounce, her feet kick and listened to her gasps and moans.
He raised his hand again and spanked her even harder, harder than Sophie had asked for. She squealed as her bottom turned red under the onslaught of his hand and her squeals turned him on even more.
Still Sophie did not protest, she took even the harder smacks with moans of pleasure, despite her squirming and the kicking of her legs.
“I’ll be a good girl.” Sophie suddenly said and Michael realized they hadn’t said anything for quite some time.
“I’ll be good.” She said again, when he continued to spank her. “I promise.”
But Michael didn’t want to stop, not yet. “We’re not done yet, you naughty girl.” He said.
“Please, I’ll be good.” His girlfriend begged. “I’ll do anything you want.” But she moaned as she said it and raised her bottom up high. Thus Michael knew she could take more and wanted it too.
Michael continued to spank her, listening to her squeals and moans, ignoring her pleas and promises. Until finally, her bottom was bright red and her voice was almost desperate.
Michael placed his hand on his girlfriend’s burning bottom and rubbed it gently.
Sophie moaned softly. “Are you sure you’ve never spanked a girl before?” She asked.
Michael laughed. “I’m sure.”
“Well, I hope you’ll do so more often.” Sophie moaned contentedly.
Michael grinned and squeezed her bottom. “Oh I’m sure I will, it was a very enjoyable experience.”
Sophie squealed softly and then let her body relax again as Michael continued to rub her sore backside.
“You know, I’ve thought about another fantasy of mine while I was spanking you.” Michael said. His hand slipped down between her legs as he talked, feeling her wet pussy with his fingers.

“What is it?” Sophie asked, between mpans.
“I’d like to watch you masturbate.” Michael said.
Sophie blushed. “What, really?” She asked. “Why?”
“Most girls are really secretive about it.” Her boyfriend explained. “Some even pretend they never do it. So I thought, if you weren’t going to let me watch the movie, you should let me watch something else.”
Sophie licked her lips and moaned deeply as Michael’s fingers slid between her lips. “I did promise I’d do anything you want.” She said.
“More than once.” Michael said.
Her boyfriend finally let her off his lap and Sophie hesitantly looked at him, wondering what he was expecting of her.
“You should take off your dress so I can see everything.” He said.
Sophie blushed and stood up. She pulled her dress off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She’d already lost her panties during her spanking, so all that was left to do was unhook her bra to free her breasts.
Michael used his foot to push the small coffee-table against the TV-cabinet and pointed at it. “Go sit there so I can get a good view.”
Sophie bit her lip, she really liked her boyfriend’s new, authoritative tone. She moved to stand in front of the TV and then slowly sat down on the low table, whimpering softly as her sore, red bottom touched the hard, wooden surface.
Michael had seen her naked plenty of times before, but she’d never felt as exposed as she did now, spreading her legs right in front of him.
“Play a bit with your breasts too.” Michael said when she slid her hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy.
Sophie did as she was told, using her other hand to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples while the first hand played with her clit.
She moaned deeply as she played with herself. After that submissive blowjob, followed by a long, firm spanking, it didn’t take long for her body to start shivering with excitement. Sophie swayed back and forth on the low table, barely keeping her balance as the orgasm took over her body.
“Good girl.” Her boyfriend said when she finally came to a stop after a loud, deep moan.
Sophie blushed and licked her lips before looking back up at him. She’d had her eyes closed for most of that and wondered how her face had looked she did that right in front of him. “Did you like it?” She asked.
“I loved it.” Michael said as he placed his hands on his crotch, rubbing it softly. That bulge in his pants told her he was once again fully erect with excitement. “Want to come over and do the same for me?” He asked.
“Of course, Sir.” Sophie said. She slid off the coffee-table and crawled on hands and knees to her boyfriend.
He smiled broadly as she did this and then licked his lips when she once more kneeled in front of him.

Michael looked down at his girlfriend as she again freed his cock from his pants. This time she used her hands to pleasure him, gently rubbing it back and forth.
“Come a bit closer.” He asked her.
Sophie moved closer towards the couch.
“Closer.” He said.
She came closer again. The tip of his cock pushed up between her breasts, they bounced as her hand slid back and forth between them.
Michael moaned deeply as his girlfriend looked up at him. She really would do anything, he thought. So he took her breasts in both of his hands and squeezed them tightly around his erection. “Closer.” He said.
Sophie moved up against the couch as Michael pushed his cock against her chest. There was no more room for her to hold his cock in her hands, so she took over her breasts almost as if he was handing them to her. With a firm grip she moved them up and down, using her breasts to rub his cock.
Michael put his hands behind him in the couch, thrusting his hips forward as his girlfriend used her body to pleasure him. He moaned deeply, it didn’t take long before his body began to shake, his hips thrusting involuntarily and suddenly a warm, sticky liquid exploded against his girlfriend’s chest.
Sophie let go of her breasts, of him and leaned back, resting her bottom on her feet, his cum slowly dripping down her breasts.
Michael looked down at her, she looked so hot, he couldn’t help but think he could get used to having a submissive girlfriend doing everything she could to please him.
Neither of them spoke for a moment and then Michael noticed the box of tissues on the floor, where it had fallen when he’d pushed the coffee-table back. He picked it up and with a few tissues cleaned up his girlfriend’s chest, greedily playing with his breasts as he did so.
Not until he was done, did Sophie get up from her kneeling position. “Did that make up for my earlier behavior, Sir?” She asked.
“I think it did.” Michael said. “But I do want to finish that movie now.”
“I think I can manage that.” Sophie said.
Still sitting in his couch where he’d spanked her not so long ago, Michael had an idea. “How about, just to be sure, you come lay across my lap while we watch the rest of this movie?”
Sophie licked her lips and then, eagerly placed herself back across his lap.
Michael placed his hand on his girlfriend’s soft, red bottom. “Comfortable?” He asked.
“Very.” Sophie replied. “I wouldn’t mind watching all movies in this position.”
Michael laughed and smacked her bottom. “Just try not to distract me too much.”
Sophie moaned softly. “Yes, Sir.”
And so they watched the rest of the movie. Michael’s hand rubbing, squeezing, playing with his girlfriend’s bottom, and sometimes a firm swat when her moans were too loud or too distracting.

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