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About KC-Perrin

Hello everyone,

My name is Perrin, I’m an author, husband, lover, dom and father; not necessarily in that order. In my spare time, I write erotic short stories focussed on spanking, bondage and exhibitionism.

On this blog I share the first, rough draft of these stories, the finalised versions are available as e-books on amazon for only $1 per story. I greatly appreciate your support by buying my e-books, but if this is not possible for you, feel free to enjoy the free drafts on this blog. (disclaimer: only e-books published after august 2017 contain finalised versions)

Occasionaly one of my stories develops into a full-fledged novel, two examples of these are: ‘My little black dress‘, and ‘His House, His rules‘ which was picked up and published by Stormy Night Publications. Click these titles to read an excerpt of the book and find the full story on amazon later.

I’ve always been interested in BDSM, long before I started writing about it. In fact I believe that even my first sexual fantasies already contained some elements of the lifestyle.
An interest in spanking–and the resulting internet research–led me deeper into the BDSM scene. My actual experience is limited to a single relationship. I was lucky to meet a wonderful girl when I was 17 who shares these fantasies.
She’s the girl I lost my virginity to, married and hope to spend the rest of my life with. We’ve been exploring these fantasies together for over 10 years now.

If you have any questions about my stories, any ideas you’d like to share or even requests for a story you’d like me to write; feel free to contact me. Personal questions are welcome as well, my mailbox is always open at