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drawing of naughty dice

Updated games

Hey everyone I just finished updating all the games at All games got the following updates: The new dark theme Playable on all screen-sizes Option to change gender for players* Improved usability and better user-interface Bugfixes * There is one exception: The BDSM escape room has a story-line and to keep with the story, […]

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cluedo spanking game

Cluedo – a spanking mystery

A large scandal at Tudor Mansion unfolds when the telltale sounds of a spanking echo through the mansions corridors. It is up to you to discover which naughty inhabitant got this spanking, where they got it and which implement was used on their poor bottom. In this simplified version of Cluedo, you play alone. You […]

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icon for fondle twister

Fondle twister and other games

Hello everyone I’ve again spent some time perverting games and making them playable online, hope you enjoy the following games: Fondle twister In fondle twister you place your hands on your favorite body parts instead of some colored plastic circles. One person volunteers to replace the twister-mat and the players must place their hands on […]

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icon for spankng slots

Spanking slots

Have you ever wanted to combine your gambling and spanking addictions … I mean interests? Well go and have some fun with my spanking slots machine. Don’t worry, you won’t be wasting any real money, this game is completely free, just like all my other games. The setup is rather simple. Select an amount of […]

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drawing of naughty dice

Games for mobile

I have just finished editing all the games on my website to work for mobile devices. They will now all scale to fit your screen and add textboxes instead of just relying on keyboard-input. Some might be a bit more difficult or small to see, or require scrolling, but that’s unfortunately unavoidable; the games were […]

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icon for the kinky goose

More spanking games

Hello everyone I’ve spent some time perverting games and making them playable online, hope you enjoy the following games: (I have also redesigned my website, have a look: The kinky goose Play the classical game of the goose, but with the following additions to the rules: Landing on a goose tile not only moves […]

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icon for the spanking quiz

The spanking quiz

Hey everyone I finished another game for the website. This one is a quiz based on popular IQ-tests; but with BDSM-themed questions. You can select up to 50 questions, the longer you take to answer aquestion, the more smacks you will get in your spanking. Answering questions wrong will also increase the amount. Try it […]

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icon for playing cards

The playing cards spanking game

Hello everyone This is not a short story. Usually I only post short stories on this blog, but I really wanted to share this. One of the rules for my wife is that she has to submit to a maintenance session once a month, usually involving some form of spanking. To make this session more […]

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