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Short stories

drawing of a girl spanked otk

A fake number

“12:30 MacLaren’s Pub.” I stared in wonder at the text message from an unknown number. My first reaction was to reply with ‘wrong number’ instead I decided to have some fun. “What will be happening at 12:30 at MacLaren’s Pub?” I wasn’t sure whether I’d get a reply, it took some time, but after a […]

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drawing of a woman spanked across a desk

Benefits of a freelancer

It had been six months since Emma had made the decision to start working for herself and she never wished to go back to the office. The ability to choose your own clients, set your own deadlines and manage your own schedule, no boss, no rules or company policies, no fixed working hours or working […]

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drawing of an otk bare bottom spanking

His submissive girlfriend

The television’s volume was low, the lights were dimmed and Sophie cuddled up to her boyfriend in the couch, resting her head on his shoulder. The action movie they were watching didn’t interest her much. The action scenes were long and the plot predictable. Her thoughts instead went to what the rest of their evening […]

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drawing of a woman in very short shorts

Extra short shorts

No, not the kind that hug your bottom and leave nothing to the imagination. Extra short short stories. I wrote these as a challenge to myself to set a sexy spanking scene in just a few sentences. They can be used as writing-prompts or art-prompts or just to be enjoyed by themselves. Tell me in […]

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drawing of a woman spanked across a wash-tub

The renaissance fair

It was a hot day in the middle of summer in a small village in the south of France. There was something special about this village, three months ago, it had not yet existed and this area was just rolling hills of fields and pastures. The village was built around an old castle on top […]

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Drawing of spanked woman bent over sofa

Training day – part two: evening

The whole morning, Sophie had spent undressing for her husband, again and again, and again. She had gotten quite good at it too, seeing from Elliot’s expressions what moves he liked most, when she acted shy, covering up her body with her hands, and then excited, using those same hands to touch herself. She was […]

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drawing of girl stripping

Training day – part one: morning

When her alarm went early this morning, Sophie awoke excited for the day. Usually, she’d hit snooze at least once or twice, but not today, even though it was a Saturday. She got up fresh and early because it was the first Saturday of the month: training day. Training day, which had been Sophie’s idea […]

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drawing of woman tied up in forest

The chase

He was close, Anita could hear his footsteps crunching through the forests undergrowth. All she could do was hide and hope that he hadn’t seen her yet. It was slowly getting darker, the sun hung low, casting large shadows from the trees all around her. She was using those to hide, but the forest wasn’t […]

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Examined by doctor Harvey

A farm-girl’s diary – Fall year 1

Day 57 The farm looks beautiful in fall, golden and red. I started my day by visiting Pierre’s shop and buying some seasonal appropriate seeds, my favorite option was cranberries, so I bought most of those. The rest of the day was spent planting them and cleaning up the farm as bit, as well as […]

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