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drawing of a girl spreading her legs behind her desk

The secretary’s secret part 3

It had been two weeks since Sofie had signed the contract with her boss that allowed him to take advantage of her; to spank her when she was bad; to reward her when she was good. Three times he’d put her across his lap since, and once she’d bend over his desk for a dose […]

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drawing of a woman spanked otk

Workplace gossip

After two busy days, Linda was finally able to enjoy some time to relax at the hotel she was staying at. Together with her colleagues Gavin and Jessica, she was on a weekend business-trip to Prague, all expenses paid by the company they worked for. Linda had been sad she’d had so little time to […]

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Cleaning in the dark

Cleaning in the dark

The red light of the clock radio on her night stand caressed Emily’s naked skin in the otherwise pitch-black room. She lay on top of the fresh, linen sheets on her bed, propped up by pillows beneath her back, her legs crossed, waiting for her husband. Andrew would be home late that day, he had […]

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drawing of a woman bent over a desk

The secretary’s secret part 2

It had been three days since Jonathan had spanked his assistant. He could still hardly believe the chain of events that had led to that event. From the pure coincedence of walking in on her, tied up and presumably post-spanking at her friend’s place, to her asking him to spank her herself. Sofie apparently wanted […]

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drawing of a woman tied up in rope

The secretary’s secret

There was a woman tied up in Aaron’s living room. She stood between the sofa and the small coffee-table. She was stark naked, her chest heaving with excitement, her erect nipples pinched by two strands of rope. The rope ran down from a hook in his ceiling, wrapping around her wrists and lower arms. It […]

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drawing of girl in shower

Rekindling her relationship

A warm hand, tucked beneath the waist-band of her pajamas, cupping the soft, cool flesh of her buttocks, was the spark that rekindled Samantha’s relationship with her husband Jonathan. It wasn’t the start of a new sexual dynamic, not even the start of a sensual evening, just the start of an idea. Samantha and Jonathan […]

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drawing of woman in a bdsm outffit

The leather outfit

The top compartment of the chest contained what seemed like a sexy, leather outfit. It wasn’t big, just a few leather straps, metal buckles and barely any fabric between them, more of a harness than an outfit really. Jessie held it out in front of her, wondering whether she should feel embarrassed, amused or affronted. […]

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drawing of a woman tied to a cross

The princess’ punishment

Several tools of torture hung from rusty old hooks in the stone wall, hooks, pincers, whips and more. They hadn’t been used in years, just like the old stretching rack in the middle of the room and the stocks that were gathering dust in the corner. The old dungeon had been abandoned when the new […]

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drawing of a woman spanked over a fence

The farmer’s wife

It had been three years since Dean had left his life at Joja-corp to become a farmer at his grandfather’s farm. Sometimes he still wondered how he had managed to leave the city behind and settle in this tiny town that counted barely three dozen or so members in its community. He was used to […]

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