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Short stories

drawing of woman tied up in forest

The chase

He was close, Anita could hear his footsteps crunching through the forests undergrowth. All she could do was hide and hope that he hadn’t seen her yet. It was slowly getting darker, the sun hung low, casting large shadows from the trees all around her. She was using those to hide, but the forest wasn’t […]

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Examined by doctor Harvey

A farm-girl’s diary – Fall year 1

Day 57 The farm looks beautiful in fall, golden and red. I started my day by visiting Pierre’s shop and buying some seasonal appropriate seeds, my favorite option was cranberries, so I bought most of those. The rest of the day was spent planting them and cleaning up the farm as bit, as well as […]

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Spanked by doctor Harvey

A farm-girl’s diary – Summer year 1

Day 29 Summer is here. Pierre had a bunch of new seeds in stock, and I bought as many melon and blueberry seeds as I could. On my way back to the farm I ran into Harvey. We exchanged a quick hello – the first words we’ve spoken since my spanking – but nothing more. […]

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Farm-girl's first visit to the clinic

A farm-girl’s diary – Spring year 1

You found an old dusty leather book, hidden in an attic, when you open it, you realize it’s someone’s diary. You wouldn’t normally intrude on someone’s privacy by reading their most private thoughts, but this book is old, its owner long gone. Most entries are rather mundane, glimpses into the every day life of the […]

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drawing of spanked woman tied up on a bed

Her husband’s instructions

Her husband was waiting for her when Amanda arrived home after a long day at work. She hugged him tightly and let her head rest against his chest. “Tired?” He asked. Amanda nodded. Every day these past few weeks had been long, tiring days. Her husband could probably tell just by looking at her. “How […]

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spanked on the bed

Erotic drawings

Sophie and John left the bar hand-in-hand. Outside they paused, a look of uncertainty in their eyes. This was their third date in as many weeks: first coffee, then dinner and now a movie followed by drinks. How many dates did it take before you’re no longer just testing the waters? “Would you like me […]

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A spanking dream

Dreaming of a red bottom

Today was a special day, for John had invited Emma for dinner at his place and she’d agreed to stay the night. The two of them had been dating for two months already, after they’d been introduced by one of Emma’s friends. It wouldn’t be the first time they slept together of course, they hadn’t […]

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Bed with caged woman

The rendez-vous hotel

Samantha waited nervously in her car at the hotel parking lot. She had agreed to meet Andrew at the hotel lobby at eight. Just five minutes from now. Andrew and she had known each-other for quite a while, over two years actually; though they had never met in person. They had met online in a […]

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drawing of a girl spreading her legs behind her desk

The secretary’s secret (part 3)

It had been two weeks since Sofie had signed the contract with her boss that allowed him to take advantage of her; to spank her when she was bad; to reward her when she was good. Three times he’d put her across his lap since, and once she’d bend over his desk for a dose […]

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