The spanking cardgame

The spanking card game lets you set up a spanking session by drawing a set amount of cards from a deck. With a bit of strategy and a lot of luck, the session can be very sensual or very intense. The hundreds upon hundreds of different possible combinations of cards assures you of a unique experience every time you play.

How to play
The setup is simple, you draw a certain amount of cards from our deck and the game will provide a unique spanking session based on the cards drawn.

The aim is to play together. The submissive player gets to decide what happens when a black card is drawn; the dominant player decides what happens with the red cards.

Each card in the deck has an action attributed to it. As each card is drawn, you can hover over it to see what action it contains. You can then choose from three actions: select, backup or discard.

Tip: You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard, as well as the arrows on the board, to move the active card..

  • Select the card (up)
    The card is added to the selection. Only the actions of these cards will be used in your spanking session. You will keep playing until the amount of selected cards equals the number the you chose at the start.
  • Backup the card (left/right)
    A card in backup does not count as a selected card, but can be added to the selected list in the future. Two cards can be kept in backup, replacing a card in backup will push the old backup card to the selected list.
  • Discard the card (down)
    The card is not added to the selection. Discarded cards are forever lost. You can control how many cards you can discard at the start of the game.

Before we start, how was the submissive's behaviour lately?

Naughty submissives get to discard less cards, while good submissives get to discard more.

How many cards do you want to draw?

More cards generally means a more intense session.

Please select max. 20 cards.
Some game mechanics will draw extra cards. By drawing more than 20, the game might try to draw more cards than there are available in the deck.

Choose 4 implements you could use during the spanking session.

Selected cards


Your next card


Discarded cards

You can discard 3 more cards.

Your spanking session