The BDSM escape room

The BDSM escape room is a story that has two possible endings. Either the female protagonist escapes from the room she's locked in; or she does not escape.

To get to either ending, you have to play a game. If you win the game, the character escapes. If you lose the game, she does not. Everyone will be able to read the ending where she does not escape; but only those that manage to solve all the puzzles, will be able to read the alternate ending.

When playing the game, keep in mind the following instructions.

How to play the game.


A new experience

Mia was a girl who liked things kinky and rough. She did not have a boyfriend, but a few play-friends who were more than enough to fulfill her sexual needs.

She'd met most of them online or at a BDSM-party or other gathering. They'd spanked her, tied her up, fucked her, tortured her and pleasured her.

Mia was submissive. She liked serving her friends, obeying their commands and being punished for failing them. She called them Sir, and did whatever they wished of her; for they knew her limits and she knew theirs.

Things had grown stale however. These scenes with her friends were still fun, but no longer original. It was hard to come up with another scenario or another role-play. Most of the time they didn't even bother.

Online, Mia complained to her submissive friends that she missed the adventure. Now that she had experienced all her fantasies, there was nothing new for her. She missed not knowing what was going to happen, being nervous for a new experience.

This was when one of her friends suggested she contacted James. She did not want to say what was so special about James, but she'd had a great time and she was sure Mia had never experienced anything like what he had to offer before.

Mia contacted a few other friends and they too had heard of this James. He was a well-respected member of the community and everyone that had met him said he was a thrust-worthy person.

Mia sent a short email to this James, explaining she'd heard of him from her friends and wondered what it was he does.

James offered she visit him to find out herself.

Normally, Mia wouldn't visit someone at their home on their first meeting. She'd prefer somewhere public for safety; but because he had the reassuring approval of multiple of her friends, she made an exception this once.

"It's a game." James explained.

Mia had arrived at his house on a Saturday afternoon. James lived in a clean, modern home. He was friendly, charming and quite handsome. Mia still had no clue what he did that her friend found so special, but even then she would not mind getting kinky with him.

"What kind of game?" Mia asked, intrigued.

"You could see it as a sort of test." James said, not giving away too much. "If you successfully solve the test, you win. If you don't, you lose."

Mia bit her lip. She had played many kinky games in the past, not very different from this one she guessed. "So I assume that if I lose I get spanked, but if I win, I get fucked?"

James laughed. "Oh no, nothing quite as simple as that. You will provide me with a list of your limits. When you lose, I can do anything I want to you, as long as it's not on that list. I will give you a similar list of my own. If you win, you can ask anything of me that's not on mine."

Mia licked her lips. Those were some high stakes to play with. "What kind of test? Will it hurt and does it involve sex? How do you decide whether I've failed or not?" She wanted a bit more detail before she'd agree to such terms.

"The fun part is you don't know until after you've agreed." James said with a sly grin. "But I can tell you this. You will have to use your brains to solve this test and it's not up to me to decide whether you succeeded or not. That part is completely objective."

Mia pouted, a test for her brain seemed boring. It was the bet that would make this interesting. She'd have to let him do anything he wanted if she failed and she didn't even know what she'd be failing at yet. At least failing wasn't subject to his opinion so he couldn't just make her fail.

"That doesn't sound very entertaining. She said.

"Oh don't worry about that. I'm sure the test will have you hot and bothered while you're busy trying to solve it." James said mysteriously.

Mia raised an eyebrow. What could he possibly have planned for her? "Very well." She said. "I'll take the challenge."

James got up and fetched a sheet of paper and a pen.

"Write down all your limits, please. He said. "Sign with your name and suggest a safe-word in case you wish to end the test early."

"What happens if I end the test early?" Mia asked while trying to think of all those weird, disgusting or dangerous kinks others might like, but she definitely wanted to avoid.

"Nothing. Neither of us wins." James explained. "The only reason you could have for finishing early is perhaps a panic attack. If that happens, I'm not going to make you do anything but help you relax."

Mia blinked. A panic attack? What kind of test was this? Still, she wasn't giving up now. She finished her list of limits and handed them to James.

"Great." He said, reading it quickly. "This leaves plenty of room for some fun."

Mia blushed.

"Now, you'll need to undress before the test starts. I want you completely naked." James said.

Mia smiled. Well this test was certainly starting out interesting. She got up out of the sofa she'd been sitting in, took one last sip from the drink James had offered her and then wriggled out of her dress.

She did not blush as James watched her undo her bra or even when she bent over to pull down her panties. She loved the way he looked at her naked body.

"I'm going to blindfold you now." James said. "Then I will lead you to the room where you'll play the game."

Mia nodded, telling him she was ready.

Completely naked, except for the blindfold, she was guided through the door at the back of James' living-room. At the end of the hall, he opened a door. Mia knew they were at the back of the house, but there was no cold air telling her they'd left the building. Reassured that he wasn't leading her somewhere outside, away from the privacy of his home, she let him guide her into the room.

"Stand still." James said.

Mia could hear him pick something up that sounded like a metal chain. Goosebumps appeared all over her body. She hadn't been chained up in a long time.

James placed something against her throat and fastened it around her neck, a soft leather collar. Mia could feel the chain that was attached to it fall against her body, it felt cold between her breasts. Then it disappeared as James picked it up and attached it somewhere.

"When you hear the door lock, you can take off your blindfold." James said. "You will then have one hour to escape from this room. If you don't make it out in time, you lose. The things you find in here will give you some idea of what I plan on doing with you."

Mia gasped. He was going to lock her up? His game was an escape room? She suddenly heard the door lock and quickly pulled off the blindfold.

She stood in the corner of what must be James' private play-room. The floor and walls were dark, rich wood and there was little light in the room. In one corner stood a large metal cage with restraints. In the other corner a large, blood-red leather sofa. In the middle of the room stood a spanking bench, a small pedestal with a box and a chest. Against the furthest wall stood an old wooden desk.

The leash on her collar was fastened to the corner and all she could reach was the spanking bench, the mirror on the wall behind her and the chest beside the sofa...

You did not make it out in time

Mia knew that if she were to escape, she had to get rid of the collar around her neck and the chain that kept her from reaching the door.

The first thing she searched, was the large chest at her feet. She was surprised to find it contained clothing. She felt vulnerable naked, but decided not to try anything on. The large clock above the door was mercilessly counting down and she did not have a lot of time.

Instead, she rummaged through the clothes until she found something of interest. It was a small piece of paper, with a hint on how to unlock the collar.

So it's that kind of game. Mia thought. She was not just locked up in a room, this one was designed to test you and there would be a series of tests or puzzles to be solved. It wasn't as easy as just ramming the door.

The content of the room of course, was a constant reminder as to what would happen if she failed.

When she finally figured out the combination lock for her collar, Mia nervously tried to undo it, failing again and again. It took her a ridiculous amount of time to realize how to get a better view at the blasted thing and how to enter the correct code.

The clock had already counted down many minutes by the time she freed herself and was able to freely roam the room. She could not help herself and went straight for the door. Locked of course.

Locked as well was one of the drawers of the desk, a second chest and the large cage. The panel on the northern wall however slid open without effort.

Behind it was a hidden wall, filled with spanking elements. Mia shivered, knowing James might use any of these on her if she did not escape on time.

She did not know where to start.

Inside the cage she'd seen a book she could not reach. This reminded her of a shelve with books in one corner of the room, but she'd quickly looked at those and seen nothing interesting. Perhaps she should give those a closer look.

The spanking bench did not offer up any clues either, until she found another small piece of paper, this one with symbols and numbers.

She'd found more than one of those and she felt she might be able to make sense of them if she had more time. The clock was already halfway though, she would look at them again later.

When she finally did make her way into the cage, she read the book inside, but could only surmise that she had to find some collar. The only collar she'd seen so far however had been the one she'd been wearing. There might be more in the second chest, but she hadn't managed to open that yet.

To make sure she had not missed anything, she went back to the first chest, looking through the clothes. She wondered if James was looking at her right now, where there any camera's in this room? Would he see how little progress she was making?

With a blush she pulled a dress from the chest and pulled it on. She was not embarrassed to be naked, but naked and failing his test? That was too much.

With the second chest still unopened, Mia focussed on the desk. She'd found the first piece of paper on the desk and now had enough clues to figure out the values of the different symbol's that were on it. With the clues inside the locked drawer, she found the first puzzle-box.

There were only five minutes left on the clock when she finally finished the puzzle-box. Inside was a small piece of wood that fitted the small box in the middle of the room. Still two pieces were missing.

Mia realized she'd never be able to find two more boxes and open them before time was up. She was going to lose.

Nervously she looked up at the clock, watching time tick down. Why had she ever agreed that James could do anything with her if she failed his test, without knowing what the test was about?

What was he going to do with her. Her body was shivering and hot with anticipation.

When the clock reached zero, the door unlocked and James entered the room.

"It seems like someone did not make it out in time." He said.

Mia blushed. "I only found one of the puzzle-boxes." She admitted.

"I see you've found my spanking implements." James said. "That should've made it easy for you to find the right colors to open this chest." He knelt down at the chest Mia had failed to open and quickly undid the lock.

Mia saw it contained collars, ropes and blindfolds, before James picked out one of the collars and handed it to her.

"Put this on and get in the cage." He said.

Mia blushed, but did as she was told. It seemed like James wanted his prize right away.

To her surprise, two short beeps sounded as she entered the cage and a small compartment opened. Behind her, she heard James lock the door.

"You're not allowed out until you solve the puzzle." James said.

Locked in the cage, Mia found another puzzle-box in the hidden compartment. While she worked on opening it, James grabbed more items from the chest he'd opened.

"I solved it." Mia said, showing him the opened box.

"Give it to me and take off your dress, give that to me too." James said.

Mia did as she was told, remaining locked up in the cage, now completely naked except for her collar.

"Put these on." James said, handing her two items from the chest – a small chain with nipple-clamps and a ball-gag – through the bars of the cage.

Mia blushed, but she had agreed to do anything he wanted if she lost. Locked up in this cage, she had no choice but to please him and hope he'd let her out.

When the gag prevented her from talking and the clamps were set painfully tight on her nipples, James opened the cage.

"Let me show you were the last box is hidden." He said.

He guided her to the spanking bench and made her sit on top of it. With her legs spread over the padded bench and her bottom high up in the air, Mia felt completely exposed.

Suddenly, Mia heard a click and James picked up the last puzzle-box from a secret compartment between her legs.

"Don't get up, solve this first." James said.

Leaning down on the bench, her bottom high in the air and the puzzle-box in front of her, Mia tried to solve the last puzzle. She was distracted however, by James caressing her bottom.

When he swung his arm and gave her behind a firm swat, she moaned softly and dropped the puzzle-box in surprise.

James picked it up. "Don't drop it again." He said. "I'm not going to pick it up until I'm done spanking you. You better solve it quickly if you don't want your bottom to get too red."

Mia blushed deeply and tried to focus on the puzzle while James smacked her bottom again and again.

When he picked up one of the paddles from the wall and used that on her bottom, she howled at each smack. It was too hard to concentrate. All she could do was moan and squeal as the paddle rained down on her backside.

When James left her to pick out another toy, she bit away the pain and focussed on the puzzle. She felt she had almost solved it when he returned with a whip.

Mia bit her lip and held the puzzle-box close as the spanking continued. She knew she'd be unable to finish the puzzle as long as it lasted, so she focussed instead on the pain in her backside, her own vulnerability and how wet and aroused this unfair game was making her.

When James left for a second time, she refocussed on the puzzle. It was nearly done. A long and narrow cane was placed on her behind.

Almost done.

The cane swished through the air and Mia cried out in pain.

Almost solved it.

A second, bright red stripe appeared alongside the first and Mia cursed as she almost dropped the puzzle.

A third stripe was drawn on her backside as Mia screamed.

The box opened suddenly, the puzzle was solved.

A fourth time, the cane whipped her sore bottom.

"Finished!" Mia cried out, nearly unintelligible through the gag.

A fifth time, the cane pained a line of red on her squirming bottom.

"Wait, stop, I finished." Mia protested, not sure he could understand her with the ball-gag forcing her mouth open.

"I know." James said. He pulled down the gag so she could talk.

A sixth time, the cane landed on her poor buttocks.

"You said you would stop if I solved it." Mia wailed.

"I said you should solve it quickly. I Never said I would stop right away." James said.

A seventh time, the cane flirted roughly with her backside.

"I like to finish what I started, you should've solved the puzzle before I picked up the cane." He said.

Mia whimpered in response, the pain in her backside unbearable.

An eight time, the cane slashed her now bright-red behind.

"Besides, I can do whatever I want, that's what we agreed upon." He continued.

A ninth time, the cane swished through the air and made her squeal.

Mia squealed, but did not respond, for she knew he was right. She might have solved the puzzles now, but it was much too late. He could do whatever he pleased. That's what they had agreed upon.

A tenth time, the cane landed on her glowing, hot bottom.

She realized she'd never given any of her friends this much power over her. She had let them do a lot, but never 'anything they wanted' not without some kind of context at least.

Mia whimpered, her bottom felt on fire, but the cane did not come again.

"Get up." James ordered her.

Mia got off the spanking bench, relieved that the spanking seemed over.

"Sit down in the sofa." James told her after taking off the gag completely and carefully pulling off the nipple-clamps.

Mia sat down, whimpering softly as her sore bottom touched the cool, red leather.

James undid his pants, lowering them to reveal his swollen erection and presented it to her face. He grabbed her hair and gave no further explanation.

Mia opened her mouth, letting him inside and sucking him off. She was distracted by her sore bottom pressed down on the sofa, but James was so aroused that he didn't need much encouragement. He came quickly, his juices filling her mouth before she swallowed obediently.

"Get back in the cage." James ordered.

Mia blushed, but did as she was told. Completely naked, she made her way to the cage. James locked it behind her and the only place she could rest her sore backside was the cold floor.

"I'll come back later to fuck you." James said. "You failed to find two of my puzzles, so I'm going to use you twice. After that, you'll be allowed to go home. While I'm gone, you're allowed to masturbate if you wish."

Mia swallowed as the door to the room locked again. This time, there would be no way of escaping, she was locked inside the cage.

She was also deeply aroused and wondered whether James was still watching her. He must have hidden camera's installed, she thought.

The spanking she'd gotten, the blowjob, and the idea of him watching her locked up and horny, aroused her so much that she instantly started touching herself after he left.

It did not take long until she reached an orgasm of her own. Shuddering and moaning she lay on the floor inside the cage. Yet James did not return.

Time passed slowly, with nothing to do bu wait. After what seemed like an eternity, Mia started touching herself again, if only to pass the time. She was really starting to feel like she was locked up here, only for James' convenience, to come and fuck whenever he wanted.

When he returned, James casually walked up to the cage and unlocked it. He grabbed her by the wrist without explanation and dragged her to the red, leather sofa where he made her bend over.

Mia had been waiting so long that she did not protest. She had been so horny all this time, looking forward to this moment so much that she did not want any foreplay. She just wanted his cock and she wanted it now.

James gave it to her. He rammed it inside from behind, his hips smacking against her still sore bottom.

Mia moaned and gasped as James fucked her roughly. He came before she was able to reach an orgasm herself. He pulled her up and squeezed her breasts when he was done. "Good girl." He whispered. "Back into your cage."

Mia blushed, but did as she was told.

"No masturbating this time." James said.

Mia pouted, but James left her behind again.

She wondered if he really had camera's installed; yet she did not dare to touch herself. She had not reached an orgasm when he fucked her and she longed for it heavily.

Time went by even more slowly now that she was not allowed to touch herself. She longed for James to return, even if it was only to use her again. She started to understand how someone in a cage could long for their master's return, no matter how cruel they were.

When James did return, he opened the cage and looked her up and down, seemingly expecting something from her.

"Is something wrong, master?" Mia asked, using the honorific as if she was his slave. That was how she'd felt in his cage after all.

"Not at all." James said. "Come out."

Mia got out of the cage. James turned her around, pushing her naked body against the cold, metal bars.

"Would you like to be my slave, Mia?" He asked while caressing her back and stroking her sore bottom.

"Yes, master." Mia replied.

James undid his pants and placed his cock at her entrance. She was wet and dripping, ready for him to fuck her a second time.

"I didn't mean just tonight." James said. "I want you to come back and visit me regularly so I can have my way with you."

He pushed, his thick cock sliding deep inside of her.

"The game was only for tonight though." Mia said.

"I know." James replied. He thrusted gently, pushing her up against the cage. "I'm asking you anyway. Forget about today, next time there will be no game. Just you as my slave who I can use any way I want."

Mia moaned deeply when she felt him inside of her. It had been a long time since she'd been this aroused. "Yes master, I will come back some times and be your slave."

James thrusted harder. "Not sometimes." He said. "Regularly, at least once a week and you won't go out with other men either."

Mia moaned deeply as he fucked her harder. No other men, regular visits? She wasn't too sure about that, but she did not want him to stop fucking her either.

"I'll take you out on romantic dates too if that's what you want." James whispered in her ear. "What do you have to lose?"

Mia blushed while James pushed her even harder against the cage. He didn't want to just fuck, he wanted a relationship. She had always thought that if she started dating, she'd have to give up her friends with benefits. She had just not expected it to happen so suddenly.

"We could try." She said.

James slowed down his thrusts and placed one hand on her breasts before sliding down to her pussy. His fingers found her wet lips and stroked her gently. "Remember, being my slave has its benefits as well."

Mia moaned softly. "Yes, master." She whispered as James' hand brought her to an orgasm at the same time as his cock pumped his semen inside of her.

James was breathing loudly, leaning against her back, Mia was pressed against the cold metal bars.

When he finally let her go, Mia got back inside the cage.

James raised an eyebrow. "The game is over, you're allowed to go home now." He said.

"The game Mia was playing is over." Mia agreed. "But as your slave, I'd like to stay just a bit longer."

James smiled. "Very well."

He locked the door.

You got out in time

Mia knew that if she wanted to escape, she'd have to be smart. There was no way this was an ordinary room he'd locked her in. There would be a way out, she'd just have to find it.

The best way to do this, she thought, was by examining every single object in the room. With her collar attached to the wall with a short chain, there was not much to start with.

The chest at her feet to her surprise contained a wide array of clothing. She quickly picked out some sexy black panties and a long red dress. She did not bother with a bra or stockings; those would take too much of her time. No longer naked, but covered slightly, she found it easier to concentrate on her escape.

While selecting her clothes, Mia had found a short note that made it easy to unlock her collar; all she needed to do was look in the mirror to see what she was doing.

Finally freed from the collar, she made her way across the room. Trying to see what she could open and what not. The second chest had a combination lock with collars, the cage a lock that needed a key and one drawer of the desk had a combination lock. The second drawer was empty and the small chest in the middle of the room had no obvious way of opening it. The panel alongside the top wall slid open easily.

The amount of spanking implements in the hidden section was impressive; but Mia's first thought went to the colors painted on some of the panels behind them. It didn't take her long to figure out how they related to the lock on the second chest.

Inside the second chest, Mia found various toys, most of them for bondage. She rummaged through them for a bit, imagining how much fun could be had in this room, until she found a picture.

The woman in the picture was extremely hot, tied up in rope by someone who must be an expert in the art of bondage and shibari. She remembered there was a book on the subject on the book-shelve. She'd seen it during her earlier inspection of the room.

Mia decided to take another look at the book in particular and found another picture inside. This one depicted a woman, bent over a spanking bench. It seemed like the exact same bench as the one in this room.

Not knowing what else to do, Mia climbed on the bench, copying the woman's position exactly. When she heard a click, she knew her guess had been right.

A secret compartment had opened and inside she found a puzzle-box. After a bit of fiddling, she managed to open it, just to find a small square inside.

She recognized the square as part of the small box in the center of the room. It fit perfectly when she put it in one of its holes. The chest had two more holes to be filled and Mia guessed the small box would contain her way of escape.

Almost half an hour had passed and she'd only found one in three parts. Her heart raced, but at least now she knew what she was doing.

The paper she'd found earlier was still not solved. She'd found the number belonging to the lamp and she thought counting the paddles in the hidden compartment would provide the second. That still left her with the number for the handcuffs and the number for the cage.

She had found several other small pieces of paper with even more symbols though. She decided to solve these before trying her luck with the cage. Calculating the values of each symbol took some time, but eventually she found the value of the handcuffs. Only the cage to go.

She still had no idea how to enter the cage. Until she remembered there was a book about cages on the book-shelve. Inside she found a hint about the key, which she quickly found in another book.

With the key, she opened the cage and read the diary she found inside. It did not take her long to figure out what collar the woman in the book was wearing and when she brought it into the cage, she found the second puzzle-box.

By the time she'd finished the second puzzle, there were only a few minutes left on the clock. She was truly getting nervous now.

Mia tried her luck again with the lock on the desk's drawer. Inside the cage she'd found the last number she needed to unlock it.

Inside she found another piece of paper with a problem to solve. Time was ticking down as she rearranged the letters, but finally she managed to solve it.

Finding the last box was easy and the last minute started ticking down as she worked on the puzzle. She finished it just in time.

With the last piece in hand, she made her way to the small box in the center of the room. Inside it was a key.

Just a few seconds remained when she put the key in the door's keyhole. If this key was for something else, she would fail.

The door swung open. She'd made it out.

James was waiting for her right outside the room.

"That was close." He said.

Mia let out a breath she hadn't realized she had been holding. "Did I win?" She asked.

James smiled. "Only barely." He said. "But yes, you made it."

Mia licked her lips. She'd been so caught up in the puzzles that she hadn't given any thought about the possible outcomes of this game. She still only wore the red dress and black panties she'd found inside.

"So does that mean I can ask for anything I want?" She asked. Her body heated up at the thought of what she could ask. She was sure that if she'd lost and James could've done anything he wanted; he would've kept her inside that room for even longer.

"Anything that's not on my list of limits." James replied.

Mia nodded. She wondered how many girls actually escaped his room. His list contained limits to gifts and money as well as sexual limits. Not that those mattered to Mia. She'd come here for a good time, not to rob him. The things she was going to ask of him would be very similar to what he had planned for her if she'd failed.

"I have one question and three requests." She said.

"Let's hear it." James replied.

Mia turned around and reentered the room. James followed her inside. She had left the picture of the girl tied up in rope on the book-shelve and now picked it up again.

"I want you to tie me up like this." She said. "And take some pictures with my phone.

"That can be arranged." James said. "Are you going to share those pictures with me?"

"Maybe." She replied with a laugh.

Mia made her way to the other side of the room. From the hidden section on the wall she picked up the smallest wooden paddle.

"After tying me up, I want you to spank me with this." She said.

James smiled. "It would be my pleasure." He said.

Mia licked her lips. "My safe-word will be red; but remember, you're the one spanking me, so don't stop until you're satisfied. Even though I won the game, I want a real spanking."

"Of course." James replied. "So, what's your last request?"

Mia made her way to the red leather couch. This one had been a bit of a tease because it was barely used during the test. She had decided it might be better used for her reward.

"Lastly, I want you to fuck me on this couch." She said.

James laughed. "Those seem like very fun rewards. So what was your question?"

"Nothing important." Mia replied. "I just wondered how many girls managed to escape from your room before me."

James grinned. "You're the first actually. I was worried when you did, no-one had ever escaped before, so I had no idea what you were going to ask of me. I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised."

Mia smiled broadly. She was the first? It made her feel giddy knowing she was the first one to solve James' puzzle. The fact that she wanted no reward other than an imitation of what the others had gotten for failing, made her think they made a good couple. Perhaps she would be the last girl ever locked up in his room?

Mia blushed at that sudden thought. How had she gone from wanting sex wth this man to considering dating him?

"You'll need to take off that dress if you want me to tie you up." James said, breaking off that line of thought.

Mia looked up. She hadn't had any trouble undressing in front of him before; but this dress she had earned during her escape. Still, she knew he was right and thus she pulled off the dress, depositing it back into the chest it had come from, quickly followed by the panties.

When she was fully naked, James turned around, opening the second chest. Mia had seen the ropes inside and knew what he was looking for.

When he returned with several coils of rope, Mia licked her lips. James had not touched her all this time, except to guide her to this room with the blindfold on. Still, she felt they'd been intimate, she'd seen straight into his fantasies while exploring his room.

"Raise your arms." James said.

Mia did as instructed. James placed the rope around her neck, pulling it tight around her body and adding knots whenever two strings of rope met.

He did not touch her more than necessary. The tips of his fingers caressed her flesh as he straightened the rope, his hands were warm on her skin when he guided her in the best position to let the rope pass between her legs, over her breasts or between her buttocks.

The rope was rough compared to his hands. It send a shiver down her spine as it slithered past her skin; her breath caught when it dug into her skin as he tightened a knot.

Mia was hot and bothered by the time he was done. She could still move around freely, even while she was fully tied up. One look in the mirror told her that James was very adept at this game. The knots looked nearly identical as those on the girl in the picture.

"Where is your phone?" James asked her.

"In my purse." Mia replied. "It must be still in your living room."

"I'll go get it." James replied.

Left alone in the room, Mia admired herself in the mirror. The rope covered most of her breasts and her crotch, but it wrapped around the edges of her bottom. That would still be bared for her spanking.

When James returned with her camera, Mia posed around the room. She wanted as many of his sexy attributes in the background: the cage, the wall of implements, the leather sofa, … they ended at the spanking bench.

"Perhaps you could take some more pictures after the spanking." Mia said. "While I'm bent over this thing."

James smiled. "Of course. You're in charge after all. Time for you to bend over then. I assume you already know the proper position."

Mia blushed. She knew, it would be the position she'd copied from the picture. She got back on the spanking bench. The rope around her body made it harder to bend over than before.

Without the dress, her bottom seemed extra vulnerable as it was naked and raised. Or perhaps that was just because James was with her now and about to spank her.

James walked around her, he used climbing carabiners to attach the rope on her body to the d-rings on the bench. Mia blushed, she had not considered that he'd tie her down for her spanking.

With all four of her limbs tied down, Mia could hardly move. Her upper body rested on the padded bench, an elevation below her pussy pushed her bottom high up in the air while the rope pulled her body down and dug into her skin.

James placed his hand on her bottom.

Mia swallowed as his hand disappeared and then suddenly: Smack!

James spanked her with the open palm of his hand. They were good, firm swats; but Mia knew they were just a warm-up. She had asked for the paddle after all.

Mia moaned and squirmed, unable to move much as James slowly spread the sting across her bottom. The pain was intoxicating, she could think of nothing else but her warm, glowing bottom.

She heard James move away before she fully realized he had stopped spanking her. From his movement across the room, she knew he'd picked up the paddle from it's place on the wall. She braced herself.

The paddle landed full force and Mia squealed loudly. Again and again, the paddle smacked her sore, vulnerable behind.

Mia squealed and struggled against the rope. There was nowhere she could go, nothing she could do to make it stop. She knew of course, that she had asked for this herself; but like every time she had done this in the past, she wondered why she kept asking for more.

The pain built and Mia promised herself, this would be the last time, never again would she wish this pain upon herself. Yet her pussy was throbbing, her own excited juices leaking onto the padded bench. Her body betrayed her excitement and she knew it would only be a matter of time before she'd want this again.

She did not beg, nor did she promise to be a good girl. This spanking she had earned, it was a reward, all she could do was endure it until James felt the reward was enough.

Neither did she cry, but she did moan, she did squeal and struggle, by the time the spanking was over, she was out of breath. Her bottom was on fire, throbbing painfully. Her limbs hurt from the struggle against her ties, her skin was rough from the rope digging deep.

She heard the sound of her phone's camera as James took pictures of her bare, red bottom; just like she had requested. She blushed at the idea of having those on her phone.

Finally, James unclasped the carabiners and helped her get up. "Satisfied?" He asked.

Mia bushed, his question a reminder that this torment had been at her own request. "Yes, Sir." She said. She had not called him that before, but how else would you call a man who had just so thoroughly spanked you?

James led her to the couch. He started with the rope around her chest, slowly undoing each knot. This time he was not as reserved as before. He let his hands wander her back and her chest. His fingers trailed the marks the rope left behind on her breasts, and pinched her nipples.

Mia moaned, but did not protest. She might have won the game, but the spanking had reassessed James as the dominant person in this encounter. He would give her her rewards, but he was in charge while doing so.

With her breasts freed, James started on the rope around her crotch. Mia whimpered whenever the rope or his hands touched her bottom. James wasn't gentle, but squeezed and slapped her sensitive behind. Eventually, the last knot was undone and she was naked again.

James dropped the rope back in the chest and then slowly undressed himself. Mia watched eagerly.

Fully naked himself, James sat down in the sofa, his erect cock pointing up, already wrapped up in a condom fetched from the same chest. He crooked his finger.

Mia obeyed eagerly, straddling his lap. He slid inside of her easily. James filled her completely,she sat on his lap, her sore bottom on his hips.

Slowly she rode him, trying not to bounce on her sensitive behind. She had asked him to fuck her, but now she was the one doing all the work. She didn't mind, she liked it that James had managed to take control after all.

As her excitement became uncontrollable, Mia picked up speed as she rode James. He grabbed her bottom which made her squeal and then rocked his hips to urge her for more speed.

Mia now bounced on his lap, her red buttocks slapping against his lap and drawing soft squeals and whimpers from her lips. Until eventually, her muscles contracted, her body shivered as she reached that orgasm.

The pressure of her contractions urged James on. His hips stopped their rocking motion and his hands grabbed her sore bottom tightly. Mia squealed as he came inside of her.

Mia had followed James back to the living-room. She was putting on her clothes as he cleaned away the condom. She waited in his sofa, sitting gingerly while he dressed himself.

"Did you have a good time?" He asked when he joined her.

"It was amazing." Mia said. "I was hoping I could come back some time."

James smiled. "That wouldn't really be fair." He said. "You already know the solution to my test."

Mia licked her lips. "We could always go straight to the rewards." She said.

James looked pensive. "Only if next time I get to do whatever I want."

Mia blushed. She had wondered about the things he would have done if she'd lost the game. If she returned, she'd get the chance to find out. "On one condition." She said.

"What it is?" James asked.

"You take me out on a date first."

James looked surprised at her request. Mia was not. With all her friends whom she'd done such kinky things with; she'd never felt as she did with James. Today she had not felt like she'd been playing a role. She'd felt like herself, just enjoying a fun game and great sex. Next time they met, he'd do to her whatever he wanted and if that was as good as today had been; it meant they were a perfect fit.

"That sounds great." James said. "First a date and then you're mine to do with as I please."

Mia blushed. She was looking forward to it already.


The chest contains a selection of sexy clothing.

Try on different things until you find something interesting.


You unlocked the chest, there are many interesting items inside.

Try on different things until you find something interesting.


It's a shelve full of books there are some interesting titles available.

This seems to be a romantic novel with some kinky sex-scenes.
Reading it would take too long.
Some basic tips on being a Dom. Most of this is just common sense.
A comprehensive list of knots with instructions on how to tie them.
A photo-collection of erotic and sensual pictures of women tied up in ropes.
The picture you found was ripped out and replaced by a different one.
You found another picture.
This seems to be a romantic novel with some kinky sex-scenes.
Reading it would take too long.
From disciplinary whippings, domestic discipline and schoolroom canings, to erotic fantasies and modern BDSM.
Basic safety precautions when spanking, playing with rope and other activities.
There seems to be something wedged between some of the pages.
You found a key.
How to make sure your rope stays flexible and doesn't degrade.
Instructions on how to build a cage.
There's a bookmark near the start, the title of the bookmarked page reads:
"Keep a spare key somewhere safe."
A very opininated piece of how to include discipline in a modern relationship.

Some books will become more interesting when you discover new information.


The collar you're wearing right now used to belong to my first kinky girlfriend.
We chose to use a combination lock on the collar so that she would always be able to take it off herself if necessary. She was pretty young, I was six years older than her. Five years ago, our ages would have equaled fifty. The code was something she would easily remember, the year she was born.

written september 2017

Calculate the birthyear to know the code to your collar. Now you just need a way to see it up close so you can enter the numbers.


Find the values of these four items to open a lock. A number in a cage, the handcuff's you'll see elsewehere, the paddles you can count and the lamp is shining brightly.


There are five of these to find. You need to calculate the value of the handcuffs for a lock.

hint hint

There are five of these to find. You need to calculate the value of the handcuffs for a lock.


There are five of these to find. You need to calculate the value of the handcuffs for a lock.


There are five of these to find. You need to calculate the value of the handcuffs for a lock.


There are five of these to find. You need to calculate the value of the handcuffs for a lock.


Create a sentence with these letters, think in columns. The black squares are spaces.

It's very small.

It's very small.

It's very small.


Slide the tiles to form an image.


Slide the rows/columns to form an image.


Ever played sudoku?


It's a key.

Perhaps this could help you escape.


It's a key.

This seems to big for the door of the room, what else is locked?


You flip to the last page of the diary and read the entry.

Every day, the Master locks me in this cage.

I've begun making scratches on the wall to count the times I've spent inside. It's never long, just a few hours while he's out during errands; but there isn't anything else I can do except wait.

When I first came into the Master's care, he warned me that if I misbehaved, I would be spanked. I remember it well, it was a Saturday and I thought we would have just a weekend together.

Many more days have passed since, and yesterday was the first time he spanked me. I had tried to smuggle a toy into the cage, to keep myself busy.

The spanking hurt more than I had thought it would; but at the same time, I felt more aroused than I could have imagined. My backside still hurts when thinking about it.

I'm not sure how much longer I'll be staying with the Master. I'm free to go anytime I want, except when I'm locked up of course. His many toys are just too much fun to leave behind however.

I have decided to stay long enough, at least, to discover a meaning to the collars. He still makes me wear a different one every day.

Find the collars and find the one she wore on the day she got spanked. It might help you find what she smuggled into the cage.


Where have you seen pictures like this before?


It's the same spanking bench as the one in this room.