Reverse-strip maze

In this reverse-strip game, the submissive player tries to gather all their clothes before their spanking starts, in the meantime, the dominant player tries to gather all the spanking implements. Whoever wins, the submissive ends up with a red bottom.

How to play
As the game starts you will see a maze divided up in squares. Several squares will have items placed on them.

On the bottom row are the character you control, the sub on the left, the dom on the right. During your turn the character can move around and pick up items.

When all items of clothing or all spanking implements are picked up, an exit appears. Find the exit and the game ends.

Submissive gameplay
The submissive should be naked when the game starts. When their character picks up an item of clothing, they can put on an equivalent in real life.
When the submissive crosses paths with the dominant's character during their turn, they can steal an implement*. This will reappear on a random square in the game. If the dominant has no implements to steal, they have to give the submissive a kiss.
If the submissive has found all five items of clothing when they reach the exit, they have won the game.

Dominant gameplay
The dominant should try to gather as many spanking implements with which to spank the submissive after the game. When their character picks up an implement, they may use it during the spanking.
When the dominant crosses paths with the submissive's character during their turn, they can make them take off one item of clothing*. This will reappear on a random square in the game. If the submissive has no clothing to take off, the dominant may smack their bottom.
If the dominant has found all five spanking implements when they reach the exit, they have won the game.

* stealing an implement or clothing may only happen once per turn, this is automatically the last item that was found.

Follow these steps during your turn

  • Add a tile to the maze
    Click on the spare tile in the top right corner to rotate it.
    Then place it on any of the arrows alongside the maze.
    When you're sure about your choice, click the tile again. It will be inserted into the maze and push all the other tiles in that row or column aside.
    Items and players that get pushed off the board, reappear on the other side.
  • Move your character
    Move your character along the available path using your keyboard's arrow keys.
    When you're finished, press enter to end your turn

End of the game
The game ends when a character reaches the exit. The submissive player will now receive their spanking. They may keep on all the clothing they found during the game, even if they lost. The dominant player may use all the spanking implements they found during the game, even if they lost. If they did not find any, they can only use their hands.

The submissive is:
The dominant is:


It's the submissive's turn

Add the tile on the top right of the screen, to the maze.

  1. Click on the tile to rotate it.
  2. Click on an arrow alongside the maze to place the tile beside that row or column.
  3. Click on the tile again to insert it into the maze.

It's the submissive's turn

Move your character.

Move your character with the arrow keys.
Click end turn (or press the enter key) when you're ready.

You escaped from the maze!

During the spanking, the submissive will only wear the clothing found in the maze.

During the spanking, the dominant may use only the implements found in the maze.