Spanking memory

Spanking memory lets you set up a spanking session by finding the matching cards. Each set of cards in this memory game can make your spanking session more sensual or more painful. Whoever dicovers a set of cards can choose to keep or discard them.

How it works.
An even number of cards is placed face-down.
The submissive and dominant player take turns selecting two cards.

If the cards are the same, they can decide to keep or discard them and have another turn.
If the cards are different, they are hidden again and the other player takes their turn.

By remembering the position of the cards, you can find the right sets and decide what to do with them before your opponent does.

Before we start, how was the submissive's behaviour lately?

Naughty submissives play with more cards, while good submissives play with less.

Your spanking session

It's the submissive's turn

keep this card or remove this card