Clean your appartment

Cleaning a appartment was never this fun. In this game, the submissive uses their character to clean up their appartment. The longer it takes to finish the game, the harsher their punishment will be.
While cleaning, their character is dressed in only lingerie/underwear and their wrists and ankles are tied so they have to hop around. Because of this, they can only move in straight lines and occassionally drop the item they picked up.
In the meantime, the dominant is standing in the middle of the appartment, creating a no-go zone. Whenever the submissive passes through this zone, they get a smack and their punishment will increase.

Make this game extra fun by standing up while you play, with your dominant behind you; they can give you a real life smack whenever you pass through the no-go zone. Even more fun when you play with your wrists (and ankles) tied.

How to play
As the game starts you will see an appartment divided up in squares. Several squares will have items placed on them.

In the bottom left, you will see your character. You can only move up, down, left or right. Click on a tile to move to it. Repeat until the game is over.

When you land on a tile with an item, you pick it up. If you were already carrying another item, that will drop in its place. When an item is on top of something, move next to it and then click on it.

You may also pick up an item in any tile adjacent to your character by clicking on it.

When you pass a tile with an item, or the no-go zone highlighted in red, you may trip and drop the item you were holding.

It's hard to carry around items tied up as you are. After carrying them for a while, you will automatically drop them. Heavier or bulkier items drop faster.

The goal
Around the appartment are several drop-off spots. Place the items in the right spot to clean the appartment. When all items are in their right place, the game is over.

As you play, a timer is running, adding another smack to the spanking the submissive will get for having such a messy appartment. Entering the no-go zone adds an extra element or more smacks to the spanking. Placing an item in the wrong drop-off spot will add even more smacks.

Before we start, how was the submissive's behaviour lately?

Depending on their behaviour, the submissive gets more or less helpful highlights.

How messy was their appartment?

More messy means more items, means a longer spanking.

Select your genders

The submissive is:
The dominant is:


    You will get 0 smacks during your spanking.

    You finally cleaned your room. Now get over here for your spanking!