Perverted set

In this game, you have to find sets of cards as fast as possible. Each set found by the dominant player will increase the severity of the spanking session that follows; each set found by the submissive will lower the intensity.

How to play
When the game starts you will see a collection of cards and you have to find a set before your opponent does.
Both playes are assigned a key on the keyboard. When they see a set, they must press this key as quickly as possible.

The submissive player has the Q
The dominant player has the P

On mobile devices two buttons are provided, tap these when you see a set.

When you pressed your key, you have 10 seconds to click on the three cards that make up your set.
If you were right, you will be rewarded and three new cards will be drawn from the deck.
If you were wrong or time ran out, you will suffer a penalty and continue playing with the same cards.

If you can't find a set with the current available cards, you may draw more cards.

Ending the game
When there are no more cards in the deck and you see no more available sets, the game is over. You can also decide to end the game early by pressing the end game button.

Winning the game
The more sets the submissive finds, the less intensive their spanking will be, the more sets the dominant finds, the more intensive the spanking will be. The winner is the person who is most pleased with the resulting spanking.

What is a set?
A set is a collection of three cards, with all:

  • the same color or a different color
  • the same shape or a different shape
  • the same filling or a different filling
  • the same number of shapes or a different number of shapes

Remember, all four of these requirements must be met for a set.

Before we start, how intense should the spanking start out?

The game

There are 69 cards left in the deck.

Draw extra cards if you can't make a set with the current selection.

End the game early or hide the remaining cards when there are no more sets available.

The spanking

The submissive will reveive 50 smacks with the hand.
The submissive will reveive 20 swats with the paddle.
The submissive will be blindfolded during the spanking.
The submissive will reveive 10 kisses when the spanking is over.

You have


seconds to select a set

This set is not correct


This set is correct