Spanking slots

The spanking slots let's your sub decide how many smacks they will receive during their upcoming spanking; based on a bit of luck. Decide how many times they have to pull the lever and let them 'win' their punishment.

This is a great game for those that don't take their spankings too seriously and like to have a bit of fun. You can for example keep a swear jar, and to earn back their coins, the sub has to play the spanking slots game.

The game doesn't use actual coins, it's free to play.

How to play
Just enter the amount of coins you're playing with and keep pulling the lever until you run out. Depending on your luck you can reach a quite high amount of smacks, personally we prefer to use this for a sensual, otk hand spanking.

Possible scores:

How many coins are you going to spend on the slots?

The more coins, the more chance you have at winning a punishment.

You have 0 coins left.