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Free e-book for January


We’re starting the new year with a newly published collection and thus also a free e-book promotion.
The collection for January is now available on amazon, which means the last collection of 2017 will be free for 5 days. (starting January 19th)

The free collection contains the following stories:
– Pantless at the office
– Teasing her co-workers
– The boss’ little pet
This is already a reworked version, so the stories in this collection are improved versions of those you may have read on this blog.

Get it now on

Or support me by buying the new collection with the following stories:
– Meeting a gentleman
– Dating a gentleman
– Fucking a gentleman

The new collection is already at the reworked versions’ quality.

2 responses to “Free e-book for January”

  1. yanghong says:

    I like the stories very much, especially the stories about husbands and wives

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