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The secretary’s secret (part 1)

drawing of a woman tied up in rope

There was a woman tied up in Aaron’s living room. She stood between the sofa and the small coffee-table. She was stark naked, her chest heaving with excitement, her erect nipples pinched by two strands of rope. The rope ran down from a hook in his ceiling, wrapping around her wrists and lower arms. It then criss-crossed her body, digging into the skin of her shoulders, her breasts, her belly and her hips. A row of knots was embedded between her buttocks and the lips of her pussy. The ends of the rope ran down her legs, tying them together in a ladder-like pattern; it made it hard for her to keep her balance without depending on the rope itself.
The woman’s bottom was bright red and covered in small, narrow stripes. Aaron held a flogger in his right hand, waiting for her to stop shaking before he aimed it at her bottom again.
She squealed in delight as the leather connected with her backside; followed by a low whimpering as the pain travelled through her skin.
The sound was suddenly interrupted when the doorbell rang.
She looked at him in surprise. “Are you expecting someone?”
“No, of course not.” Aaron replied. “It’s probably just a salesman, I will send him away.”

Aaron’s ground-floor apartment had a small entry-hall separating his living room from the apartment buildings hallway, no-one would be able to see inside when he opened the door. He was greeted by a man a few years his elder and a young boy.
“Sorry to bother you.” The man said. “We were walking home, but my boy really needs to use the bathroom and we’re still quite a ways away. Would you mind?”
The boy was basically hopping up and down, it really seemed urgent and Aaron was not the kind of man to refuse help to a little boy. “Give me one moment.” He said.
He grabbed a coat from the rack against his wall and returned to the living-room.
“What is it?” The woman asked, still tied up and unable to move.
“Just a little boy who needs to use the bathroom.” Aaron said while he undid the knot that tied the rope to the hook in his ceiling.
“You can’t let him come in.” The woman exclaimed in surprise.
“I have to.” Aaron replied. “It’s just a little boy and he was nearly peeing himself. Here put this on. He wrapped the coat around the womans shoulders and then helped her sit down on his sofa. At first glance she was now decently covered up.
Aaron returned to the hallway. “Please wait here while I take the boy inside.” He told the man. The boy eagerly followed him inside, through the living room to the back of the apartment where his bathroom was located. He never even looked at the woman in the sofa.


The woman waited nervously for this all to be over. She could hear the boy’s father waiting by the front door, his feet shuffling inside the entry-hall. There was just one door separating him from her.
To her surprise, the knowledge that a stranger was nearby turned her on. She had always enjoyed things such as bondage and spanking, but always in private. Yet the idea that someone might walk in and see her now aroused her.
She stared nervously at the small window in the upper part of the door. Its glass was stained, so anyone looking through it wouldn’t see much and with the coat around her shoulders, not much was to be seen.
She was still tied up however, the rope ran from her wrists to her elbows and made it impossible to put the coat on properly, all she could do was hold it closed with her hands. Her legs were mostly bare, though not more than if she’d been wearing a skirt. You could however see the rope tying her legs together, making it impossible for her to stand up.
The woman gasped when the silhouette of a man appeared in that window. He must be wondering why Aaron didn’t let him come in. She thought. How odd was it that he’d let the boy in but made his father wait by the door?
The doorknob moved and the woman considered yelling: ‘Don’t come in.’ But she didn’t. She remained silent. Was she too nervous to speak, or too excited?
The door opened and a familiar face came through. The two of them stared at each-other in silent recognition.
“Oh, hi Sofie, what a coincidence. I didn’t know you lived here.” The man said.
Sofie blushed scarlet. Not just some stranger, it was Jonathan, her boss, the man she worked with everyday had just walked in on her.
“I don’t” She replied, trying to sound casual. “I’m just visiting a friend.”
She looked away from him, wondering what he might have seen. There was still some extra rope lying on the sofa beside her alongside a scissor for emergencies; and worse, the flogger Aaron had been using on her lay on the coffee table. She looked back at her boss and saw from the look in his eyes that he has seen these things as well.
“I’m sorry.” He said. “I shouldn’t have come in.” In one swift motion he stepped back and closed the door again.
Sofie was left staring at the door in disbelief of what had just happened.

Moments later, Aaron returned with the boy. He looked at her but didn’t really seem to see anything, nothing special like his father had seen.
When they had finally left, Sofie asked Aaron to untie her, she was no longer in the mood for their scene.
“Of course.” Aaron replied and he began to gently untie all the knots that were digging into her skin.
Sofie didn’t speak, but thought about her boss and why she hadn’t stopped him from entering. Had she really been that aroused by the idea of being seen?
Aaron’s hands were gentle and warm, and when the blood-flow returned to those parts of her skin that had been pinched by the rope, Sofie moaned and squirmed. Her thoughts returned to the present, the ordeal forgotten and her excitement returning in full force.
When Aaron pulled he knots from between her buttocks, she moaned deeply. “Fuck me.” She whispered.
Aaron didn’t need to be asked twice.


Two days later, on the first workday of the week, Sofie went to the office. She was nervous to come face to face with her boss again, but she knew she had to get over it.
“Good morning Sofie, shall we get started?” Jonathan asked as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, just two days ago.
Jonathan was a notary and Sofie his assistant and only employee. Every morning, they had a quick status report about the work that had to be done that day.
“Of course, Sir.” Sofie said, trying to sound casual as she sat down in one of the two armchairs that had been installed in the office for such informal meetings.
“Before we start, I wanted to talk to you about this weekend.” Jonathan said.
Sofie blushed, so he wasn’t going to pretend nothing had happened after all.
“I want to apologize again for walking in on you. Your boyfriend had asked me to wait in the hallway. I was just curious where he was taking my boy, but I know that’s no excuse.” Her boss explained.
“He’s not my boyfriend.” Sofie said. “And, I understand, it’s not your fault.” It was a bit his fault, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to talk about this much longer.
“Oh, of course.” Jonathan replied. “Well, I just wanted to say, and this might sound a bit strange, that I don’t judge you. Let’s not pretend that I didn’t see what was going on, let’s just accept it as something normal. I don’t think you’re weird for enjoying the things you and that man were doing. In fact, I have participated in such things myself in the past.”
Sofie blushed. “Why are you telling me all this?” She asked.
Jonathan shrugged. “I just felt I had to say something and I wanted you to know that I won’t look at you differently, just because I know this about you.”
Sofie nodded. She understood, many people would be weirded out if they knew someone who was into BDSM. She was surprised to actually feel relief after what her boss had told her. “Thank you.” She said. “But let’s get to work now.”
“Indeed.” Her boss replied. “Let us keep private things private, it’s time for business.”
He dropped the subject from then on and they discussed the documents Sofie would have to create or correct for him.


Most of her friends compared Sofie’s job to that of a secretary, but as a notary’s assistant it was much more complicated than that.
The forms and documents she had to write were full of complicated legalese. She had to use not only the right grammar and vocabulary, event the wrong syntax could mess up a document entirely; and let’s not forget the dozens of references to legal documents that needed to be added to each page.
It usually took three or four iterations for such a document to be complete.
The one Sofie was working on today was a twelve-page document that was already in its third iteration. Yet she could not focus on it completely.
Jonathan might’ve said time for business, but Sofie’s mind was still firmly on the weekend. After what had happened, how could she listen to him listing the mistakes in her work without imagining the consequences that were common for a secretary in many a BDSM-novel?
The idea of her boss spanking her was not a new one, yet it had only ever been a fantasy. Now she knew however that Jonathan enjoyed those same fantasies, he had admitted this himself. She knew it was a bad idea, yet she could not stop thinking about it.

The end of Sofie’s workday was always similar as the start, with another short meeting to discuss the work she had been able to finish.
Jonathan did not mention their weekend run-in again, but he did go over the work she had handed him at noon. The twelve-page document she had been correcting still wasn’t right. In fact, for each mistake she’d fixed, a new one had taken its place.
Just like that morning, Jonathan did not sound angry or dissatisfied. He knew how much work got into these and how difficult it was. He knew they were never right on the first try. Instead, he sounded worried.
“Are you sure everything’s alright?” He asked her. “It’s not usual for you to deliver such sloppy work, Sofie.”
Sofie blushed. “I know, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t concentrate this morning.”
“Oh don’t worry, this doesn’t need to be done right away. If there’s anything I can do to help, or if you need some time off…” Her boss offered.
“Oh no, that’s not it.” Sofie said. “I was just… Never mind.”
“No, tell me. I’d be happy to help.” Jonathan said.
“It’s nothing.” Sofie said. “I was just thinking about last weekend, about what you saw. About what you might do to one of your employees if she delivered bad work.” She blushed deeply.
Jonathan laughed. “I would never do that, Sofie. You don’t need to worry.”
“I know.” She replied. “It’s totally inappropriate for me to even think about it. I mean, you’re even married and everything.”
“Divorced actually.” Jonathan said. “But that doesn’t matter, I’m your boss, I would never take advantage of you like that.”
Sofie blushed. She didn’t know he was divorced, not that that mattered. Though why not? What was so wrong about wanting something, is it just because others say it is wrong?
“Do you know why I like it when my friend ties me up?” She asked her boss.
Jonathan looked surprised at the question. “No, why?” He asked.
“Because when I’m tied up, I’m completely under his control, there’s nothing I can do to stop him from taking advantage of me.” She explained.
“You did choose to let him tie you up, though.” Jonathan said.
“If I were to let you spank me for doing a bad job, wouldn’t that be my choice as well?” Sofie asked. “If you are interested yourself of course.”
“Are you sure that’s what you want?” Her boss asked. “What if you change your mind and no longer want to work for someone who spanks you for doing a bad job?”
“Then we will stop.” Sofie replied.
“That will make things awkward.” Jonathan said.
“Things already are awkward.” Sofie countered.
“Well, I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind giving you a good spanking, Sofie. We might even get those three to four iterations per document down to just two.” Her boss said.
Sofie blushed. She hadn’t considered how serious he might take this when it came to her work. “I definitely deserve one for the work I did today, don’t I?” She replied.
“Don’t you want to think it over first?” Jonathan asked. “Sleep over it?”
“No.” Sofie replied. “I might change my mind.”
Jonathan laughed.

“Well, you are right to assume that your work today has earned you a well spanked bottom, young lady. Do you want to get up and bend across my desk or should I take you over my knee like a little girl?” Her boss asked.
Sofie blushed. “That’s up to you Sir, how you wish to take advantage of your naughty employee.”
Jonathan grinned. “Then I would very much like you across my knee right now, Sofie.”
Sofie slowly got up. Not once during this conversation had she hesitated, yet now that the fantasies she’d been having all day were about to come true, did she wonder whether this was such a good idea.
She let her boss take her by the wrist and pull her across his lap. There was not much room in the armchair, her knees rested on the seat while her feet and upper body hang over the arm-rests; her bottom centered above her boss’ lap.
“What about your friend, Sofie?” Her boss asked as he placed his hand on her bottom. “Wont he mind that you’re letting someone else spank you?”
“We’re just friends.” Sofie replied, shivering with excitement from the intimate touch of her boss’ warm hand on her backside.
“We tried to date in the past.” She explained. “But our fantasies is all we have in common, it’s a purely physical relationship.”
“I see. Is that what you imagine this is going to be as well, then?” Her boss asked, now gently massaging her bottom.
“No. This is also about work ethic, unless you were going to spank me for other reasons than not doing my job correctly.” Sophie replied cheekily.
“I haven’t given it much thought yet.” Her boss replied. “Maybe we should just roll with it and see where this takes us.”
“That sounds fair.” Sofie replied, moaning gently as her boss’ hand rubbed her bottom ever more firmly.
Suddenly his hand raised up and smacked down on her bottom, then up again and down on the other side.
Sofie moaned and squirmed. Jonathan didn’t spank her very hard and she still had her skirt protecting her bottom. Yet this was not just a sexual spanking with a friend, this was her boss, punishing her for her mistakes, which made it a lot more exciting.
Jonathan spanked her across her skirt for quite a while and while it didn’t hurt that much, Sofie felt thoroughly punished.
When Jonathan raised her dress and spanked her now pink bottom, Sofie squealed in delight. The panties she wore covered most of her backside, but they were thin and offered little protection. Her bottom bounced beneath his hand.
Sofie was used to quite a lot, her friend Aaron had not only used a flogger on her backside, but other implements such as a paddle or a riding crop, even his belt. This spanking from her boss didn’t hurt that much physically, but was much stronger mentally.
Aaron turned her bottom on fire, her boss turned her insides on fire. Sofie could not explain why she was so much more turned on by this spanking, but she feared her panties would be soaking wet by now, telegraphing her arousal to the man spanking her.
Jonathan hadn’t lied when he said he’d done these things before. He did not hold back and knew exactly how much an experienced sub could take. His smacks were strong and firm and he did not relent when she squealed or whimpered. He held her down with his spare hand when she struggled and ignored her early, insincere pleas for mercy.
When he finally let her get up, Sofie’s bottom was throbbing and her throat was raw from squealing and moaning.
“I hope you learned a lesson, young lady.” Jonathan said. “I expect that document, without mistakes, on my desk tomorrow.”
Sofie blushed. “Yes, Sir.” She said, rubbing her bottom. It had been a while since her backside had been this sore from a mere hand-spanking. She whimpered when she sat back down at her boss’ command.
“Not changed your mind yet?” He asked.
Sofie smiled. “No, Sir. You’ve only managed to strengthen my resolve. Two iterations per document you said? That means I have quite a few coming up this week that better be perfect when I hand them over.”
Jonathan laughed. “I didn’t mean you had to reach that standard right away.”
Sofie grinned. “How else are you going to find enough reasons to do what you just did again?”

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