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After two busy days, Linda was finally able to enjoy some time to relax at the hotel she was staying at.
Together with her colleagues Gavin and Jessica, she was on a weekend business-trip to Prague, all expenses paid by the company they worked for.
Linda had been sad she’d had so little time to see the historical capital of the Czech Republic. They’d spent most of their time in a boring conference room with their company’s most important client.
“We have an early flight tomorrow.” Gavin said. “I don’t think we have much time to go sigh-seeing.
They were in his hotel-room. The three of them had ordered room-service and – while Jessica had already returned to her room – Linda and Gavin were now finishing the bottle of wine they had ordered.
“You’re probably right.” Linda conceded. “There’s probably nothing open at this hour anyway.”
“Some more wine them?” Gavin proposed.
“No thanks. I better stop now that I still have a clear head.” Linda replied.
“Well we can’t let it go to waste,” Gavin poured the rest of the bottle in his own glass. “The company is paying for it after all.”
Linda laughed. “I still can’t believe you got your own room while I have to share with Jessica.”
Now Gavin laughed. “Well any other arrangement would’ve been rather inappropriate don’t you think?”
“They could’ve given each of us our own room.” Linda said.
“Did you ask them to?” Gavin asked.
Linda pouted. “No.”
“Well, if you don’t ask for anything you won’t be getting anything.” Gavin mused wisely.
“Well, they shouldn’t assume that just because we’re both women it’s okay for us to share.” Linda countered.
“You did get separate beds, right?” Gavin asked. His room had a two-person bed. They were seated on either side of it.
“Yes.” Linda replied.
“Well if you really don’t want to stay with Jessica, you can always sleep in my room.” Gavin offered.
Linda laughed. “As if there won’t be enough gossip already, with me staying here after Jessica left.”
“They’ve been gossiping about us since I started working at the company two years ago.” Gain said. “Nothing would change.”
“Except that they’d be right.” Linda said.
Gavin grinned. “I only offered to let you sleep here, didn’t I?”
Linda blushed. “As if that’s all you wanted…” It was Gavin’s constant teasing and flirting that had started the rumors about them in the first place.
In fact, Linda was adamant never to start a relationship with someone from the work-place, it would make things just too complicated. Gavin wasn’t her type anyway, she’d never start anything with someone like him. Sure he was handsome and witty and she liked the attention he gave her, but that didn’t mean she felt anything for him.
“Are you afraid I’d take advantage?” Gavin asked with a mocking tone to his voice. “I would be a perfect gentleman.”
Linda pondered this for a moment. No, she wasn’t afraid he’d take advantage, she was afraid he wouldn’t, that all his flirting and teasing was just a game and nothing serious.
“It wouldn’t change the fact that I’d still be sharing a room.” She said, trying to steer away the conversation. “Perhaps I should ask Jessica to sleep in your room and then I get a room to myself.”
Gavin laughed. “So you trust Jessica’s safety with me, but not your own?”
Linda imagined Jessica and Gavin together for a moment and – while she was not jealous – did not pursue the thought any further.
Gavin drank the last bit of wine in his glass and cleared the plates from his bed. “Well, like I said. We have an early flight tomorrow. It’s probably best you return to your room.”
Linda got up from the bed and hesitated for a moment. “Maybe Jessica is sleeping already, if I go back now I might wake her.”
“If you don’t wake her, she won’t know what time you got back and how long you spent alone in here with me.” Gavin teased.
Linda blushed. “She’s probably still awake, waiting to know how long I stayed away.”
“Probably.” Gavin conceded. “Imagine how crazy she’ll go if you don’t return at all.”
Linda grinned. “I’m not staying.”
“I know, I know.” Gavin replied. “I just like to imagine what’s going through Jessica’s mind right now.”
“She would go crazy.” Linda agreed.
“She’d never believe nothing happened.” Gavin said.
“But nothing would happen, right?” Linda asked.
“I promise. I stay on my side of the bed, you stay on yours. No touching.” Gavin replied.
I must be going crazy, Linda thought as she sat back down on the bed. “Fine, I’ll stay.”

Gavin got up as she sat down. “I’ll use the bathroom first.” He said.
Linda waited as she heard the telltale sounds of a shower, followed by the brushing of teeth. He probably would’ve gone to bed without all that if I hadn’t stayed, she thought.
She used that time to wonder whether staying was such a good idea. Everyone at work already thought they were secretly a couple and Jessica would surely tell them if she spent the night in his room.
Perhaps it was time to turn the tables, time for her to take control of the gossip. She wondered how much she could make her colleagues believe. Without any of it being true of course.
Gavin returned from the bathroom with his hair still wet and just a towel wrapped around his hips. Linda stared at his chest and abs.
“You’re going to put on something more to bed, aren’t you?” She asked when she finally found her voice.
“Of course.” Gavin replied. “I’ll get dressed while you use the bathroom.” He stepped aside to let her pass.
The large mirror in the tiny room was fogged over, but in it Linda began to see the flaws in her plan. She’d brought a night-gown of course, knowing she’d share a room with Jessica. But that was exactly where it was, in her own room.
She couldn’t go and get it, she didn’t want to explain to Jesica that she was sleeping with Gavin. At home she slept mostly naked, but that hardly seemed possible now either.
Then she noticed Gavin’s clothes hanging from the pegs on the wall. He’d probably lend her a clean shirt.
Problem solved, she thought and undressed to shower herself.
She tried not to think about sharing a bed with her colleague as she stood there fully naked with just a single bathroom-door to separate them. It was hard to think of anything else though.
Linda brushed her teeth quickly and pulled her panties back on before wrapping her towel around her.
“Turn off the lights, please.” She called as she returned to the bedroom.
The room was dark, she couldn’t see her own hands before her eyes. Somewhere in front of her, Gavin was waiting. He wouldn’t be able to see her. With a bit of daring, Linda dropped her towel, standing naked except for a thin pair of panties, knowing he wouldn’t be able to see a thing. Perhaps she didn’t need his shirt after all.
Slowly she made her way to the bed, careful not to bump into it. She sat down and pulled away the blankets.
“Good night.” Gavin whispered as she lay down beside him.
Linda blushed. His voice was close while she lay there naked and vulnerable. “Good night.” She whispered.
She lay there quietly for a while, listening to his breathing. She couldn’t help but wonder how close he was. She reached out tentatively until her hands found him. She didn’t need to stretch her arm before she found the bare flesh of his chest.
“I thought we agreed, no touching.” Gavin whispered.
Linda blushed, but she could not help herself. She was always the one being teased by him, now it was her turn.
“You promised not to touch me, I never agreed to such a thing.” Her hand slid down his chest, feeling the strong muscles of his belly.
She froze, wondering if he was fully naked like her. “You also promised you’d put something on.” She said.
“I did.” Gavin replied.
Linda blushed as her hands reached the edge of his boxers. Just like her, he was wearing his underwear and nothing more.
“Perhaps I was unclear before.” Gavin said. “When I said no touching, I meant it for the both of us.”
What am I doing? Linda thought as her hand slid over Gavin’s shorts, onto his crotch. “You should’ve been more clear then.” She replied teasingly.
Linda had always felt so out of control. Gavin’s teasing, her colleagues gossiping. She’d never had control over the narrative like she had now. Now she could feel Gavin’s cock, erect and hard beneath the soft fabric of his shorts, almost able to burst through.
Gavin grunted. “I can be more clear. No touching, for either of us, so you better remove your hand.”
“Or what?” Linda asked. He was’t fooling anyone, she could feel how excited he was right there between her finger-tips. His cock was pulsing with desire, his heart-beat caught in the palm of her hand.
“Or I will put you across my knee and spank you.” Gavin threatened.

Linda hesitated for a moment. “I didn’t know you were the kind of guy to spank a woman.” She said without letting go.
“You never really took the opportunity to get to know me better.” Gavin replied. “Keep your hand there and you’ll find out.”
Because I don’t date guys from work, Linda thought. She didn’t want to know him better, despite all his flirting, because, well because then she might have to break her own rules.
“You can’t just spank someone if they don’t want it.” Linda said.
“You’re the one with your hand on my cock, Linda.” Gavin said. “If you keep it there, even after I warned you, I’m going to assume you want something.”
“Will it hurt?” Linda asked curiously.
“Of course. It’s a spanking.” Gavin replied. “But not too much as it’s just your first time.
Linda blushed. “My first time, so you’re assuming there will be more than one?”
Gavin grinned. “It’s never just one.” He said. “That is, if you do want one, I can still feel your hand down there…”
Linda pulled her hand back just in case. “Fine. But if you don’t want me to touch you, you’ll have to turn over. It’s not fair to tempt me into breaking your rules.”
Gavin laughed and Linda heard him roll over. “Sure, I’ll turn over if the temptation is too much. Good night, Linda.”
Linda blushed. How come whenever she tries to flirt with him, she ends up being the one who is teased?

Linda lay quietly in the bed. She wondered if Gavin knew she wore as little as he. She also wondered what Jessica must be thinking right now, if she was still awake. She must’ve surely realized by now that Linda wasn’t returning to their room.
Probably thinking we’re having sex right now, Linda thought. She grinned, imagine how she’d react if she told her Gavin had spanked her instead. She’d never believe that.
Well, she’d be right of course, unless… All she had to do was reach out a little and place her hand on Gavin’s back. She already felt the warm skin of his shoulders beneath her fingertips.
“Is that your hand I feel, Linda?” Gavin asked.
Linda blushed. “Seems like the temptation was too much after all.” She said.
She expected Gavin to turn over again, instead he pulled away and turned on the light on his side of the bed. Then he did turn over, pulling the blankets aside and revealing her bare upper body.
He stared at her moment, apparently surprised to see her so exposed, even with her arms covering her breasts. There was no anger in his eyes, only excitement and arousal. He was not upset that she’d touched him again, he’d probably hoped for it, despite his so-called rule and threat of spanking her.
Linda blushed deeply as she looked him in the eyes. Teasing him in the dark was very different from looking her colleague in the face, nearly naked as they were.
Gavin sat up against the head of the bed and pulled the blanket up to his hips, uncovering more of Linda’s naked body. “Get across my lap, young lady. I warned you what would happen if you touched me again.”
“Why do you want to spank me?” Linda asked. “I know you’re not upset.”
“Just because I’m not upset doesn’t meant you haven’t been naughty, Linda.” Gavin replied. “Besides, spanking a pretty lady as yourself is way too much fun to do while you’re upset.”
Linda blushed. This was what she wanted, right? She pushed the last bit of blanket off her legs, revealing that, yes, she really was only wearing panties and nothing more.
She let Gavin help her across his lap and suddenly felt very exposed, with her bottom arched up in the air. She could also feel his erection through the blanket beneath her belly.
When Gavin placed his hand on her bottom, she gasped slightly. Up until this point she’d been the one touching him. Even having his cock in her hand felt less intimate than feeling his hands on her.
Was this how he’d felt when she’d laid her hands on him, despite agreeing not to touch each-other?
Suddenly, Gavin smacked her bottom. It stung a little, but felt mostly pleasant. He smacked her again and again and Linda moaned as a warm glow spread through her buttocks.
Linda pushed up her bottom and moaned deeper as the firm smacks made her bottom tremble. She had not anticipated quite how hot this would be.
“Let’s get these out of the way.” Gavin said as he grabbed hold of her panties.
To her own surprise, Linda did not protest as he bared her bottom. She moaned again as he revealed how wet her pussy now was, she was too aroused to deny him that view.
Gavin spanked her again, firmer this time. The sting in her bottom grew more rapidly, keeping pace with the warm glow of excitement.
Linda squealed when a particularly hard smack made her bottom bounce. “Ouch, that hurts.” She complained.
Gavin paused for a moment, rubbing the sting from her sore bottom. “Of course it hurts.” He said. “I told you it would.”
Linda blushed. “I didn’t think you’d spank me this hard.”
“Do you want me to slow down?” Gavin asked. “You seemed to be handling it quite well so far.
Linda bit her lips. She could let him spank her harder, it actually felt nice even though it hurt. This was just like their flirting, she never took it far enough that it made her uncomfortable. Yet now she lay there, naked across his lap, getting her bottom spanked. Perhaps it was time for her to trust Gavin to take control.
“No, don’t slow down.” She said. “I just wasn’t expecting it that’s all.”
Gavin ignored her and started of slowly anyway, spanking her with firm but gentle swats. These escalated slowly, each swat firmer, building up the sting in her backside, until each full-armed swing made her squeal and moan.
Her bottom bounced and Linda kicked and squealed, her legs drumming on the mattress, partly in pain, yet mostly just an act.
“Do you still feel it’s a good idea to break the rules, Linda?” Gavin asked as he finally slowed down the assault on her bottom.
“No.” Linda whimpered. Her bottom felt on fire, yet somehow she felt more aroused than ever before.
“That’s ‘no, Sir’, young lady.” Gavin said.
Linda blushed. “No, Sir.”
“Do you think you can keep your hands to yourself when we go to sleep now?” He asked.
“I don’t know.” Linda answered truthfully. She didn’t know whether she wanted him to spank her some more, but she didn’t want to lie in any case.
“Should we perhaps change the rules a little then?” Gavin asked.
Linda blushed. “Change the rules?”
“I’m not an unfair man.” Gavin said. “Rules have to be agreed upon by both parties. If the temptation is still too much for you, we can compromise on something more feasible.”
“What do you suggest?” Linda asked. She still lay naked across Gavin’s lap even though he’d stopped spanking her. His hand now lay still on her sore red bottom.
“You may touch me with just one hand.” Gavin said. “And in turn I may touch you with just one finger.”
Linda blushed, imagining what Gavin might do with just one finger.
“It seems fair to me.”Gavin continued when she didn’t reply. “My hand already got its fair share of touching.” He squeezed her bottom as he said it. “A finger should be enough.”
Linda licked her lips. A hand versus a finger. She was getting the better part of the deal. “Alright.” She said. “I agree.”

Gavin helped her up and turned the light back off while Linda pulled her panties over her red bottom and crawled back underneath the blanket.
Thankful to be able to hide in the dark again, Linda reached out and placed her one hand on Gavin’s chest. Then, she felt the gentle touch of his finger on her collar-bone.
The pressure on her chest increased as Gavin pushed her down until she lay on her back. She could feel her sore bottom pressed up against the bed, but was more distracted by his finger running down her breast.
Linda let her own hand run down over her colleagues abs and onto his shorts while Gavin slowly circled her nipple. She moaned deeply when Gavin put his finger on its point and pressed down firmly.
If he’s allowed to pull down my panties for a spanking, I should be allowed to do the same, she thought and let her hand slide inside his boxers.
Gavin’s finger gently flicked her nipple and then circled again, wider and wider to encompass her entire breast, then it crossed her sternum and onto her other breast.
She grabbed hold of his erect cock and squeezed it gently, feeling his excitement pulsing in her hand.
When she began to slowly rub it up and down, Gavin’s finger slid from her breasts down her belly. She moaned, knowing where it was headed.
“Take these off.” Gavin said as he reached her panties, his finger running along its edge.
Linda blushed.
“If you take off yours, I’ll take off mine.” Gavin proposed.
Lina bit her lip and pulled her hand out of Gavin’s shorts. She pulled down her panties and heard him do the same.
As her hand returned to grab her colleagues cock, Gavin’s finger slipped between her lips, finding her still wet from her spanking as he gently rubbed her clit.
Linda moaned deeply as the pressure on her most sensitive spot increased. Gavin’s cock laying still in her hand as she buckled and groaned from pleasure.
She began to shake, her body trembling out of her control as Gavin made her cum with just one finger.
Out of breath, she lay silent for a moment while that finger travelled back up to her nipples as if nothing had happened.
“You didn’t cum.” She said as she felt his cock still firm in her hand.
“Your hand got a bit distracted.” Gavin said.
Linda blushed and resumed the slow rubbing motion with her hand.
“You know, I kinda feel like I’m in high-school again.” Linda said.
“Why, did you get spanked a lot in high-school?” Gavin asked.
Linda blushed. “No, I mean when you don’t feel ready yet to have sex with your boyfriend, so instead you use your hands to pleasure each-other.”
Gavin moaned softly. “Well, you’re very good at it.” He said.
Linda blushed. “My hand is getting a bit tired though.”
“You don’t have to continue.” Gavin said. “Though I would really like it if you did.”
“Can I use my other hand?” Linda asked, she had held him still in her hand, teasing him just a little.
“Do you want to change the rules again?” Gavin asked.
“If that’s okay with you.” She said.
“Well, if you want more, it’s only fair if I get more as well.” Gavin said. “Since you’re the one asking it…” He waited a moment before continuing. “You may touch me with both hands and in return I may touch you with my entire body.”
Linda blushed. “That doesn’t seem fair.”
“Well, we’re still negotiating.” Gavin said. “What do you think would make it fair?”
Linda licked her lips. Why was she even arguing? “Your whole body except your cock.” She said.
Gavin hesitated for a moment. “Fine, if that’s what you want, I agree.” He said.
Linda grinned. “I mean, you can use your cock, but it can’t touch me. You’ll have to put something over it.”
Gavin laughed. “I have just the thing.” He said.
Linda heard him get out of the bed and then watched – after he turned on the light – how he walked around the bed, naked, towards his suitcase.
“You brought condoms, to a business-trip?” She asked teasingly as he grabbed a pack.
“You’ll have to forgive a man for being hopeful.” Gavin said as he returned to the bed. He did not turn off the light again, and pulled away the blanket so that his eyes could caress her body like hers did his.
Linda waited excitedly as he pulled the condom over his erect cock and then knelt beside her. He took her arms by her wrists and pinned them on the bed above her head.
Linda raised her head off the pillow to kiss him, but Gavin pulled back and shook his head. “Only your hands, remember.” He said.
Linda blushed. “That’s not fair, you’re holding them down.” She complained.
Gavin grinned and bent forward to kiss her. He was allowed to, after all. “What made you think I was going to be fair?” He teased. “I did start the night with spanking you after all.”
“I earned that spanking fairly.” Linda protested. “Besides, you told me yourself that you always tried to be fair.”
Gavin pressed his lips on her breast, kissing her nipple. “I guess you shouldn’t always believe everything you hear.” He said. “Sometimes it’s fun to be a bit unfair.”
Linda blushed as Gavin leaned forward to kiss her again. He wasn’t actually breaking the rules by holding down her hands. In fact, it felt kinda hot to be pinned down like this. She enjoyed it when he was in control, just like when he had spanked her.
“So you’re just going to have your way with me, are you?” She asked.
“I am.” Gavin said with a grin and used his knee to force her legs apart.
Gavin hovered above her, his eyes staring into hers, his cock flirting with the lips of her pussy, his hands still holding hers down.
No turning back now, she thought as he thrusted his hips forward, his cock sliding inside of her, filling her up.
Linda moaned deeply as her colleague fucked her. Each thrust of his hips deeper and harder, building up speed and pleasure, just like when he had spanked her.
She could still feel the residual pain in her bottom as it was pressed down against the bed, it turned her on even more. She moaned, her eyes closed.
When she opened them, Gavin was still looking at her, his eyes locked with hers. She blushed. All her doubts about his intentions, his flirting and teasing, they were gone. He really did like her.
She blushed and looked away.
When he moved his head down to kiss her, she ripped her hands free from his grip. She grabbed his hair and kissed him deeply, hungrily. She wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him in deeper and – when their kiss ended – ran her nails down his back while he bit her neck.
Her body shook and trembled. She was going to cum again, but this time Gavin quivered as well. His body froze in pleasure just as hers shuddered, reaching her orgasm as he came inside of her.
Gavin lay down on top of her, resting his full weight on her.
When he pushed himself up, hands on either side of her face, he looked her in the eyes again. This time she returned his stare.
They looked at each-other silently.
Linda was again the first one to break their gaze. She turned around, rolling onto her belly.
“What are you doing?” Gavin asked.
“I broke the rules again, didn’t I?” She replied. “Aren’t you going to teach me another lesson?”
Gavin laughed. He pushed himself up into a sitting position, straddling her legs.
Linda moaned when he slapped her bottom.

She moaned and squealed, each smack turning her bottom redder than before. Yet she arched her back, pushing up her backside to beg for more.
“You were right before.” She said when Gavin paused for a moment. “It’s never just one spanking.”
Gavin grinned, squeezing her sore bottom with both hands. “Now that you’ve got the taste for it, you’ll never get enough.”
He smacked her again.
“Though if you want some more when we return home, I’d like to take you on a date first.” He said.
Linda blushed. “That would be nice.” She agreed. “But don’t tell anyone at work. I normally don’t date colleagues.”
“Is that why you were always so distant when I tried to flirt with you?” Gavin asked as another firm smack landed on her bottom.
“Yes.” Linda replied.
“Perhaps I should spank you a bit more then.” Gavin said. “For breaking your own rules.”
Linda moaned again, answering by raising her bottom a bit more.
It wasn’t long before Gavin had her moaning and squealing again. She was trapped beneath his wait and couldn’t escape, she couldn’t even kick her feet as he was sitting on her legs.
Whimpering, she promised to be a good girl. Her bottom was on fire. Yet Gavin didn’t respond to her promises. She wasn’t sure she wanted him to, not yet.
Her bottom bounced beneath the impact of his hand. She struggled to turn it away from the onslaught, but always pushed it back up, begging for more.
Finally, when her buttocks were bright red and her struggling had ceased due to exhaustion, did the onslaught stop.
Linda winced when she reached back to touch her bottom after Gavin got off of her. It hurt so much that she couldn’t believe she had enjoyed it, that she liked this.
“Good night, Linda.” Gavin said.
“Good night, Sir.” She replied. Somehow she knew that her red, burning bottom would ease her into a deep, long sleep.

The following morning, Linda woke up in Gavin’s room. They really had finally gone to sleep after her second spanking. There had not been much night left however, Gavin had woken her early so they could catch their flight home.
When she went to grab her clothes from the bathroom she noticed her bottom was still red in the mirror. She blushed and rubbed it gently. It still stung a little.
She’d never thought about dating a guy who spanked her and never wanted to date someone she worked with, yet here she was, with her red bottom in her colleague’s hotel-room.
She’d already agreed to go out for dinner after work next Friday. She wondered if she could earn herself another spanking then.
She brushed her hair and then returned – with her dress covering proof of last nights activities – to her own room.
“Well well, where did you sleep last night?” Jessica asked when she got there.
Linda blushed. “It got late, I fell asleep in Gavin’s room.”
Jessica grinned. “Sure, and all you did was sleep, right?”
Linda smiled. “Of course, what else?”

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