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Updated games

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Hey everyone

I just finished updating all the games at

All games got the following updates:

  • The new dark theme
  • Playable on all screen-sizes
  • Option to change gender for players*
  • Improved usability and better user-interface
  • Bugfixes

* There is one exception: The BDSM escape room has a story-line and to keep with the story, you can not change the character’s gender.

If you encounter any more problems or bugs with the games, please let me know.

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7 responses to “Updated games”

  1. Charlie says:

    I just tried to start the “slots”, and nothing happened.

  2. Cadela says:

    Hello! It seems like I am unable to access your bdsm escape room game. I tried different browsers but still not working. 🙁
    Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot here? Many thanks!

  3. Laddie Parker says:

    In all of the games on the ‘More spanking games’ page the continue button at the bottom does nothing. This is the same regardless of whether I choose ‘Group’ or ‘Couples’. I’ve tried three different browsers on two different computers.

    • kcperrin says:

      Hello Laddie

      You might be using an old link to access the games.

      Is the background of the game completely black, or does it have a repeated pattern of hearts/diamonds/clubs/spades?

      If it has the repeated grey background, you’re using an old link, try accessing the games at

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