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The rendez-vous hotel

Bed with caged woman

Samantha waited nervously in her car at the hotel parking lot. She had agreed to meet Andrew at the hotel lobby at eight. Just five minutes from now.
Andrew and she had known each-other for quite a while, over two years actually; though they had never met in person. They had met online in a community chatroom for open-minded people.
Samantha always felt safe talking to Andrew, not only because she was British and he lived in the States, far enough away that they’d never bump into each-other by accident; but also because he seemed accepting of everything she told him and shared many of the same fantasies.
Over the years, Andrew had not only become the one person she could talk to about her fantasies, but the go-to-guy when she was alone and horny. She’d spent many nights online roleplaying with him and even masturbating to his instructions.
And now he was here, waiting for her probably in the hotel lobby.

I’m visiting London, for work, he had told her whilst chatting a few days ago. Would you like to meet up?
Samantha had eagerly agreed. When they discussed where they should meet for the very first time, she had declined his offer to go out for drinks. They wouldn’t have much to talk about anyway, they chatted for long hours several times a week. Besides, the subject of their discussion would quickly turn into one she doesn’t want to be overheard.
Andrew didn’t want to meet at the hotel he was staying at however, even though they both agreed their night would likely end in bed together. Their online encounters had always been mostly anonymous and he wanted to retain some privacy.
Which is why they were meeting at a rendez-vous hotel. They would meet in the lobby, have a drink at the hotel bar and if everything went smoothly, go up to the room Andrew had reserved for them.

Still, Samantha was nervous. Admitting you wanted to sleep with someone wasn’t the same as actually meeting up at a place like this, with sex as its sole purpose. It was all a bit too straight-forward, she wasn’t usually like that.
Though when she started a conversation with Andrew online, she was normally quite honest about her intentions, be it just chatting or horny roleplaying.
This wouldn’t be any different. She told herself. They knew what they were to each-other online. Just someone to have fun with. They should be able to do the same offline. No need to pretend like things were different.

Finally, she got out of her car and approached the hotel. The door slid open and the man behind the counter looked up at her.
“I’m meeting someone.” Samantha tried to say it non-nonchalantly, yet she couldn’t help blushing.
The man nodded and Samantha passed through the immaculately clean hallway to the hotels lobby.
There was just a single man sitting at the bar, Andrew. Even in a crowd Samantha would’ve recognized him however, they had after all seen each-other before, in many shared photographs, most of them with much less clothes on than now.
“Andrew.” She said.
The man turned around. “Samantha, you came.” He smiled and stood up, bending forward to give her a kiss on the cheek.
“Did you doubt I would?” Samantha asked with a grin.
Andrew nodded. “I had some doubts I must admit.”
Samantha’s grin broadened. “Aww, you know me, I’m always up for some fun.” She couldn’t help it, she immediately felt comfortable around him.
“From behind the safety of your computer, yes.” Andrew agreed. “Yet now I know you can back those words up with actions as well.”
Samantha curled her lips in a pout. “What, do you think I was lying all those times when I told you I was touching myself? And did I not send you any pictures for you to see. I did more than just share a few words from behind the safety of my computer.”
Andrew sighed. “You’re right, I shouldn’t have doubted you.”
Samantha grinned. “So how are you going to make it up to me?”
Now Andrew grinned as well. “If you’re ready, we could go up to our room. I’ll let you pick out our first activity to make up for doubting you.”
Samantha laughed. “You planned some special activities?”
“Yes.” Andrew said.
“I haven’t even had a drink yet, though.” Samantha playfully protested.
“Do you want a drink?” Andrew asked.
“No.” Samantha said.
“Let’s go then.” Andrew replied. “I already got the keys.”

Samantha followed Andrew to the elevator. She wasn’t nervous anymore, she was horny, her body tingling with anticipation. She wondered however what was in the large bag he had with him.
The door to their room looked like any other, but when they entered their room, Samantha gasped in surprise.
The walls were painted black, neon light glowed from behind various mirrors. A large St.Andrews-cross stood against one wall and chains and sex-swings hung from the ceiling. A chair with raised supports for your legs stood in one corner of the room and a large leather-clad spanking-bench in another. The center of the room was dominated with an elevated bed, the area underneath enclosed with metal bars like a cage. The bed itself was equipped with rope at each bed-post and the headboard had three holes for your head and wrists, like stocks.
“Not what you were expecting?” Andrew asked as Samantha stood stock-still near the door.
“No, not really.” Samantha whispered.
“Well, after all the roleplaying we’ve done, and knowing all the things you are into, I thought you would be bored with some standard, vanilla bedroom.” Andrew explained.
“I’ve never done anything like this, though.” Samantha said, seemingly full fo doubt. “I only ever did it online, with you. Never in real-life.”
Andrew grinned. “I’m sure I remember you spanking yourself during our role-plays, you even sent pictures as proof.”
“Of course.” Samantha admitted. “I even expected I’d get my first real spanking today. Though you could’ve just put me over your knee in a normal bed.”
Andrew nodded. “I can ask I we can get a different room if you want. I’m sure they would understand.”
“No, don’t do that…” Samantha protested.
“Do you want to stay?” Andrew asked.
Samantha grinned broadly. “Of course. This is amazing. I love it.”
Andrew frowned. “Then why did you…”
Samantha laughed out loud.
“You were teasing me, weren’t you, young lady?” Andrew said angrily. “I bet your panties dropped from excitement the moment you entered this room and you never had any doubts at all.”
Samantha stifled her laughter and smiled excitedly. “That’s what you get for doubting I’d show up in the first place. You did say I’d get to choose the first activity.”
Andrew grinned. “Well then, now is my turn to pick an activity.” He grabbed the large bag by his feet and opened it. It contained rope and some constraints, but mainly a diverse collection of spanking implements and funnily, a single box of condoms.
“I reserved this room for three hours.” Andrew said. “During whatever time we have left, I want you to call me Master.”

“Yes, Master.” Samantha said. She thought it would feel a bit weird saying it out loud, before now she’d only ever typed it. Though over the past two years, Master had only ever referred to one person, Andrew, the guy she knew online; and saying it out loud felt as natural as saying his name.
“Take off your clothes, Samantha.” Andrew said.
Samantha licked her lips and began to undress, first her shoes, then her top and her skirt. She didn’t hurry, though she didn’t go to slow either, Andrew had ordered her to undress, not to strip. She took off her stockings, her bra and lastly her panties. The dark neon-lit room suddenly seemed brighter now that she was fully exposed. Andrew had only ever seen the pictures she’d chosen to share, she hoped the real her held up against those carefully posed photographs.
“You’re beautiful, Samantha.” Andrew said. “Though I think you’d look even better with a bright red bottom.”
Samantha blushed. “Thank you, Master.”
“Come here.” Andrew said as he climbed into the bed. You needed to climb a small ladder to get on top of the cage.
Samantha joined him on the bed.
“You said you thought I’d spank you across my knee on the bed. So let’s do that as a warm-up.” Andrew said. “Lay down across my lap.”
Samantha licked her lips and placed herself across Andrews lap in the middle of the bed, her hips right on top of his thighs, her bottom curved up to form a nice, round target.
“Perfect.” Andrew said, his right hand stroking her bare bottom. With his left, he stroked her back, pushing her hair aside and turning her head so she could look up at him from the corner of her eye. “Are you ready, Samantha?”
“Yes, Master.” She replied.
Andrew smacked her bottom. It was a firm smack, not intended to inflict pain, but not merely playful either. Samantha’s bottom began to tingle and then a second smack landed. She moaned deeply.
One smack after the other, Andrew spanked Samantha’s bottom. The tingling in her backside began to sting and then to burn. She moaned and squirmed, arching her back, raising her bottom for every smack.
“More.” She begged when Andrew paused for a moment, his hand exploring the red skin of her stinging bottom.
“Not yet.” Andrew said, his right hand now sliding down between her legs, finding her wet pussy, parting her swollen lips.
Samantha moaned deeply and then, when Andrew withdrew his hand, sighed disappointedly.
Andrew pushed aside her hair again, placing the palm of his left hand on her cheek, urging her to turn her head. She could see him smiling from the corner of her eye. “Do you want to cum, Samantha?” He asked.
“Yes, Master.” Samantha replied eagerly.
Andrew’s hand slid from her cheek to her collar-bone, pushing further down. Samantha rolled slightly to her side, freeing her breast. Andrew cupped it gently, his fingers stroking her nipple. Then, he pinched. “Do naughty girls deserve to cum, young lady?” He asked.
Samantha squealed. “Yes, Master.” She replied stubbornly.
“I don’t think they do.” Andrew said, grabbing her shoulder and pulling her back down across his lap. He smacked her bottom again, harder than before.

Samantha moaned in pleasure. This was something they’d role-played a lot. She’d always had trouble pretending to be naughty herself, if it wasn’t some actual role she was playing.
What is it you want the most right now? Andrew had asked her during one of those chats.
I just want to have some fun. She had always replied.
You are horny and you just want to cum, is that it? He had asked her.
Yes. She had said, she hadn’t been afraid to admit it.
Then from now on, you are not allowed to cum without my permission. Andrew had said. Now what you want the most and being naughty are the same thing.
Samantha had had her doubts at first, but she had quickly realized the genius behind his idea. He was right, she did want to be naughty. She wanted to be naughty because she wanted him to spank her and she wanted to be naughty because that which was forbidden was exactly what she desired.
So whenever they were just having fun and not roleplaying a particular story, they defaulted to the naughty girl who wanted to cum, but was not allowed.
And now, that naughty girl was getting a real spanking, and wondering how hard Andrew would spank her, when she’d eventually break that rule.

Samantha moaned and gasped. Her bottom bouncing beneath the onslaught of Andrews hand. It was glowing and red, stinging all over, burning where his hand had just landed another smack.
“How are you doing?” Andrew asked, resting his hand on her backside.
Samantha groaned, catching her breath, “This is usually where I beg for forgiveness.” She then replied. “When you make me spank myself.”
Andrew laughed, his hand slipping between her legs again, his fingers spreading her lips, one of them, gently caressing her clit. “I highly doubt that, young lady.” He said. “I haven’t yet heard a single word from you, not one request for mercy.”
Samantha moaned as the pressure on her clit increased. It was too hard to think. He was going to make her cum. For a moment she thought that was a bad thing. She’d be breaking the rules, he would spank her again. But that wasn’t a bad thing, she wanted to cum, she wanted to be spanked more. Why would she want to obey a rule, if breaking it was a win-win situation?
“But that’s okay.” Andrew said. “This was just a warm-up, there’ll be plenty of time for begging later.”
“Master, I’ll cum if you don’t stop.” Samantha interrupted, pretending to be a good girl, one who cares about the rules.
“That’s on you.” Andrew said. “You have to follow the rules, not me. I don’t have to do anything, or stop doing anything, just to make things easier for you.”
Samantha moaned deeply. Andrews fingers moved faster. Her bottom burned, her pussy pulsating with pleasure. She was on the verge of cumming.
“Besides, I didn’t reserve this room just to put you across my knee in the middle of the bed.” Andrew said. “I want you to be naughty, then I can spank you even more.”
Samantha remembered his bag of spanking implements, the spanking-bench, the cross against the wall. She saw all these things in front of her and felt the stinging pain in her bottom from Andrews hand. Her body began to shake, her moans load and uncontrollably as she came, shuddering, gasping for breath.
“Naughty girl.” Andrew said. “I guess the warm-up is over.”

Samantha stood trembling on her legs after she climbed out of the bed.
“Your turn to pick an activity again.” Andrew said. “Your choices are: the spanking bench, the chair or the cross.”
Samantha bit her lips. “Can I have a small break first, Master?”
Andrew smiled. “I’m not sure naughty girls get a break.” He said. “What am I supposed to do while you rest that naughty bottom of yours? Just wait?”
Samantha smiled. “There are no rules about Masters cumming, is there?” She asked.
“Of course not.” Andrew replied.
“Then I could make it worth your while to let me rest for a bit.” Samantha said, licking her lips provocatively.
Andrew moved to the side of the bed and pulled open the door to the cage. “Alright, you can rest for a moment.”
Samantha blushed. “In there?” She asked.
“Is there a problem with that?” Andrew asked.
“No, Master.” Samantha replied. She crawled into the cage under the bed. She could just barely kneel in the low space, the bottom of the bed but an inch above her head.
They had very rarely used caging in their role-plays. Most people didn’t have cages at the ready, you almost needed some medieval-like scenario for them to seem natural. And even then, there seemed to be only so much you can do to include them in your play.
Andrew locked the door.
Samantha looked around, surrounded by bars. Andrew stood so close to the cage, she couldn’t see past his hips. They’d only met for the first time today and now he had her naked and locked up in a cage. It was easy to forget for a moment that they were safely in a hotel-room.
“How long do I have to stay in here?” She asked. Perhaps she didn’t need that long of a break after all.
“Until you are rested enough for your next punishment.” Andrew replied.
“I think I’m rested enough.” Samantha replied.
“Already?” Andrew asked. “You’ve been in there for less than two minutes.”
“I know, I’m just bored.” Samantha replied with a grin.
“You should’ve thought about that before you asked me to wait, then I would’ve been bored.” Andrew replied.
“Please, Master.” Samantha begged.
“All right, I’ll let you out. But first you have to pay the key-holders tax.” Andrew replied.
Samantha watched him step closer to the cage, unbuttoning his trousers. She licked her lips as he pulled out his large, erect cock. It seems he hadn’t forgotten her initial proposal of how to spend the time while she rested.
“If you want out, you’ll have to suck it.” Andrew said. He stuck his cock between the bars of the cage, he was big enough to penetrate far into the cage so that she could take him in without bumping her face against the bars.
Samantha relished the taste of his cock in her mouth. She licked it, kissed and sucked on his head. This was her first real encounter with her Master’s cock, and as a true submissive she was kneeling for the occasion. Not just kneeling even, but behind bars, locked away and awaiting further punishment.
Andrews muscles tensed up. He was holding onto the side of the bed, moaning softly. “Get ready, Samantha.” He groaned.
Samantha took him as deep as she could, his cock filling her mouth, her face pressed against the bars of the cage, sucking as hard as she could. Her Master came, his cum filling her mouth, her throat, she swallowed it all.
Andrew pulled back. As he pulled his trousers back on, Samantha licked her lips, she could still taste him, even though he was now gone.
Then she heard the click of a lock. The door of her cage opened. It was time for the rest of her punishment.

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