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Erotic drawings

spanked on the bed

Sophie and John left the bar hand-in-hand. Outside they paused, a look of uncertainty in their eyes. This was their third date in as many weeks: first coffee, then dinner and now a movie followed by drinks. How many dates did it take before you’re no longer just testing the waters?
“Would you like me to walk you home?” John proposed, ending the short silence.
“I’d love that.” Sophie replied and she let him put his arm around her shoulders as they walked.
Sophie led him to her apartment which was only a few blocks away and John followed her up the steps to the door. She turned around and licked her lips. ‘This is the part where he kisses me.’ She thought.
John must’ve thought the same, for he stepped closer, bending forward to bring his face closer to hers. Sophie stepped into his embrace, his arms around her as she pressed her lips against his. Johns tongue slipped between her lips, embracing hers. Sophie felt her body melt against his strong chest, his hands on her back pulled her in even closer, one on the nape of her neck fingers in her hair, the other on her lower back, fingers teasingly on the edge of her bottom.
Sophie was out of breath when he finally let go. She looked up at him, still tasting the kiss on her lips, her body warm with anticipation; breasts, bottom and thighs, all the sensitive parts of her body tingling.
‘He is about to wish me good night and turn away.’ Sophie thought, John wasn’t the guy to rush into things, he wasn’t going to push her into anything she wasn’t ready for. That’s why it had taken him three dates to kiss her. For Sophie it wasn’t about being ready however, it was about finding the balance between being too eager and too prude. Three dates seemed like the perfect amount.
“Do you want to come in for some coffee?” She asked before he could say anything.

“Make yourself at home.” Sophie said as John followed her into her living room.
John sat down in a small arm-chair, looking around the room. He wondered if it was always this tidy, or whether she’d cleaned before their date. The only thing out of place were Sophie’s shoes, which she’d kicked off upon entering.
“Black.” He called, answering Sophie’s question of ‘milk or sugar’ coming from the kitchen.
He could still feel her in his arms, her soft lips on his. This date was going to end in her bedroom. The thought made his member stir, pushing against his trousers. A small voice told him not to get too self-assured, but he silenced it easily. The way her body had melted against his, the smoldering in her eyes, she wanted him just as much as he wanted her.
Looking around for something to distract him, he picked up a light-brown folder on the coffee-table. Curiously he opened it, inside was a collection of pencil drawings. The blood in his body rushed to his head, making him blush, and then down to his crotch, until there was certainly not enough space inside his trousers left.
They were erotic drawings, all of them depicting women in rather precarious positions, their attire ranging from tiny skirts on bared bottoms to completely nude. Most of them focussed on the young ladies’ backside as she bent over or laid down on her belly; yet many managed to show more of their body thanks to some creative posturing. Behind this women, drawn in the shadows stood a man, always with one hand raised, fingers out-stretched or holding an item such as a hairbrush, some kind of paddle or a belt. These items were obviously aimed at the women’s round and raised backsides, and some of those already showing pencil markings of earlier impact. Each young lady, were visible, had a strange mixture of emotions painted on her face, a smile or a pout, a sigh of ecstasy or a grimace of pain. And when their most intimate parts were visible, their pussies were drawn with lips spread and wet with excitement; the more intimate, the more detail seemed to have been added to the drawing.

Sophie froze as she returned to her living room, coffee in hand. She blushed deeply as she saw what John was holding in his hands. For a good three seconds, her mind calculated her options: run, snatch her drawings from his hands, lie about whose they were, or pretend he hadn’t seen them and hope he did the same.
She stepped forward, trembling slightly and placed the coffee in front of him on the table.
“Thank you.” John replied, still holding her drawings.
They were both silent for a moment.
“Did you draw these?” John asked.
Sophie blushed. “Yes, I did.” She had chosen the truth. She wasn’t a little girl anymore, everyone had their fetishes and she shouldn’t be ashamed of hers.
“They’re amazing.” John said. “You’ve got quite a talent.”
Sophie smiled. “Thanks.” She said.
“So, did you draw them from experience or from your imagination?” John asked with a grin.
Sophie licked her lips. “Imagination.” She said.
Encouraged by her honest and open answers, John continued. “I must say I like your imagination. So would you like someday to experience something like this as well, or do you just like to fantasize about it?”
“I’d love some first-hand experience.” Sophie said with a grin.
John looked at her, suddenly acting, trying to look stern. “Sophie.” He said. “Did you leave these here for me to find?”
Sophie blushed. “No, I didn’t. But…” She took a deep breath. “If it results in you giving me a spanking, I’m glad I did.”
John smiled again, flipping through the pages. “I really like this one.” He said.
Sophie stepped closer, only now realizing she hadn’t sat down yet, coffee still in her hand. John showed her one of her more recent drawings. A young woman, fully naked, laying on her back, legs in the air, a strong hand grasping her ankles, lifting her round bottom off the mattress. She lay at an angle so that you could see her own hands grabbing the soft flesh of her breasts, playing with her nipples. There was a look of ecstasy on her face, which was reaffirmed by the glistening wetness between her legs, just above her bottom, her wet pussy was the centerpiece of the artwork. On the other side stood the man holding up her legs, his other hand holding a belt folded in half, ready to strike.
“Perhaps something less advanced for our first time.” Sophie said, her body hot and tingling all over. She put down her coffee, took the folder and quickly flipped through some of the pages before handing John one of her older drawings. It felt strange, offering him that, like a suggestion of what she’d like him to do to her.
The young woman in this one was a lot less naked, her upper body still hidden underneath a dress, though her skirt was raised and her panties dangled around her ankles, leaving her bottom bare. She lay across a man’s lap, most of his features hidden, except for his raised arm. He wasn’t holding anything, but was ready to smack her backside with the palm of his hand. The girl in the drawing was looking away, Sophie hadn’t been that good at expressions when she first started, and the position over the mans knee could not reveal her excitement in any other way, except perhaps in how her back was arched, how high her bottom was raised to welcome his hand.
“Hmm, I agree.” John said upon inspecting the drawing. “This one feels much more intimate and warm, almost cute in a way.”
Sophie licked her lips, not replying, but waiting for him to make the next move.
John placed the folder of drawings on the coffee table and stood up. “Let’s continue this in the bedroom.” He said.
Sophie’s heart skipped. It was going to happen. Finally. She led John to her bedroom, their coffee forgotten on the table.

John’s heart was racing. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of Sophie’s swaying backside as he followed her to her room. Soon he’d have her across his lap to spank that lovely bottom.
Her room wasn’t big, just a two-person bed to one side of the room and a large wardrobe against the opposite wall. Sophie turned on the lights and John grabbed her arms, pulling her closer. He kissed her, his lips on hers, her tongue in his mouth, her body against his. If he’d thought her body had melted when they kissed by her front door, it was nothing compared to this. Her breasts flattened against his chest, the bulge in his crotch buried between her thighs as she stood on her toes; his hands, both this time, slid all the way down to her bottom, grabbing the soft flesh of her backside.
“You’re a naughty young lady, aren’t you, Sophie?” He whispered in her ear.
Sophie moaned. “Yes, sir.” She replied.
John let go of her and sat down on the bed. He didn’t say anything, instead he waited for Sophie to submit to him, to fully give up control.
“Have you ever spanked anyone before?” Sophie asked, almost hesitant.
John thought for a moment. “You wouldn’t be the first girl across my lap.” He admitted. “But you would be the prettiest.”
Sophie blushed, and carefully sat down next to him. “Did they ask you, or did you ask them?” She asked.
“I’m not sure.” John replied, placing his hand on her knee. “Does it matter?”
Sophie thought for a moment. “I guess I just wanted to know, whether you’re doing this just for me, or because you want it as well.”
John laughed. “I don’t do any drawings.” He said. “But I have to admit we have quite a few things in common when it comes to our imagination.”
Sophie smiled broadly. “In that case.” She said, crawling over his lap. “Please spank me, John.”

Sophie’s heart raced, her bottom was raised and yet she could still feel the bulge in John’s trousers underneath her, indicating he was just as excited as she was.
She could feel him place his hand on her backside, caressing, squeezing. She couldn’t help but moan softly.
John then raised her dress, baring her legs, her thighs and finally her bottom. Underneath it she wore sexy, black lace panties; its two inches of fabric covered but a very small part of her bottom. She had chosen them specifically, not for a spanking, but hoping todays date would end in her bedroom.
John didn’t say anything, but played with her bottom instead, his fingers tracing the edge of her panties, or slipping underneath.
Those panties wouldn’t have offered any protection from John’s hand, but he stayed true to the drawing, pulling them down all the way to her ankles. Sophie blushed with excitement, imagining the view John had of her round, bare bottom and wet, excited pussy not fully hidden between her legs.
“Ready?” John asked.
“Yes!” Sophie gasped.
His hand disappeared from her bottom for a second and then returned with a loud smack.
Sophie moaned loudly.
The hand disappeared again, and again, and again. Every time returning firmly and loudly, connecting with her bottom bringing pain and pleasure with it.
Sophie squirmed with excitement. John placed a hand on her lower back to hold her down. She wasn’t struggling to get away, she just didn’t know what to do with herself. His other hand kept on spanking her glowing backside, harder and faster.
Her bottom began to burn, her feet were kicking, she couldn’t take it any more. And then, she fully gave in, giving up control to John. She stopped squirming and kicking, raising her bottom for more. She moaned and groaned, welcoming the pain of each smack.
After a while, when her bottom was hot and pink, John’s hand paused, lightly caressing her backside. “Is this what you wanted, Sophie?” He asked, speaking for the first time since she’d laid down across his lap.
“Yes.” Sophie moaned, raising her bottom even more, now that his fingers started to explore between her thighs.
“Do you want some more?” John asked.
“Yes, please.” She replied.
He then removed his hand from between her legs, squeezing her stinging bottom before raising it up in the air. “You asked for it.” He said.
Sophie braced herself and then his hand smacked her bottom, much harder than before.
She squealed.
Harder and faster, John spanked her backside. Her bottom bounced from the impact of his hand. Sophie squirmed and squealed. This was too hard, it hurt too much. No it wasn’t, she wanted it to hurt a bit. But not this much. Did she?
She squealed every time Johns hand connected with her bottom. She couldn’t hold still, not anymore. Like before she kicked her legs and squirmed underneath John’s firm grip. She didn’t try to stop him however, she didn’t think she wanted to.

Sophie’s bottom was red and sore when John finally paused again. He placed his hand on her backside, it felt hot under his touch. As his fingers slipped between her thighs, he could feel the wetness that had slowly spread between her legs. He’d seen it spreading as he spanked her, no matter how hard he spanked her or how loud she squealed. His own excitement had grown equally, he could barely handle his erection, the fact that she’d been squirming right across his lap hadn’t helped either. ‘If I was to turn her around and fuck her right now, I wouldn’t last ten seconds.” He thought.
“Time to get up, Sophie.” He said, trying to think of a way to slow things down so he could recuperate.
Sophie slid off his lap, her dress sliding down her bottom as she stood up. Her face was almost as red as her backside had been, not with embarrassment, but with excitement. Her eyes were glowing.
John recognized that look, he’d seen it before. She was ready to do anything he wanted.
“How about you take off that dress for me.” He tried.
Sophie bit her lip and reached behind her back, slowly pulling down the zipper at the back of her dress. It slid down her body easily, leaving her behind naked, except for a black, laced bra that would’ve matched her panties perfectly. Those had been kicked to some corner of the room a while ago though.
“And your bra as well.” John said.
Without hesitation, Sophie unhooked the clasps behind her back, letting the bra fall to the floor, revealing her perfect breasts.
“Are you going to fuck me, John?” Sophie asked breathlessly.
“Yes.” John said. “Get on the bed.”
He stood up as Sophie stepped towards the bed, stopping her in an embrace. He kissed her again, his arms around her now naked body. This kiss was short and hurried for they both wanted what came next.
Sophie squirmed as she sat down on the bed, rolling onto her back to take the weight off her sore bottom. She spread her legs, showing off her wet, hot pussy. “Like this?” She asked.
John groaned. “Perfect.” He said, unclasping his belt. He pulled it through the belt-loops before unbuttoning his trousers.
“Wait!” Sophie suddenly said.
John stopped, one hand about to pull his cock from his trousers. “What is it?” He asked.
Sophie looked hesitant for a moment, if that was possible with your legs spread and pussy dripping with excitement. She looked up at John and then down at his hand, the one still holding his belt. “Do you remember that other drawing, the one you choose?” She asked.
“Of course I do.” John replied.
Sophie licked her lips. “It wouldn’t be fair if I was the only one who gets to pick one, is it?”
John laughed. “I guess it wouldn’t.”
Sophie closed her legs again and now raised them off the mattress.
John buttoned his trousers and folded his belt in half. It was a good belt, real leather, thick and wide. “Are you sure?” He asked.
“Yes, sir.” Sophie replied.
John grabbed her ankles and pulled her towards him, her bottom almost at the edge of the bed. He wrapped one big hand around her ankles and raised her backside off the mattress. Sophie moaned, obviously aroused to be so easily handled by him.
He swung his belt through the air, landing it with a loud thwack across her bottom.
Sophie moaned deeply.
Spanking her like this didn’t go as fast, but hearing her squeals told him his belt left a much harsher impression than his hands had before. At least she wasn’t squirming across his lap anymore. By the time he was done with her, he’d have had enough rest to give her a real good fucking.
“Aren’t you forgetting something?” John asked.
Sophie managed just enough breath to ask him: “What?”
“In your drawing, the young lady’s hands were quite busy while she got her spanking.” John explained.
Sophie blushed, but promptly placed her hands on her breasts, playing with her nipples while he watched.
John took this opportunity to pull her even closer to the edge of the bed. Lifting her for the whole spanking was too heavy, but with her bottom dangling over the edge of the bed he didn’t need to. He could now easily hold her legs up by her ankles with one hand and focus fully on landing his belt across her bottom even harder than before.
Sophie moaned and squealed with each swat across her backside. The redness from before seemed pale in comparison with the broad red stripes his belt left behind. John could see in her face that it hurt, but also the arousal that was paired with that pain.
He didn’t count how often his belt struck the poor girl’s backside, a dozen times, two dozen? But her squeals became almost indistinguishable from each-other, sounds of whimpering and moaning filling in the gaps. Until those were replaced with pleas and promises: “I’ll be good. Please stop. I’ll do anything you want…”
John didn’t listen to her words, but looked at her face instead. When he raised his belt to ignore her pleas, he could see the smile on her lips, betraying her true desires.
It wasn’t Sophie who had to give up in the end, no matter how red and sore her bottom would get. It was John who dropped his belt, no longer able to wait. He grabbed the pack of condoms he’d seen on the night-stand earlier. He didn’t stop to think whether Sophie had left them there, knowing their date would bring them both here. “Move back.” He told her.

Sophie crawled backwards onto her bed. Her bottom was on fire and she could hardly think. She looked up as John wrapped his cock in a condom and she spontaneously opened her legs as he kneeled down on the bed.
John quickly moved closer, then grabbed her legs. He raised them, just like when he’d spanked her with his belt, and let them rest against his shoulders. His hands grabbed her upper-legs and lifted her off the mattress, her body tilted downwards from her own weight, sliding onto his cock.
She could feel him deep inside her, as she was half-suspended with her own feet around his neck and his strong hands grasping her thighs. Her sore, red bottom was pressed firmly against his hips with his cock as deep inside as it could go.
For a moment, nothing happened. She just looked up at the man who had just spanked her so thoroughly and he looked down at her. Then she grabbed her own breasts again, just like when he’d spanked her.
As if this was the sign to start, John began to fuck her. He pulled back slightly and then thrusted forward. Each thrust of his hips bounced her up, until gravity pulled her back down, right on time to once again collide with his upwards-thrusting hips.
The smacking of hips and sore red buttocks wasn’t very different from the sound of spanking that had filled the room before and it was accompanied by the same moans and squeals as Johns hips kept the sting in her bottom hot and burning while thrusting his cock deep inside of her.
Sophie’s body started to tremble. Like before, when she’d squirmed and kicked, she had no control over it, no control over her shaking body until she came with a loud and gasping moan.
She could feel her pussy clench around John’s cock as he kept going, ignoring her trembling discomfort, prolonging her orgasm until he too, froze to a halt, groaning, coming deep inside of her.

John lay next to a naked Sophie, gently playing with her breasts. Neither had said a word for quite a while. “So why did you leave those drawings out in the open like that any way?” He asked, finally breaking the silence.
Sophie blushed but didn’t reply.
John laughed. “Come on, it’s a bit late to be shy now, isn’t it?”
“I like to look at them.” Sophie said. “Before I go on a date. Must’ve forgotten to put them away.”
“Why?” John asked.
Sophie licked her lips. “To get it out of my system.” She explained. “So that I don’t spend the entire night thinking about such things while I should be focussing on my date.”
“And looking at them helps?” John asked.
“Yes.” Sophie replied.
“Just looking?” He asked again.
Sophie hesitated.
“Because it seems to me, that would just make matters worse.” John said.
“I spank myself.” Sophie admitted with a blush.
John smiled. “So I wasn’t the first to spank you tonight.” He joked.
Sophie laughed. “No, but you did a much more thorough job.”
“Perhaps next time, I can pick you up early for our date and I can spank you before we leave. You know, to make sure you’re focussing on our date and not about what I’m going to do after.” John proposed.
“What are you going to do after?” Sophie asked.
“The same as I did before.” John replied.
Sophie grinned. “Two for the price of one.” She said.
“I was thinking about catching a show, perhaps next Friday? If you can handle sitting down for that long with a red bottom at the theater.” John proposed.
Sophie licked her lips. “I think I can manage.”
“It’s a date then.” John said.
Sophie licked her lips. “John?”
“Could you take off your clothes?” Sophie asked.
“I want you to fuck me again.” She said

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  1. Philip says:

    Deliciously erotic story – a pleasure to read. Thanks!

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