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Her husband’s instructions

drawing of spanked woman tied up on a bed

Her husband was waiting for her when Amanda arrived home after a long day at work. She hugged him tightly and let her head rest against his chest.
“Tired?” He asked.
Amanda nodded. Every day these past few weeks had been long, tiring days. Her husband could probably tell just by looking at her.
“How about you go up to bed then.” He said. “Take a nap, I’ll have dinner ready when you wake up.”
Amanda frowned. A nap at this hour? Yet perhaps he was right, perhaps she did need it. “Thank you.” She murmured and made her way up stairs.

When she arrived at their bedroom however, she was greeted by an unexpected sight. Her husband had arranged all their spanking toys in a row on their bed.
The sight quickly aroused her. Had he planned for a sexy night? It had been so long since he’d last given her a good spanking. Would he be coming up any moment now, or had he postponed his plans when he’d realized how tired she was?
That tiredness was nearly forgotten as she imagined her husband taking her across his knee like he used to do so often in the past. Then she noticed a small note placed by the implements on the bed, it read: “Pick one and bring it downstairs.”
Amanda looked down the row of implements. From left to right, there was their flogger, a riding crop, one of her husbands belts, a wooden hairbrush and a wooden spoon.
She licked her lips and picked up the leather belt. Yes, this would be much better than a nap.

Amanda took the belt downstairs, eager for some intimate time alone with her husband, but did not find him. On the small coffee-table in their living-room was another note: “Take off your clothes, leave them and the implement you chose here and go to the bathroom.”
Amanda smiled, this was quite exciting, not knowing what he had planned. She quickly stripped down naked and made her way to the bathroom.
There was a note on the mirror above the sink and the bath filled with hot, steaming water: “Enjoy this bath before it’s time for your punishment.”
Amanda wondered what her husband had put in the bath’s water, for it felt smooth and oily, it was luxuriously hot, yet all she could think about was what would happen when she got out.
The hot bath helped her relax, it calmed her nerves and eased her muscles after a tiring day. She felt her pores opening to the heat and realized her soft skin would be extra sensitive for her spanking.
The more she thought about it, the more aroused she got and eventually, she could no longer wait. She got out, quickly dried off and returned to their living-room.

Her husband was still nowhere to be seen, yet her clothes and the belt were gone, a new note was placed on the coffee-table: “Choose one, go there and put on this blindfold.” It read. Three tiny images were drawn underneath: a bed, a couch and a table. Bedroom, living-room, or kitchen, Amanda realized.
She picked up the scarf that lay curled up under the note and made her way back up to their bedroom, she blindfolded herself and waited.
Amanda felt the cool air as the door opened and heard her husband now walking around the room. The hair on her arms stood up in excitement when she imagined him coming closer.
She wondered what he was doing, when was he going to spank her? Then suddenly, felt his breath on her neck. He placed his hands on her shoulders and ran them down her body.
“Are you still tired?” He whispered in her ear.
“No Sir.” Amanda sputtered, as his hands cupped her bottom.
“I didn’t think so.” Her husband said, squeezing and stroking her backside. “I had this thought today, that perhaps I hadn’t been giving you enough attention. Naughty girls like you need regular attention or else they’ll become tired and distracted, don’t they?”
Amanda blushed, that felt more like correlation rather than causation, yet she couldn’t deny that it was working. “Yes, Sir.” She replied.
Her husband’s hands had now slid up past her hips, up her belly to her breasts. He played with them gently, squeezing and twirling her nipples without speaking.
After a while he bit her ear and then whispered. “When you hear the door closing behind me, you can take off the blindfold.

Amanda licked her lips and when the door closed, quickly pulled off the blindfold. Her husband was gone again.
For a moment she was disappointed, she didn’t want to play any more games, she just wanted him to spank her already! Yet that feeling of powerlessness, of having to play by her husband’s rules was part of what turned her on so much.
On the bed he had now placed more items for her to choose from: A coil of rope, handcuffs and a pair of leather restraints. Alongside it there was another note: “Pick one and bring it downstairs.”
Amanda picked up the rope without hesitation and quickly followed her husband back to the living-room.
This time, he was waiting for her, sitting in the couch, the belt she’d chosen before in his hand. Yet two more notes waited on the coffee-table, one of them empty.
The first one read: “Take this pen and empty paper, write down all the naughty things you’ve done these past week and end the note with these exact words: ‘Please Sir, can I have a spanking’? Sign your name and hand me the note. Then return to the room you’ve chosen before and wait for me there to spank you.”
Amanda blushed. Write down all the naughty things she’d done? She looked at her husband and he grinned. He wasn’t going to spank her until she did, did he?
With a sigh she sat down beside him in the couch and raised the pen, thinking…
“I may have left my shoes out in the living room instead of putting them in the cabinet in the hallway… a few times…”
“I stuck out my tongue at you a few times.”
Amanda hesitated. What else could she write down? There were a few things that bothered herself, but she wasn’t sure she needed to share that with him, unless they bothered him as well. They didn’t have any rules she’d broken, well they didn’t really have any rules, they did in the past, but they’d sort of given up on reenforcing those. They could be good for inspiration though.
“I have sometimes walked around semi-naked whilst I know you prefer me either properly dressed or not dressed at all.”
“I didn’t always wear sexy underwear and haven’t remembered to wear your favorite on our special day.”
Yes, this was working very well, Amanda thought hard, trying to remember more of those rules.
“Some evenings I stayed up very late, past the time you consider proper, which has left me feeling tired lately.”
She tried to think of some more, but this last one felt a bit too close to the truth. After a while she wrote down the final words: “Please Sir, can I have a spanking?” And signed her name.
With a blush, she handed her husband the note and then mode her way back up to their bedroom.

Waiting for him, she felt slightly nervous, yet mostly excited. She didn’t know how she should wait. Stand at the door? Sit on the bed? Lay down?
Then she remembered something she’d read about in a smutty story. She took a pillow from their bed, placed it down on the floor and knelt down on it, facing the door, hands on her knees.
Her husband arrived moments later.
He smiled and walked past her, dropping his belt and the rope she’d brought him on the bed. Then he sat down and said. “Come here, Amanda.”
Amanda got up and approached her husband.
“You did very well in writing down why you deserve this spanking.” He said. “Now we can both agree that it’s about time you were across my knee.”
Amanda nodded eagerly and placed herself across her husband’s lap.
He placed his hand on her bottom, stroking it gently. “I’m glad you remembered some of our old rules, Amanda.” He said. “Even though I haven’t been enforcing them in a while.”
“I had to think quite a bit to remember them, Sir.” Amanda admitted.
“Is that so?” Her husband said. “In that case, would you like me to remind you of them more regularly?”
Amanda licked her lips, she wouldn’t mind days like this more often, with regular trips across her husband’s knee. “I would surely need your help to remember them.” She said.
“Let’s get started then.” Her husband replied as he raised his hand.

Amanda moaned as her husband spanked her backside. The palm of his hand smacked her bottom again and again. He didn’t spank her hard, not yet, this was just a warm-up, but her bottom was already warm and tingling.
She closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of helplessness as she lay across her husband’s lap, his hand stinging her bottom with each swat.
Yet each smack that landed across her backside increased the sting that covered her skin. And as her husband slowly put more force behind his swings, that stinging pain was pushed downwards, spreading through her bottom.
“That should feel nice and warm.” Her husband said as her backside glowed pink. “Time to get started.”
Amanda squealed as the next few swats were extra hard. She bit her lips, remembering the soothing hot bath with its oily water that had made her backside extra sensitive.
Her husband made her bottom bounce beneath the palm of his hand. Amanda squealed and kicked her feet. She struggled, not to get away, but to deal with the sudden increase of pain.
Amanda was gasping for breath when her husband finally paused, stroking her sore backside with his broad hands.
“Do you want some more?” He asked.
Amanda moaned softly. Her bottom hurt, but she could take some more. And as long as she could take it, she didn’t want this to be over. “Yes, please.” She replied.
Her husband raised his hand again and continued spanking. Not harder than before, but just more of it. He didn’t give her bottom any rest. Each smack followed quickly by another, barely giving her enough time to moan or squeal.
“More.” She begged when her husband paused again.
“Don’t worry, more is coming.” Her husband assured her. “You’ve still got the belt waiting.”
Amanda blushed, she’d forgotten about the belt, and the rope. Perhaps she shouldn’t have agreed to more the first time…
“Get up.” Her husband told her.
Amanda pushed herself off his lap and than laid down on the bed, per his instructions.
Her bottom felt hot in the cool air above their bed. She laid down on her belly, arms and legs outstretched. Her husband was using the rope to restrain her to the four corners of the bed.
He also placed a pillow underneath her hips, raising her bottom more as she lay helplessly stretched out on the bed. Then he picked up the belt.
“Let’s see.” Her husband said. “First you wrote down leaving your shoes lying around.”
Amanda looked up over her shoulder and blushed to see her husband holding the note she’d written.
“Let’s do ten swats for the shoes.” Her husband said. “Five on each side.”
Amanda gritted her teeth. If she’d known he’d do ten swats for everything she’d write down, she wouldn’t have tried so hard to think of so many.
Her husband moved to the left side of the bed and the belt whooshed through the air, landing on her backside with a loud thwack.
Amanda squealed. “Oh how she’d missed this… Though, had it always hurt this much?”
Four more times the belt swung through the air, followed by a crack and a squeal of pain and excitement.
Her husband walked around the bed, and from that side, painted five more broad red stripes across her backside.
“Now about sticking out your tongue.” He said.
Amanda blushed, he really was going to go down that list.
“I remember at least six times this past week when you pointed that little pink thing at me. So lets make it six swats.”
Amanda sighed, six wasn’t too bad.
Her husband didn’t move, but planted three more swats right on top of the five he’d given her before.
Amanda squealed softly and pulled on the ropes that kept her arms and legs outstretched as her husband walked around the bed. Not only was she unable to get away, she couldn’t even reach down to stroke her sore backside.
“One, two, three.” Her husband called out the next three swings in rapid succession.
“Please Sir, not so hard.” Amanda begged. She wouldn’t be able to hold on if he remained this strict with her for the rest of the list.
“Now, you mention not being properly dressed.” Her husband said, ignoring her plea. “Let’s do another ten swats. This time I’ll let you count them.”
Amanda breathed deeply. She knew he was giving her some room to breath, by letting her count them. He’d wait between each swat until she’d counted the previous, letting her dictate the speed and giving her the opportunity to pause between each swat. Not by too much of course, if she’d take too much advantage he might make her start back at one.
“One, Sir.” She cried out after the first swing of his arm. “Two, Sir.” She mumbled after biting her lip. “Three, Sir.” She squealed as another red stripe appeared across her backside. “Four, Sir.” She exclaimed after taking a moment to breath. And “Five, Sir”, finally before he walked around the bed again.
Five more swats landed across Amanda’s backside, each followed by her squeal and her obedient voice counting them out when she was ready for the next. Finishing with a loud and satisfying “Ten, Sir.”
“Very good.” Her husband said. “Now your next admission is that you haven’t thought about wearing my favorite type of underwear on the days it would please me most.”
“Yes, Sir.” Amanda admitted.
“Now for this one, I’d like to get a bit more up close and personal.” He continued.
Amanda gasped as her husband climbed onto the bed, he sat down on top of her, straddling her back. He grabbed her sore red bottom in both hands.
She moaned deeply as he squeezed them, pulling her buttocks apart, revealing her aroused wet pussy between her outstretched legs. Then he began to spank her, with both hands.
The spanking was intense. After his belt, her bottom was already much more sore than it had been before when she lay across his knee and with two hands spanking her, those smacks landed twice as fast.
Amanda squealed and struggled, but between the ropes tying her down and her husbands weight on her back, pinning her to the bed, there was nowhere to go.
“I’ll remember next time, I promise.” She pleaded between squeals and moans.
Those two hands came down again and again, her red bottom bouncing under the impact. She tried to kick her feet but couldn’t, tried to reach back to soothe her poor bottom but couldn’t, tried to plead with her husband, but wasn’t heard.
Finally he let up, he got off her and stroked her sore bottom with one hand.
Amanda moaned deeply. Her bottom was so sore, yet she was so excited. All she wanted now was for her husband to fuck her.
“Now, just one more thing.” Her husband said.
Amanda blushed. They hadn’t reached the end of the list yet.
“You mention staying up too late.” Her husband said. “Which would explain, partly, why you’ve been so tired lately.”
Amanda blushed.
“I think we’ll do twenty swats for this one.” He said.
“Twenty!” Amanda exclaimed.
“Or do you think I’m being too lenient?” Her husband asked.
Amanda blushed. “No, twenty is fine, definitely not too lenient.”
She grit her teeth as her husband picked up the belt again. She knew he always liked to end things with one last big bang, twenty good swats and then it’d be over.
This time, he did not let her count. Each of those ten first swats arrived when he wanted it to, painting a broad red stripe across her backside and extracting a squeal from her lips.
He moved around the bed quickly and another ten followed.
Amanda didn’t beg or plead. She knew this would be over soon and while she was looking forward to the end, she was also enjoying every lasting second of it.
Her bottom was on fire and each swing of her husband’s belt added fire to the flames, yet underneath each squeal, there was a silent moan of pleasure.
The tenth swat landed and her husband sat down on the bed next to her. His hands rubbing and squeezing her sore backside.
He made slow, wide circles over the hot, sensitive skin of her backside. His fingers passed closely over her pussy, revealed while her legs were spread to the corners of the bed.
Amanda moaned. “I forgot to add one thing to the note, Sir.” She said.
Her husband’s hand paused for a moment, wondering perhaps if she wanted him to spank her some more.
“I should’ve also added: ‘Please Sir, will you fuck me?’” Amanda said.
“I think I can forgive you for forgetting one small detail.” Her husband said, his hand now trailing down from her bottom to her pussy, his fingers feeling it hot and wet.
She could feel him place himself behind her, kneeling between her legs. Then suddenly, she felt the weight of his body on top of hers, his face beside hers as he nibbled on her ear.
“Aren’t you going to untie me first?” She asked.
Her husband shoved his hard cock inside of her. “Guess I’m a bit forgetful as well.” He whispered in her ear.
Amanda moaned as she lay there, tied to the bed while her husband fucked her. His hips smacking her sore red bottom, his cock filling her pussy, his lips biting her ears and kissing her neck.
The rope dug into her wrists and ankles as her body began to shake uncontrollably, they left visible marks on her skin as she moaned in pleasure and an orgasm took over her thoughts.
Her husband froze, feeling her pussy clench around his cock in her ecstasy, then he pushed in even deeper, cumming deep inside of her. The weight of his body suddenly heavier as he collapsed on top of her.

Moments later, he rolled off her. First he took some tissues to clean himself off and pulled his trousers back on, leaving her helpless, still tied up on the bed.
“Now, I’ll untie you.” He said when he was ready.
Amanda pulled on her restraints, eager to be free of them and finally able to soothe her poor, stinging backside.
“Now stand in the corner where naughty girls belong, and hands on your head.” Her husband commanded.
Amanda moaned. She really, really needed to soothe her bottom.
Her husband gave her a single swat across her backside. “Hands on your head, I said.” Then, she heard him open the door. “Stay there, I’ll call you when dinner is ready.”

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