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A farm-girl’s diary – Summer year 1

Spanked by doctor Harvey

Day 29

Summer is here.
Pierre had a bunch of new seeds in stock, and I bought as many melon and blueberry seeds as I could.
On my way back to the farm I ran into Harvey. We exchanged a quick hello – the first words we’ve spoken since my spanking – but nothing more.
I spent most of my time on the farm, planting my new seeds in range of my new sprinkler system.

Day 30

The sprinklers worked great, I didn’t have to water any of the crops this morning. I had so much time and energy left, I hardly knew what to do.
My current patch of crops covered but a tiny area of the otherwise huge farm however. Most of that was still covered by rubble, weeds and even full-grown trees. I should really start clearing that all away.
First however, I went back to the mines. I know I said I wouldn’t but I just wanted a few more ores to give to Clint so he could upgrade my tools. That would make it easier in the long run to work on the farm.
I didn’t go in deep and got home at a reasonable hour.

Day 31

I woke up in the middle of the night to the ground shaking, I didn’t know the valley was susceptible to earthquakes. Nothing on the farm seemed to have been damaged however.

I received another message as well, this one from mayor Lewis, I’m only mentioning it because this was so strange. He wants my help finding his lucky purple shorts, he should probably check his underwear drawer instead of bothering other people about his small-clothes.

As I returned to the caves for the last few ores Clint asked of me, I noticed part of the hill behind Robin’s home had collapsed in the earthquake and a passage up north had been opened.
Behind the collapse, I found a large area with railroad tracks and an old, unused train station. But most importantly, there was an old spa built around hot springs that still seemed to work. No more washing in the pond at my farm, the spa has showers and a real toilet rather than the outhouse behind my cottage. I will be returning here often.
With exploring the spa, I had barely enough time left to go to the caves and get what I needed, but I did make it home safe and on time.

At the Stardew Valley spa

Day 32

Today I finally stopped procrastinating and began cleaning up on the farm while Clint worked on my tools

I did run into Harvey on my way to Clint – he is still his friendly self and didn’t mention I shouldn’t work too hard. He probable believes the message got through the last time we met.

Day 33

More work on the farm. I seem to have found a secret area in the back, with an old shrine.
A message was left there by my grandfather, telling of his return. It made me a bit sad as I wondered who it was meant for, for he was never going to return now.

Day 34

It was storming today, not just rain, but lightning and thunder. I was planning on cutting trees on the farm, but it didn’t feel safe in the weather.
Instead, I headed to the hot springs and took a day off to relax. I did wish some of the villagers would come here as well. Some of them would look very handsome in a bathing suit.

Day 35

Cleaning up the farm has provided me with enough wood and rock to let Robin build me something new. I’d decided on the chicken coop, now that I no longer had to spend all my time watering my plants, I felt I had enough time to take care of some chickens.

With work on the farm mostly done, I set myself to enjoy I nice evening of fishing by the lake.

A cleaned up farm

Day 36

With Robin working on the coop and my sprinklers taking care of my crops, I had another free day.
The weather was beautiful, so I decided on a day at the beach. All I did today was relax in the sun, do some light swimming in the ocean and got a tan.
The only human interaction I had was when Elliot passed by. He is one of the village’s most eligible bachelors, with long locks of flowing chestnut hair, a too handsome face and body much too fit for someone who spends most of his day behind a desk. He’s not just an author, but a musician as well, with a cottage right there on the beach.
You can imagine most girls from town would have a little crush on him, and I must admit I didn’t mind him looking me up and down as I lay there on the sandy beach in my bikini.

Day 37

Robin was still working on the coop today and I didn’t really know what to do with my free time.
I spent another day at the beach, there were more people this time, Sam and Vincent – two brothers – playing with a ball; Haley, a girl about my age, enjoying the sun in a bikini much hotter than my own; and Willy on the pier, catching fish.

I kept mostly to myself, enjoying the time off.

Day 38

After two days on the beach doing nothing, I had enough. Luckily Robin was ready with the chicken coop.

I headed to Marnie who runs the farm south of mine and bought two cute baby chicks from her. She was overjoyed that I was venturing into animal care – she loved animals – and gave me some pointers in how to take care of them.
Feeling cute, I named the chicks Slap and Tickle

I built a fence around the chicken coop with some leftover wood and finally went back to Robin and asked her to build a silo as well so I could stock some hay for the chickens.
And lastly, with so much work done on the farm, I layed down a nice cobblestone path with the leftover rocks so that I no longer had to walk through all that mud everyday.

Day 39

Today was the day of the Luau on the beach. The local governor visited and everyone did their best to impress him.
There was dancing and food and even a large communal potluck. I added my own self-grown crops to the soup and felt very proud when the governor declared it the best he’d ever tasted.

The Luaua at the beach

I talked to Harvey as well at the festival. He told me how he’d noticed how hard Clint was working on my tools and wondered where he’d gotten all the required materials.
I confessed then that I’d spent more time in the mines, gathering the ores for him. With the Luau being a place of celebration, Harvey suggested I visited him in the clinic the next day, so we could discuss this further.

Day 40

At the Luau the day before I’d realized I only spoke to most villagers on the day of a festival and if I really wanted to become part of their community, I’d have to try harder to get to know them.
I loaded up a cart with produce from my farm, with the intent of gifting them for free to the villagers and made my way into town.

First stop however, was Harvey’s clinic.
I admitted to him that I’d returned to the cave, even after what had happened the day he’d spanked me. I explained that I needed the ores and that I hadn’t gone that deep or stayed that long to keep myself safe.
Harvey in turn told me he wasn’t against me going, and understood I needed those materials for my farm. Yet he feared I was developing an unhealthy obsession with the mines and keeping it secret from him only seemed to prove him right.
As my doctor, he felt responsible for my well-being and he pointed out my habit of working too hard and too long, he even mentioned knowing about the incident on the farm, when Linus had to carry me inside.
It wasn’t Harvey who suggested I deserved another spanking, but me. His strict tone, his obvious concern and the memory of arousal I’d felt after my first, it all made my heart flutter and my bottom tingle.

Harvey led me to the examination room this time, where we’d have more privacy should someone enter the clinic and once more took me across his knee.
He quickly had me kicking and squealing again, my bottom bare and red. Like the first time, I knew I deserved this, I wanted it, savored it. I didn’t want him to stop even when I thought I couldn’t take anymore.
When I was finally freed from his lap, my bottom was sore and throbbing, yet I was excited and aroused. I promised him I’d be careful when going to the mines and always tell him when I’d go, so that at least one person knew where I was and could send help if I wasn’t home before dark.

Outside the clinic, my cart was waiting for me. I’d almost forgotten about it, but now I set out to greet the other villagers, all the while hiding a sore red bottom underneath my skirt.
My first stop was the general store beside the clinic, home to Pierre and Caroline who lived behind the store. They have a daughter about my age named Abigail who invited me to play some video-games in her room. Luckily, she didn’t ask why I wanted an extra pillow to sit on as we settled down in front of her TV.

When visiting Emily and Haley, Emily showed me the wounded parrot she found and who’s wing she’d bandaged, they were both very happy with the fresh food I brought them.
On the beach I found Alex, I haven’t mentioned him before, he’s one of the other younger men in the village, seemingly obsessed with sport. Still I made an effort to bond with him by playing ball on the beach – I only hope he didn’t get a glimpse of my red bottom under my skirt as I jumped and dived after the ball.
Alex lives with his grandparents George and Evelyn and when I visited the two of them Harvey was there giving George a checkup. I felt I shouldn’t be there, but George insisted I stayed, giving a second opinion for he didn’t always agree with the doctor.
I of course sided with Harvey, not because he’d just given me a sore, red bottom, but because you should always listen to your doctor. George grumpily agreed. It was good to see the usually friendly Harvey wasn’t just strict with me, but his other patients as well, even old grumpy George.

I ended my trip in the forest where I finally found Shane. He’s Marnie’s nephew and usually very impolite towards me – the only villager to have such a negative attitude with me actually. Yet I didn’t want to exclude him and offered him a gift of fresh fruit and vegetables as well.
It seemed to have helped a little as he offered me a beer and we drank and talked a little. I got more insight into him and his behavior and realized he is quite depressed and probably needs some help.

After a long day of socializing, I returned to my farm. In bed in my cottage, I couldn’t help but fondle my still sore bottom and touch myself as I thought about the punishment I’d received at the start of the day.
What would the villagers have thought if they’d known how sore my bottom was while I smiled and handed them the gifts from my farm.

Day 41

For the second time, the morning after a trip over Harvey’s knee, fresh crops greeted me on my farm, the melons were ready for harvesting.

It was also raining, so after harvesting the new crops, I headed to Harvey to let him know I was headed to the caves. Knowing I had his permission now, I was eager to return.
With this renewed vigor, I got in very deep, now regularly finding gold in the old mines. Yet I made sure I didn’t stay too long and got home in time not to worry the doctor.

Day 42

My first batch of blueberries was ready today, so it took another round of harvesting crops before heading back to the caves.

I’ve also been taking care of the chickens of course – I’ve hardly mentioned them, yet I’ve seen to their needs every single day.

Day 43

With the money I made from the blueberries and melons, I bought a bigger backpack at Pierre’s store today, one I couldn’t afford before. With it – and Harvey’s permission – I returned to the mines.

Now, I’ve been keeping track of every ladder and hole I crawled down in these mines and I’ve gotten deep underground, I must’ve been at least a hundred levels deep when I found a strange chest containing a berry.
Tired and hungry I ate it, now knowing what it was, the taste somehow made me think of cuddling and warmth, I felt invigorated. It was the best thing I’d ever tasted.
Perhaps I shouldn’t tell Harvey I’ve been eating strange substances again though…

Day 44

Harvey seems to be getting slightly worried that I keep going back to the mines every day, almost as if I could get addicted to adventuring.

He didn’t stop me however and I got at least twenty levels deeper than last time. On this last level I found another chest, this one containing a strange key. I kept it, but have no idea what it’s used for.
On this last floor however, I did not find any ladders or holes that could get me deeper into the mines. It might be possible I’d finally reached the end.
I felt elated and sad at the same time, happy with my achievement, yet disappointed that it was over, I’d conquered the mines.

The bottom of the mines

Day 45

Another batch of blueberries were ready for harvesting today and since I no longer felt that urge to go to the mines, I decided to load them into my cart and share them with the villagers – this time without the need to hide a sore red bottom.

Not much of note happened today however. I haven’t talked much about some of the villagers though, like Sam and Sebastian, two younger men about my age. Sebastian is Robin’s’ son and Maru’s half-brother while Sam lives with his little brother Vincent and their mother Jodi.
It was at Jodi’s house where I found Sam and Sebastian playing music in Sam’s room. They were pretty good, so I stayed a while to listen.

Day 46

With nothing else to do, I returned to the community center today. I really believe the Junimoos are real and I felt like I needed to convince Harvey of this.
More mysterious texts had been popping up inside the center and they all seem to be wishlists from the Junimoos. I hope that by granting their wishes, I could find a way to prove their existence to the good old doctor.

I was then greatly surprised during one of my visits, that the Junimoos had fixed up the old boiler room as a thank you for bringing them gifts.
When I went to bed that night, I even had a dream that they had also fixed the old mine railway system.

Day 47

I checked out the railway system from my dreams. It connects the bus-stop to the town near Clint’s workshop and the mines. It was indeed functioning again, Clint confirmed to me that it had been out of business for a long time, yet he didn’t know who had fixed it.

Still, I felt like I needed more proof before going to Harvey. Joja corp had been working near the mines recently and it would be quite possible that they’d been the ones to repair the railway system.

Day 48

After seeing my chickens wander through the rubble south of the farm today, I finally cleared away the last few bushes and rocks.
Invigorated by cleaning up however, I didn’t want to stop. I went to the forest south of town and began removing all the dead wood I could find, cut down parasitic plants so that the more valuable, berry-carrying bushes can grow and chopped down trees that were growing stunted or had died.

It was a fulfilling day of hard work and I went to bed feeling tired in a good way.

Day 49

After my work in the forest the day before, I felt the town could use some work as well.
No-one seemed to complain when I cleared the bushes in the park and all other areas that had been overgrown. They seemed thankful someone finally took the time and thus I made my way all through town and up to Robin’s home by the lake, clearing beside the waters edge as well.

I ended my work all the way north by the railroad tracks and rewarded myself with a nice soak in the spa.
All alone in the hot water, I couldn’t help but feel I deserved more of a reward, so I let my hands slip down between my legs. The spa might be public, but I had never seen anyone in there before, no-one came in now either, to see me reward myself for all the hard work I’d done.

Day 50

Another batch of blueberries was ready today and to try and make a tradition of it, I loaded a bunch of them on my cart to share in the village.

Everyone was happy to see me come and share in my crops. It was a lovely day and I ended my trip on the beach to relax in the sun and build sandcastles with Sam and Vincent.

Day 51

I said I’d cleaned up my farm before, but there were still some old tree stumps that I’d been unable to clear out by myself.
A few days ago however, I’d asked Clint to further improve my axe, and now strengthened with iron from the mines, it was strong enough to break open those hard trunks.

As I worked, my chickens ran around me, they’d grown big and started laying eggs a while ago. Raising them had gone so well that I felt like I was ready for something bigger.
I went to visit Robin to see if she could build me a barn, yet she wasn’t home.

Day 52

With the idea for a barn still fresh on my mind, I headed straight to Robin today.
On my way, I ran into Penny and George. I don’t think I’ve mentioned Penny before, she’s the sweetest young lady in town, always smiling and helping. She also teaches young Vincent and Jas, they’re often at the library for the village has no school.
Penny was helping George this time, getting him something from his mailbox which George couldn’t reach from his wheelchair.
The grumpy old man wasn’t very happy about it however, claiming he didn’t need any help. In fact, if he’d still been spry and not in that chair, I could imagine he’d pulled poor, sweet Penny across his lap and gave her a good old-fashioned spanking right then and there.
The poor girl was just helping though, so I intervened on her behalf. Confronted by the both of us, George apologized and even thanked her for her help.

After a quick thank you from Penny, I made my way to Robin and arranged for her to build me a barn.
I went straight to Marnie’s afterwards to discuss buying some cows from her, but ran into mayor Lewis who was visiting her as well.
Lewis claimed he was there on business, yet I had a suspicion I had interrupted something else. I left them alone to talk, claiming I’d wait in the kitchen to talk to Marnie, yet secretly had a peek in her bedroom instead. There, on the ground, I found Mayor Lewis’ lucky purple shorts – the ones he’d ‘lost’ some time ago.
Once outside, I confronted him and after seeing the look on Lewis’ face promised him I’d keep their relationship our little secret.

Lewis' relationship with Marnie

Day 53

With Robin working on the barn, I wanted more wood to build more fences, so I went to the forest south of the farm.
Just south of Marnie’s ranch and between the forest and the village is Leah’s cottage. I don’t think I’ve mentioned her before, she’s a young woman, always interested in nature and art. Today I heard some weird banging coming from her cottage, so I went over and had a look.
I didn’t find what I thought I would however, no man in Leah’s life bumping her bed against the wall, just a wooden sculpture she was working on. I left and went back to chopping wood.

Day 54

Another batch of blueberries was ready today and I felt really enamored with the idea of becoming the generous farmer, always sharing her fresh produce with the village; so I loaded up my cart and set on my way.
On my way I ran into the the traveling merchant again who’d sold me a rare seed, this time she had one she claimed was ancient. I wondered if they could still grow and bought one to try on the farm.

When visiting Jodi’s home, Sam offered to make me a snack. I was hungry, so I joined him the kitchen where Sam promptly dropped a whole carton of eggs.
Jodi came in shortly after investigating the noise, angrily asking what happened. It’s odd, I’m but a few years older than Sam, but so happy not to live with my parents any more. I quickly covered for him by saying I was the one who had dropped the eggs.
For a moment Jodi’s angry gaze made my bottom tingle, but she was quickly smiling again as she realized who had said those words. Sam quickly offered to clean it up, so it all ended in smiles rather than red bottoms.

When heading towards Robins home for her share of the blueberries, I heard some music coming from the lake. It was odd, for it was raining and I wondered who would be out there in this weather.
It was Abigail, playing her flute and looking out over the lake. She invited me to listen while we huddled from the rain underneath a tree, as we watched it fall over the mountain lake. I felt warm with her beside me, intimate and yet relaxed.

Much later, at Robins, where I would deliver the last of my blueberries, Maru asked me to help her and her dad with some samples. Maru, much like her dad is very much a scientist, only working as Harvey’s nurse until she can build a career of her own.
When Maru left to fetch more beakers, Demetrius unexpectedly cornered me. He seemed to warn me not to get in the way of Maru’s bright future.
I honestly hadn’t given Maru much thought except perhaps as a rival towards Harvey; but perhaps she was more interested in me rather than the doctor, at least that’s what her father seemed to think.
I almost wished to investigate the thought further, just to spite Demetrius and his claim that I might be a bad match for his daughter.

Day 55

These regular trips visiting the other villagers have really allowed me to get to know them better, many are more interesting than I thought at first.
There is Harvey of course, who got my attention right away and with whom I’ve had more than one rather intimate encounter already.
Then there is Jodi, Sam’s mom, who whilst older is quite handsome. She is married, though her husband has been long gone, fighting a war. Who knows if he’ll ever return? Poor Jodi could certainly use some company.
There is Abigail as well, slightly mysterious, very attractive and I almost think she wanted me to kiss her when we were taking shelter from the rain the night before.
And lastly there’s Maru, who might have a thing for me, if her father is to be believed. Just for his words I’d consider dating her, but being honest, having seen her at work in the clinic while visiting Harvey, she doesn’t look bad in her nurse’s outfit either, not bad at all.

There is a saying in the city, about farm-girls and their promiscuity. Yet am I now becoming one of them? Fantasizing about multiple people, having them appear in my dreams, naughty and undressed.
I don’t know if it’s the hard work, the clean outdoor air, or the fresh food from my own fields, but I feel more free and less restrained to go after my desires, even the more erotic ones that I would’ve kept on a tight leash in the past.

Day 56

The last day of summer has come. I spent most of the day building new fences and new machines to help me turn the chicken’s eggs into mayo and the cows milk into cheese.
Speaking about cows, I visited Marnie and bought two of them off her, I named them Hanky and Panky.
It’s a bit intimidating being responsible for two large animals like this, they’re much bigger than chickens, but Marnie assured me I’d do great.

My new cows

The day and season ended at the beach.
It was a magical evening, which the locals call the dance of the moonlight jellies. On this night, the jellyfish that live at these shores start their migration. They light up at night, making the whole ocean glow when all lights are out.

Witnessing this magical sight, I was ready for what Fall would bring my way.

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