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Training day – part two: evening

Drawing of spanked woman bent over sofa

The whole morning, Sophie had spent undressing for her husband, again and again, and again. She had gotten quite good at it too, seeing from Elliot’s expressions what moves he liked most, when she acted shy, covering up her body with her hands, and then excited, using those same hands to touch herself.
She was proud of herself, which was an odd feeling, for she hadn’t expected to actually learn anything during these training days. In her mind, it had just been role-playing, being a submissive for a day. It made her wonder how much of her training actually stuck, not just for future training days but in every day life as well.
She was also a bit tired, standing up all this time, dressing and undressing was a bit of a work-out too. That, and her bottom still hurt from the two spankings Elliot had given her so far.
It was partly through her fourth or fifth striptease practice that she’d realized what that first spanking had been about, the one her husband had given her when he got out of the shower. Sophie had joined him to wash his back, and eagerly to do so, she had stripped too quickly, rather than slowly and sensually as she should.
Now, it seemed like Elliot was finally satisfied with her efforts, for he’d let her keep her clothes on and asked her to set the table for lunch.

Normally, lunch was a shared effort, even if it was just sandwiches, but not on training day. Sophie set the table while Elliot relaxed in the sofa with his phone. It wasn’t just sandwiches either, Sophie had made fresh soup the day before and bought the more expensive bread at the bakery that morning.
When she was ready, she asked her husband to join her so they could have lunch together.
Elliot asked her about her lesson and whether she’d enjoyed it. Sophie told him how much she’d learned and how happy she was she now knew how to please her husband even more. She blushed when Elliot told her he was proud of her.
When they were done, Sophie cleared away the dishes, eager to learn any other lessons her husband had prepared for her.

When she was done in the kitchen, Sophie joined her husband in the living room and saw he’d taken out some paper and his drawing utensils.
“I wanted to use this training day to practice sketching.” Elliot explained. “You can do some modeling for me.”
Sophie smiled. “I could do that any day, Sir.”
“Really, you’d take all that time out of your day, abandon your plans, to just stand still and do nothing, if you weren’t trying to be my perfect submissive?” Elliot asked.
Sophie blushed. “I guess it would get a bit boring after a while.”
“Right, so go stand over there and try to just keep a casual pose.” Her husband instructed.
Sophie moved to where he pointed and tried to act casually.
Standing there was a mixture of fun and boredom, curiosity for what her husband was drawing, and impatience for having to wait until he was done.
“Don’t worry.” Elliot said. “I’m just doing quick sketches today.” And he held word, for shortly after, he asked her to turn around and raise her dress.
Sophie blushed slightly as her husband sketched her. These weren’t just innocent sketches, for in the third pose, he had her bend over and touch her toes. They were clearly inspired by the many spanking positions she might find herself in as his submissive.
For the fifth pose, Sophie was told to stand in the corner, dress raised and hands on her head. She looked over her shoulder, pretending to pout, and secretly wished Elliot had given her a bit of a spanking, just to make her expression feel more believable.

“Great, that’s it for this outfit. Now please go upstairs and get some more clothes, I want to practice different types of clothing.” Elliot said after she’d spent some time in the corner. “Think longer dresses, short skirts, but also trousers and yoga-pants.”
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie replied before heading to their bedroom. She’d thought posing for her husband’s sketches might be boring, but with different outfits and especially with different spanking positions, she might just be horny all the while it lasted.
Sophie returned with a pile of clothes in her arms and almost forgot that mornings lessons as she pulled her dress over her head. When she remembered, she quickly dropped it again and blushingly looked at her husband. He raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say anything. Just in time, Sophie thought to herself and then slowly began to unbutton her dress to strip for her husband.
After stripping out of her dress, Sophie put on an ankle-length dress and let Elliot sketch her first in another casual pose, followed by first raising the extra long skirt to bare her bottom and to let her husband practice drawing those long folds of fabric, then kneeling on the carpet in front of the sofa with her elbows resting on their coffee-table and finally, back in the corner like a naughty girl.
Her third outfit consisted of a tight-fitting shirt and high-waisted trousers that hugged her hips, yet was pulled down to bare her bottom for all sketches except the first. For her spanking-pose, she was told to just bend over slightly and rest her hands against the wall.
The lesson she’d learned earlier that day had seemed easy. Just remember to be sensual and slow when you undress. Of course, it was easy to remember while practicing, but it was also easily forgotten when your mind was on other things.
Sophie’s trousers, which were already pulled down for the sketch while she stood in the corner, had come down too quickly for Elliot’s liking and a simple shirt with no buttons hadn’t inspired Sophie to be more sensual than just pulling it over her head. “Aren’t you forgetting something, young lady?” Elliot thus asked when she put them to the side so quickly.
Sophie looked at her husband and thought for a moment, then bit her lip and blushed. “Not sensual enough?” She asked.
Elliot shook his head and put his drawing utensils aside, then patted his lap.
Sophie eagerly joined him and let her husband pull her across his lap. She needed a break from all that posing and standing still; and presenting herself in all those spanking positions without actually being spanked had only made her yearn for one more.
Elliot quickly pulled down his wife’s panties and brought his hand down on her backside with a firm swat. For the third time in a single day, he was going to spank that cute bottom of hers.
Sophie moaned softly, encouragingly, so Elliot smacked her again and again, bottom bouncing, jiggling, quickly turning red again.
Elliot wasn’t holding back this time however, or at least not much as before. This was her third spanking for the same offense, a perfect submission should’ve learned her lesson by now. He spanked hard and fast, with few breaks in between. The moans became squeals and Sophie kicked her feet as she struggled to remain in position, obediently taking her punishment.
Her bottom was bright red when Elliot finally let her off his lap, she rubbed it, determined not to forget the lesson she’d learned again, but also satisfied for having earned another spanking.
“Are you going to remember now?” Elliot asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie replied. But she also couldn’t help inserting some cheekiness. “I also thought a red bottom would give those positions you’re sketching some extra authenticity.”
Her husband laughed. “You’re right, I’m sure that’s why you did it. Now put on your next outfit so we can continue.”

That next outfit was a button down shirt, long enough to cover the hot-pants she was wearing underneath. In her casual pose, her long bare legs made it seem she was wearing nothing underneath at all. Sophie pulled those pants down for the second sketch, but when she pulled them up and bent over the back of their sofa for the third, bottom up high in the air, the redness of her backside was already visible in the skin that was revealed underneath those short shorts, without even pulling them down. Finally in the corner, the shorts were just a bit of cloth around her ankles.
For her next outfit, Sophie wore another skirt, this one much shorter than the dress she wore before, shorter even than the dress she’d worn at the start of the day. She had to take care in her casual pose to not already show off some redness, but when lifting the short skirt, she was able to reveal her whole, glowing backside. When Elliot asked her to lie down in the sofa, on her back, legs in the air, she was surprised he put down his pencils and knelt beside her.
“You were right about color adding authenticity.” He said. “Let’s make sure it doesn’t fade.” Then spanked her bottom for a good dozen smacks in this position.
Sophie moaned softly, but didn’t protest. She’d wanted him to spank her in each of those positions she’d posed in so far.
The last outfit she’d brought were the yoga-pants. Sophie made sure she showed off how they hugged her bottom in every position, turning around casually to show her backside, then pulling them up rather than down for the second sketch to show off the curves of her bottom. They did come down for the third sketch where she bent over the sofa’s arm-rest, legs up on the seat, upper body hanging down the side. Her bottom of course, was first re-ignited with another dozen swats of her husbands hand. Standing in the corner finally, they were pulled up again, though she could almost imagine the red color shining through by the amount of sting she felt.
Standing in the corner isn’t as boring as it sounds, not even usually, but when your husband is sketching you, it was even more exciting.

“Let’s do one more.” Elliot said.
“Do you want me to get another outfit, Sir?” Sophie asked.
“No, I like the lingerie you’re wearing, let’s do that.” Her husband replied.
Sophie nodded and then – slowly and sensually – undressed for her husband.
“Let’s not do casual, a lingerie-sketch calls for something sexy.” Elliot said. So Sophie did her best to strike a sexy pose while her husband sketched her.
“Now, before you bare your bottom, take off your bra.” Elliot commanded.
Sophie licked her lips and bared her breasts for her husband. Most of his sketches had focussed on her bottom, she felt extra naked taking this off.
Some time later and feeling properly exposed, Sophie followed her husbands instructions to pull down her panties as well. Fully naked she posed for him to sketch her.
“Now for your spanking position.” Elliot said. “Tell me, what’s your favorite position?”
Sophie thought about it for a moment. “Actually, my favorite position is across your knee, but I guess that’s a bit difficult to draw if you can’t see.”
Elliot nodded and after a moments thought, he smiled. “Come with me.” He said.
He took her to their bedroom where they have a large mirror beside the wardrobe. He sat down on the bed and helped his wife across his lap.
“Let’s first make sure this redness is visible in the mirror.” He said and then spanked Sophie’s bottom.
Sophie had of course expected this by now. Yet it seemed to make the redness visible in the mirror’s reflection took some more effort than just the dozen swats she’d received in the other positions. She moaned and squirmed as her husband gave her another good spanking on her backside.
Elliot then took his drawing utensils and placed them on her back, using his wife as his desk as he made his penultimate sketch of a woman being spanked.
The sketching practice ended, with Sophie standing once more in a corner, hands on her head, with no more outfits and no half-covered red bottom, but fully naked.

“Did you like posing for me, Sophie?” Elliot asked as they headed back downstairs.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie replied.
“I enjoyed it too.” Her husband said. “I was very turned on seeing you in all those positions. In fact, I’ve been turned on most of this day, watching you strip for me too.”
Sophie blushed and licked her lips. She’d been turned on too and had been waiting for when her husband wanted to do more than just spank her.
“Do you remember one of the lessons we had on our second training day?” Elliot asked.
Sophie thought for a moment and then bit her lip before answering. “A submissive should be aware of her masters state of arousal and while she should not initiate sexual intimacy, she should offer herself or her services when she recognizes her master’s needs.”
“I guess that means you haven’t been very observant today, have you, young lady?” Elliot asked.
Sophie blushed. Her bottom was still glowing from the various spankings she’d gotten during her husband’s sketching practice. “Are you going to spank me again, Sir?” She asked.
“Do you think that’s what I want to do right now?” Elliot asked.
Sophie licked her lips. “No, Sir. Do you want me to help you deal with your arousal instead?” She asked.
“I do.” Elliot said. They’d reached the living room by now and he seated himself in the sofa. He picked up one of its cushions, spread his legs and markedly dropped it between his feet.
Sophie eagerly knelt between her husband’s feet. She loved giving her husband blowjobs, yet she really didn’t do it that often. They’d get carried away hugging, cuddling and they’d end up fucking instead. On training days however, fully naked, kneeling at her husbands feet, this seemed like the perfect time to pleasure him with her mouth.
She slowly unbuttoned Elliot’s trousers, freeing his large erection. It was big and throbbing, he really hadn’t been lying when he said he’d been aroused most of the day. Sophie almost felt guilty, having let him wait for so long, not thinking about her duties sooner.
Sophie licked her husband’s cock, then took its tip between her lips, playing with her tongue. When her husband moaned, she took him deeper in her mouth. Giving him a blowjob gave her a sense of power, he’d make sounds he’d usually never make, moaning, grunting.
Today, she realized, he was already at the edge, being in control of his wife, being dominant, spanking her, watching her strip. Sophie bobbed her head up and down, knowing it wouldn’t take long.
Elliot grabbed his wife’s hair by the back of her neck. Not to push her down, but just to have something to hold onto as he moaned. His cock emptied into her mouth, his submissive wife obediently swallowing his cum.
Sophie leaned back with a smile when he was done, licking her lips, looking at her husband’s exhausted gasping for air.
“Did that help, Sir?” She asked cheekily.
“It did.” Elliot replied with a smile. “Thank you.”
Sophie smiled and remained where she was, naked and at her husband’s feet.
“This has tired me a bit.” Elliot then said. “You will have to take care of your own needs, Sophie.”
“Of course, Sir.” She replied, blushing slightly. “Do you want to watch?”
“Of course I do.” Her husband replied. “Come kneel beside me, let your upper body rest on the sofa.”
Sophie moved the cushion she was kneeling on from between her husband’s feet and placed it in front of the sofa beside him, then eagerly got into position.
“Can I only use my hand, Sir?” She asked.
“Your hand should be enough for now.” Elliot replied. “You can get something more later.”
Sophie reached with her hand underneath her, finding her pussy wet and throbbing with excitement.
“What are you doing, young lady?” Her husband asked.
Sophie blushed. “Touching myself while you watch, Sir.” She replied.
Elliot shook his head. “That’s what you want, young lady, not what you need.”
Sophie hesitated for a moment, not sure what her husband meant.
“When I said you should take care of your own needs…” Elliot explained. “I was talking about what a naughty girl needs when she forgets to take care of her husband’s arousal for almost a full day.”
Sophie blushed, she almost thought he’d let her get away with that after just giving him a blowjob now.
“I want you to spank yourself, young lady.”
Sophie pulled her hand from underneath herself and placed it on her bottom.
“Don’t hold back.” Elliot said.
She smacked her own backside.
“Harder.” Elliot said.
She smacked herself again, moaning as the sting spread through her already red bottom.
“Faster.” Elliot said.
Sophie began to truly spank herself, smacks landing quick and fast. She couldn’t hold back or slow down, for her husband was right there, watching her.
“I’m sorry, Sir.” She whimpered, but without slowing down.
“I know.” Elliot said. “Now get up and get your hairbrush from the bathroom. You did say you didn’t want to use just your hands.”
Sophie blushed, she didn’t need to explain that was not what she’d meant, her husband knew that as well.
She got back with the hairbrush in hand, knelt beside the sofa and squealed when it landed squarely across her backside by her own hand.
“Harder, Sophie.” Her husband said.
So Sophie spanked herself even harder. Her bottom was on fire, throbbing. Yet she didn’t slow down or go easy on herself, if she did, Elliot might take over and he’d surely be able to spank her harder than she was herself.
“That’s enough.” Her husband finally said.
Sophie dropped the brush and rubbed her sore bottom with both hands.
“Now, how about you get up and make us some dinner.” Her husband said. “When you’re done, you can put your clothes back on.”
Sophie nodded. “Yes, Sir.” She hadn’t realized before how late it had become.
Her husband followed her to the kitchen. On previous training days he’d just spent some time on his laptop while she was working for him. She guessed today he wanted to enjoy the view of his completely naked wife with a bright red bottom in their kitchen.

As with lunch and breakfast, Sophie put more work in dinner than she’d usually do. In fact, most often it was Elliot who made dinner, while she cleaned up after they were done eating. Today she would do both.
She grilled some steaks, roasted potatoes and made a salad with fresh goat’s cheese and crispy bacon. By the time she was done, most of the sting in her bottom had dissipated, but she’d felt her husband’s eyes on her backside this whole time.
Sophie set the food on the table for her waiting husband first, then she went to the living room to get her clothes. The lingerie and dress she’d chosen for him that morning.
“Leave your panties off for now.” Elliot said when she returned.
Sophie smiled and put on just her bra and dress, no socks of course, she’d been barefoot all day.
“And raise your dress when you sit down.” Elliot continued.
Sophie sat down as instructed, her bare, sore buttocks onto the hard wood of their kitchen chairs.
“This smells good.” Her husband said. “I think perhaps for the first time today you’ve earned yourself a reward.”
Sophie smiled. “Thank you, Sir.”
“Before I had you spank yourself, you were so aroused you wanted to touch yourself.” Elliot continued. “You didn’t deserve it back then, but you do now.”
“Right now?” Sophie asked, looking down at the food she’d prepared.
“Well, you could wait.” Her husband said. “But the way this day has been going so far it seems more likely that you’ll have earned another spanking before long and then you’ll have missed your chance.”
Sophie blushed, the way her husband was grinning, she knew he’d make sure something would prevent her from getting a reward if she were to postpone it until after dinner.
She reached down between her legs, touching herself under the dinner-table as her husband watched. She was still wet and excited, cooking naked for her husband, his eyes on her the whole time, her bottom still sore from her many spankings.
Elliot in the meantime picked up his utensils and started to eat. He smiled, chewing slowly, enjoying his food as he watched his wife play with herself.
“Don’t take too long.” He said. “Don’t let your food get cold.
Sophie blushed, not sure where to look as she sat straight across from her husband, touching herself as he ate.
Elliot then reached forward, pulling her plate towards him. With his own knife he cut a piece of her steak and with his fork he picked it up, leaning forward over the table, feeding it to her as she moaned, on the edge of orgasm.
“Another piece?” He asked.
“No.” Sophie replied, her body trembling with excitement. “Thank you, Sir.” Then she moaned, climaxing at the dinner table.
Elliot brought another piece of meat to his mouth, chewing it slowly as he watched his wife trying to catch her breath.
He didn’t say anything.
Sophie picked up her own cutlery and pulled her plate back to her. She began to eat, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

“Do you think you’ve had enough training for today?” Elliot asked when he was done with his food.
“I still have a lot to learn to become a perfect submissive, Sir.” Sophie replied.
Her husband smiled. “Good answer.” He said. “But I think for today it’s enough for me to just enjoy having a submissive wife without further training.”
“Of course, Sir.” Sophie replied.
“So, after you clean up the kitchen, you can join me in the sofa and we’ll just watch some TV together.”
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie replied, already getting up to put away the dishes.

Sophie joined her husband when she was done. The TV was already on, so she laid herself down in the sofa beside him, facing away to put her bottom within arms reach. Elliot placed his hand on her hips, so Sophie pulled up her dress so he could fondle her bottom to his hearts content. She still wasn’t wearing her panties.
Elliot held word that he didn’t have any more lessons planned for the day, but his hand on her bottom, petting and squeezing her sore buttocks made for a very enjoyable evening.
When he said they should head to bed early, Sophie knew it wasn’t because he wanted to sleep.
She watched her husband undress without much thought, but remembered to take her own clothes off slowly and sensually, just like he’d taught her.
“Did you enjoy your training today?” Elliot asked.
“Very much, Sir.” Sophie replied, though she didn’t want it to be over just yet. “Though I feel you’ve been holding back all day.” She paused for a moment. “I know that on a training day you hold back, because I’ll earn plenty of spankings and you don’t want to wear me out before the end of the day. All of my spankings were quick and short and when my backside finally felt the hairbrush today it was by my own hand, you never used more than just your hand yourself. It just feels like I got off easy.”
Elliot smiled. “You’re right. You did get off easy and you did earn a lot of spankings today. Perhaps I should give you one last spanking before bed, just to make sure that you will remember all the lessons you’ve learned today.”
Sophie smiled and licked her lips. “That might be best, Sir.”
Elliot moved back on the bed to sit against the headboard and instructed her to come lay across his lap. They were now both fully naked, so Sophie could feel his erect cock firmly beneath her hips as she positioned herself.
With one hand on her lower back to hold her down, Elliot began her last spanking of the day. With his other hand he spanked her firmly and slowly.
Relaxing by the TV, Sophie’s bottom had lost a lot of its color and a lot of its sting. Elliot now quickly reignited that burning sensation and turned her bottom that bright red it had been before.
He didn’t need to hold back for later, this was the last spanking of the day. His smacks were hard and precise, making her bottom bounce from each impact, making Sophie moan and squeal.
Not before long, Elliot told his wife to get up, not because the spanking was over, but because she’d complained he only used his hand before.
He ordered her to lay down on her belly, two pillows under her hips to push up her bottom. Meanwhile he grabbed a leather belt from his wardrobe.
The first swat landed with a loud thwack across Sophie’s backside, leaving behind a broad red stripe, darker even than the more pinkish result of her spanking so far.
Sophie moaned then bit her lip and braced herself for more.
Three more swats landed in quick succession, making her squeal.
Then, she could feel her husband’s weight on top of her as he straddled her back. He grabbed her hair by the back of her neck and raised her face off the mattress, putting something in her mouth, a gag. It was a bit-gag, one she could bite down on that he secured around her head.
“No need for you to ruin those beautiful lips.” Elliot said.
Sophie moaned softly, realizing she’d been biting down the pain. The gag was welcome, yet it would also muffle her protests as her husband continued her spanking.
She bit down when she felt his weight get off her back, prepared to take as much of her punishment as he was willing to give.
The belt landed across her bottom again. The gag muted Sophie’s moans and squeals as her husband chastised her backside. And again.
Her bottom was burning. Sophie cursed her big mouth, she could’ve ended their day cuddling, kissing and fucking. Instead, she lay there with a gag in her mouth, bottom on fire, and her husband stoking that fire with each swing of his belt. She’d cooked for him, stripped for him, pleasured him with her mouth, offered her body for him to play with and accepted her punishments as part of her lessons and still, all she got in the end was a sore red bottom and a stern warning not to forget her lessons for next time.
Yet when Elliot finally stopped, when he placed his hands on her stinging backside, straddling her legs as he massaged her backside, Sophie felt like it had been worth it.
This pain, this burning sensation, was so much more exciting than just some kisses and cuddling.
Elliot felt the same. She could feel it when he bent forward to release her from the gag, his cock hard and massive, pushed between her buttocks.
He moved back, kneading her sore bottom with both hands. Sophie moaned deeply, already missing the touch of his cock. She didn’t need to wait long. Her husband spread her buttocks apart, pushing his cock against her pussy, pushing it deep inside of her.
Firmly he grabbed her hips, fucking her slowly at first, but then faster and faster.
Sophie moaned deeply. Her backside was on fire, her insides were on fire. Her body began to shake uncontrollably. Her muscles contracting and releasing around her husbands cock as it thrusted inside of her. She squealed as she climaxed.
Elliot smacked her bottom once as the orgasm had hold of her, as if admonishing his submissive wife about cumming without his permission. But then he too froze up, and moaned deeply as he came inside of her.
He collapsed on top of her, both of them just there, catching there breath.

Elliot rolled off of her, pulling the blankets over them. Sophie grabbed some tissues from her night stand, quickly cleaning up before turning off the light.
“Good night, Sir.” She whispered.
“Good night, Sophie.” He replied.
She closed her eyes, already dreaming of the lessons she’d learn next month.

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