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Extra short shorts

drawing of a woman in very short shorts

No, not the kind that hug your bottom and leave nothing to the imagination.
Extra short short stories.

I wrote these as a challenge to myself to set a sexy spanking scene in just a few sentences.
They can be used as writing-prompts or art-prompts or just to be enjoyed by themselves.

Tell me in the comments, which of the following ten short shorts you enjoyed most.

Game night

Our front door has a one-way glass panel, so when I placed my hands against its cool surface and looked outside, I could see our guests waiting, but they could not see me.
They looked up in confusion and surprise when they heard the first squeals and the sound of flesh hitting flesh.
Those who had been staring at the door, speculating why we were letting them wait, were now wondering what that sound might be. Those that were smiling probably knew.
We had a good reason for making them wait however. The snacks I had promised them when coming over to watch the game were not ready; and my boyfriend was dealing with that right now.

The hallway

One of the neighbors passed me in the hallway as I stood outside the apartment. She stopped to look at the door and listened to the sounds coming from inside: squealing, moaning and the sound of flesh hitting flesh.
She looked at me and asked: “Is that what I think it is?”
I nodded. “Yes, someone’s been a very naughty girl.”
She looked at the door again, then back at me, blushed and made her way down the hall. When she reached the stairs, she turned around and asked. “Are you just going to stand there and listen?”
I smiled and winked at her. “I’m waiting my turn.”


I know of a quaint little shop that sells kitchen-ware and focusses on durability and nature-friendly materials, no plastic or silicone, but real glass, metal pots and wooden utensils.
I was there yesterday, browsing their wares when one of the attendants asked me if I wanted their help.
I told her I was looking for a wooden spoon.
“Just a spoon?” She asked, while showing me their collection.
I nodded and picked one that looked long and sturdy.
“So, what are you going to be cooking?” The attendant asked as I followed her to the register; trying to make conversation.
I smiled and winked at her. “Nothing, my boyfriend is going to be wielding this one.”


What I remember most about meeting my boyfriends parents for the first time was sitting down for dinner.
They had a large table and antique, wooden chairs. I sat down carefully and slowly for there were no pillows. Gingerly I placed my bottom on their flat, wooden surface, yet I could not help whimpering softly as I did.
“Everything okay, dear?” His mother asked.
I took a deep breath and smiled. “Yes ma’am, I’m fine.” Perfectly polite, just like my boyfriend had intended.
He had prepared me well, just before we set off to his parents home, he’d made sure I’d make the best first impression possible.

Why wait?

When I’m going on a girl’s night out, my boyfriend knows I’m the kind of girl that likes to get into trouble; he usually makes me this offer.
I could get a spanking right before I leave, for I will surely earn one that night and a sore bottom might serve as a reminder not to go too far.
Or he could give me a list of rules I need to follow and spank me when I get home for each one of them I’d broken.
So how long do you think my skirt should be, to hide my red bottom when I’m on the dance-floor?

A morning run

I like to go on a morning run almost every day.
The only thing that bothers me is the creepy guys out early, cat-calling and whistling at me.
It doesn’t help that I like to wear tight-fitting clothes and my shortest of shorts possible for running; but I refuse to change the way I dress because of their actions.
One remark I heard today however, made me stop in my tracks and blush.
“Cute red panties!” One of the guys had called after me.
I wasn’t wearing any red panties, just a black thong that would definitely not be visible under my shorts.
I did have a discussion with my boyfriend that morning however – about how often I should let my alarm snooze if I wanted to get up so early – which might explain that color.

Christmas gift

Christmas this year was a lot more exciting than I’d hoped for.
My boyfriend and I celebrated the holidays with his family. We didn’t bring too many gifts, just two from me, one for my boyfriend and one for secret Santa; and likewise two from him.
At the party, we placed those gifts under the tree until after dinner.
I wonder if any of his brothers or their girlfriends saw me staring nervously at the presents under the tree as we ate.
You see, I had bought two gifts for my boyfriend that year. One of them was the set of paint brushes I knew he wanted, the other was a sturdy wooden paddle.
I just wasn’t sure which one of the two I’d hidden in our bedroom and which one was now waiting under the family Christmas tree.


My boyfriend and I love to go hiking. Last weekend we were once again deep in the woods.
We had just found a beautiful open area with luscious grass and wildflowers where we wanted to pic-nick. My boyfriend had stayed there, preparing some food on our little gas stove.
I had continued on the path, to gather some extra necessities. I was just on my way back to him, carrying the small collection of long, thin branches I had found, when I passed an older couple on the trail.
“Ah you must be the girl that young man we just met talked about.” The woman said.
“You two are not going to use those to make a fire, are you?” The man asked, pointing at my collection.
“Oh, no.” I replied. “My boyfriend needs them for … something else.”


The girls and I had planned an evening in for ourselves last weekend. No boyfriends allowed.
We started with take-out food and dancing, then a glass of wine with a romantic movie and finally got into our pj’s and dumped our sleeping bags on the living-room floor.
The others seemed to have all chosen cute babydoll night-gowns or negligees to sleep in, I was the only one wearing a soft, plushy onesie.
I didn’t feel out of place though, the others told me how cute I looked and admitted their jealousy for they were cold and I wasn’t.
They didn’t know the true reason I had chosen to wear it however. A short, sexy night-gown wouldn’t have hidden the red result of the discussion I’d had with my boyfriend earlier that day.

The phone-call

When I answered a call last night, I wondered how much of the sound of flesh hitting flesh was being picked up by my phone.
The man calling me worked for an electric company and wanted to sell us a new contract. I tried to tell him I was a bit busy, but he insisted I looked at a recent bill so he could tell me how much I’d be saving.
I was a bit tied up however, but my boyfriend would know. He had that exact bill in hand.
We had recently received it and the amount we needed to pay was through the roof, probably because I forgot to turn our appliances off all the time.
He was dealing with that right now.

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