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A fake number

drawing of a girl spanked otk

“12:30 MacLaren’s Pub.”

I stared in wonder at the text message from an unknown number. My first reaction was to reply with ‘wrong number’ instead I decided to have some fun.

“What will be happening at 12:30 at MacLaren’s Pub?”

I wasn’t sure whether I’d get a reply, it took some time, but after a while my phone buzzed again.

“You know what’s going to happen, young lady. We agreed to meet at the pub, during your lunch-break, to discuss your behavior these pasts few days.”

Well, that didn’t explain much.
Again, I should’ve probably replied that this person had the wrong number. The intended recipient might be in some trouble? I shouldn’t make matters worse for them, but I just couldn’t help myself.

“At the pub?”

As I waited, I wondered. Who was this person texting to? What kind of relationship did you have with someone, that you’d meet at a pub to discuss their behavior? Certainly not a parent, you’d tell a child to come home, not meet at a pub. But who else would need to have their behavior “discussed”?

“Of course not. I’ll pick you up there and we’ll go somewhere more private together.”

I don’t know why I didn’t just end it right then. I guess I was just too curious to find out what was going on.

“All right, see you there.”

I arrived at the pub at twelve fifteen, to make sure I arrived before whomever had texted me. I sat down at a booth with a drink and kept my eyes on the door.
The pub was quite empty, not a lot of people came in for a drink this time of day.
At exactly twelve thirty a handsome looking man entered. He looked around as if he was looking for someone and then sat down at the bar.
He ordered a drink and picked up his phone.
Mine buzzed.

“Where are you?”

I didn’t answer him.
Five minutes passed.

“I won’t hold it against you if you’re late, but at least let me now or else you’re in even deeper trouble.”

I realized it was time to end my prank. I decided I didn’t want to get the other person, the one who these texts were meant for, in even more trouble.
Yet I couldn’t stop myself from being slightly cheeky still.

“I’m already here.”

The man looked around and I did my best not to look at him.

“I don’t see you. Are you at MacLarens?”

“Yes. I think you have the wrong number.”

The man looked around again and this time he noticed me looking at him.
I looked down at my drink, but from the corner of my eyes I saw him get up and approach me.
He sat down opposite me.
I smiled at him, not protesting his company even though there were plenty of empty booths for him to sit at.
He looked back at his phone.

“Is this you?”

My phone buzzed.
I looked up at him and blushed.
“It appears I have been texting the wrong number.” The man said, he looked surprised and slightly sad, but was still smiling.
“I’m sorry.” I said. “I don’t know why I did that.”
He didn’t seem angry. “It’s okay, I should’ve realized she gave me a fake number.”
“Who did?” I asked.
“Just some girl I met the other day.” He replied. “My name’s Jeff by the way, what’s yours?”
“I’m Emma.”
“Nice to meet you Emma. Well I should probably go before I make even more of a fool of myself.”
“No, wait.” I replied. “I’m the fool for playing such a prank on you. Let me make it up to you by buying you a drink.”
Jeff sat back down. “Alright then.”
“It’s quite the coincidence that this girl gave you a fake number that actually worked, and from someone from the same neighborhood who knew this pub.” I said.
The man nodded with a grin. “I guess we were meant to meet.”
I smiled shyly. “So what were you and this girl going to do?”
He smiled at me. “So that’s why you wanted to buy me a drink. Someone’s a curious kitten.”
I blushed. “Well your texts didn’t seem like something you’d sent to someone you just met the other day.”
“We were roleplaying a bit.” Jeff replied. “She told me she was into spanking. I guess that was a lie too.”
I licked my lips, suddenly aroused by the idea of two people meeting up during lunch for a kinky date. Perhaps I’d always known that’s what those texts were about. “Care to tell me about it?”
Jeff looked a bit surprised. He’d probably expected his quick and honest answer to embarrass me and stop me from asking further questions.
“Well since my afternoon is ruined, I might as well.” He said. “This girl and I met at the bar two nights ago. We started talking and somehow the conversation ended up on kinky interests.”
“Somehow?” I asked.
He grinned. “Well I guess I steered the conversation a little. It seemed obvious to me that both of us were interested in more than just a bit of fun.”
“So she told you she liked to be spanked?” I asked.
“She told me she fantasized about it.” Jeff replied. “Which was perfect for me because it’s one of my biggest fantasies as well.”
“And then you agreed to text her today so you could spank her?” I asked, trying to reconstruct their conversation.
“I offered to do it right away.” He replied with a laugh. “She didn’t want to of course, so I asked for her number. That way if she changed her mind, she could just reply no or even block me. I guess she didn’t have to think about it after all, since she gave me a fake number instead.”
“So why did you text her during her lunch-break?” I asked.
“Well after she gave me her number, we continued to chat. I asked her when would be the best time to meet and she was the one to suggest her lunch-break.” Jeff replied.
I smiled, for some reason I felt very excited hearing about their plans. “Well, if it was me, I would’ve given you my real number.” I said, playfully consoling him.
“Ah, but the question is, would you show up when I texted you?” He asked.
“I’m here, aren’t I?” I replied cheekily.
He grinned. “So you’d show up and then, you’d come with me someplace I could spank you?” He asked.
“If that’s what I deserved.” I replied with a sly wink.
“Oh, you do.” Jeff replied. “The way you pranked me, lied to me instead of telling me I had the wrong number from the start.”
I blushed. “Well then, lead the way.”
He looked me up and down, his smile a bit unsure, wondering whether I meant what he thought I meant. “Right now? You don’t want to think about it first?” He asked.
Maybe I should’ve thought about it more, but the same curiosity that had brought me to this bar now urged me to explore further.
“Well, you already have my number, so I can’t give you a fake one.” I said with a grin. My heart was racing, not sure why I was so excited to go through with this.
“How much time do you have?” Jeff asked.
“I’m not working today.” I replied. “I’m not on a lunch-break, so I guess you’re lucky I’m not that other girl, we’ll have plenty of time.”

I payed the bartender for our drinks and followed Jeff outside.
“My apartment is just around the corner.” He said. “Or we could go to yours if that makes you more comfortable.”
“Yours is fine.” I replied.
We walked together in silence, neither of us sure of what to say. Moments later we arrived at a large apartment building where I followed Jeff up two flights of stairs to his apartment.
Once inside, he looked at me, shaking his head. “What kind of girl are you, Emma, that you’d follow a stranger to his apartment on a whim like this.”
I smiled. “Do you prefer to invite girls late a night, slightly drunk perhaps, not one hundred percent sure what they’re consenting to?” I said it teasingly.
“No, of course not.” He replied. “I guess I’ve just never met someone who was this forward, so sure of what she wanted.”
I blushed. “To be honest, I’m not sure what I’m doing here either.”
Jeff laughed. “Then why did you come?”
“My friends do say I’m a bit too spontaneous sometimes.” I replied with a wink.
“They tell you your spontaneity will get you in trouble?” He asked, a bit of a sly grin on his face.
I grinned. “Yeah, they do say that.”
“And today seems to be one of those days it did.” Jeff said.
I nodded. “I seem to have gotten myself in quite a bit of trouble, pranking the wrong guy.”
My heart was still racing, my whole body tingling with anticipation. I didn’t really understand why. There was this chemistry between myself and this man I’d just met. Something that made me trust him. Something that made me curious and horny.
“Have you ever been spanked before, Emma?” He asked.
I shook my head. “No.”
Jeff raised an eyebrow and licked his lips. To be honest, I was just as surprised as him as to why I was this eager to go through with taking the other girl’s place in his fantasy. Sure, not all my fantasies and daydreaming were super vanilla either, but that didn’t explain why I was so keen on letting him spank me.
“Let’s get you across my knee then.” Jeff said. “And we’ll see how eager you still are when I’ve got your bottom nice and warm.”

Jeff sat down in his sofa and gestured me to lay across his lap. Why didn’t I feel any hesitation as I moved forward? I wondered.
Laying face-down on his sofa, my hips supported by his lap, was more comfortable than I’d imagined. My head rested on a pillow on top of my arms, my feet just about dangling over the armrest on the other side.
I was wearing a short summer’s dress and could keenly feel the warmth of Jeff’s hands through the delicate fabric. One of them on my lower back, as if to keep me securely in place, the other intimately rubbing my backside.
I closed my eyes and rested my head on the pillow as the firm stroking and gentle squeezing of his hand massaged my bottom. It was intensely intimate and highly arousing. My dress was short and my legs bare. With each passing of his hand, I felt the fabric ride up my backside, revealing more and more bare skin. First my thighs, then my buttocks, Jeff’s warm hand now in direct contact with my exposed skin, pushing up my dress even further until my bottom was fully exposed.
“You are wearing some wonderful panties, Emma.” Jeff complimented me.
I blushed slightly. Luckily, I’d put on a nice pair of lace-edged thongs that morning. I preferred something that didn’t show when wearing a dress. Today they had the added bonus of not being boring panties to get spanked in.
They wouldn’t offer me any protection however.
“Ready?” Jeff asked.
Jeff raised his hand and then smacked my bottom with a firm swing of his arm.
I kept my eyes closed, enjoying the repeated sensation of his hand connecting with my backside, spreading sting and warmth through my delicate skin.
That sting spread through my bottom with each smack, dwindling again before the next swat renewed it once more. It felt like the tides of the ocean, each wave crashing into the beach, then the water retreating again just like the sting; repeated over and over again.
But just like an incoming high tide, the sting had less and less time to retreat as the next wave was already there to raise the water level; each new smack brought a new layer of pain over the previous one, building up in intensity.
I moaned softly as the sting now took over all feeling in my backside. Jeff didn’t offer any reprise however, his hand coming down firm and fast.
My bottom was glowing and I struggled slightly, I could now feel his other hand on my lower back, firmly holding me down.
A few more swats and then he finally stopped. Jeff’s hand now gently rubbing my bottom. The sting in my backside lessened, but it was still there.
“How was that?” Jeff asked me.
“Hot.” I replied.
Jeff laughed. “I could feel you struggling.” He said.
“It hurt.” I replied.
“It is supposed to hurt.” Jeff replied.
I giggled. “I know, am I not allowed to struggle a bit if it does?”
“Of course you are.” Jeff replied. “It’s just that not all girls do.”
“I kinda liked the feeling of you holding me down.” I admitted with a blush. “You’re going to have to use all your strength if this spanking is going to become much harder.”
Jeff laughed, I could now feel him press his other hand firmly on my lower back. “Just make sure I know when to hold you down and when I should let you go.” He said.
“I’ll let you know if things go too far.” I replied.
“Anything else beside struggling I should know about?” He asked.
I bit my lips, imagining how the rest of my punishment would go. “I might squeal and kick my legs, or beg for you to stop and promise you anything you want.” I fantasized aloud
“But when you do, you don’t want me to stop?” Jeff asked.
I licked my lips, slightly nervous. “Not right away, but eventually…”
“Any other remarks before I continue your spanking?” Jeff asked.
I grinned, being spanked like this had made me feel even more cheeky than before. “Well, I’ve just noticed there’s a lot of spanking and fondling going on and not a lot of talking, while I thought we were here to discuss my behavior.” I joked.
“There is nothing further to discuss, young lady.” Jeff replied. “You know well enough why you are here. Lying to me, playing me along, pretending to be someone you’re not.”
Finally he raised his hand once more and started my spanking anew. The sting in my backside had mostly subsided, but it quickly came back with each stroke of his hand. It came down harder than before, my bottom bouncing from the impact and I moaned softly as the pain spread through my buttocks.
I closed my eyes, moaning deeply as the sting built and my bottom turned more and more red with each swat. I pushed up against Jeff’s other hand, but he firmly held me in place. There was no reprieve, his hand came raining down on my bottom. I pushed my face into the pillow and squealed.
Two, three more swats and Jeff paused once more. The sting didn’t recede this time, not even while he gently massaged my buttocks, my backside was still throbbing.
“Is that getting through to you, young lady?” He asked.
It was, but the way he called me young lady, with how smug he sounded, I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction just yet. “I just wanted to see if you’d stop if I squealed.” I replied. I didn’t know where that sauciness had come from.
“Apparently someone still feels a bit cheeky.” Jeff replied, warningly squeezing my sore buttocks. “Perhaps if I bare these cheeks completely, things will more easily get through to her.” He hooked two fingers behind my thongs and pulled them down halfway my bottom where they strapped tightly around my stinging backside.
I moaned deeply. This spanking so far had been a back and forth between pain and arousal, Jeff’s firm hand across my backside as he spanked me, followed by its gentle massaging during pauses like this. The thong hadn’t offered any protection from the first part, and while they provided no cover for my bottom, they did offer some protection for my modesty further down, hiding my wet and throbbing pussy behind a thin layer of fabric.
I didn’t protest however, further nudity seemed like a frivolous thing to be embarrassed about when you were already face down across a man’s knee, getting spanked.
Still, when Jeff – after hearing no objection from me – pulled them down even further, I bit my lower lip. Perhaps there was a bit more room for embarrassment and arousal after all.
“Someone’s been enjoying her punishment more than she’s let on.” He said as he pulled the thong down all the way too my knees. “You’re all wet and excited.”
I blushed deeply, yes definitely more room for such feelings.
Jeff placed his hand back on my bottom, continuing his gentle squeezing and massaging. His fingers came close to the center point of my excitement. Though perhaps he’d always been so bold in his exploration and I’d only noticed it now that I had no protection left.
“Let’s see if we can get through to you now.” He said as he raised his hand again.
Once more Jeff peppered my bottom with his hand, each smack hard and fast. I moaned and grunted. It seemed to hurt more than before, even though that thong hadn’t offered any protection, Jeff just spanked me harder even still.
I struggled and squealed as my bottom turned to fire. This time neither of those made him stop. His other hand firmly held me down no matter how hard I fought and kicking my legs did nothing to abate the pain.
In fact, it just seemed to encourage the man. He sped up with each squeal or slowed down for some extra hard swats for each kick of my legs. I screamed into the pillow and then bit down on the soft fabric.
Yet Jeff didn’t let my discomfort slow him down. My bottom was burning, bouncing, glowing red and each smack of his hand kept the fire going.
I remembered then what I’d told him before. How I might beg for him to stop and make promises I might not want to keep. While my squeals had already echoed inside his apartment and my feet were drumming against the armrest as I kicked against the pain in my bottom, he had not yet gotten me as far as all I had predicted. I realized he wouldn’t stop until he did.
“I’m sorry.” I mumbled, letting go of the fabric between my teeth. “I’m sorry.” I said again. “I won’t do it again.
Jeff ignored my mumbled apologies, his hand still raining down on my poor backside.
“Please.” I begged. “I’ll be a good girl, I promise.”
He slowed down then, but didn’t stop. “You will? That’s nice to hear.” Each swat on my backside slower now, but still firm and hard. The pain was nearly unbearable.
“Please.” I moaned again. “I will be good, really.”
“I know.” Jeff said. “You already said so.”
I groaned, but he did not back down, his hand, firmly tanning my bottom still. I bit the pillow, squealing loudly. Why had I told him I wanted him to continue, even should I beg him not too?
“Please stop.” I begged again as the pain became too much. “I’ll do anything you want.”
Three, four, five more swats. He wasn’t stopping. Six, seven, … Nothing. He placed his hand firmly on my bottom, it felt hot like a fire. Would I really do anything he wanted? Yes… Yes I would.
“I don’t think you really want me to stop.” Jeff said.
“What?” I gasped.
“That’s what you told me before isn’t it? Don’t stop right away.” He said. His hand slid down my bottom, further than before, until he cupped my pussy with the palm of his hand. “Besides, you’re still all wet and excited down here. Why would you want me to stop something that is giving you this much pleasure?”
I moaned deeply. I didn’t know what to respond to that. I really did want him to stop, didn’t I?
“Well?” Jeff asked, not removing his hand. “Am I wrong?”
“I… I guess not.” I replied.
“Good girl.” Jeff replied. He pushed his fingers into my pussy, two of them slipping deep inside of me. “I’ll be sure to reward you when we’re done.”
I moaned deeply, but Jeff already raised his hand once more.
I braced myself as the final deluge came down. He spanked me hard and fast. But somehow, the small interlude, the touch of his hand on my most intimate part had given me the strength to endure. I bit down on my pillow, I moaned, I squealed, I kicked my legs, but I did not beg him to stop, not again.
Jeff didn’t go easy on me, not for these last few smacks, he gave me all he could give and all I could take. My bottom bounced under each impact, my delicate skin was bright red, my poor bottom was throbbing.
And then finally, not because I begged for it, not because of me, but because Jeff had decided it, he landed the last swat across my backside.
When he stopped, gently rubbing my bottom once more and I slowly realized it was over, I felt all the muscles in my body relax one after the other, until I once more lay comfortable across his lap. Then I let out a deep breath.
“You did very well, Emma.” Jeff said. “I wouldn’t have expected you’d be able to take such a firm spanking on your very first time.”
I blushed deeply. It was an odd feeling to be proud of yourself for something like this. Pleased that you were good at taking a punishment. Yet I was proud of it.
“And you enjoyed it too, until the very end.” Jeff said. His hand slid down my bottom again, finding my pussy, cupping it, his fingers slipping inside. “Despite your struggling, your kicking and squealing, you’re still all wet and excited.”
I blushed, but moaned deeply at the same time.
“I think that deserves a reward, don’t you?” Jeff asked, his fingers massaging my inside.
“Yes, please.” I moaned.
Laying across his lap, in the very position he’d punished me, I let him play with my pussy. His fingers alternatively thrusting deep inside me or firm yet gentle caressing my swollen clitoris.
I moaned and buried my face into the pillow that was still wet with my saliva. The burning pain in my bottom mixed with the pleasure between my legs until I could feel nor think of anything else. Loudly I reached the orgasm that Jeff’s hands had been guiding me towards all afternoon.

For a while, I just lay there, across a strangers lap, in a strangers apartment, while his hand massaged my bare bottom, slowly easing the pain he had there inflicted.
I hadn’t forgotten where or with whom I was, but for a while it had seemed unimportant. Now, relaxed, I remembered how my curiosity, my spontaneity had gotten me here. Yet I didn’t want to be anywhere else.
“Perhaps it is time we round things off.” Jeff said.
I moaned softly in protest. I was enjoying his caring hand on my throbbing bottom very much.
“I’m sure you’ve learned your lesson about pulling such pranks on strangers.” Jeff said. “But I feel no punishment is complete without a heartfelt apology at the end.”
I blushed. “I’m sorry.” I whispered.
Jeff chuckled. “That won’t do… After all the trouble I’ve gone through to give you a fitting punishment, you owe me a bit more than that.”
“Like what?” I asked.
“Well, I do remember you promised me you’d do anything I asked.” Jeff replied. “Is that a promise you were planning to keep?”
I bit my lip and moaned softly. I did want to keep that promise, especially if it meant we were going to do more than just massage my bottom a bit longer. “Of course. Only naughty girls break their promises and I’ve just learned today what happens to such naughty girls.” I replied cheekily.
“Great, then let’s get you off my lap to start.” Jeff replied with a chuckle before he helped me get up. Sitting down next to him on the sofa I could really feel how sensitive my poor bottom was.
Jeff picked up the pillow I’d been using as a gag before and dropped it at his feet. “How about you kneel down right here and try that apology again, without any words this time.”
I blushed slightly, but knew exactly what he wanted. I slid down the sofa, kneeling at his feet. Eagerly I unzipped his trousers, pulling out his large, erect cock. It was throbbing in my hands. He must’ve been bursting, after that long spanking, my reward, the aftercare. I could just feel his heart beating in my hands.
Eagerly I took him in my mouth. I wanted to do this for him, I wanted to offer him the same pleasure he’d offered me, to reward him for what he’d done to me, to thank him for what he’d let me experience.
I took him in deep, sucking and massaging his cock with my tongue. Jeff moaned and grunted. It wouldn’t take long, I almost felt guilty for having let him wait this long without a release.
When he came, he filled my mouth with his cum. I swallowed it all, cleaning his cock with my tongue, instinctively realizing he would appreciate that as the behavior of the good girl he’d taught me to be.
When I looked up at him he was smiling and I blushed.
I got up and sat back down beside him as he tucked his cock back inside his trousers. I whimpered slightly as the soft cushion beneath me reminded me of how red and sore my bottom still was.
For a while we just sat there and didn’t talk. Then Jeff placed his hand on my leg. It made me shiver.
“I liked that.” He said.
“So did I.” I replied. “I think you should keep my number.”
Jeff laughed. “I think I will. A cheeky girl like you will need many reminders on how to be a good girl.”
I bit my lip. “Next time.” I asked. “Will you fuck me?”

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