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Hey everyone

I have been doing some upgrades to the blog that I wanted to share.

Story previews
As some of you might have noticed, I’ve been posting a lot of story previews on the blog. The completed version of these stories will be available in my ebooks, which are being released monthly on Amazon (we’re at #24 already). They’re also available early for my Patreon subscribers.

But don’t worry, I’m still uploading one free monthly story, so you’re still getting the same amount of stories as before if you don’t want to buy the books.
(This month’s story is scheduled Februari 23rd)

100 Short stories
The amount of stories on the blog is getting quite big, in fact we’ve nearly reached number 100! (I have a good story planned for that.)

The way the blog was currently set up made it difficult to find the older stories however, either for new readers who might be looking for more to read and for those of you who’ve been here a while that might want to reread some of their favorites but can’t find them. Therefor I’ve created an archive in which you can find all stories, listed in several categories. (work in progress, not all older stories have been added yet)

You can find the archive through the blog menu button in the top right.
If you have any suggestions for additional categories, please let me know in the comments below.

I have also added a ‘related stories’ section at the bottom of each story. This will suggest three stories that are similar to the story you just read, be it the same type of scene, the same kinks or even just the same implement being used.

Reading improvements
Some stories are part of a series and to make it easier to find all the stories in a series, I’ve added links on top of posts that link back to previous stories in the same series. I will in the future also be doing the reverse: Adding links to the next story at the end of a story that’s part of a series so you can continue reading.

I’ve also made a few minor adjustment for mobile users. On smaller phones the text could get quite narrow, I’ve adjusted it so that the text takes up more of the available space to provide a better reading experience.

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