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City trip 2: Spanked together

spanked otk together

This story is part of a series.
You can read part 1 here.

The hotel-room looked meticulously clean when Samantha returned. Even her own mess had been gathered and piled on the bed in her room.
Her friend Amy was smiling when she entered, and asked her about her day. Samantha licked her lips, thinking about her burning bottom, its red color hidden beneath her jeans. Would her friend’s feel the same beneath her dress? It had been a while since she’d walked in on the spanking Amy had gotten from her husband that morning.
“It was great.” She said, thinking back about her date with Carl. Her friends didn’t know about that of course, she’d left the married couple behind for a day of shopping.
“Didn’t you buy anything?” Cedric asked, noticing her lack of shopping-bags.
“The stores were closed.” Samantha explained. “It’s some sort of holiday over here.”
“Then what did you do all day?” Amy asked.
“I met a guy at the hotel bar.” Samantha said. “He gave me a tour in the city. We had a lot of fun actually.”
“Really?” Amy asked. She was always rooting for Samantha to find a man. Ever since she got married to Cedric, it had been the three of them and often Samantha felt like the third wheel. If they were two couples, things would work out differently.
“Let’s get some dinner, so you two girls can talk about that.” Cedric interrupted before Samantha could reply.
Samantha then realized she hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch. Since returning to the hotel and getting that spanking from her date, she’d completely forgotten.
“You’re right.” She said. “I’m starving.”


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