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City trip 3: returning home

Spanked otk by a couple

This story is part of a series.
You can read part 1 here.
You can read part 2 here.

Samantha and her friends Amy and Cedric stayed three more nights at the hotel were the two women had been spanked alongside each-other. Samantha however, spent all three nights in Carl’s room.
Samantha’s relationship with her friends seemed to have changed a lot since witnessing her best friend receive a spanking from her husband, and they in turn witnessing her receive the same punishment from her date. She now noticed the many small details in which Cedric dominated his wife and Amy in turn submitted to him: She noticed the disapproving looks on Cedric’s face, the warning wave of his finger, the quick swat on his wife’s bottom and she noticed the teasing, bratty look that Amy offered in return, the sullen pout on her face, the whispered apologies. She wondered why she’d never seen it before, whether she was more observant now that she knew, or whether her friends were just more open and familiar in her company.
At the same time everything seemed to have remained the same. They were still best friends, they could hang out all day, and talked about the same things they did before. They didn’t treat her differently and she didn’t feel any embarrassment or shame around them. It surprised Samantha a little that she could look Cedric in the eye without blushing, despite him having seen her bare bottom get paddled until it was red and sore.


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