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Panties, sexting and lies

spanked at the window

Evelyn sat in the back row of the lecture hall, dozing off while listening to the droning voice of her history professor. It was the first class of the afternoon and with her belly full of lunch and the room heated to comfortable temperatures, it was hard to stay awake.
A welcome distraction came when her phone buzzed with a message from her boyfriend Adam.

“Dinner at your place tonight?”

“Yes, please. See you tonight.”

Evelyn played with her phone for a bit longer, hoping for another reply. This class was boring and her professor wasn’t one of those handsome younger ones she sometimes fantasized might use a wooden ruler on a naughty girl’s behind when she dozed off in class or texted with her boyfriend.
Luckily Adam replied not much later.

“What are you doing now?”

“I’m in class. History. Boring…”

“What are you wearing?”

“I told you I’m in class.”

“I thought you were bored?”
“What are you wearing in class?”

Evelyn smiled and glimpsed at the students beside her, neither of them would be able to read her texts. They were dozing off themselves.

“Red t-shirt with flowers, plaid skirt, black pumps.”

“And underneath?”

Evelyn blushed slightly, again looking at the people around her through the corner of her eyes. She was wearing plain old white cotton panties, the first ones she found that morning.
That wasn’t what Adam wanted to hear however. So she told him about the panties she would be wearing when he came over that night.

“Black lingerie, a push-up bra with lace on top and a matching thong; the one you like.”

“I bet you look amazing. Can you send me a picture?”

“I’m still in class…”

“Front row or back row?”


“Can you touch yourself?”

Evelyn blushed. Adam always pushed her, yet that was what she loved about him. She could push back, but if she did, chances were she’d end up over his knee when he came over that night.

“People will see…”

“Put your phone on vibrate and put it between your legs. I will send you some texts. No-one will see.”

Evelyn bit her lip. She was growing much too excited for the classroom. Yet she couldn’t ignore a direct order from her boyfriend. Adam had trained her to be submissive and obedient too well.


She put her phone between her thighs, hidden under her skirt and placed her hands on the desk in front of her.


“Okay, okay, that’s enough.”

“Seven. You held out longer than I thought you would. Good girl.”

Evelyn had quickly grabbed the phone from between her legs when its vibrations were making it too hard to sit still. When the messages kept coming, she’d known Adam would’ve just kept going until she stopped him.
She blushed at the praise he gave her, yet felt oddly proud as well. Before she met Adam she’d never have gone along with something like this.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“You’re welcome. Hope class was a bit less boring thanks to your boyfriend. Have class of my own to attend to now though. See you tonight.”

“See you later.”

It took the rest of history class for Evelyn’s excitement to die down again. She had two more classes that afternoon and while they were less boring, all she would be able to think about was her boyfriend’s planned visit that night. She’d surely have to properly thank him for keeping her this entertained.


Before all that could happen however, Evelyn ran into him in the hallway on her way to her nextt class.
Adam wrapped his arms around her as they kissed deeply.
“I’ve been thinking about that lingerie all class.” He whispered.
Evelyn blushed. “After dinner tonight you can help me take it off.”
Adam grinned broadly. “Come with me for a moment.”
Evelyn grabbed her boyfriend’s hand and followed him down the hall, through a small door on the side. They ended up in a small janitor’s closet.
“What are we doing?” Evelyn asked.
“Lift up your skirt.” Her boyfriend said. “Show me those panties.
Evelyn bit her lip. She couldn’t, she was still wearing those boring cotton whites. She planned to change into her lingerie at home, before Adam showed up.
“Why? Can’t wait until we’re at my place?” She tried to stall.
Adam smiled. “Because I think you might not have been telling the whole truth earlier.”
Evelyn blushed. “Why would you think that?”
“Because.” Adam said, crossing his arms. “I passed through your calculus class early this morning. You should remember since you were on the front row and waved hello.”
Evelyn raised an eyebrow. She did remember the brief encounter, wondering why he was in the wrong class.
“The thing you should know, is…” Adam continued. “If you sit on the front row with a skirt that short, you should keep your legs closed if you don’t want everyone to know your panties are white and not black.”
Evelyn blushed. He’d seen… Who else had seen?
“Unless you were trying to score some extra points with your maths professor?” Her boyfriend teased.
Evelyn grinned. “Of course not!”
“Then raise your skirt and show me I’m wrong.”
Evelyn looked away from her boyfriend and slowly raised her skirt, revealing the white panties underneath.
“I knew it.” Adam said. “Naughty girl! Lying to your boyfriend like that. You can take those off right now.”
Evelyn blushed and quickly pulled down her panties. She’d nearly forgotten they were still at campus, hidden in a janitor’s closet. But when her boyfriend called her naughty and gave her a command like that, there was only one thing she could do: obey.
Adam crouched down and grabbed the panties from around her ankles, tucking them into his coat pocket. “Grab a hold of those shelves and bend over.” He commanded.
Evelyn gasped, adrenaline rushing through her body as she immediately understood what her boyfriend wanted to do. He was going to spank her, like a naughty, disobedient girl. The excitement she’d felt while texting him in class was nothing compared to what she felt now.
Then she looked around her, at the shelves he’d ordered her to hold onto and remembered where they were.
“In here?” She asked. “People will hear us. That door doesn’t even lock from the inside.”
Adam grabbed a janitor’s cart from the corner of the room and rolled it up against the door, blocking the handle.
“There, no-one is coming in.” He said.
Evelyn blushed, out of excuses, and much too excited to argue further. She grabbed hold of one of the lower shelves and bent down as far as she could while still leaving room for Adam to swing his arm.
Her boyfriend moved up beside her, placed one hand on her lower back and raised her skirt with the other, this time revealing her bottom was now bared.
Evelyn moaned softly as Adam fondled her bottom, but those moans quickly became louder when he raised his arm and began to spank her backside.
The sound of his hand connecting with her bottom echoed in the small room and – since the small closet definitely wasn’t designed to be soundproof – probably echoed out in the hallway as well.
Evelyn struggled to keep quiet as the sting in her bottom built: moaning under her breath and biting her lips to hold back her squeals.
She couldn’t hold out forever though and as her buttocks bounced from her boyfriend’s hand raining down on her behind, her first few squeals could be heard by those outside.
Then suddenly, the door shook in its hinges as someone tried to push it open. Adam stopped the onslaught on her backside and Evelyn quickly stood up and pulled down her skirt to cover her red bottom.
“Who’s in there?” Someone called from outside.
They both kept quiet. Evelyn didn’t recognize the voice, it didn’t sound like a professor though, probably another student.
The door shook again, but it didn’t budge.
All remained quiet for several long moments until Evelyn let out the breath she’d been holding.
“Guess you got lucky.” Her boyfriend said. “We should probably stop before more people show up.”
Evelyn nodded. “Thank you, Sir.”
“But don’t think we’re done with your punishment yet, young lady. We can continue tonight. That is if you still want me to come over for dinner?” Adam continued.
Evelyn licked her lips. “Of course!”
Adam grinned. “Good. Because I will be bringing my belt to deal with that naughty, lying backside of yours.”
Evelyn went from licking to biting her lips. If she thought she would’ve had trouble paying attention in her last few classes; she’d definitely have it now. With her boyfriend’s belt on her mind.
“And I’m keeping those panties.” Adam continued. “You shouldn’t have lied about them. So if you want to sit on the front row for any other classes today, you should definitely make sure to keep your legs closed now.”
Evelyn blushed deeply. It wasn’t the first time her boyfriend had sent het to class bared under her skirt. But that had been on a dare and she’d made sure to wear a much less revealing skirt that day. Hiding her lack of panties and especially the red color of her bottom would be a lot more challenging in the outfit she’d chosen today.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied, knowing there was no sense in arguing. Not that she wanted to argue… Despite her blushes and embarrassing thoughts, she was deeply aroused to be following her boyfriend’s risqué commands.
“Now you better get going. You’re late for your next class as is.”
Evelyn startled. Adam was right, she was late and this was not the moment she wanted to have everyone’s eyes on her by arriving last.
The door hadn’t moved in a while and no-one else had interrupted them. She softly pulled the cart aside and peeked outside.
There was no-one there.
She quickly fled the closet before anyone arrived to see her leave.
“See you tonight.” Her boyfriend called after her.


Evelyn lived in a tiny, one-room apartment on the edge of campus. The whole building was rented out to students like her, as well as most others on this street.
When she finally got home after two long classes – during which she had been very aware of her sore bottom sitting on the hard wooden benches and constantly wary of hiding her nudity underneath her skirt – she was happy to be in the privacy of her home.
A quick look in the mirror showed her that the red color on her backside had faded. It had just been a short and quick spanking after all. Yet Adam could arrive any moment and then that color would quickly return.
Evelyn searched her wardrobe for the lingerie she’d promised her boyfriend and quickly changed. She was almost ready when he arrived.
Adam had a key to her apartment and walked in on her pulling her t-shirt over her head. “So you put on that black lingerie you told me about?” He asked.
“That’s what I planned all along.” Evelyn explained.
Adam grinned. “What? Lie and then cover up the facts?”
Evelyn blushed. “That’s not what I meant. I just told you what I thought you wanted to hear.”
“Perhaps I just wanted to hear the truth.” Adam replied.
Evelyn bit her lip and stepped closer to her boyfriend, placing her hand on his arms. “You’re not really mad, are you?”
Adam grinned. “Of course not. But that doesn’t mean you haven’t earned a sore red bottom today.”
Evelyn smiled. “Good, because I didn’t prepare any dinner and thought we might skip right to dessert.”
Adam raised an eyebrow. “So eager to have your bottom smacked?”
Evelyn bit her lip. “I’ve been walking around with a bare, stinging bottom all afternoon. And to be honest, I was quite turned on about my spanking in the janitor’s closet earlier.”
Adam raised one hand, gently placing a finger against her cheek. “What about that spanking was so exciting then?”
Evelyn blushed. “Just the idea that anyone could hear us. I mean they didn’t know it was us, but they could hear a naughty girl was being punished in there.”
“And you like that anyone could hear you?” Adam asked.
“At the time it made me nervous, but now remembering it is very exciting.” Evelyn explained.
Adam smiled and stepped back from his girlfriend and with a few quick steps made his way to the window which he promptly slid open.
Evelyn raised an eyebrow.
Adam grinned. “Now everyone out on the street will be able to hear what a naughty girl you’ve been.”
Evelyn blushed. “They’ll know it’s me.”
“We’re on the third floor and every window in this block and those to either side belongs to a different student. If we turn off the light no-one will know which naughty inhabitant is getting her ass whooped.” Adam countered.
Evelyn licked her lips. “And my neighbors?”
Adam laughed. “If we can hear them watching TV and playing video-games at night, they will have heard us when I’ve put you across my knee before. Trust me they already know.”
Evelyn blushed deeply and looked at the open window. For some reason the idea turned her on greatly.
“If you have no other objections, I think it’s time for your punishment, young lady.” Her boyfriend said.
Evelyn nodded. “I’m ready, Sir.”
Adam turned off the light and then grabbed the only chair in her room and placed it with its back towards the window. “Kneel on the chair, bent over the back and place your hands on the window-sill.” He commanded.
Evelyn blushed. “That close to the window?” She asked.
“We have to make sure people hear you, don’t we?” He grinned. “You know what, take off your clothes first, I want you in just that set of lingerie you lied about.”
Evelyn bit her lip and pulled off the clothes she’d just put back on. The only light in the room came from her window and it was already getting dark outside, the faint light caressed her skin. It made the lingerie even sexier than before.
“Now get on that chair.” Adam ordered.
Evelyn stepped towards the chair and looked outside. With the lights off no-one would be able to look inside she told herself. Besides, the chair stood pretty far from the window, she’d have to bend over far to reach the window-sill.
She carefully knelt on the chair, bent over its back and reached down to the window. She could look outside, but not all the way to the street below.
The lights were on in plenty of rooms in the building across the street and she could see into some of the rooms were the curtains were open. She realized with a blush she’d be able to see the people inside while they might hear her squeal.
Adam placed his hand on her backside and Evelyn moaned softly. A spanking wasn’t just about being heard, of course. Soon her bottom would be red and sore and she might even be too preoccupied with the pain in her backside to be worried about who might hear.
“Now, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted.” Her boyfriend said.
Evelyn grinned. “You were teaching me a lesson about lying to my boyfriend.” She cheekily reminded him.
“I was.” Adam agreed and he raised his arm.
Evelyn moaned deeply as her boyfriend’s hand landed on her behind. Each swat reminded her of the earlier spanking in the janitor’s closet and the sting she’d felt then quickly returned.
Each swing of her boyfriend’s arm made her sway forward, towards the open outside sky. It was too far to risk falling through the window, but kept her eyes focussed on the outside world while her bottom received this intimate punishment.
Again and again Adam’s hand connected with her bottom with a loud swat, building the pain that spread through her skin. The more intense that got, the more her moans turned into squeals.
When Adam pulled of his belt and swung it through the air, landing across her bottom with a loud crack, Evelyn yowled her confession into the world: That somewhere up in these apartment blocks a naughty girl was getting her just deserves.
With her boyfriend’s belt painting deep strokes of red across her backside, Evelyn no longer cared who might hear. She refocussed her attention from the windows across the street and the unseen passerby’s down below, to her poor bottom back in her room. She moaned and wailed at the throbbing, pulsating pain in her buttocks.
Her squeals echoed inside of her apartment and out. Her buttocks trembled and her feet kicked against the seat of her chair.
“I’ll be a good girl!” She promised to the wide open world. “Please, I won’t do it again.” She begged, not caring who else might hear.
Adam finally stopped. “Have you learned your lesson, young lady?” He asked, stroking her sore, sensitive bottom with his hand.
“Yes, Sir.” Evelyn promised.
“And you won’t lie to me again?” He asked.
“:No, Sir.” She said.
Her boyfriend’s hand slipped from her poor bottom down between her thighs and then onto her panties, finding the sexy black lace she’d pulled on for him was now soaking wet from her excitement.
“So what should you do if you want to tell your boyfriend you’re wearing sexy lingerie?” He asked.
Evelyn moaned deeply as Adam firmly massaged her pussy, fingers digging deep between her lips. “I don’t know.” She whispered. He was making it too hard to think.
“You should wear it.” Adam replied as he suddenly pulled down her panties.
Evelyn moaned in pleasure and blushed because she hadn’t been able to think that far.
Adam’s fingers were now inside of her, digging deep and fast, finding and caressing her most sensitive spots.
“Do you think anyone out there heard the naughty girl in your apartment?” Adam asked.
Evelyn licked her lips and opened her eyes to look out through her window. People outside might have heard, but the apartments across the street should be too far away, especially with their windows closed. Yet, were there more lights on now than there were before? She wondered.
“I think so.” She said. She had no way to know for sure, but it was too unlikely to assume no-one down on the usually busy street had heard.
“And it still turns you on, knowing people might have heard you squeal like that?” Adam asked, his hand now moving faster and faster.
Evelyn moaned deeply, wondering how far that sound carried as well. “Yes, Sir.” She gasped.
Adam smacked her sore backside with his other hand. “You want them to hear this?” He asked, now spanking her with his off-hand while slowly driving her crazy with the other.
Evelyn groaned as her boyfriend dealt both pain and pleasure with each of his hands. She was on the edge, balancing over the back of her chair and about to teeter over.
“Cum for me, good girl.” Adam commanded.
Evelyn squealed as the orgasm took over her body after a final salvo of swats across her backside. Her body shuddering with pleasure.

Adam took her by the elbow and helped her get up from the chair. Evelyn winced when she stood up, suddenly feeling the pain in her knees from remaining kneeled on the hard wooden chair for such a long time. The pain was nothing compared to the burning sensation in her backside though.
Then Adam sat down, back towards the window. “Are you going to show your boyfriend what a good girl you can be and make up for your naughty lies?” He asked.
Evelyn bit her lip, horny and excited to please him. “Can we go on the bed?” She asked. “My knees hurt.”
Adam grinned. “I’ll remember to put down a pillow next time.” He said. “How about instead of sucking my cock, you come sit on my lap?”
Evelyn bit her lip. She’d been looking forward to blowing her boyfriend, it felt like the proper submissive way of showing her appreciation for him. But his wish was her command, so she stepped forward and bent down to unbutton his trousers.
“Seems like you’re looking for something else hard to sit on.” Adam teased. “Perhaps you didn’t need a pillow after all.”
Evelyn grinned, freeing her boyfriend’s erection. He was right, it was hard and big. She eagerly unpacked the condom he had ready for her and wrapped him up. She then straddled his lap and felt him slide into her. She moaned deeply as her sore, red bottom rested on his lap.
Adam reached around her, unsnapped her bra from the back and pulled it off her shoulders. Evelyn leant back on his lap, letting him play with her freed breasts as she gently swayed on his lap.
Her movements became faster and stronger as she rode her boyfriend’s cock. Her sore bottom grinding against his lap. She leant forward, pressing her breasts into his face, feeling his lips and tongue on her nipples, followed by his teeth.
She moaned when his fingernails dug deep into her back, squealing when his teeth left their marks on her breast. He froze up, thrusting his cock deep inside of her as he came. They sat frozen in this instance of ecstasy for a moment, until Adam grabbed her hair at the base of her neck and pulled her down, to kiss her deeply.
“Good girl.” He whispered in her ear.


The end

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