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Short stories volume 20

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It’s been a while, but I’ve finally found the time to continue my short stories e-book series.

The 20th book in this series contains the finalized version of the following stories:

  • The domme’s apprentice
  • Celebrity spankings, a TV-show
  • For research purposes only

I have also decided to create stories that are e-book exclusives, this means they won’t appear for free on the blog, but will be only available in the e-books. I will however still aim for 1 story on the blog per month, so that you won’t get less content if you don’t want to buy my books.

And what’s more, the next 5 books are all ready for pre-order on amazon:

2 responses to “Short stories volume 20”

  1. Treesa says:

    Hi K.C.,

    I went through all of your new books looking for the rest of the short “Private Property.” Did you include this short story in one of your new books?

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