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Short stories volumes 22 – 27

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Six more volumes have been added to the short stories collection on Amazon so far this year.

Each book has three stories, one improved and finalized version of the one you’ve read on the blog and two exclusive stories unavailable on the blog.

The following collections were made available:

January: Volume 22
– The secretary’s secret
– The assistant’s red bottom
– The office dress code

February: Volume 23
– Naked in the dark
– Workplace gossip
– The rendez-vous hotel

March: Volume 24
– Dreaming of a red bottom
– Creating an erotic work of art
– Her husband’s instructions

April: Volume 25
– Hunted and captured in the woods
– Old-fashion discipline at the renaissance fair
– His submissive girlfriend

May: Volume 26
– Training day: morning
– Training day: evening
– Training day: the day after

June: Volume 27
– The BDSM escape room
– The good ending
– The bad ending

You can find the enditre series here

If you can’t read these ebooks or don’t want to buy them to read the stories – patrons on my patreon already have access to all these stories and more on

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