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Training day: morning

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When her alarm went early this morning, Sophie awoke excited for the day. Usually, she’d hit snooze at least once or twice, but not today, even though it was a Saturday.
She got up fresh and early because it was the first Saturday of the month: training day.
Training day, which had been Sophie’s idea by the way, was probably her favorite day of the month. It was the day on which she trained to be the perfect submissive.
Sophie and her husband Elliot, had known about their shared interest in BDSM early in their relationship. Submission and domination had featured heavily in their courtship of one another, their dating enriched with spanking and bondage. Even their marriage has felt its touch with cheeky euphemisms in their vows and written rules for a submissive wife to obey.

Now Sophie and Elliot’s marriage is based on the concept of equality. They both have careers and responsibilities, they do their equal shares in the household and make any and all important decisions together as equals.
Elliot’s dominance of his wife is of a more erotic nature. The dynamic between them one that turns them on sexually. The rules Sophie must obey are of a playful nature: what color of underwear she might wear on a specific day, the way she must address her husband in the bedroom, rules that can be broken without disrupting their normal lives.
This makes for an easy way for Sophie to signal to her husband that she’s in a submissive mood, all she needs to do is flaunt her breaking of his rules. The same goes for Elliot, he can put greater emphasis on enforcing those rules, signaling to Sophie his desire to dominate her.
This doesn’t mean however, that neither of them fantasizes about a more profoundly dominant versus submissive relationship. They just acknowledge that such a lifestyle where Sophie’s submission would be a constant factor in their relationship, wouldn’t fit their daily lives.
Their monthly training day, is their answer to this desire. It is just one day during which they play out how their perfect DS relationship would be like.

This Saturday, like every first Saturday of the month, Sophie got up early, earlier than her husband. She needed to get into the right submissive mindset. Everything she did today, would have to be to please her husband.
She started with a shower, so that she would be clean and fresh for him, her legs shaved, her nails clipped and clean. She used the blow-dryer for her hair so that her curls were shiny and bouncy.
Sophie had picked out her dress and underwear the day before, sexy lingerie to please her husband and a short summers dress that would attract his eyes and allow his hands to easily slip inside, either from underneath or into its deep neckline.
She finished with her make-up which she applied lightly, enough to look extra beautiful, but not so much that she’d leave any marks on Elliot or his clothes.
Her husband was still asleep when she was done, so she headed out to buy breakfast from the local bakery. She got the pastries he liked and quickly returned home to set the breakfast table.
Sophie was just about done squeezing oranges for fresh juice when Elliot came down the stairs.
“Good morning, Sir.” I got some breakfast for you, she greeted him.
Elliot, wearing just his dressing gown, sat down with a smile. “Thank you, Sophie.”
Now you might think Sophie could’ve made breakfast herself, pancakes or waffles perhaps. But Sophie knew her husband, he never was hungry in the morning. Most days, when she didn’t get him anything, he wouldn’t eat at all. Elliot was more than happy with what she’d provided, any more would’ve just been a wasted effort on her part.
In fact, Elliot only ate a single pastry before emptying his glass of juice.
“You know, you don’t actually have to do this.” Elliot said as he put down the empty glass. “You can be my submissive without having to serve me like this.”
“Of course, Sir.” Sophie replied. “I’m not doing this because I have to, I’m doing it because I want to please you.”
Elliot smiled. “Well if it makes you happy, it makes me happy.”

The two of them sat opposite each other at the table in silence for a moment, Sophie wondering what lessons her husband had in store for her today. He looked like he’d just come out of his bed with nothing on his mind, but her previous experiences – this was their fourth training day since she’d had the idea – told her he had been thinking about this day for a while and would be well-prepared.
“I’m going to take a quick shower.” Elliot said as he got up from the table. “Would you please clear away the plates?”
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie replied, getting up herself. Though it had been phrased as a request, she knew that on training day, every word from her husband had to be considered a command.
She quickly put the two plates and glasses into the dishwasher, placed the remaining pastries into their box and cleaned the juicer and the remaining orange peels.
Then, she joined her husband in the bathroom, which was on the ground floor right beside the kitchen. She just stood there for a moment, looking past the shower curtain and taking in the sight of her naked husband, his broad shoulders, his strong muscles, his firm glutes and – when he turned around – his large cock. Semi-erect it seemed bigger than usual, probably because he was thinking of all he had planned for her today.
“Are you peeking, Sophie?” Elliot asked.
“No, Sir.” She quickly replied. “I just wanted to ask whether you wanted my help washing your back.”
“That’s a wonderful idea. I could use some help. Take off your clothes and join me.” He replied.
Sophie undressed quickly, aware of her husbands admiring gaze as she pulled her dress over her head to reveal her beautiful lingerie and the rising of his cock when she took that off as well to join him in the shower, both fully naked.
Elliot handed her a sponge covered in soap and turned around, showing her his back. At first, Sophie gently soaped his back, enjoying the feel of his strong shoulders and other muscles beneath her fingers. Then she used the sponge to firmly scrub his back for she knew he would complain if she did a poor job. Right now she wasn’t his wife sharing an erotic shower, but his submissive with a job to do.
She reached down, running the sponge over his strong buttocks, and then, unable to stop herself, swung her arms around him, hugging him from behind. Eager for his touch, she pressed her breasts against his back, her hands covered in soap running down his chest to his crotch, taking his cock in both hands.
Sophie ran her hands up and down his shaft, stroking her husbands cock. Yet Elliot stopped her quickly. “Not yet, young lady.” He said, holding her hands in a firm grip. “Today I decide when we’re having fun.”
Sophie blushed and let go of her husband. “Sorry, Sir.”
Elliot turned around, his now fully erect cock proclaiming his excitement, even though his tone suggested otherwise. “Now please let me finish my shower in peace.”
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie replied. She turned around to pull away the shower curtain and just before she stepped out, felt a sharp pain spreading through her right buttocks where her husbands hand had landed with a loud slap.
Sophie squealed in surprise and reached back quickly with her right hand, her left still holding the curtain. The next slap landed on her still unprotected, wet, left buttocks however, extracting another squeal before Sophie managed to get out of the shower safely.
Sophie turned around, both hands rubbing her stinging backside, looking up at her smiling husband.
“Now dry yourself off and get dressed so that I have room to move when I come out.” Her husband said matter-of-factly, as if he hadn’t just smacked her backside twice.
Sophie blushed and grabbed her towel. She knew she was lucky it hadn’t been more than twice. She’d been too greedy initiating something sexual with her husband right there. One of her first training day lessons had been to relinquish control to her husband. These lessons had no impact on their every day lives and normally Elliot wouldn’t have mind, on the contrary even. But on training days, he’d made clear that previous months lessons needed to be remembered.

Sophie waited for her husband in the kitchen, hoping that by being out of his sight for a minute, he’d forget her infraction.
Elliot joined her moments later. He was still fully naked, with just a towel wrapped around his waist.
Sophie couldn’t deal with how sexy he looked. Perhaps she was extra into him because of her submissive mindset today, but she couldn’t help but stare at his muscled chest, his shiny, wet hair and his beautiful face.
Elliot smiled at her. “I want you to bend over the kitchen table for me Sophie and raise your dress.”
Sophie blushed. “I’m sorry for what I did in the shower, Sir.” She said.
“This isn’t about the shower, young lady.” Her husband said. “Now get in position.”
Sophie licked her lips, and no longer dallied before turning around, turning her back to her husband as she bent over the table. “Then what are you going to spank me for, Sir?” She asked as she raised her dress, revealing the white, lace panties that covered much too little of her bottom. Her heart was racing, she loved being spanked and no training day had gone by so far without at least a few of them.
Elliot moved closer behind her and used both hands to pull her panties down to her knees. “Who said I was going to spank you, young lady?” He asked, placing his hand on her buttocks and then sliding it between her thighs, his fingers feeling up her wet, excited pussy.
Sophie remembered her husband’s words ‘I decide when we’re having fun’. She moaned deeply and prepared for him to fuck her right then and there.
Instead, Elliot’s other hand came down with a sharp smack across her buttocks.
Sophie squealed in surprise after that first smack
Her husband withdrew his hand from between her legs and smacked her again
Sophie moaned deeply after the second. “I thought you weren’t going to spank me, Sir.” She protested.
“I didn’t say that either.” Elliot said. He didn’t spank her again, not yet, but rubbed her backside with his open palm.
Sophie’s mind was bouncing back and forth, she no longer knew what she wanted, to be spanked, or to be fucked. The choice wasn’t hers however, and with the way her husband was holding her down with one hand, the other stroking her backside, preparing for another swat, she knew what option her husband had chosen. “But why are you going to spank me, Sir?” She asked.
“Do I need to give you a reason?” Elliot asked.
Sophie blushed. She guessed not, that was one of the other lessons she’d learned during a previous training day. As her Dom, he had the right to punish her whenever he pleased and she had to trust that he’d be fair, but accept that even if he wasn’t, he could take advantage of her if that pleased him. “No, Sir.” She replied. “But I’d like to know so that next time I can avoid it.”
“Don’t worry.” Elliot said as he raised his hand. “You’ll find out soon enough.” And then brought his hand back down with a firm swat across her backside.
Sophie moaned deeply. The time for talking seemed over as her husband smacked her backside again and again. Her bottom jiggled, bounced, turned red and burned with the spanking.
She’d gotten up early, made breakfast, made herself pretty for him, washed his back, and all she got in return was a firm spanking on her poor backside – she didn’t even know why, and yet she loved it.

Sophie’s bottom was stinging and sore when Elliot finally let her get back up. The spanking hadn’t been long and he had only used his one hand. But that was normal for a training day. If she was trying to be a perfect submissive for a full day, she was probably going to earn a lot more of those and Elliot didn’t want to wear her out too quickly.
She pulled her panties back up and went to their living room while her husband went upstairs to put on some clothes. She wondered, while waiting for him, exactly what it was she had earned that spanking for.
Elliot returned wearing dressed pants and a shirt with his sleeves already rolled up past the elbow, ready to teach his submissive her next lesson if necessary.
At the sight of his bared fore-arms, Sophie reached back to stroke her bottom, even though most of the sting had faded by now.
“I have prepared something fun today, for your training.” Elliot said as he sat down on their sofa.
Sophie licked her lips, excited for her lesson. Training days weren’t just about roleplaying the perfect submissive, Elliot always prepared a lesson for her, something he expected his submissive to learn. It was always a surprise for Sophie and it’s what made these days extra exciting.
“Go stand over there.” Elliot said pointing across the coffee-table in front of him. “And follow my instructions exactly.”
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie replied. She moved so that the table stood between then and then faced her husband, awaiting further instructions.
“Undo the top button of your dress.”
There were about seven buttons down the front of Sophie’s dress. They were mostly decorative, for she could pull the dress over her head without unbuttoning it. She undid the top one.
“Look at me while you follow my instructions.”
Sophie realized she’d been looking down at her dress, its neckline was already deep, and now even more with just one button undone. she looked up at her husband.
“Now undo the second one.”
Sophie undid the second one. She already felt her heart-rate increase, not knowing what this lesson was about, but excited as she followed her husbands instructions.
“Now squeeze and fondle your breasts.”
Sophie bit her lip, squeezing and fondling her breasts for her husband to see.
“Third button.”
The third button came loose, all of her cleavage and the upper half of her bra was now revealed.
“Fourth button.”
Another button was undone, her breasts nearly popping out of her dress.
“Release your breasts and play with them for me.”
Sophie pulled her breasts from her dress, proudly showing the sexy lingerie she was wearing, her nipples erect, poking at the see-through lace while she played with them.
“Fifth button.”
The dress became heavy, the straps on her shoulders all that was keeping it from falling down to the floor.
“Sixth button.”
Sophie blushed. What was the point of this? She could’ve easily taken off this dress in any direction three buttons ago. Yet all of her lessons had been like this so far, without much explanation, something she had to figure out by herself.
“Last button.”
The last button was undone, baring her from neck, down to her belly button.
“Now use your right hand to push the strap off your left shoulder.”
Sophie licked her lips and pushed the strap off her shoulder. Her dress now hung by a thread.
“Now the other one and let the dress glide to the floor.”
She pulled the strap off her other shoulder and as instructed, her dress slid to the floor, leaving Sophie in just her lingerie. She blushed slightly, though she didn’t know why. Undressing button by button, while her husband watched, she somehow felt more naked then she’d been before. And that was after she’d already been fully naked in the shower with him.
“Put your hands on your thighs and slide up, past your crotch, across your belly until you hold your breasts in both hands.”
Sophie felt her excitement grow as she touched herself at her husband’s instructions.
“Now hold one arm in front of your breasts, supporting their weight with your fore-arm and use the other to unhook your bra behind your back.”
Sophie did as she was told, her arm the only thing keeping her now unhooked bra from falling to the floor and revealing her bare breasts.
“Now drop your bra and quickly cover your breasts with one hand each.”
Sophie held her breasts as if she was shy of showing them to her husband. She still couldn’t fathom what this lesson was about, but couldn’t deny how exciting it was.
“Squeeze them.”
Sophie bit her lip again as she squeezed her breasts.
“Moan a bit when you do that.”
Sophie blushed, but followed her husbands instructions and moaned softly as she squeezed her bare breasts.
“Now turn around.”
Sophie turned, showing her husband her bare back and her still slightly pink backside underneath.
“Your hands are free now to pull down your panties. Do so slowly, inch by inch and bend over to pull then down all the way to your ankles, make sure to keep your legs stretched.”
It was the longest set of instructions yet, but Sophie knew exactly what her husband wanted. She bent over to pull down her panties, slowly revealing her bare backside.
“Now rub those poor pink buttocks, they hurt from being spanked, don’t they?”
Sophie stood up and rubbed her bottom as her husband watched. “Yes, Sir, they do.” She said.
“Don’t be shy, rub them firmly, make them jiggle a bit.”
Sophie blushed, and made her backside bounce for her husband.
“Now turn around, don’t cover your breasts.”
Sophie turned around, she realized she was blushing deeply and hadn’t felt this naked in front of her husband in a while, not since they’d just started dating.
“So what have you learned from this lesson?” Her husband asked.
Sophie thought for a moment, yet she still had no idea.
“When a submissive takes off her clothes, she must do so slowly and sensually. Unless her Dom commands her to be quick of course. Undressing this way gives her Dom the opportunity to enjoy her body with his eyes, it pleases him to see her slowly bare herself for his pleasure.” Elliot explained.
“Ooh.” Sophie exclaimed. “Yeah, I didn’t get that.”
“Do you get it now, young lady?” Elliot asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie quickly replied, realizing her previous response hadn’t really been in the correct submissive tone.
“Then let’s practice. Put your clothes back on and then take them back off for me.” Her husband commanded. “This time without my constructions.”
Sophie gasped. “Did I need to remember all of those?” She asked.
Elliot smiled. “No, those were just an example, just be sure to be slow and sensual and I’m sure you can come up with a few moves of your own.”

Half an hour later, Sophie was unbuttoning her dress for the fourth time today. Elliot was going to make her repeat this until he was satisfied. Not that she minded, she was enjoying herself coming up with new sensual moves each time. Her husband seemed to prefer when she mixed pretending to be shy and excitedly touching herself: trying to cover herself up while she undressed and that movement then turning into playing with herself.
“Much better this time.” Elliot said. “Now try swaying your hips a bit while you undress. You’re a bit stiff, too focussed on what you’re doing and not enjoying yourself enough.”
Sophie did as instructed, dancing slightly added an extra level of sensuality and offered a whole new list of opportunities for playful actions.
“Very good, put your clothes back on so we can begin again.” Elliot said.
Sophie sighed and picked her clothes back up.
“Did I just hear you sigh?” Her husband asked.
Sophie blushed. “No, Sir.” She didn’t know why she had, she had been having fun.
“Is this boring you, young lady?” Elliot asked.
“No, Sir.” She said again. “Of course not.”
“Leave your clothes off for a moment, I think someone needs some extra motivation.” Elliot said.
Sophie bit her lip, but didn’t resist when her husband pulled her towards the sofa and across his lap. Perhaps she’d been a bit tired of having to put her clothes back on again and again, not because she was bored, but because she was too excited, wanted her husband to take her, to fuck her, instead of having to get dressed again.
She felt extra naked, after all those striptease and therefor extra vulnerable now that she lay across Elliot’s lap.
Her husband’s hand landed across her backside.
Sophie moaned deeply as he spanked her. Each smack of his hand made her bottom bounce, spreading sting through her backside. She squealed and kicked her legs as this spanking was longer and harder than the one she’d had before.
“I’m sorry, I’ll try harder.” She promised as her bottom turned red.
Elliot didn’t let her go right away however. There was a lesson to be learned and he made sure Sophie’s bottom would be revealed as brightly red the next few times he stripped down her panties for him.
Finally, with her bottom on fire and her legs kicking aimlessly, her husband let her back up.
Sophie reached back for her backside, it was stinging and sore. Yet, again, she knew Elliot had held back because there was more to come today.
Most importantly however, it had renewed her submissive mindset and Sophie was eager to continue her training. No longer tired of being denied release, but excited to practice stripping for her husband, she picked up her clothes.
“Let’s add some music to make things easier.” Elliot said, using his phone to play a song.
In the past, Sophie would’ve laughed nervously at having to do a striptease to music, but with a fresh red bottom and some practice under her belt, she felt ready to please her husband.


The end

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