Naughty Balloons

The naughty balloon game is played by two players, throwing balloons at each other. When the balloon pops, fun happens.

There are three types of balloons:
The water balloon: popping this balloon means you have to take off some clothing.
The cream-filled balloon: popping this balloon means the other player gets to lick you clean.
The scoring balloon: popping this balloon adds points to your tally.

Scoring and winning
As the game starts each player may choose whether they're playing for the reward or the spanking. The player with the highest score at the end of the game will either receive the reward, or give the spanking, depending on what they chose.

You get 20 balloons in total.

Game settings

Select for each player whether they're playing for a reward or a spanking.



Describe the spanking:  

Describe the reward:  


Take turns selecting what to do with the balloon. When it pops, follow the instructions and continue with the next balloon.

Before you begin, provide some cups of water, a can of whipped cream and strip down to just your underpants, some trousers or a skirt and one (preferably white) shirt.

You got a balloon filled with

Will you:

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