Battleships for kinksters

In this version of battleships, you have the choice whether you're playing as a dominant or a submissive.

A dominant player's implements will be hidden on the board for the other player to find. Any that aren't found, may be used later.

A submissive player's clothes will be hidden on the board for the other player to find. Any clothing that is found during the game, they must take off.

This results in three possible combinations of players:

Submissive vs submissive: First one naked loses.
Dominant vs dominant: The winning player may spank the other with all implements that weren't found.
Dominant vs submissive: The dominant may spank the submissive with all implements that weren't found (by hand if the submissive wins); while the submissive may keep on all clothes that weren't found (naked if the dominant wins).

Add players

Select for each player their gender and whether they're playing as adominant or submissive.
gender choice is purely astetic for the hidden clothing of a submisive player.




All items are hidden randomly on the board and all items take up multiple tiles.

Players each have their own half of the board and take turns clicking on a single tile. When an item is hidden below this tile a colored icon will be placed.

When all tiles hiding a single item are discovered, this item will be revealed.

When all items are discovered, the active player wins.

it's your turn.

Reveal 's

Reveal 's

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