can't Stop!

In this naughty version of can't stop, players take turns throwing dice in an attempt to secure rows of a certain value.

Each turn lasts until a player decides to stop (and save their progress) or until they can no longer continue (and thus lose their progress).

The first player to secure three rows wins. The value of these rows decides how much and by whom the submissive players get spanked.

You may either play as couples or in a group.

When playing as couples, any real-life interactions will only occur between partners; when playing in a group, everyone is fair game.

Are you playing as or in ?

Add players

Add up to 4 players.
Select for each player their gender and whether they're playing as adominant or submissive.






Every player gets a unique icon, these icons will appear on the board as you play.

During your turn, throw the dice and choose from the possible values made by combining the results. You have three neutral markers which will be placed in the row of the values you picked. Keep throwing the dice and moving the markers further up the board, trying to reach the end of a row.

End your turn whenever you want by clicking Stop! The neutral markers will now be replaced by your personal icon. During your next turn, you can continue playing from this point in the row.

If the dice produce no values in your active rows and all three neutral markers are in play, your turn ends automatically and you lose all progress you made this turn.

The player who is first to claim three rows is the winner.


You can not end your turn with a marker on an occupied tile, you have to keep playing until all your markers are on empty tiles.

When you reach the end of a row, you claim that row as yours (when you end your turn), no-one else can claim it and the whole row becomes unavailable to place markers on.

Throw the dice or end your turn.

You have three markers left.

Your throw:

Choose a combination

2 >
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3 >
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4 >
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