Cleaning in the dark

Your appartment is a mess and your bottom is about to be spanked.

As long as you don't turn on the light however, your partner can't know how messy it really is. So clean up in the dark, and do it fast, the longer you take the more they'll realize how messy it really was.

This game is meant to have a real-life component to it. You should play the game standing up so that your partner may smack your bottom whenever you pass through the danger zone. This represents your partner in game, who is patiently waiting while you clean up your mess.

Choose a difficulty setting

Each difficulty will receive more or less of the following highlights:
Green: The destination of the item you're holding.
White: Obstacles such as chairs, tables and cabinets.
Red: The danger zone.
Blue: The area you can walk on.

- get all highlights

- hide the walking area (remember only move straight horizontally or vertically.

- also hide the danger zone (remember, just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there).

- also hide the obstacles (careful not to hurt yourself in the dark)

Choose a level

The harder the level, the messier your appartment and thus the longer the game will take.


As the game starts you will see several colored blocks on the board.

The pink blocks represent the items you need to clean up. It is too dark to see what they are until you pick them up.

The white blocks are obstacles in the dark, such a chairs, tables or cabinets. (These are hidden on the highest difficulty level.)

Click on the board to move there, but be careful, in the dark it is best to only move straight vertically or horizontally.

You may pick up an item, by landing on it or clicking on it while standing next to it. A green block will now appear, this is its destination.
If you were already carrying another item, that will drop in its place.

When you pass over another item, or through the danger zone, you may drop the item you were holding. (On higher difficulty levels, the danger zone is hidden.)
You may also randomly drop items, especially the heavier ones.

Click on the green destination block to drop off your item.
Do this with all items to finish the game.

As you play, a timer is running, adding another smack to the spanking you will get when the game ends. Entering the danger zone adds an extra element or more smacks to the spanking.

You will get 0 smacks during your spanking.

perverted games by K.C. Perrin © 2019

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