Cluedo a spanking mystery

A large scandal at Tudor Mansion unfolds when the telltale sounds of a spanking echo through the mansions corridors.

It is up to you to discover which naughty inhabitant got this spanking, where they got it and which implement was used on their poor bottom.

In this simplified version of Cluedo, you play alone. You don't need to throw a dice and move from room to room, but may simply ask questions until you find out the truth.

The stakes of the game are as follows: For each question you ask, an amount of smacks is added or substracted from a tally. When the game is over you will give or receive this amount of smacks in a spanking.

You begin the game by choosing to play as a dominant or a submissive. When you play as a dominant, each question you ask reduces the amount of smacks you may give your partner in their spanking. When you play as a submissive, each question you ask increases the amount of smacks you will receive in your spanking.

Player settings

Select whether you're playing as adominant or submissive.



In the middle of the board you will see 9 rooms, in one of these rooms the spanking took place.

On the right side of the board you will see 6 characters and 6 spanking implements. Drag one of each into a room. When you have the correct combination of room, character and spanking implement, the game is over.

When the combination you made is incorrect, your tally will go up or down, depending on whether you're playing as a dominant or submissive. You will also receive new information to help you deduce what really happened.

Gathering information

Each of the six characters has three random pieces of information, this can be a room, a character or an implement.

A piece of information always means that this room, character or implement was not part of the spanking.

Every time you make a guess, the characters will see if the guess you made corresponds with their information. If it does, they will tell you.

For example, if you guessed the spanking occurred in the dining hall and Miss Scarlett knows this is wrong, she will share this information with you.

You will only receive one piece of information per guess and you will always be approached by the characters in the same order:

1. Miss Scarlett

2. Reverant Green

3. Colonel Mustard

4. Professor Plum

5. Mrs. Peacock

6. Mrs. White

So if both Miss Scarlett and Professor Plum have information for you, you will only receive the information of Miss Scarlett, even if you had already gotten it before.

If one character has two or three pieces of information for you, they will also only provide one. Each character values some information higher than others and will always provide that first when they have to choose.

Collecting information

On the left side of the board, you will see a list of information you've gathered. This list is color-coded, so you may know who gave you this information.

Your spanking

0 smacks by hand
0 swats with the paddle
0 lashes with the whip
0 lashes with the riding crop
0 lashes with the belt
0 swats with the wooden spoon
0 swats with the hairbrush

Your information

Nothing yet


Miss Scarlett
Reverant Green
Colonel Mustard
Professor Plum
Mrs. Peacock
Mrs. White


riding crop
wooden spoon
dining room
billiard room

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