Fetish compatibility test

In this test, you and one other person will be presented with a list of over 200 fetishes, which you must check with like or curious/willing to try (leaving them unchecked for dislike). You will then be presented with a list of fetishes you have in common and a general compatibility score.

An example
You listed spanking, bondage and roleplay as your likes and choking as curious/willing.
Your partner listed spanking, bondage and choking as their likes and feet fetish as curious/willing.

Your end-result will show:
You both like spanking and bondage and you are both interested in choking.
Roleplay and feet fetish are hidden from the results because you didn't both list it as at least curious. This way it is safe to share all your fetishes, while being sure they only show when your partner shares this interest. Hidden/non-matched fetishes do have an influence on your overall score though.

Your compatibility score in this example would be 72%

You can take the test by using the same computer/phone, or copy a link with your results to share with others.

Some fetishes are hidden behind others, so if you are unsure about a fetish, check yes to see if any of the underlying fetishes match yours, you can always uncheck them again.

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