Guess how! you will be spanked


In this game based on "Guess who!" one player has to guess how they will be spanked.

They will be provided 24 different possibilities, but only one is correct. They will also be provided several yes-or-no questions to help them narrow down the possibilities.

When selecting a question, the game will automatically hide the possible spankings that are ruled out by the answer. But for each question asked, 20 smacks are added to the players tally.

At any time the player may guess which spanking they'll receive. When they guess correctly the game is won and the spanking commences. When they guess wrong, the game continues and 50 smacks are added to their tally.

The tally will of course determine how many smacks the player receives during their spanking.


The players partner who will administer the spanking may determine how they will be spanked by responding to a few questions. Make sure the player can not see the screen during this setup.

The game can also generate a spanking for you to make things more random or in case the player has no partner present and wants to spank themselves.

Setup the spanking

Answer the following questions to setup your spanking.

Make sure the player can not see your answers.

Which implement will you use for the spanking?

During their spanking, the player will:

During their spanking, may the player keep their panties on?

During their spanking, may the player keep their bra on?

During their spanking, will the player be handcuffed?

During their spanking, will the player be gagged?

Will you apply some kind of oil to the players bottom before or during the spanking?

Will you also spank the players thighs?

Will you grant the player an orgasm at the end of their spanking?


Click on a spanking tile to guess.

Click on the ? in the top right for a list of questions. Then click on a question to filter the spanking tiles.

Your tally is shown in the top left corner.

You will receive 0 smacks.


perverted games by K.C. Perrin © 2019

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