spank the Mastermind

In this naughty version of mastermind, the player will get spanked when they guess the correct color combination.

The catch is of course, that for each wrong guess, the intensity of their spanking gets increased. So they will have to do their best to earn their spanking as quickly as possible.

Select 4 colors.

Make sure the player doesn't see this part.

Select a color for each 4 options above

Or play a random game.


Select a color for all four options and click the 'Guess!' button.

Your guess will then be added to the bottom of the list.
Colors that were wrong will be crossed out.
Colors that were right but in the wrong place, will be slashed.

Keep guessing until you have the correct combination.

Each wrong guess will update your spanking as displayed on the left.

Your spanking result will display here.

Select 4 colors.

Select a color for each 4 options above

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