In this naughty version of Risk, two players go to war, not over land, but over clothing.

This game is meant for two players, with seperate roles: The stripper and the watcher.

This stripper begins the game semi-naked. Their goal is to get fully dressed.

The watcher's goal is to get to see the stripper fully naked.


When the game starts you will see the silhouet of a player. This silhouet represents the stripper.

The stripper must strip/dress as the game is played, always matching the silhouet.
We suggest the following clothing to be worn: f/m
- panties/boxershorts
- bra/shirt
- gloves
- jewelry/armband
- watch
- stockings/socks *
- t-shirt *
- skirt/shorts *
- shoes *
* these items are to be taken off at the start of the game.

On this silhouet you will see various numbers, these stand for the strength of the army located in that territory.
- Yellow armies belong to the stripper.
- Blue armies belong to the watcher.
- Red armies are neutral.
Click on the "my territories" button to the left to highlight all the territories under your control.

Your turn - fase 1

You have two options during fase 1 of your turn: attack or rest.


- click on one of the armies you control to attack with them
- then click on one of the neighbouring armies to attack it

Unlike in vanilla Risk, striptease Risk is high-risk, high-reward. You always attack and defend with all your armies available strength in that territory.

Click the "borders" button on the left to see territory borders. You can only attack armies in territories that border each-other or those that are connected by a bridge

The result of the battle is calculated automatically.
- After the attack, the strength of both armies will be lowered to show its combat losses.
- Defeating a neutral army may increase your army's strength instead of lowring it, as part of the neutral army joins your cause.
- If the strength of a defending army reaches zero, you take over that territory and your army splits into two. An army of strength one remains in the old territory, the remaining strength goes to the new territory.

Because you always attack full strength, you may only attack once per turn (unlike vanilla risk), this is because otherwse one player can run away with the game too quickly.

While you can attack with a strength 1 army, in case of a win, this army will not be strong enough to occupy the won territory. Thus attacking with a strength 1 army can only end in a stalemate or loss of territory.


While you rest, your armies will grow in strength.
- For each territory you control, you will receive 1/3 strength point
- If you control both arms, you will receive 3 strength points
- If you control both legs, you will receive 3 strength points
- If you control the upper torso, you will receive 2 strength points
- If you control the lower torso, you will receive 2 strength points

Add these new points one by one to your armies by clicking on them.

Your turn - fase 2

When you're done attacking or resting, you can rearrange your strength points.
- You can move points between two of your territories that border each-other.
- You can move as many points as you want between these two territories.
- You can only choose two territories to move points in between per turn.

- click on two armies to activate them.
- now click on one of them to move points from the other army to this one
- keep repeating until you're happy
- You must have at least one point in each army you control

The end

The game ends when one player has control over all the territories.

The stripper



perverted games by K.C. Perrin © 2019

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