spanking Slot-machine

This spanking slot-machine lets you decide how many smacks you will receive during your upcoming spanking; based on a bit of luck of course.

Let the person who will spank you decide how many times you must pull the lever (for example, the amount of coins in a swear-jar).

Each winning combination increases the amount of smacks you will receive.

Getting three of the same symbol will also add something extra to your spanking.

How many coins are you going to spend on the slots?

The more coins, the more chance you have at winning a punishment.



Press the button to pull the lever and see the machine in action.

Your spanking tally will be automatically updated and you can pull the lever again.

Keep going until you run out of coins.

Possible scores:

5 smacks

30 smacks - your bottom must be bared

10 smacks

40 smacks - you will be naked

15 smacks

45 smacks - the last 10 smacks with a spanking implement

20 smacks

50 smacks - the last half your total amount of smacks with a spanking implement

25 smacks

55 smacks - your hands will be tied

30 smacks

60 smacks - you will be gagged

80 extra coins

100 smacks

200 smacks

You will receive 0 smacks during your spanking

You have 0 coins left.

change the gender of the player