Fondle Twister

In fondle twister you place your hands on your favorite body parts instead of some colored plastic circles. One person volunteers to replace the twister-mat and the players must place their hands on the volunteers body on the spots assigned by the spinning disc.

You lose the game when the spot you're assigned is already taken by another player. (when a spot is taken by your own other hand, you must replace it)

The game continues until only one player is left.

Naked fondle twister is of course the most fun version of this game, just like in regular twister.

How many players?

Add up to six players.








Click on the button to spin the wheel.

Place your hand as the wheel indicates.
If this spot is taken by another player you lose, if this spot is taken by your own other hand, replace it.

The next player now spins the wheel.

perverted games by K.C. Perrin © 2019

change the gender of the volunteer