Wheel of (mis-)Fortune

The rules for the wheel of (mis)fortune are simple. You spin the wheel and whatever the result, you have to go through with it; be it a harsh spanking, sensual love-making or exhibitionistic escapades.

Some examples
To give you an idea of what you're getting yourself into, here are some examples of what the wheel may have in store for you:
- Spankings: Bend over for 50 strokes with an implement of your partner's choice.
- Sex: Have sex in your partner's favourite position.
- Exhibitionism: Have sex in an outdoors setting.
- Bondage: You will be tortured and teased while tied up at your wrists and ankles.
- Pain play: You will be tortured and teased with biting, scratching, nipple-clamps, ...

The wheel of (mis-)fortune is aimed towards couples; for the best results, the person spinning the wheel should be the more submissive partner.

perverted games by K.C. Perrin © 2019