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His House, His RulesHis House, His RulesJuly 14th, 2017

His House, His Rules

After she is evicted by a sleazy landlord, Charlotte Harps is left homeless and desperate, but fate intervenes when Frederic Vandenburg--a man she has never met before--sees her sleeping on a park bench and offers her a place in his home until she can get back on her feet.

While she gratefully accepts his offer, Charlotte cannot help wondering if Frederic has ulterior motives for his generosity, and her fears seem to be confirmed when she snoops in his closet and discovers wrist cuffs and a variety of spanking implements. Frederic continues to act as a gentleman, however, and in the end Charlotte feels so guilty about her invasion of his privacy that she confesses to him and nervously asks if he will give her the spanking she deserves.

After a discussion of her naughty behavior, Frederic puts Charlotte over his knee and spanks her soundly, then establishes a set of rules she will be expected to obey while she lives under his roof. Yet even though her petulant attitude frequently leaves her with a bright red, well-punished bare bottom, Charlotte finds herself longing for Frederic to take her in his arms and claim her properly. But will she ever be able to overcome the trials of her past and learn to trust him fully?

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Published first as Discipline for Charlotte, this book was later republished by Stormy Nights Publications as His House, His Rules.

Publication date: July 14th 2017
Word count: 55.421

A little black dressA little black dressAugust 15th, 2015

A little black dress

In a world where kings are still powerful, princesses still innocent and spankings still common practice; a little black dress is the mark of the children of the gods.

While they are human, just like you and me, the children of the gods are set apart by their role in society. They are required to serve anyone and everyone in any way they can. Like children they can be disciplined and corporal punishment is common practice, no matter their age.

This story focuses on a young woman who wears the telling little black dress. She has no memory of how she became one of the children. We follow her on a journey to discover her past; we witness her embarrassing experiences and arousing adventures in search of the truth.

A little black dress was my first erotic novel. It was a result of combining my interest in fantasy and BDSM.

Publication date: August 15th, 2015
Word count: 53.230

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A sheer white dressA sheer white dressTBA

A sheer white dress

We return to the world where a young woman now reigns as high queen. As high queen she has absolute rule over her dominion, though she occasionally still ends up across her husband's - the king's - knee.

When a young woman in a nearly see-through white dress arrives at her court, a new adventure is about to unfold. The high queen will travel to the far edges of her kingdom and to the land beyond where strange customs will test her resolve.

A sheer white dress is the first sequel to A little black dress.

Word count: 4.417 / 50.000
Chapter count: 1 / 15

Becoming SirBecoming SirTBA

Becoming Sir

The first time Matthew met Jessie, he would never have guessed the kinky secrets she held.

Matthew, like many men, has a fleeting interest in the world of BDSM. When he is confronted with anything kinky, he surely gets aroused and excited; but he does not go out of his way to experience any of these things himself. It is just something other people do that seems interesting, but not necessary to lead a fulfilling love-life.

That is, until he meets a young woman named Jessie. She is bored of normal relationships and longs for the exciting life of a submissive that she's already experienced in her past.

Trying to become the man Jessie needs him to be; Matthew discovers his own desires as a dominant man. Slowly he learns what it means to be in a relationship with a submissive woman and together they build their relationship around these desires.

The male hero in this story is not the over-used strong, confident and experienced man who takes control right at the start. The female heroine is not the innocent, shy woman who needs a man to tell her what she wants.

Everyone has to start somewhere, no-one is experienced on his first time. This story is Matthew's start. He will gain the experience needed as the story unfolds; and Jessie will help him, without needing to hide her wishes and desires, not every submissive woman is shy and innocent, Jessie least of all.

Becoming Sir is my second contemporary BDSM story, following the succes of His House, His Rules.

Word count: 5.157 / 50.000
Chapter count: 1 / 15

Master of the new worldMaster of the new worldTBA

Master of the new world

A world wide war has destroyed civilizations and decimated the human race. Cities are abandoned for small independent communities. It's been three generations, most people live on farms, raids into the ruined cities provide extra food.

A chemical weapon used during the war has inflicted the human race with a poison that kills nine out of ten girls in the womb. The imbalance between men and women has lead to new ways of life.

Thomas lived on a farm with a dozen other men and only one woman, the mistress. The women are in charge of these farms, yet offer sexual favours to their men as a reward for their work.

Men are not supposed to have any authority, but Thomas has always believed he would be more suited to lead the men at the farm. When he is relocated to a different farm, he finally gets the opportunity to take the lead and gets a taste of authority.

At the new farm he meets Jennifer, only the third woman he's met in his entire life. Jennifer is the mistress at this farm, but she lets Thomas take charge of the men and even of herself. She is naturally submissive and follows his lead.

Unwilling to let the other men at the farm interfer with their unique relationship; they decide to run away, hoping to find other communities that will accept their way of living.

Master of the new world is my first attempt at a new genre: a post-apocalyptic story.

Word count: 11.653 / 50.000
Chapter count: 3 / 15

Diary of a slaveDiary of a slaveTBA

Diary of a slave.

A new world opens to a shy girl when she admits her desires to one man.

One by one, her secrets are revealed as their relationship develops.

Is there more than physical attraction between them, or is that all it will ever be?

Diary of a slave.

Word count: 2.188 / 40.000
Chapter count: 0 / 15

Letters between a slave and her MasterLetters between a slave and her MasterTBA

Letters between a slave and her Master.

This book contains a collection of letters, notes and other written communication between Sarah Dolman and Michael Braddock.
Combined, these written words paint a story of growing love, inescapable sexual desire and unbreakable trust.

Letters between a slave and her Master.

Word count: 8.142 / 40.000
Chapter count: 2 / 15

Short story novels

Short story novels contain a few stories containing the same characters. Combined, these stories have the length of a small novel.

Three friends, three secretsThree friends, three secretsTBA

Three friends, three secrets

In this book, I will tell you about three women, three close friends. If you do not know these women, you would never guess the secrets they hold dear.

Each one of these women has a kinky secret of their own. I'm not going to tell you what they are right now - not even their friends know - but continue reading and I will go into the tiniest of details.

I have split this story into five parts. Each of the first three parts will divulge the secret of one of the three friends.

We all know of course, that secrets can't be kept forever. Even as I'm revealing these secrets to you, the three friends discover each-others secrets in the fourth and fifth story. How they react? That will be revealed in due time.

Three friends, three secrets is an attempt at a different way of writing. Instead of reading about the events, the stories read like they're being told by a storyteller.

Word count: 16.809 / 40.000
Chapter count: 2 / 5

Peeping tomsPeeping toms TBA

Peeping toms

This book is the result of a woman who couldn't control her curiosity.

It starts by spying on her neighbours and spirals into multiple stories of spanking, sex and submission.

Peeping toms.

Word count: 16.809 / 40.000
Chapter count: 2 / 5

For research purposes onlyFor research purposes onlyTBA

For research purposes only.

This book is about a women writing a book.

To perfectly portray the characters in her book, she's willing to do anything to understand what they're going throug; be it discipline through spankings, sex or submission.

For research purposes only.

Word count: 7.981 / 40.000
Chapter count: 1 / 5

Short story collections

Short story collections contain three short stories; sometimes containing the same characters, other times they're completely unconnected stories.

Spanking short stories- vol. 25Spanking short stories: vol 25Hunted and captured in the woods.
Old-fashion discipline at the renaissance fair.
His submissive girlfriend.
March 15, 2023

Hunted and captured in the woods.

She is being hunted in the woods behind her home, she knows that when the man who is after her catches her, he will have his way with her, yet there is no escape, it's only a matter of time.

Old-fashion discipline at the renaissance fair.

Re-enacting an older lifestyle at the fair is about more than just old professions and outfits for this actress, there is also some old-fashioned discpline and this part she won't be acting.

His submissive girlfriend.

When he discovers his new girlfriend's submissive nature and kinky fantasies, he decides to take full advantage of the situation.

The twenty-fifth volume of spanking short stories contains three completely independant stories.

Publication date: March 15th, 2023
Word count: 9.209

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Spanking short stories- vol. 24Spanking short stories: vol 24Dreaming of a red bottom.
Creating an erotic work of art.
Her husband's instructions.
February 15, 2023

Dreaming of a red bottom.

Spending the night with her boyfriend, this lady's vivid dreams and the fact that she talks in her sleep gives away a bit too much about her favourite sexual fantasies

Creating an erotic work of art.

When this artist takes home her date, she doesn't realize she's forgotten to hide her erotic artworks, and when he finds them, he's eager to re-enact some of the scenes she's created.

Her husband's instructions.

Tired from work, this wife is quickly awakened and eagered to please her husband when he has a very special set of instructions for her.

The twenty-fourth volume of spanking short stories contains three completely independant stories.

Publication date: February 15th, 2023
Word count: 11.863

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Spanking short stories- vol. 23Spanking short stories: vol 23Naked in the dark.
Workplace gossip.
The rendez-vous hotel.
January 18, 2023

Naked in the dark.

Naked she waits for her husband in the darkness of their room, her surprise for him is ruined however when in the dark, he stumbles over the mess she was supposed to have cleaned up before he got home.

Workplace gossip.

The office-gossip of two colleagues supposed relationship finally turns into truth when they go on a work-trip together, but with a twist.

The rendez-vous hotel.

After years of online friendship and webcam-fun, these two BDSM-lovers finally meet in real-life, but not on an ordinary date.

The twenty-third volume of spanking short stories contains three completely independant stories.

Publication date: January 18th, 2023
Word count: 12.111

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Spanking short stories- vol. 22Spanking short stories: vol 22The secretary's secret.
The assistant's red bottom.
The office dress-code.
December 14, 2022

The secretary's secret.

When - by mere coincedence - her boss discover's his secretary's secret desires, their relationship will change forever.

The assistant's red bottom.

The story continues and a contract is made and signed by the boss and his assistant.

The office dress-code.

The story continues and gets even hotter when the boss decides on a new dress-code for his assistant at the office.

The twenty-second volume of spanking short stories contains three stories with the same characters.

Publication date: December 14th, 2022
Word count: 10.981

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Spanking short stories- vol. 21Spanking short stories: vol 21The princess' punishment.
The leather outfit.
Rekindling her relationship.
November 16, 2022

The princess' punishment.

When this princess misbehaves, it's her life-long best-friend that pays the price, what she doesn't know is how much this lady-in-waiting loves the red bottoms she receives on the princess' behalf

The leather outfit.

When this young lady finds her friend's secret BDSM-tools she can't help herself but try some of it on. But when she can't take the leather outfit off again, she has no choice but to admit what she's done to her friend.

Rekindling her relationship.

A young wife discovers the joys of submission when trying to rekndle the sexual appetites of her husband.

The twenty-first volume of spanking short stories contains three completely independant stories.

Publication date: November 16th, 2022
Word count: 13.781

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Spanking short stories- vol. 20Spanking short stories: vol 20The domme's apprentice.
Celebrity spankings, a TV-show.
For research purposes only.
October 26, 2022

The domme's apprentice.

When a young couple wants to learn more about the use of discipline in their relationship, one of them takes up an apprenticeship with their favourite online Domme.

Celebrity spankings, a TV-show.

When a famous actress gets in trouble due to her social media messages, she volunteers to take part in a TV-show where participants are taught a lesson through old-fashioned spankings.

For research purposes only.

When an author of smutty stories wants to include a spanking scene in one of her books, she decides she needs some more hand-on research.

The twentieth volume of spanking short stories contains three completely independant stories.

Publication date: October 26th, 2022
Word count: 16.191

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Spanking short stories- vol. 19Spanking short stories: vol 19A spanking not meant for her.
Master's 5 rules.
Discipline in Stardew Valley.
October 1st, 2018

A spanking not meant for her

When her best friend breaks up after a long-lasting relationship, a young woman decides it's her chance to finally confess her feelings towards him. Three months after his break-up, Eric still talks more about his ex than anything else however, so the young woman decides she has to help him find closure. She offers to roleplay his ex Sarah so that her friend might have one last chance to say the things he needs to tell her.

Her friend however doesn't wish to just talk or even yell at his ex. He wishes to spank her for all that she's done to him. This is how the young woman ends up across his knee, for a spanking that wasn't even meant for her.

Master's 5 rules

Walt's night does not start of the way he expected. He was going to roleplay with his wife; his role that of a dominant Master, receiving a young, beatiful girl who likes to be tied up and have her picture taken. His wife however decided to play that role of a young obediant woman slightly different. She assumes the role of a brat and so Walt has to change his roleplay to include some subtle and not-so-subtle discipline for the disobedient girl.

Discipline at Stardew Valley

It's an average day of hard work at Dean's farm in Stardew Valley. It's been years since he left the city for the quiet outdoors lifestyle and married a beautiful girl from the local Pelican town. Out here in the country side, life is a bit more like the olden days, and so is his relationship with his wife who often ends up across his knee for some old-fashioned discipline. Just like she did this day.

Based on the popular game 'Stardew Valley'.

The nineteenth volume of spanking short stories contains three completely independant stories.

Publication date: October 1st, 2018
Word count: 14.287

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Spanking short stories- vol. 18Spanking short stories: vol 18The magical spanking spoon.
A submissive's Valentine's gift.
The first day of spring.
August 21st, 2018

The magical spanking spoon

In this Harry Potter fan-fiction, Hogwarts student Katie tries out a new spell on a wooden spoon. She is enthralled by the old-fashioned wizarding world and the castle she lives in, fantasizing about old-fashioned punishments for the school's students. When her self-spanking spell fails however, she needs to be rescued from her spoon by her boyfriend. Who will take matters into his own hand.

A submissive's Valentine's gift

After a good spanking for forgetting Valentine's day, a young woman offers her pussy as her gift. She expected only to get fucked, but learns she has given away more than she anticipated. She and her boyfriend try out a new dynamic while making sure her bottom stays red this Valentine's day.

The first day of spring

When Sophie lets her friend goad her into being more sexually free, it starts with just an innocent encounter in the park, letting a man help her with her sunscreen. When she invites him to her home however, she not only gets fucked, but learns other ways in which naughty girls should be dealt with.

The eighteenth volume of spanking short stories contains three completely independant stories.

Publication date: August 21st, 2018
Word count: 14.202

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Spanking short stories- vol. 17Spanking short stories: vol 17The hotel clerk's red bottom.
The BDSM wedding ceremony.
A day fof submission.
July 27th, 2018

The seventeenth volume of spanking short stories contains three completely independant stories.

The hotel clerk's red bottom

When John Michaels discovered that his hotelroom was unavailable due to overbooking, he is offered the hotel clerk's own room to spend the night. He makes sure the errand clerk learns a valuable lesson and then uses the aroused, willing young lady to make sure he is properly compensated for not getting the room he paid for and even sharing the room with her.

The BDSM wedding ceremony

Scarlett and Lucas's wedding have a secret third ceremony in which Scarlett pledges her devotion and submission to her new husband. Lucas in turn pledges to be a fair but strict master and offers her a butt-warming preview for the life of a married woman; all before they need to return to their guests at the wedding party.

A day of submission

On a monthly day of submission, Sophie takes her submission to her boyfriend Matt one step further. On this day she aims to be a perfect submissive. Rarely do these days go as planned however and punishment is more rule than exception. This day is none different, as she earns her first spanking in a shopping mall's parking lot and later a follow-up at home.

Publication date: July 27th, 2018
Word count: 14.042

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Spanking short stories- vol. 16Spanking short stories: vol 16A bottom in flames.
Skinny-dipping in the woods.
The forester's cabin.
June 25th, 2018

The forest fire

Emma is a young, adventurous woman who loves to go hiking in the local woods. One day - after a mishap that left her wet after a plunge in a river - she is caught half-naked by the local forester named John, starting a fire to dry her clothes. He gives her a well-deserved punishment and sends her trailing back naked to her hotel-room like a naughty girl.

When Emma returns to the woods, hoping to find the forester again, she is caught misbehaving on purpose, in the hopes to get spanked and fucked again. The forester then decides, that Emma will have to report to him and accept a preemptive spanking any time she wants to go hiking in his woods.

While Emma agrees to this arrangement at first, she eventually breaks this rule and is of course caught again by the always watchful forester. He sends her to his cabin in the woods, where he can really have his way with her any way he pleases.

The sixteenth volume of spanking short stories contains three stories with the same characters.

Publication date: June 25th, 2018
Word count: 12.576

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Spanking short stories- vol. 15Spanking short stories: vol 15Naked at the pool.
Showing off her red bottom.
Spanked at the pool.
March 1st, 2018

The stolen swimsuit

Sophia is sexy, lustful woman who enjoys life to the fullest. When she goes on a holiday, it is not unlikely for her to have many sexual partners spread out over just a few days. She is proud of her conquests and truly believes this is the best way to live her life.

Her latest conquest however, a handsome man called Michael disagrees with her behaviour. It's not the sex that bothers him, that he enjoys himself, nor is it the multitude of men, he agrees that women like men should be free to choose their sexual partners.

What did bother him is her attitude and lack of respect to others who disagree with their views. When Sophia seduces him in a public swimming pool, a place that often even has children around, he tricks her into accepting a punishment for her actions.

Intrigued by this dominant man, Sophia agrees willingly to her punishment. She spends the rest of her holiday under the watchful eyes of Michael, getting regular spankings, not just in his hotel-room, but even outside at the public pool.

The fifteenth volume of spanking short stories contains three stories with the same characters.

Publication date: March 1st, 2018
Word count: 9.348

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Spanking short stories- vol. 14Spanking short stories: vol 14Meeting a gentleman.
Dating a gentleman.
Fucking a gentleman.
January 17th, 2018

Meeting, dating and fucking a gentleman

When Samantha takes the train to work one day, she meets a handsome stranger. When she learns that this man writes erotic fiction as a hobby, she gets doubly intrigued by him. After searching for his work on the internet and getting turned on by his tales of BDSM and spanking, Samantha sets out to meet him again.

When she does find him, she manages to convince him to date her while admitting her interest in his stories. She quickly finds out that Mike doesn't just write about such things, he practices them as well. She quickly finds her way across his lap, multiple times as she tries to make her way into his bedroom.

The fourteenth volume of spanking short stories contains three stories with the same characters.

Publication date: January 17th, 2018
Word count: 10.323

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Spanking short stories- vol. 13Spanking short stories: vol 13Pantless at the office.
Teasing her co-workers.
The boss' little pet.
October 20nd, 2017

Pantless at the office

When Emily misplaces her pants, she is forced to spend her day at the office in just her panties; much to the enjoyment of her co-workers. When she starts to enjoy their attention too much, her boss steps in and gives her a firm spanking for disrupting the work-environment.

Teasing her co-workers

Having enjoyed teasing her co-workers last time, Emily returns to the office in skimpier outfits every day, until her boss needs to teach her another lesson.

The boss' little pet

Emily is no longer allowed to work in the shared office space, but works in her boss' office. She does so completely naked and is made to pleasure her boss as well as accept spankings when her work is dissatisfactory.

The thirteenth volume of spanking short stories contains three stories with the same characters.

Publication date: October 2nd, 2017
Word count: 10.409

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Spanking short stories- vol. 12Spanking short stories: vol 12A peculiar gift and a live strapping.
Her dark fantasies.
The fake appointment.
June 18th, 2017

A peculiar gift and a live strapping

In this story, a naughty web-cam girl gets a gift she did not expect. She is even more susprised when the giver appears at her door and uses it to spank her live on web-cam for all her followers to see.

Her dark fantasies

In this story a young woman admits some of her darker fantasies. She is then spanked and forced to roleplay these fantasies by her boyfriend.

The fake appointment

In this girl a naughty girl makes an appointment with a councellor to help her friend. She believes her friend needs the guidance, but she only wants to go because she thinks her friend goes too. Her own appointment is thus to make her friend believe she visits the councellor regularly. She did not expect to get spanked during this fake appointment.

The twelfth volume of spanking short stories contains three completely independant stories.

Publication date: June 18th, 2017
Word count: 15.783

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Spanking short stories- vol. 11Spanking short stories: vol 11The girlfriend experience.
The spanking contract.
The photographer's wishes.
May 20th, 2017

The girlfriend experience

In the first story, a young woman gets the deeds to her aunt's company in her inheritance. What she did not know was that her aunt was an escort, a sex worker. All her aunt's fortune was invested in her company and to gain access to this money, the young woman needs to fulfill the last, open contracts.

Unwilling to fulfill these contracts, she arranges a meeting with her aunt's client. But when she discovers all he wants is a 'girlfriend experience'; the young woman decides to uphold the contract.

The spanking contract

After her first contract, the young woman meets with a second client. His wishes are less innocent; but excited by her previous experience and secretly enjoying the taboo feeling of being paid for sex; the young woman agrees to fulfill the contract.

The photographer's wishes

There is only one more contract to fulfill before the young woman can withdraw her hard-earned money. But secretly she had been enjoying the work. Can this last client - a photographer who wants to tie her up for a photo-shoot - convince her to stay in business and take her aunt's place?

The eleventh volume of spanking short stories contains three stories with the same characters.

Publication date: May 20th, 2017
Word count: 12.787

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Spanking short stories- vol. 10Spanking short stories: vol 10The perils of working at a sex-store.
The boss' friend
The store's anniversary.
April 20th, 2017

The perils of working at a sex-store

A young student works at a sex shop to earn some extra money. She is mostly intrigued by the BDSM items in the store's basement.

When her boss installs a dressing room in the basement where their customers have the privacy to try out some of their toys; she is quickly caught peeking at the customers. Now it is her turn to experience what it's like to be spanked.

The boss' friend

It's not long before the secret that the young student got spanked by her boss is out. One day her boss' friend arrives at the store and teases her about what happened.

The student's inappropriate reaction to the teasing earns her another spanking; this time across the customer's knee. She pays for her unprofessionalism by helping him pivk out a new paddle.

The store's anniversary

After her experience with her boss' friend, the student regularly helps the customers in this new and unique way. When the store celebrates its anniversary, she takes this a step further by offering herself as the price for the one hundreth customer.

The tenth volume of spanking short stories contains three stories with the same characters.

Publication date: April 20th, 2017
Word count: 7.804

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Spanking short stories- vol. 9Spanking short stories: vol 9The roleplaying wife.
The cheating secretary.
The innocent woman.
March 16th, 2017

The roleplaying wife

When a young wife visits her husband at work, she has pleasure in mind. She wants to spicen up their love-life and tells her husband about the dream she had about him and his secretary. They decide to roleplay and the young woman gets spanked by her husband in his office.

The cheating secretary

When the young wife returns home, her husband has a surprise for her. He takes on a new role in their roleplay, the secretary's husband. He knows she's cheated on him with her boss and another spanking follows.

The innocent woman

When the young wife visits her husband at the ofice a second time; he takes on yet another role. This time he is one of his own co-workers. He overheard what had happened the other day and the young wife will have to do as he says to pay for his silence.

The ninth volume of spanking short stories contains three stories with the same characters.

Publication date: March 16th, 2017
Word count: 5.964

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Spanking short stories- vol. 8Spanking short stories: vol 8Hiding in his bed.
The naughty naked art model.
The delivery girl is late.
February 16th, 2017

Hiding in his bed

A young woman is supposed to watch over a man's children; but during a thunderstorm it is she that is afraid and leaves her post. The father's answer is simple, who acts like a child gets treated like one; and the woman quickly finds herself across his knee.

The naughty naked art model

As a reward for posing naked at an art class, a sexy young art model gets a painting of herself mad by the teacher himself. When she complains about the lack of color in the picture however, the teache decides to add some color to her bottom instead.

The delivery girl is late

Some pizza deliveries offer discounts or your money back when your pizza arrives late. There is one company however that lets you spank their cute delivery girls when they are late.

The eight volume of spanking short stories contains three completely independant stories.

Publication date: February 16th, 2017
Word count: 8.063

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Spanking short stories- vol. 7Spanking short stories: vol 7The maiden and the prince.
The sex-store review girl.
Training her self-control.
January 21st, 2017

The maiden and the prince

A young maiden who is bethrotted to the prince, dislikes it when he spanks the servants. To prove to him that there is no difference between a noble woman like herself and a lowly peasant; she dresses up like one of her maid. The resulting consequences weren't hard to predict and the young maiden finds herself across her future husband's knee.

The sex-store review girl

A young woman has a lucrative agreement in which she tries out various toys at a sex store. For each item she tried, she writes a detailed report. Some items require the help of another person, when trying out the ropes and chains or paddles and whips, she has to acquire the help of the store's owner.

There comes a day however when one of the customers can't make a decision on what to buy, despite her detailed reports. The young girl will have to help him personally to make a choice.

Training her self-control

A young wife is being trained by her husband to become a perfect submissive. Her lesson today is to control her body, even when being driven to orgasm. Her lack of self control however ends up costing her, she fails to control herself enough and is spanked before finally reaching the promised release.

The seventh volume of spanking short stories contains three completely independant stories.

Publication date: January 21st, 2017
Word count: 4.871

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Spanking short stories- vol. 6Spanking short stories: vol 6The taxi driver's fee.
The taxi driver's revenge.
The trip to the airport.
December 15th, 2016

The taxi driver's fee

After a day at the beach, a young woman knows she'll arrive late unless she takes a taxi back to the hotel. The driver however does not want to let her in his car because her bikini is wet from swimming in the sea.

To save the car seats from getting wet, the woman sits naked in the back of the taxi on the rideto the hotel. When they arrive and she can't pay, the driver has had enough and spanks her in the back of his car.

The taxi driver's revenge

The day after her spanking, the young woman agreed to meet the driver again. They had ended her spanking early because she could not take any more. Her whole day at the beach, she knew in the back of her ind that the second half of her spanking was to follow at the end of the day.

The driver this time takes her somewhere more private, and the young woman is learning to enjoy a good spanking.

The trip to the airport

After here first two meetings with the driver, the young woman doesn't see him again unil the end of her trip. Luck has it, that he is the one that will bring her to the airport.

The driver is obviously upset that she has not called him since their last meeting. The girl agrees that it was unfair of her and agrees to let him spank her one last time. There is not much time however before her flight leaves, so he spanks her at he airport drop off, where everyone can see.

The sixth volume of spanking short stories contains three stories with the same characters.

Publication date: December 15th, 2016
Word count: 5.087

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Spanking short stories- vol. 5Spanking short stories: vol 5Spanked by her boss.
A red bottom birthday surprise.
Spanked by the safari guide.
November 18th, 2016

Spanked by her boss

A young woman, alone at the office is chatting with her online mentor. She has an interest in BDSM and spanking, her mentor an experienced man who'd love to meet her someday and give her a taste.

When she finds out her onliny mentor is actually her boss who is working down the hall. The two of them can finally meet for real and the young woman's fantasies become reality.

A red bottom birthday surprise

Even on her birthday, it is not right for a young woman to be lazy and moan. When her boyfriend finds her still in bed after all the work he's done to organize her birthday party, she ends up over his knee for more than just a birthday spanking.

Spanked by the safari guide

When a young woman hires a private guide for a trip through the savanah, she did not anticipate his strict rules. When she is caught littering, she is offered a choice: be left behind in the middle of nowhere; or strip and receive a harsh punishment with a freshly cut switch on her behind.

The fifth volume of spanking short stories contains three completely independant stories.

Publication date: November 18th, 2016
Word count: 6.295

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Spanking short stories- vol. 4Spanking short stories: vol 4Spanking a police-officer.
The office job.
The complaints department.
October 16th, 2016

Spanking a police-officer

When a young police officer stops a man for speeding, her lack of experience and submissive behaviour quickly turns the situation around. Instead of writing him a ticket, she finds herself getting spanked by the man, across the hood of her poice-car.

The office job

After her failure on the streets, the young police officer works at a desk. When the department makes a mistake and is about to be sued; her boss suggests she might placate the wronged party by offering to let him spank her.

The complaints department

The idea of being spanked when a mistake was made by her department was such a success, that the young police officer is put in charge of the complaints department. A couple of young officers now work for her and deal with angry complaints regarding unfair parking tickets, aggressive police officers and more.

The fourth volume of spanking short stories contains three stories with the same characters.

Publication date: November 18th, 2016
Word count: 8.958

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Spanking short stories- vol. 3Spanking short stories: vol 3The piano teacher's alternative lessons.
A naughty high school reunion.
A stranger's hotel-room.
September 16th, 2016


A young woman's father paid for her piano-lessons; she however is not interested in these lessons at all. She still arrives at her teacher's home every week however. They have an agreement: instead of hours of studying, she only hs to stay long enough for a weekly spanking.

High school reunion

Years after graduating, a young woman returns to her high school. Her favourite teacher who she had a crush on when she was younger is still as hot as she remembered. She admits to him she used to fantasize being spanked by him and they make their way to anempty classroom to make her dreams a reality.

Let's share a room

Two complete strangers are trapped at the airport because of a storm. When they decide to share a hotelroom for the night, the young woman discovers the man is quite serious when it comes to his rules. Unabl to stop her seductive teasing, she quickly finds herself across his lap.

The third volume of spanking short stories contains three completely independant stories.

Publication date: September 16th, 2016
Word count: 10.618

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Spanking short stories- vol. 2Spanking short stories: vol 2Sold on her first date.
How daddy met mommy.
Spanked at the bus-stop.
August 15th, 2016

Sold on her first date

A first date with a dominant man you met online is very different to one you have with a man you met at the bar. A young woman finds herself bought at an auction, driven to her new owner's house tied up on the backseat of his car and later spanked and fucked. And all this on their first date.

How daddy met mommy

When a teacher asked her students to tell her how their parents met; she did not expect to hear one little girl's story about how her daddy spanked her mother on the day they met.

Spanked at the bus-stop

When a young woman is caught riding the bus without a ticket, she is dropped off at the next stop. Instead of paying a ticket however, she is spanked at the bus-stop, for all the passing cars and pedestrians to see.

The second volume of spanking short stories contains three completely independant stories.

Publication date: August 15th, 2016
Word count: 9.851

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Spanking short stories- vol. 1Spanking short stories: vol 1Her first job interview.
Pay the fine or acquire a spanking.
A thief caught red-handed
July 19th, 2016

Her first job interview

When a young woman throws a fit during an interview, she returns home without a job. She is offered a second chance however at the same company. This time however, she is to subject to a spanking for her behaviour. She might get the job, but her boss already knows how to deal with her.

Pay the fine or acquire a spanking

When a young woman parks her car without paying, she is told by a man to accept a spanking right there in the parking lot; or pay a fine.

A thief caught red-handed

A young woman who's seen too many movies tries to break into a highly guarded building. Her black, leather suit might hide her in the dark, but with the lights on it is very revealing. She ends up across the security guard's knee for a good spanking.

The first volume of spanking short stories contains three completely independant stories.

Publication date: July 19th, 2016
Word count: 9.779

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Looking up as Charlotte returned to the room and seeing her standing hesitantly in the doorway settled his resolve as well.

With her face cleaned and her hair combed back, Eric was suddenly reminded of what an attractive young woman Charlotte was. She still wore nothing more than her underwear, a sexy set of matching bra and panties. Her bare skin looked soft, her eyes were opened large, her face full of anticipation, fear, and excitement.

It would be a pleasure having this naughty girl across his lap and spanking that bare round bottom.

“Come here,” he said, as he remained sat down on the edge of the bed. Charlotte approached him slowly, stopping right in front of him.

“I’ve been very disappointed with you today, young lady,” he said. Charlotte blushed and this encouraged him to go on.

“You really hurt my feelings when you threw that tantrum yesterday. I didn’t expect such behaviour from a grown woman such as yourself.” He paused to gauge her reaction, but Charlotte just blushed and looked down at her feet.

“At least you didn’t bother to put on a dress while you freshened up. After tearing the one you wore yesterday I think it’s fitting that you’ll get your punishment in your underwear. Next time then, you will think twice about being so careless.”

He looked at her and asked, “Well, do you have anything to say for yourself?”

Charlotte finally looked up at him, her red-flushed face unbearably cute. “No, sir,” she said. “Just that I’m sorry.”

Eric swallowed when she called him ‘sir.’ He felt the blood rush to his groin when she used the proper honorific without him telling her to. She stood in front of him with her feet crossed and her fingers entangled in front of her soft panties right in front of his eyes.

“Did you at least work on your applications today as you didn’t go to work?” he asked.

“No, sir,” Charlotte replied.

Eric shook his head. She was making it so easy for him. She really did deserve this spanking. He only hoped he could control his own arousal enough to concentrate on her needs.

“Get on the bed,” he commanded, placing his hand on the mattress beside him to indicate the right side.

“On your knees.”

Charlotte knelt beside him.

“Now, over my lap,” he said, guiding her across his knees.

He breathed deeply when her weight pressed down on his legs, her upper body resting on the bed beside him, her legs on the other side. Her back was arched, her bottom raised, round soft cheeks covered in the thin fabric of her panties, begging to be spanked. He placed his hand carefully on her behind, softly stroking her bottom. He wouldn’t hurry it this time. He would take his time, relax her into it, and then give her the spanking she deserved.

He hooked two fingers behind her panties and pulled softly..

Here deep in the forest Eve walked in a shadowy world with occasional sunlight playing on the ground at her feet. Many of the small brushes had flowers, Eve couldn't imagine being farther away from human civilisation.

She couldn't slow down to enjoy the beautiful surroundings however, because when she did, Kal swept the thin tree branch in front of him, striking her sore bottom. She already had a few red stripes across her cheeks, they were a constant reminder of her ungrateful behaviour.

She wondered how long he was going to treat her like this and when he would return to his good-natured self. Perhaps never she thought, his life was changed now. He would never be able to go back to his friends because of her, back to the man he loved. She wanted to believe that he was cruel, that she didn't deserve this treatment, but she knew this wasn't true. What did Kal know about her after all? That she was a gaeth, found in the woods, but that she didn't do as she was told and lashed out at the people that helped her. No wonder that he no longer treated her as a friend.

“Kal, where are we going?” She asked, trying to spark a conversation.

“Somewhere nobody knows us.” He answered grimly.

Eve relaxed a little, so he wasn't going to turn her in, that was something at least.

“Kal, can we stop soon, I'm tired.” She said, using the sadness in her voice to try get some sympathy.

But then she heard the swish of the branch and pain suddenly blossomed across her bottom. She jumped up and moaned. Kal wasn't in the mood for talking or slowing down. She increased her pace again, staying well in front of him.

When the sun finally hid behind the trees again Eve didn't know what hurt more, her feet or her red striped bottom, but Kal finally told her they were going to stop for the night. He threw away the switch he had been using on her and looked her in the eye. “Can we go on without that tomorrow?” He asked her.

Eve didn't know what to answer, but something told her he had finally regained his old composure. Instead she threw herself in his arms and hugged him.

Kal stepped back in surprise, but then held her. “You're the strangest gaeth I have ever met. Did you know that?”

Eve nodded against his chest and Kal stroked her hair.

“No more complaining?”

She shook her head.

“No more throwing sticks?”

She shook again.

“And you're going to do as you're told and travel at a decent pace?”

Eve looked up at him. “I promise.”

Kal smiled and reached down her back, finally pushing her dress back down, the thin fabric just long enough to cover the red welts on her bottom.

They found a group of trees bunched together that would hide them from sight as they slept and Eve tried to make herself comfortable as Kal went in search of fresh water to fill his bottle. Safely away from his eyes she pulled the small pot of cream she had been hiding under her dress since she left the farm. With a blush she remembered the last time she had used it, but now she only had time to smear a thin layer across her sore backside. She had to save some for the future, her new friend wasn't cruel, but he was strict...

When he returned to their hiding spot they decided to get some early sleep. She eased herself against his back, feeling safe with his body against hers. For a moment she wondered if it made him feel uncomfortable. But then she shrugged it off, he couldn't be half as uncomfortable as she was with her bottom sore and stinging beneath her dress.

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Nosy neighbor

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Nosy neighbor

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Public reading 2

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Public reading 2

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