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His House, His RulesHis House, His RulesJuly 14th, 2017

His House, His Rules

After she is evicted by a sleazy landlord, Charlotte Harps is left homeless and desperate, but fate intervenes when Frederic Vandenburg--a man she has never met before--sees her sleeping on a park bench and offers her a place in his home until she can get back on her feet.

While she gratefully accepts his offer, Charlotte cannot help wondering if Frederic has ulterior motives for his generosity, and her fears seem to be confirmed when she snoops in his closet and discovers wrist cuffs and a variety of spanking implements. Frederic continues to act as a gentleman, however, and in the end Charlotte feels so guilty about her invasion of his privacy that she confesses to him and nervously asks if he will give her the spanking she deserves.

After a discussion of her naughty behavior, Frederic puts Charlotte over his knee and spanks her soundly, then establishes a set of rules she will be expected to obey while she lives under his roof. Yet even though her petulant attitude frequently leaves her with a bright red, well-punished bare bottom, Charlotte finds herself longing for Frederic to take her in his arms and claim her properly. But will she ever be able to overcome the trials of her past and learn to trust him fully?

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Published first as Discipline for Charlotte, this book was later republished by Stormy Nights Publications as His House, His Rules.

Publication date: July 14th 2017
Word count: 55.421

A little black dressA little black dressAugust 15th, 2015

A little black dress

In a world where kings are still powerful, princesses still innocent and spankings still common practice; a little black dress is the mark of the children of the gods.

While they are human, just like you and me, the children of the gods are set apart by their role in society. They are required to serve anyone and everyone in any way they can. Like children they can be disciplined and corporal punishment is common practice, no matter their age.

This story focuses on a young woman who wears the telling little black dress. She has no memory of how she became one of the children. We follow her on a journey to discover her past; we witness her embarrassing experiences and arousing adventures in search of the truth.

A little black dress was my first erotic novel. It was a result of combining my interest in fantasy and BDSM.

Publication date: August 15th, 2015
Word count: 53.230

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A sheer white dressA sheer white dressTBA

A sheer white dress

We return to the world where a young woman now reigns as high queen. As high queen she has absolute rule over her dominion, though she occasionally still ends up across her husband's - the king's - knee.

When a young woman in a nearly see-through white dress arrives at her court, a new adventure is about to unfold. The high queen will travel to the far edges of her kingdom and to the land beyond where strange customs will test her resolve.

A sheer white dress is the first sequel to A little black dress.

Word count: 4.417 / 50.000
Chapter count: 1 / 15

Looking up as Charlotte returned to the room and seeing her standing hesitantly in the doorway settled his resolve as well.

With her face cleaned and her hair combed back, Eric was suddenly reminded of what an attractive young woman Charlotte was. She still wore nothing more than her underwear, a sexy set of matching bra and panties. Her bare skin looked soft, her eyes were opened large, her face full of anticipation, fear, and excitement.

It would be a pleasure having this naughty girl across his lap and spanking that bare round bottom.

“Come here,” he said, as he remained sat down on the edge of the bed. Charlotte approached him slowly, stopping right in front of him.

“I’ve been very disappointed with you today, young lady,” he said. Charlotte blushed and this encouraged him to go on.

“You really hurt my feelings when you threw that tantrum yesterday. I didn’t expect such behaviour from a grown woman such as yourself.” He paused to gauge her reaction, but Charlotte just blushed and looked down at her feet.

“At least you didn’t bother to put on a dress while you freshened up. After tearing the one you wore yesterday I think it’s fitting that you’ll get your punishment in your underwear. Next time then, you will think twice about being so careless.”

He looked at her and asked, “Well, do you have anything to say for yourself?”

Charlotte finally looked up at him, her red-flushed face unbearably cute. “No, sir,” she said. “Just that I’m sorry.”

Eric swallowed when she called him ‘sir.’ He felt the blood rush to his groin when she used the proper honorific without him telling her to. She stood in front of him with her feet crossed and her fingers entangled in front of her soft panties right in front of his eyes.

“Did you at least work on your applications today as you didn’t go to work?” he asked.

“No, sir,” Charlotte replied.

Eric shook his head. She was making it so easy for him. She really did deserve this spanking. He only hoped he could control his own arousal enough to concentrate on her needs.

“Get on the bed,” he commanded, placing his hand on the mattress beside him to indicate the right side.

“On your knees.”

Charlotte knelt beside him.

“Now, over my lap,” he said, guiding her across his knees.

He breathed deeply when her weight pressed down on his legs, her upper body resting on the bed beside him, her legs on the other side. Her back was arched, her bottom raised, round soft cheeks covered in the thin fabric of her panties, begging to be spanked. He placed his hand carefully on her behind, softly stroking her bottom. He wouldn’t hurry it this time. He would take his time, relax her into it, and then give her the spanking she deserved.

He hooked two fingers behind her panties and pulled softly..

Here deep in the forest Eve walked in a shadowy world with occasional sunlight playing on the ground at her feet. Many of the small brushes had flowers, Eve couldn't imagine being farther away from human civilisation.

She couldn't slow down to enjoy the beautiful surroundings however, because when she did, Kal swept the thin tree branch in front of him, striking her sore bottom. She already had a few red stripes across her cheeks, they were a constant reminder of her ungrateful behaviour.

She wondered how long he was going to treat her like this and when he would return to his good-natured self. Perhaps never she thought, his life was changed now. He would never be able to go back to his friends because of her, back to the man he loved. She wanted to believe that he was cruel, that she didn't deserve this treatment, but she knew this wasn't true. What did Kal know about her after all? That she was a gaeth, found in the woods, but that she didn't do as she was told and lashed out at the people that helped her. No wonder that he no longer treated her as a friend.

“Kal, where are we going?” She asked, trying to spark a conversation.

“Somewhere nobody knows us.” He answered grimly.

Eve relaxed a little, so he wasn't going to turn her in, that was something at least.

“Kal, can we stop soon, I'm tired.” She said, using the sadness in her voice to try get some sympathy.

But then she heard the swish of the branch and pain suddenly blossomed across her bottom. She jumped up and moaned. Kal wasn't in the mood for talking or slowing down. She increased her pace again, staying well in front of him.

When the sun finally hid behind the trees again Eve didn't know what hurt more, her feet or her red striped bottom, but Kal finally told her they were going to stop for the night. He threw away the switch he had been using on her and looked her in the eye. “Can we go on without that tomorrow?” He asked her.

Eve didn't know what to answer, but something told her he had finally regained his old composure. Instead she threw herself in his arms and hugged him.

Kal stepped back in surprise, but then held her. “You're the strangest gaeth I have ever met. Did you know that?”

Eve nodded against his chest and Kal stroked her hair.

“No more complaining?”

She shook her head.

“No more throwing sticks?”

She shook again.

“And you're going to do as you're told and travel at a decent pace?”

Eve looked up at him. “I promise.”

Kal smiled and reached down her back, finally pushing her dress back down, the thin fabric just long enough to cover the red welts on her bottom.

They found a group of trees bunched together that would hide them from sight as they slept and Eve tried to make herself comfortable as Kal went in search of fresh water to fill his bottle. Safely away from his eyes she pulled the small pot of cream she had been hiding under her dress since she left the farm. With a blush she remembered the last time she had used it, but now she only had time to smear a thin layer across her sore backside. She had to save some for the future, her new friend wasn't cruel, but he was strict...

When he returned to their hiding spot they decided to get some early sleep. She eased herself against his back, feeling safe with his body against hers. For a moment she wondered if it made him feel uncomfortable. But then she shrugged it off, he couldn't be half as uncomfortable as she was with her bottom sore and stinging beneath her dress.

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